70 DIY Woodworking Projects That Sell

Woodworking is a wonderful pastime activity, allowing you to explore your imagination and get excellent projects with ease and comfort.

If you are free and want to find some projects to relax after a hard-working period and earn extra money from them.

Here are 70 woodworking projects that sell will be the best salvage from the daily grind.

70 DIY Woodworking Projects That Sell

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1. DIY Box Shelves

DIY Box Shelves

Box shelves are one of the cheapest and easiest woodworking projects to make, requiring only basic tools and materials.

In general, it takes the whole day to make those box shelves, yet all the technique is so straightforward to follow.

Let’s pick up standard oak or birch plywood, make some boxes, spend some time assembling and coating them with an appealing finish right now!

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2. Easy DIY Magnetic Chalkboard For The Kitchen

DIY Magnetic Chalkboard For The Kitchen

Magnetic chalkboard is a perfect household item to note down inspirational quotes, reminders, or even meal planning.

This multi-functional kitchen add-on is also easy to make.

The steps include making some measurements, cutting shapes, and using a sanding block to give the chalkboard a perfect finish.

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3. Wooden Toy Vehicles

Wooden Toy Vehicles

Toy vehicles are a wonderful gift for children, especially boys. But instead of spending a large amount of money purchasing them, why not make ones on your own and sell them?

Prepare some pine boards, wheels, pegs, paint, and let’s get your hands dirty! Following a vehicle template is crucial, as it helps you make the most attractive cars!

However, don’t forget to smooth the sharp edges so that your kids don’t get hurt due to sharp edges.

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4. Farmhouse Storage Bed With Drawers

Farmhouse Storage Bed With Drawers

A farmhouse storage bed with drawers is surely a brilliant choice for those having a compact or limited space.

It is smaller than another bed and offers up to six drawers for you to store household or personal accessories.

When making this project, it is optional for you to add drawers as storage shelves; however, if you don’t want to spend much on materials, there is no need to do so.

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5. 4-Tier Knife Block

4-Tier Knife Block

Knives are a must-have in any kitchen corner; however, it is vital to keep those dangerous kitchen tools out of children’s reach.

So why not make a 4-tier knife block to protect your knives from being blunt and protect your kids as well?

When making your knife block, be careful to glue each shape to ensure optimal safety tightly.

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6. Scrap Wood Wall Art

Scrap Wood Wall Art

Never waste and throw away your remaining scrap wood after your previous woodworking project, as this material can make a great wall art hanging!

Making a scrap wood wall art will only take you one afternoon, so why not let your creativity run wild to make an awesome product?

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7. One-shelf Plywood Leaning Shelf

One-Shelf Plywood Leaning Shelf

One-shelf plywood leaning shelf is an excellent project for a relaxing afternoon, so let’s prepare some boards and get started.

A leaning shelf in your home corner will surely add an ambiance and become an attractive natural neutral backdrop to display photos and other decor.

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8. Beside Box

Beside Box

How frustrating to find your items like keys, watches, and wallets cluttering and nowhere to find.

But now, all you have to do is put all those small personal items in a beside box near your bed!

One piece of advice when making this simple yet stylish and visually interesting project is picking up contrasting wood species!

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9. DIY Treasure Chest Toy Box

DIY Treasure Chest Toy Box

A treasure chest toy box is, without a shade of doubt, a meaningful and interesting gift for your kids’ birthday, and making one on your own is not a bad idea.

This toy box also saves you from cleaning the mess after your kids have finished. However, remember to stain all the sharp corners to ensure optimal safety.

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10. Natural Oak Sofa Side Tray Table

Natural Oak Sofa Side Tray Table

Are you having nowhere to put snacks and drinks during a movie night? Let’s prepare some oak boards and get your hands to make a wonderful sofa side tray table.

All you need is some linen fabric, oak wood, and natural oil to make a versatile, stylish, and eco-friendly product, which is also a great add-on to your home decor!

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11. DIY Wood Clock

DIY Wood Clock

The idea of making a wood clock never sounds crazy as long as you have enough patience and great care.

The steps are straightforward and don’t take much time; however, we highly recommend you paint the numbers with a pencil instead of a burning kit to save time.

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12. Wood Box

Wood Box

Making a DIY box is one of the easy woodworking projects that artists of any level can make.

There are only four main steps: cutting, gluing, assembling, and sanding, which should never cause you any difficulty.

