80 Awesome DIY gifts For friends

DIY Gifts For Friends

As a DIY junkie, I always try to find new ways and ideas to make personalized items for my friends and loved ones.

If you are also a DIY lover looking for DIY gifts for friends to recreate, you are in the right place.

DIY gifts are great since you get to be involved in every step of creating them, making them extra special and more meaningful.

Keep on reading to find out some incredible ideas!

80 DIY Gifts For Friends

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1. Hand-Stitched Felt Fox Coffee Sleeves

Felt Fox Coffee Sleeve

A cute fox coffee sleeve for a coffee cup can light up anyone’s day. Not only is it fun to look at, but it can also remind your friends of the friends between you two every time they take a sip.

Source details: liagriffith.com

2. Charm Necklace


Charm necklaces can be quite expensive. Luckily, making one of these extremely popular jewelry pieces is quite simple.

This piece of jewelry will bring luck to your friends and be a reminder of how much you care about them.

Source details: thediydreamer.com

3. Photo Coasters

DIY Photo Coasters

If hanging photos on the wall is boring to your friends, why don’t you make some photo coasters for them instead? They are the new, creative way to display the memories that you have with them.

Source details: dubuhdudesigns.typepad.com

4. Chalkboard Serving Tray

DIY Party Tray

This chalkboard serving tray is the perfect gift for those who love family gathering parties.

Not only will it serve the food, but it will also serve a modern look to the table. This will help your friend throw the best parties ever.

Source details: shanty-2-chic.com

5. No Sew Appliqued Home Pillow

No Sew Appliqued Home Pillow

These no-sew appliqued pillows have a great power that can turn a frown upside down. They are the symbol of comfort, softness, and rest with the message that you will always be there for your friends, even in their sleep.

Source details: dukesandduchesses.com

6. Cord Roll

Fashionable Way to Roll Up Cords

If you notice that your friends have problems with keeping their cords organized in their drawers, then a cord roll is the ideal solution.

It is easy to make and a great way to keep their tangled mess out of sight.

Source details: brit.co

7. Print Image on Wood

Print Image on Wood

Posters can be boring from time to time. Now it’s the era of print-on wood décors.

The outstanding thing about these items is that they can fit in with every house decorating style.

Plus, they will give a rustic and elegant look to the house.

Source details: theartofdoingstuff.com

8. Slippers Gift Idea

Slippers Gift Idea

Are your friends shoe lovers? Then a pair of cute and comfortable slippers filled with small gifts and homemade treats will ensure putting a smile on their face.

This thoughtful idea is great for every occasion, freeing you from the stress of picking different gifts for different events.

Source details: prettyprovidence.com

9. Birthday On The Hour Gift

Birthday On The Hour

Are you searching for a creative and unique gift set for your lovely friend?

Then try the birthday on the hour gift set. This combo contains items for each hour of your friend’s birthday, making this day extra special for them.

Source details: thirtyhandmadedays.com

10. Paper Shapes Wall Art

Paper Shapes Wall Art

Suppose you are not good at drawing or painting; you can still make some art using this paper shapes wall art idea.

All you need is some color paper and a pair of scissors to help you create the cuts you want.

Source details: sugarandcloth.com

11. Photo Collage Star

Photo Collage Star

Lack of fun gift ideas for your friends? How about a cute, handmade photo collage star to keep the memories of the time you and your friend group being together.

This star will be the symbol of your friendship, always shine bright and stand out.

Source details: scrapsnscribs.blogspot.com

12. Mittens From Old Sweaters

Sweater Mittens

There’s more than one way to wear your old sweaters. How about turning them into mittens to give to your friends?

In this guide, you can create many pairs for your entire group of friends and keep them warm in the winter.

Source details: cremedelacraft.com

13. Beach Mason Jars

Beach Mason Jars

Mason jars are amazing house décor that everyone should have.

If your friends love the beach as you do, why don’t you make a beach theme jar to remind them of your two similarities?

They are cute, fun, and won’t take much time to make.