However, when sanding, don’t forget to sand all parts except for the box joints, as this can make the box loosen and disassembled easily.

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13. House Numbers Vertical Planter

House Numbers Vertical Planter

An appealing house number vertical planter will add a great ambiance to your home.

All you need for this simple DIY project is a cheap fence picket, some house numbers, , and some basic woodworking tools.

Let’s make accurate measurements to suit your corner perfectly and decorate your handmade house number planter on your preference right now.

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14. Bathtub Caddy

Bathtub Caddy

There would be no more interesting thing than chilling and soaking in the warm water in your bath with your favorite drinks, valuables, and some decorations.

Making a bathroom caddy and decorating according to your demands will grant you with that wonderful relaxing moment, so don’t hesitate to pick up some boards and get started!

There are 13 steps altogether, taking you around a few hours; however, if you have a dab hand at woodworking, you can finish this simple yet useful project in the nick of time.

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15. Outdoor Table

Outdoor Table

Having a meal outside in your lovely garden is an excellent idea!

This outdoor activity allows you to have a whale of a time with your family while there is no need to worry about spilled juice or biggie your kids throw around.

This outdoor table has thick, chunky X brace legs and a thick top to ensure a strong and sturdy structure.

When making this project, one of the most crucial tools you need to prepare is a Kreg Jig and screws, so never forget to get those tools on hand.

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16. Dog Bowl Stand

Dog Bowl Stand

Wood, screws, and a protective finish are all what you need to offer your dogs with a superb meal in a hygiene and eye-catching bowl stand.

This stand will surely satisfy your dog with its special walnut color and a water-resistant top, so let’s make one right now!

More especially, two stainless steel and dishwasher safe bowls come into a wide range of measurements to perfectly fit your dog’s eating patterns. Sounds great, right?

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17. Farmhouse DIY Wall Cabinet With Free Building Plan

Farmhouse DIY Wall Cabinet With Free Building Plan

If you are a newcomer to woodworking or on a limited budget so unable to invest too much in woodworking tools, a farmhouse DIY wall cabinet will be a great project to try!

Requiring no more tools than a table saw and a jigsaw, you can receive a meaningful and versatile cabinet to display your favorite pretty bowls and potteries.

Besides, those primitive furniture pieces will add a great ambiance to your home décor, jogging your memory back to these good old days, so let’s give it a try right now!

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18. Wooden Egg Holders

Wooden Egg Holders

Wooden egg holders are a great place to beautifully display cute fresh eggs and an excellent meaningful, decorative, and stunning gift for your beloved!

First and foremost, carefully determine the number of eggs you want to store at once so that you don’t wrongly drill far fewer holes than needed.

Moreover, it is vital to seal each part of the holders together to eliminate the risk of breaking and spoiling all the fresh eggs.

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19. DIY Wall Planter With Succulents

DIY Wall Planter With Succulents

A blank wall in the dining room showing a limited and narrow space may be off-putting, so why not place there low-maintenance and cute succulents to display some flower vases?

Decide the sizes you want for your succulents, make precise circular cuts, and don’t forget to stain and sand all the parts carefully to have strong and lovely products!

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20. DIY Glasses And Jewelry Organizer

DIY Glasses And Jewelry Organizer

We bet that you never want to run around to find your necklace or earrings on a busy morning, so a DIY glasses and jewelry organizer is a great solution for busy and disorganized people.

Interestingly, this project can offer you a combination of a table stand, a beauty dock, and a pegboard organizer! So do you want to add this simple, modern yet easy to sell the product?

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21. DIY Wall Spice Rack

DIY Wall Spice Rack

Normally, we often store and let various spice jars clutter everywhere on the kitchen surface, yet this organization’s headache may sometimes drive us crazy.

Therefore, let’s prepare some wood boards and make a spice rack to keep everything neat and tidy.

Four simple steps are cutting the wood, drilling pocket holes, and assembling four racks, and the rack is ready for use.

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22. Walnut Beer Caddie

Walnut Beer Caddie

Making a walnut beer caddie that you can sell well with just a few basic woodworking tools and natural walnut boards.

Ripping and re-sawing stock, precisely cutting the wood, shaping, and nailing should not be an uphill struggle for artists of any level, so don’t feel frightened by this project!

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23. Renter Friendly DIY Sunglasses Holder For End Of Summer Storage

DIY Sunglasses Holder

Sunglasses are a must-have in the blazing sun, protecting your eyes from harmful UV lights and making you look more fashionable.