Source details: thecountrychiccottage.net

14. Cute Valentine’s Gift Tags & Packaging

Cute Valentine’s Gift Tags & Packaging

Valentine is not just for your significant other. You can also celebrate it with your friends and loved ones.

With this Valentine, prepare cute gift tags and packaging for them to make them feel extra special. They will understand how much they mean to you with these adorable treats.

Source details: crazylittleprojects.com

15. On The Go Reading Pillow

Reading Pillow

Do your friends have the habit of reading late at night? Then give them an on-the-go reading pillow to satisfy their love for books.

With a large pocket to hold the books and a small handle to carry the pillow around, your friends will love this present more than anything.

Source details: polkadotchair.com

16. Dip Mix Ornaments

Dip Mix Ornaments

Nothing screams holidays more than ornaments. Try to fill them with easy access items like paper rolls or even spices such as salts or seasoning herbs and give them to your friends.

This might not be what they expect, but it is a wonderful surprise.

Source details: sprinklesomefun.com

17. Color Blocked Wood Vases

Color Blocked Wood Vases

What can you do to make your classic gift different from other ones that your friends have received before?

If they have a soft spot for flowers, try to give them some color-blocked wood vases. These items in bright colors will lighten up their day.

Source details: sarahhearts.com

18. Faux Agate Coasters

DIY Faux Agate Coasters

Agate can make anything a million times better and more expensive, even something regular as coasters.

If you are still suspicious, then try to DIY some faux agate coasters in your mates’ favorite color and send them as presents.

They will be impressed with how handy you are and how good those coasters look.

Source details: diyjoy.com

19. Quick and Cheesy Hubby Valentines

Quick & Cheesy Hubby Valentines

Don’t be fooled by the name; you can give them to your friends too. You can make some quick cheesy Valentine notes and send them to your pals. These cute and funny notes will surely make them smile this holiday.

Source details: eighteen25.com

20. Mini Pocket Notebook From Cereal Box

Mini Pocket Notebook From A Cereal Box

A better way to recycle cereal boxes is to make a craft out of them. Not only are you saving the environment, but you also make your friends extremely happy with this present.

Source details: cremedelacraft.com

21. Flip Photo Album

DIY Flip Photo Album

A flip photo album is a great gift for your photography junkie friends. If you want to give them a unique album with your signature personal touch, creating a DIY one is the way to go.

This album is like no other, a perfect metaphor for your friendship.

Source details: sugarandcloth.com

22. Chalkboard Mug

Chalkboard Mug

Doesn’t the name already make you want to try this out? With this chalkboard mug, your friends can have any design they want since they can be the ones drawing the details.

Their coffee or tea break will be much more interesting since your mugs came along.

Source details: abeautifulmess.com

23. Market Tote Bag

Market Tote Bag

This present will help your friends carry their stuff on your behalf. They are great fashion accessories and also, environment-friendly.

So if you want your mates to stop using plastic bags while getting groceries, give them one of these market tote bags right away.

Source details: thecraftedlife.com

24. Golden Nugget Photo Holder

Golden Nugget Photo Holder

Why give them a regular photo holder while you can make some out of small rocks? You heard that right.

With a bottle of spray paint, you will soon turn them into beautiful golden nuggets. These original art pieces will be the best thing your friends have ever received.

Source details: acharmingproject.com

25. Ice Cream Sundae in a Box

Ice Cream Sundae in a Box Gift Idea

Nothing represents summer better than ice cream. If your friends are suckers for this delicious treat, then they will be thrilled to receive this box.

By giving their favorite ice cream topping, not only will you make their dessert better, but you make your friendship a bit sweeter too.

Source details: smashedpeasandcarrots.com

26. Dotted Sharpie Mugs

Easy Dotted Sharpie Mugs

If your friends are the type of people who have a deep connection with their mugs, then dotted Sharpie mugs are the superb gift idea that I highly recommend.

You can let your creativity go wild with this one; from writing their name to a cute flower design, everything is possible.

Source details: designertrapped.com

27. Faux Wood Succulent Wreath

DIY Faux Wood Succulent Wreath

This one can be quite a challenge, but the result is 100% worth the effort. Wooden decors look high-end and modern, bringing the entire house an elegant and expensive look.