Nevertheless, once the summer has gone, it is vital to have somewhere to preserve and display those stylish items, and that’s where a sunglasses holder comes around.

When making this holder, you should only screw both sides of the holder just tightly enough for the screws to peek through the back.

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24. DIY Wooden Clothing Rack

DIY Wooden Clothing Rack

A wooden clothing rack will surely be real salvage for you to keep all the clothes new and organized, so let’s prepare some boards and basic woodworking tools to get the best result.

A white finish can add a great ambiance to your home décor, so after finishing assembling and sanding steps.

Don’t forget to give it your favorite white coloring coating.

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25. Mahogany And Cherry Wood Cutting Board Style Parquet Serving Tray

Mahogany And Cherry Wood Cutting Board Style Parquet Serving Tray

A serving tray to carry and invite your friends juicy drinks should be a great idea at a party, and making one on your own to sell cannot cause you any problem!

Mahogany wood is expensive, but what if you mixed this luxurious hardwood with pinewood? This project is surely a breakthrough and meets your needs!

However, bear in mind that this tray should never be used as a cutting tray but suitable as a decorative serving tray only due to the soft pine and cherry, and mahogany hardwood.

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26. Edge Grain Butcher Block

Edge Grain Butcher Block

Edge grain butcher block, commonly known as a traditional butcher block, is easily made from laminating multiple wood strips of the same size to form a thick wood cutting board.

After all, it would be better to apply a layer of food-safe mineral oil to keep the block durable, safe, and hygienic enough to put your fresh meat.

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27. A Custom Chess Board & Box

Custom Chess Board & Box

Chess is one of the most popular and widely welcomed sports worldwide that everyone, regardless of age, genders, or skills, is interested in playing.

Although the advent of modern technology like smartphones, tabs, or laptops allows players to compete for chess online with their friends or partners, it would be much funnier and more interesting to play on a physical board!

However, making this chessboard and box requires great care, patience, and skillful hands; therefore, feel relaxed to spend time doing this project.

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28. Regulation Cornhole Set

Regulation Cornhole Set

Building a regulation cornhole set is one of the most straightforward DIY projects you can ever do, as it requires no more than a few wood boards, basic tools like a jigsaw, screws, and a high spirit!

Make some measurements, cuts, assemble, sand, and it’s time for you to decorate your lovely cornhole set!

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29. A Wine Rack With DIY Pete

Wine Rack With DIY Pete

Are you into the habit of making a wine bottle collection of different brands worldwide?

Do you want to give this luxurious collection a great displaying place to show off with your friends?

If the answer is yes, let’s get started, make a wine rack, and spend a few hours getting the work done!

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30. DIY Centerpiece Mini Planter Boxes

DIY Centerpiece Mini Planter Boxes

You are sure to have no difficulty building your boxes without the top, as this project is super easy and takes little time.

With some drilled holes and decorations, a beautiful centerpiece of planter boxes will be great add-ons to your garden or front door.

You can grow herbs or flowers; however, if you don’t give them an oil coating, they should not be exposed to the water supply.

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31. Wooden Ornament Trees

Wooden Ornament Trees

Christmas is coming! Instead of buying a traditional Christmas tree and spending fortunes on the decorations, why not make something more modern and economical yourself to sell them?

Wooden ornament trees are not a bad idea, bringing a rustic yet refreshing feeling to your home décor.

Don’t hesitate to pick up some old wood pieces and start right now.

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32. DIY Wood Sign With A Vinyl Stencil

DIY Wood Sign With A Vinyl Stencil

A wood sign with a vinyl stencil will be a great place for you to meticulously write down your inspirational quotes, lifting your spirits whenever life gets worse.

And the most crucial woodworking tool for this project is a vinyl cutting machine to create a perfect vinyl stencil. However, as this machine may be a bit expensive, you can find other methods to make your stencil.

Before all the steps, we highly advise you to create a template beforehand and drawing all that you need to include in the sign to make a perfect one.

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33. A Bigger Kids Picnic Table Plans

Bigger Kids Picnic Table Plans

A strong and sturdy picnic table for your kids is a super simple design that requires a small investment and a few hours to finish.

Making accurate measurements beforehand is recommended to avoid wasting money and materials, so don’t forget this.

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34. Mantel Clock Case

Mantel Clock Case

A mantel clock powered by a battery may sound obsolete, yet the rustic and special feeling it brings back is unrivaled.