However, if you want to protect the environment and the trees, you can try out this faux wood succulent wreath.

Source details: thecraftedsparrow.com

28. Stamped Washer Necklaces

DIY Stamped Washer Necklaces

You can make your own jewelry collections with this idea. Creating unique necklace designs is now something in your hand.

With just some easy access supplies, basic tools, and a bit of effort. It will be a cool gift for girls especially teen girls.

Source details: the36thavenue.com

29. Candy Wreath For Birthdays

Candy Wreath For Birthdays

A favorite candy wreath is the dream present of anyone with a sweet tooth. It is a wonderful way to celebrate any occasion in the year, from birthdays to Halloween or even Christmas. Simple, fun, what other gifts can be better than this?

Source details: crazylittleprojects.com

30. Shibori Indigo Bookmark

Shibori Indigo Bookmark

Another book-related item that makes a wonderful gift is shibori indigo bookmarks.

If you are looking for a quick and easy-to-execute idea, give this one a try. It will impress and satisfy every book lover friend of yours very soon.

Source details: aliceandlois.com

31. Scalloped Cork Board

Scalloped Cork Board

A cork board is an extremely useful item for any study room or office. With this handmade scalloped corkboard, you will help your friends to organize their life, ensuring they do not forget important events and giving them a place to arrange their daily tasks.

Source details: abubblylife.com/2015/08

32. Fabric Mouse Pad

DIY Fabric Mouse Pad

This present will give your friends a little joy while sitting in front of a computer. The cool thing about this idea is that it can be whatever you want. The design, the size, the style, everything is up to you.

Source details: purelykatie.com

33. Coffee Lover Gift In A Jar With Printable

Coffee Lover Gift In A Jar With Printable

If your friends can get enough of the coffee theme decors, give them this gift in a glass jar with a printable template to lighten up their coffee break. A funny note on the printable will remind them of you all day long.

Source details: diyinspired.com

34. Camera Strap

DIY Camera Strap

Another thoughtful gift idea for your photographer friends is a camera strap.

This unique accessory helps reduce the chance of them dropping their equipment while still bringing them an aesthetic, artsy look.

With this camera accessory, you will always be there with them on every step of their photography journey.

Source details: thehousethatlarsbuilt.com

35. Letter Board With Free Printable Tag

Letter Board With Free Printable Tag

The reason why letter boards make such a special present is that they allow you to put anything on them.

They can also freely change the letter according to their mood on that day. This can be an endless source of inspiration carrying them throughout the day. But this gift will become special fun with your wrapping.

Source details: makingtheworldcuter.com

36. Study Care Package

DIY Study Care Package

There is no better way to cheer a friend with school stress up than a study care package.

You can put in some school supplies, sweet treat packages, hot cocoa mixes, or even a note saying how much you care about and root for your friends. With this gift, the possibilities are endless.

Source details: liliesandloafers.com

37. Matchbook Camera

Matchbook Camera

You can let your creativity go wild with a matchbox. You can make a surprisingly cute and exceptional gift out of this simple supply, such as a matchbook camera picture for your friends.

Source details: magicaldaydream.com

38. Floor Table

DIY Floor Table

Sitting at the same desk every day can be boring. Why not change it up with a floor table? This simple gift can give your friends new inspiration for working, studying, eat and drink time.

Plus, it can also be a great decoration piece in their house that always reminds them of you.

Source details: sugarandcloth.com

39. Foam Cactus Sign

Foam Cactus Sign

Is your friend a cactus lover? Then try to make them a foam cactus sign.

It will lighten their day and fulfill their obsession with the amazing and gorgeous plants. They also can be a fun twist in their house decoration and garden space.

Source details: thecraftedsparrow.com

40. Gold-Decorated Clay Jewelry Dishes

Gold-Decorated Clay Jewelry Dishes

Do your mates have the bad habit of not keeping their jewelry in place?

Then try to help them organize by giving them your handmade clay jewelry dishes as a housewarming gift. The jewelry will always be in the right place for them to find.