While the mantel clock case is on display in any store out there, you cannot always find out and pick up your favorite case shape and size. So why you don’t make one and sell them?

Nevertheless, this project requires skillfulness, so if you are a newcomer to woodworking, help, and advice from a more experienced partner is needed.

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35. Candle Holders

Candle Holders

Candle holders are a versatile and attractive piece of furniture in every home corner, adding a great ambiance to home décor and great use during the power cut.

Besides its warm and relaxing environment, you can make a meaningful, small, and inexpensive gift for any occasion with just a minimal investment and time!

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36. Cedar Chest Plans

Cedar Chest Plans

Although cedar chest plans are a simple build design that you can finish in just a few hours, they can be of great use as a storage container for jeans, T-shirts, and even birding supplies.

One of the greatest things about this project is its low price, as you can make use of your old wood pieces from the previous project and have to pay a small amount of money for some nails only.

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37. Cell Phone Charging Station/ Dresser Valet

Cell Phone Charging Station/ Dresser Valet

If you are struggling with Christmas or birthday gifts, don’t hesitate to get your hands dirty to make a special present for your beloved or sell them! It’s a simple yet meaningful dresser valet.

Each dress valet shows a small port, allowing you to put through a cable and charge your phone while relaxing and watching your favorite videos.

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38. Wooden Beer Bottle Crate

Wooden Beer Bottle Crate

A wooden beer bottle crate is especially useful at your home party, saving you from times running around to get beer bottles and protecting the bottles from being accidentally broken.

Normally, a crater can hold up to twelve beer bottles at once, making one only consumes more than one hour!

So let’s pick up some essential materials and tools to get started.

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39. Wine Rack

Wine Rack

A big wine displaying place is awesome, but it can take up too much room, especially for limited space. So why not make a small yet elegant wine rack?

It will be a product to sell well with people who like wine.
When doing this project, it is vital to carefully make pocket holes, assemble, and glue each part together so that the rack cannot easily collapse and break the wine bottles.

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40. Coat Rack

Coat Rack

It is a common habit to hang your cumbersome and heavy coats around as soon as you are back home!

So instead of leaving coats in sofas or on the desk, let’s design a rack and place it near the door for the most convenience.

After finishing the project, don’t forget to make some decorations to turn this rack into a beautiful add-on to your home décor.

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41. A Picture Frame

Picture Frame

There are several ways to make a handmade picture frame, but if you are a newcomer to woodworking and looking for a straightforward method, you can easily use a miter and a handheld router, a table saw, etc.

When you make your picture frame, it can be sized suitably and ideal for your picture dimensions.

Besides, you can freely use your creativity to create various frame shapes through the process, so let’s try!

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42. 2×4 End Table

2×4 End Table

A 2×4 end table looks so modern, luxurious, and expensive; however, making this project requires no more than a leftover 2×4 and some scrap wood.

The zigzag design is surely not as difficult to follow as you may imagine. It is a combination of various sticks and pieces of different lengths.

However, never fail to sand the sharp edges carefully and add a perfect finish to avoid unwanted accidents your kids may run into.

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43. Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom Vanity

A bathroom vanity is a versatile, modern, yet small-budget bathroom makeover that you should never miss out.

This bathroom tool will helpfully keep your bathroom organized and tidy with all the bottles kept in order.

Furthermore, the faux drawer front door can be a great place to install your plumbing and keep this water system unharmed by other external factors as before.

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44. Personalized Dry Erase Chalkboard Calendar

Personalized Dry Erase Chalkboard Calendar

A personalized dry erase chalkboard calendar is a should-have household item, especially for those households with smaller kids, as it reminds you of your family’s busy schedule.

This functional item can add a great ambiance, a rustic and farmhouse feeling to your home décor, so don’t hesitate to make one right now.

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45. Bear – Wooden Kids Chair

Bear – Wooden Kids Chair

Without a shade of doubt, adults’ furniture is not suitable for small kids in size, especially desks and chairs.

If your kids sit on an unsuitable desk and chair for a long time, this activity can adversely affect their physical growth.

On the contrary, in a children’s chair, your kids can feel relaxed, rest their feet on the floor and lean comfortably. And they will feel more wonderful and happier in their chair with a lovely bear.

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46. Wooden Ride-On Car

Wooden Ride-On Car

Do you know that your children often dream of possessing their car like you? Let’s spare some time and budget to help them fulfill their dream with a wooden ride-on car.

As a car comprises various components and parts, thus requiring great measurements and patience, you will need others’ help to finish this wonderful project.

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47. Simple, Elegant Toddler Bed

Simple, Elegant Toddler Bed

Toddler bed on display on the market may be too big or too small for your kids and takes up a lot of space in your home.

So if you invest some time and effort, you can easily receive a perfect bed suitable for both your kids and your home corner.

Despite the cumbersome design, this bed requires two plywood sheets and a handful of screws only! However, try to screw and attach each part firmly to avoid disassembling later on.

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48. Test Tube Spice Rack

Test Tube Spice Rack

A wonderful and superb meal should always contain some spices, and instead of struggling to find out your wanted spice jars, let’s make a test tube spice rack to hang those tubes.

Prepare some cheap wood boards, make perfect circular holes, and give your rack a perfect coating by painting your favorite color.

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49. Tool Caddy

Tool Caddy

There is a wide range of tools close by and around to get your project done perfectly for any woodworking artist of all levels. Therefore, you need to have some caddy to store all those tools.

All you need to prepare is a jigsaw, drills, plywood boards, wood glue, and casters only, so we bet that you can easily find these woodworking tools in your storage container.

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50. Dog Bed

Dog Bed

A dog bed is a brilliant idea for the newest best friend, who is still frightened and doesn’t feel at ease immediately.

This project is a quick build using strong and sturdy pine boards.

One piece of advice is in the final step, in which you should apply a final coating of lacquer to protect the dry brushing from being stained, looking old, and slightly torn.

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51. Outdoor Serving Station For Summer Soirees

Outdoor Serving Station For Summer Soirees

How chilling and wonderful it is to spend time outside with your neighbors and have some drinks on a relaxing summer day! To fully enjoy yourself on this special occasion, let’s add a cool serving station to your porch.

However, in the sanding step, we highly recommend you use a cloth to wipe the excess after brushing the stain on.

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52. Wooden 4 Drawer Storage Box

Wooden 4 Drawer Storage Box

A wooden four drawer storage box is surely an inexpensive yet stylish organizing project for any officer to keep their working space neat and tidy.

Like other DIY projects, making a box is never an uphill struggle, so all you need to do is build four different boxes and assemble them into a big prepared box.

What requires a bit of skillfulness is the wheel. You need to be careful and discreet enough to assemble the boxes to be strongly attached yet easy to withdraw.

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53. Easy Affordable Floating Shelves

Affordable Floating Shelves

When it comes to classic décor, the favorite style of various young people nowadays, a basic floating shelf is always on the top of the must-have list.

Rustic, modern, or classic, no matter which style you are into, just coat your floating shelves with your favorite color, and you will receive a doable and beautiful furniture piece.

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54. Knockoff Chalkboard Shelf

Knockoff Chalkboard Shelf

A simple yet functional chalkboard shelf will be one of the best DIY woodworking projects you have ever made, allowing you to freely ignite your creativity, draw, and note down whatever you want.

While making a handmade shelf is a piece of cake, here are some recommendations you should know. If you are looking for a rustic and more aged furniture piece, let’s pick up darker pine wood instead of mango.

Besides, to get the crevices and stain smoothly, you shouldn’t use glue to assemble the shelf, as wood glue can make those joints firmer.

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55. Wooden Bird Clock

Wooden Bird Clock

Instead of spending a great amount of time and effort searching for a perfectly suitable Christmas gift for your friends, don’t hesitate to get your hands with a wooden bird clock.

This bird clock comprises two main parts that you must glue together to allow a non-stick clock movement.

After all, don’t forget to give your clock a lovely blue coloring coating.

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56. Lego Bin With Baseplate Storage

Lego Bin With Baseplate Storage

Lego building is one of the most favorite games among boy kids; however, those super tiny pieces can clutter and get lost easily, making your kids unable to finish their masterpiece.

To deal with this problem, why not make a lego bin with baseplate storage? It has two clear sides and useful handles to allow the children to find the needed pieces and build on the go!

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57. Play Kitchen With Back Wall

Play Kitchen With Back Wall

A play kitchen with a colorful back wall will be a great highlight in your children’s corner, keeping their toys like toy jars and herb bottles organized and allowing baby girls to satisfy their cooking passion.

All the wood boards should be proportional; therefore, there will be no difficult cut required. The technique is easy, and you can finish them in just a few hours.