Source details: helloglow.co

41. Mini Frame Fridge Magnets

Mini Frame Fridge Magnets

If magnets are what your friends are interested in, giving them some mini frame fridge magnets as presents will ensure putting a big smile on their face.

These small decorations are also a great way to keep the memories of your friendship.

Source details: sugarbeecrafts.com

42. Customized Flask With Oil Cloth

Flask With Oil Cloth

Regular flasks won’t show off how edgy your friends are. With the customized flask with oil cloth that you made, their personality will shine through without them having to say a word.

It may sound a bit complicated; but in reality, it only takes you ten minutes to make.

Source details: abeautifulmess.com

43. Scrabble Coasters

Scrabble Coasters

Scrabble coasters are ideal homemade gifts for word puzzle lovers. These handmade items will show them how much you understand and love them.

You can decide the design and add some funny words to the items to make them even more special and unique.

Source details: gourmetgab.com

44. Mini Trinket Boxes

Mini Trinket Boxes

This is not only a fun craft project for you to make but also a great organizational system for your friends.

They can store their small jewelry in the boxes or just simply display them as table decors to have a pop of color in their lovely home.

Source details: purelykatie.com

45. Headband Holder

Headband Holder

If your fashionable friends have lots of headbands, then a headband holder is what they are secretly looking for.

It will keep their accessories in place to find what they need to match with the outfit. The gift will also play as your rooting for their love for fashion.

Source details: rainonatinroof.com

46. Wood Plaque Picture Frames

Wood Plaque Picture Frames

This is one of the most classic gift ideas that you can find. Yet, these handmade frames will still be one of a kind since no one can get copy vision and design.

With these frames, your mates can display their favorite pictures of memorable moments.

Source details: averageinspired.com

47. Tile Photo Coasters

Tile Photo Coasters

The possibilities of coasters are endless. Here you have another coaster decorating idea.

Try to turn those ordinary items into the memories holders by creating tile photo coasters. These presents will surely make your mates’ day every time they look at them.

Source details: popsugar.com

48. Retro Faux Wood Candle Holder

Retro DIY Faux Wood Candle Holder

Having retro-style decors is the easiest way to bring the modern chic look into your house.

You can take any regular candle and put on it a new coat to spice things up. With just some simple steps, you can have for yourself an amazing house décor item to give to your friends.

Source details: sugarandcloth.com

49. Jewelry Box

DIY Jewelry Box

Sometimes less is more. Thus, a simple yet elegant jewelry box will be a great present for your jewelry lover friends.

Giving them this will help them have a better organization to avoid losing jewelry. This is a great project for holiday gifts for girlfriends.

Source details: thecraftedlife.com

50. Photo Cell Phone Case

Photo Cell Phone Case

A personal belonging decor item like a phone case is the go-to gift for someone who already has tons of house decoration pieces. Each time they pick up their phone, they will instantly think of you and the time you spend with each other.

Source details: abeautifulmess.com

51. Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Suppose jewelry boxes can be a bit too basic for your friend’s taste; then, a hanging jewelry organizer will be the ideal present for them.

Their jewelry will always be in their place, ready to be the spot-on finishing touch to their outfit.

Source details: thehowtohome.com

52. Pressed Flower Suncatcher

Pressed Flower Suncatcher

For a nature lover, there is no greater present than pressed flower suncatchers. They will be the most beautiful decoration pieces in your mates’ garden.

And every time they look at the suncatchers, they will immediately think of you and how thoughtful you are.

Source details: hearthandvine.com

53. Photo Calendar

DIY Photo Calendar

Are you looking for another way to replace a regular photo album? Then this idea is for you.

A photo calendar is a perfect way to keep the memory of your friendship last with time. It is a great house decor piece that everyone will be curious about the story behind, making it a great conversation starter.

Source details: itsalwaysautumn.com

54. Laptop Sleeve Clutch

Laptop Sleeve Clutch

This technology-related item will make a cool gift for your high-tech friend. You can make it in every size and design you want to match with their personality.