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58. Clothing Ladder Rack

Clothing Ladder Rack

Looking for the best solution to keep your clothes off the floor?

Purchasing a clothing wardrobe is costly and takes too much space in your bedroom, so that a clothing ladder rack will be your salvage.

This simple and cheap design allows you to hang your clothes while leaning against the wall to save space, so let’s give it a try.

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59. A Narrow Nightstand

Narrow Nightstand

A floating nightstand will be of great help in your bedroom, adding a special ambiance to your bedroom décor while enabling you to get your book or phone within your reach.

Don’t assume that this nightstand is not suitable for those rooms with limited space, as this floating one takes up no more than six inches at its deepest section.

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60. Wooden Sunglasses

Wooden Sunglasses

The idea of making wooden sunglasses to protect you from the blazing sun may sound ridiculous, but you will never feel regret after making this project.

However, all the needed materials are expensive, so mind your budget before deciding to make one. Specifically, high-end lenses and lightweight, high-quality wood boards are just a few to name.

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61. Wall Mail Organizer

Wall Mail Organizer

A wall mail organizer is one of the best woodworking projects that any beginner should try, as it requires no power tools but some simple hand ones only.

With three main sorters in an organizer, from now on, you don’t have to worry about missing out on any unread mails or having some buried elsewhere.

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62. 3-Tiered Corner Plant Stand

3-Tiered Corner Plant Stand

If you are a plant lover and have various potted plants with your favorite flowers, a 3-tiered corner plant stand is a perfect highlight for your front porch.

This project can hold up to six different pots at once and doesn’t take much time and money to finish. Require no fancy tools, no special skills, let’s get started right now!

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63. A Shoe Cubby

A Shoe Cubby

A shoe cubby can be a great part of our entryway makeover, saving you from the headache when putting on the shoes as soon as you are back home.

Depending on the room left in your front door, you should make accurate measurements and build a perfect shoe cubby.

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64. Entryway Upgrade

Entryway Upgrade

Like a shoe rack, an entry upgrade is a must-have item in every home, keeping everything neat and tidy, especially keys, bags, and coats.

If you don’t want to invest too much money on a strong and high-end upgrade, let’s make one yourself.

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65. Cat House

Cat House

Your beloved dog already has a warm and relaxing dog bed, and what about your lovely cat? He surely needs a proper home to have a rest.

The build is so easy, as it is nothing different from making a simple box. However, this time, you need to make a big box to accommodate your cat and suitably store a cat bed inside.

For this reason, don’t forget to draw out a draft and measure each side carefully.

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66. A Wooden Bench

Wooden Bench

Summertime is coming, and we will have a whale of a time soaking in the warm sun with various interesting outdoor activities.

In those beautiful days, why not place a wooden bench in your garden to enjoy a coffee on the porch, family barbecues, or some backyard games with your kids?

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67. Airplane Play Structure

Airplane Play Structure

An airplane play structure adds up to a wonderful playground for your kids, encouraging their imagination and allowing them to enjoy themselves after intensive exercising time.

Making a wooden airplane may not be as easy to follow as other projects; however, if you are willing to find out information about airplane components and pay attention to it, an airplane structure will be in your garden in just a few days.

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68. Hanging Spice Rack

Hanging Spice Rack

Various empty bottles, overhead cabinets, and kitchen countertops are just a few seasoning ingredients that keep scattering everywhere and get lost when we need them.

So it is vital to have a hanging spice rack to keep this mess organized and cook with ease and comfort.

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69. Modern Picnic Box

Modern Picnic Box

We bet that everyone wants to spend time outdoors and enjoying the warm sunlight! And having a picnic is one of the most popular activities among them.

Making a picnic box is not a challenging task; nevertheless, when assembling all the parts, do this task carefully and firmly to use this box for various times.

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70. Easy Farmhouse Style Frame

Easy Farmhouse Style Frame

Picture frames are great for people who like the rustic decor. It will help you reminisce treasured moments of past.

This project makes by use boards, brad nails, stain, sandpaper, wood glue, brush, decorative nail heads, and brush.

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We think after flicking through article on 70 woodworking projects that sell, you have known a wide range of easy-to-follow projects to relax and practice your woodworking skills.

Of course, you can make extra money from selling them with unique designs by yourself.

Are you interested in our list of 70 woodworking projects that sell? If the answer is yes, let’s started and make your lovely and functional items right now!

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