Every time they carry their laptop around is like having you right by their side.

Source details: polkadotchair.com

55. Sew Sun Glasses Case

Sew Sun Glasses Case

Sunglasses cases can be quite expensive. Fortunately, you can easily make one with few simple steps.

You will be able to help your friends to protect their sunglasses with this convenient and creative gift. This way, you can be right beside them everywhere they go.

Source details: lifesewsavory.com

56. Arizona State String Art

Arizona State String Art

If Arizona means a lot to you and your friends, then you should consider giving them a string art of this state as a perfect décor piece.

Although it can take more time to make than other ideas and crafts, the result will be worth all the effort you spend.

Source details: meatloafandmelodrama.com

57. Gold Color Blocked Cement Planter

Gold Color Blocked Cement Planter

A cement planter is a go-to gift for any plant lovers out there. However, you can take it up a notch by adding some gold block detail to give it a unique and elegant look.

This creative gift idea ensures to be the highlight of your friends’ marvelous garden.

Source details: simplydesigning.porch.com

58. Passport Holder

Passport Holder

Every travel junkie needs a passport holder. Why don’t you use your handiness to create a beautiful and extraordinary accessory for your beloved friends?

Thus, they will feel your presence on every journey they take and know that you will always be by their side.

Source details: rooneyclothing.com

59. Burlap Monogram

Burlap Monogram

If your friends are suckers for house decors, then try to impress them with a simple project like burlap monograms.

You can make these monograms in every design and color that your friends like. Simple yet stylish, they are the perfect gifts for those who love minimalist style.

Source details: loveoffamilyandhome.net

60. Biscuits Gravy Cutting Board

Biscuits Gravy Cutting Board

As the name suggests, this is the way for you to tell your friends you love them even more than gravy and biscuits. 🙂

This will make a thoughtful present for your chef-to-be friends. Every time they walk into the kitchen, it will remind them of how strong your friendship is.

Source details: ishouldbemoppingthefloor.com

61. Suede Colorblocked Catchall

Suede Colorblocked Catchall

You will be surprised by how easy it is to make this extremely handy item. With this as a gift, you can help your friends and their family keep their keys and small belongings in place so that they will never lose them.

Source details: abeautifulmess.com

62. Photo Display

 Photo Display

Photo displays not only do make such awesome decor pieces, but they can also be a good story opener.

When your friends have guests coming over, they can tell them about how they got these thoughtful gifts along with the relationship between them and their best friend.

Source details: shanty-2-chic.com

63. Ipad Holder

Ipad Holder

If you want to spare your mate the pain of holding an Ipad for a long time, or when learning to cook in the kitchen then consider giving them an Ipad holder.

This can be a metaphor for your willingness to share all the weight with them and always support them no matter what.

Source details: theidearoom.net

64. Glasses Case

Glasses Case

Handmade glasses cases are excellent since they allow you to be wild in choosing patterns and styles.

You can effortlessly make one match with the receiver’s personality and interest. The case will not only protect their glasses, but it will also protect your friend’s memory of the time well with you.

Source details: burdastyle.com

65. Turquoise Inlay Cheese Board

Turquoise Inlay Cheese Board

With no doubt, this is a brilliant idea for those who love gathering parties. Each time your friends throw a party or a special event, they will be proud to use this turquoise inlay cheese board to serve their guests.

Source details: thenavagepatch.com

66. Mystery Braid Bracelet

Mystery Braid Bracelet

Another fashion accessory that you can consider making for your friend is a mystery braid bracelet.

This edgy yet elegant bracelet will be the perfect addition to their outfit. It is also the emblem of your friendship, strong, beautiful, and never going out of style.

Source details: apumpkinandaprincess.com

67. Picture Frame Mason Jar

Picture Frame Mason Jar

Another mason jar idea! It can play the role of both table décor and photo display that can take your mates a trip down memory lane.

Your friends can also use it as a flower vase to make their house more lively and close to nature.

Source details: alittlecraftinyourday.com

68. Makeup Brush Box

Makeup Brush Box

There is no better present for a makeup addict than a makeup brush box. This gift will let your friends know that you will support their passion for makeup.

Every time they look at the box, they will remember how lovely you are and how great you are as a friend.

Source details: smartschoolhouse.com

69. Large Stencil Letter Quote

Large Stencil Letter Quote

Your friends will need motivation every now and then. That’s the reason why this large stencil letter quote will be such a thoughtful gift.

It can be a quote from their favorite book or TV show, or simply something you always wanted to tell them but somehow never did; the choice is yours.

Source details: brepurposed.porch.com

70. Phone Stand Easel

Phone Stand Easel

Who needs tripods while you can make a phone stand by yourself? This incredibly useful gear will keep the phone in place and easy to find. If you are finding a DIY gift for your forgetful friends, this idea will be an excellent choice.

Source details: blog.darice.com/basics

71. Monogram Clay Keychains

 Monogram Clay Keychains

Even though you can get keychains from the stores at a reasonable price, why not attempt to make one by yourself to make them more unique?

With some simple steps, you will soon have a clay keychain collection to give to your friends. These keychains can be the symbol for you two relationship, simple yet sophisticated.

Source details: homeyohmy.com

72. DIY Notebook

DIY Notebook

Help your friends keep their special thoughts safely with this one-of-a-kind notebook. They will always be able to look back at all the lessons that they have learned in life and the memories that they have made with you and their family.

Source details: modpodgerocksblog.com

73. Wood Chalkboard

Wood Chalkboard

A wood chalkboard is what your artistic friends never know that they need. They can freely let their creativity take control to create some incredible drawings on the board.

This is a great way to help them bring their imagination to life and also great decor on the wall for home.

Source details: kraftykath.com

74. Personalized Photo Clock

Personalized Photo Clock

The clock is an essential decoration piece in any household. A photo clock to keep your friends on time is one of the best DIY gift ideas.

It can also play a part as a daily reminder that you will be their friend till the end of time.

Source details: itsalwaysautumn.com

75. Birthday Gift In A Jar

Birthday Gift In A Jar

Your friend’s birthday is right around the corner. If you are still unsure what to get for them, how about a small birthday gift in a jar?

You can put anything that fits into the jar to surprise them, such as their favorite sweets, colorful construction paper rolls, a hand note saying how much they mean to you, etc.

Source details: kellyleighcreates.com

76. Sharpie Dot DIY Flower Pots

Sharpie Dot DIY Flower Pots

These pots will be a little fun twist in your friends’ garden. The best part is you can put any design on these flower pots, from simple words to small drawings. It needs to take a bit of patience and a sharpie.

Source details: cutesycrafts.com

77. Wooden Rustic Clock

Wooden Rustic Clock

An alternative idea for those who don’t like photo clocks is a modern wooden clock. This one will ensure it lasts for a long time due to the rustic wood material. What can be a better symbol for your companionship than this?

Source details: handmade-haven.com

78. Leather Pouch

Leather Pouch

A leather pouch may not be something you think can be DIY. The good news is, you can. It is easier than you think.

With this cute and special gift, your friends can feel your love for them every time they carry their belongings around.

Source details: poppytalk.com

79. Floral Mouse Pad

Floral Mouse Pad

A floral mouse pad can be an excellent gift for your good friends in exchange for those plain colored ones that they have before.

With a piece of your favorite floral pattern and some other easy access supplies, you will soon have some new mouse pads to give to your friends.

Source details: thecraftedlife.com

80. Crystal Cactus Terrarium

Crystal Cactus Terrarium

A crystal cactus terrarium can make anyone feel calm and relax with its aesthetic look. Not only can it be a great home for the cactus, but it also makes an incredible house décor.

This item can also represent your friendship, sophisticated yet strong and powerful.

Source details: abeautifulmess.com


As you can see, there are tons of DIY gift ideas that can make excellent presents for important people in your life.

Here you have list of 80 DIY gifts for friends that you can try to recreate. Hopefully, your process of picking the perfect idea can be a little easier after you read this list.

Keep in mind that no matter what gift you choose, your friends will love it as long as it comes from your love towards them.

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