46 Awesome DIY Pallet Furniture Ideas

You love doing DIY Pallet projects for house decoration, but it is challenging to find new ideas and design pallet furniture by yourself.

In this post, we will present you 46 awesome DIY pallet furniture ideas so that you don’t have to worry about making up ideas anymore.

DIY Pallet Furniture

1. Coffee Table

Coffee Table

Making coffee tables does not consume much time, effort, and money. Hence, it is considered a great choice for those who don’t have much skill or experience building furniture.

What you need is pallet wood, a drill bit, circular saw, wood screws, sandpaper, and stain. To start, you have to cut the wood into the same-sized board as your preference, then sand all the boards with a palm sander.

Next, glue pallet boards to frame the table. Finally, build a tabletop in the same procedure.

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2. Patio Day Bed

Patio Day Bed

Making a patio day bed is another great idea for households with a large sunny backyard. It does not cost much to build the project, either.

Like making a coffee table, you have to decide the bed’s ideal size, then cut the wood into same-sized boards. Consequently, sand the boards to avoid splinter.

The next step is to glue all pieces together with glue or screws. Cover the bed with blankets, and your project is ready to use.

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3. Patio Chair

Patio Chair

For somebody whose house isn’t as big enough to build a daybed, a patio chair is enough to help them relax on the sunny days

You don’t need many materials to build a chair. You can choose glue instead of screws, but we don’t think its adhesiveness is tolerant enough.

However, we need to remind you to stabilize the seat support because that is the part receiving the most weight.

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4. Wine Bar

Wine Bar

Do you know that you can make the entire wine bar just by wood pallets? In fact, this project is a complication of pallet chairs and tables.

To be specific, which things do you need to have at a bar? A table, and some tall stools beside it, and drinks. So, what you need to build a wine bar is that simple: wood enough to build up those items, saw, strews, and blankets (if needed).

The procedure of building a wine bar is combined chair-making and table-building projects mentioned above.

However, because these products are made of wood, which is easily fuggy, the bar’s expiry date can be predictably short.

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5. Pallet Desk

Pallet Desk

The difference between a desk and a table is that the desk has drawers while the other doesn’t.

So, making a desk is more technically-demanding and time-consuming than making a table as instructed above.

The materials and procedure for building up a desk is quite similar to a table: cutting pallet wood into small boards, then attaching them to frame the item. Then glue the supports, the legs, the base to finalize the desk.

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6. Chillout Lounge

Chillout Lounge

For those whose house has a big backyard, it is best to lie on a bed, enjoy the sunlight and relax.

Understanding such ideas, we have come up with the idea of making a DIY chillout lounge from simple, daily items in the house.

We don’t demand much in a lounge for chillout, except for a bed or a chair and a table for drinks. The preparation and procedure are the same as making a patio daybed and chair, so there is no need to re-mention again.

What is unique about this project is that it is a combination of a bar and a chilling lounge. While the bed, or chairs, are for relaxing, there is a small “corner” for drinks either.

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7. Sectional Corner

Sectional Corner

What if you have two separate items, and you want to combine those two together for a bigger space? Then, we would recommend you make a sectional corner base to attach those items.

A sectional corner is made by a set of wood pallets gluing together to make a firm base.

We can summarize the process in just one sentence: contributing the wood pallets to corners and glue the two items together with the sticks.

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8. Swing Bed

Pallet Swing Bed

Making a bed, lying outside on a sunny day seems to be a wonderful idea for relaxing. However, why not update the bed from a static one to a swinging so that your joy can be doubled?

Understanding that idea, we have come up with making a swing bed. What you need first is a portable bed.

It can also be just a bunch of thick blankets attached together, as long as it can provide you a base to rest your back on. Then, you must have rope, tape, and a zipper.

However, there is one point to remember: the rope to hang the bed must be extremely firm to tolerate the entire weight.

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9. Gardening Table

Gardening Table

Building a gardening table is, in fact, the same as making a coffee table or any kind of table in the household. The process and preparation is similar.

However, because it is made for gardening, we add another feature: hanging rope. It is designed to be hung above the ground and foldable after use.

This project can extend for just a short period because the wood can usually become fuggy after being exposed to water.

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10. Swing Chair

Swing Chair

Everybody loves rocking chairs because it creates a comfortable and chilling vibe. Just imagine, on a sunny day, taking out a swinging chair to the yard and enjoying the sunlight, what can be more wonderful than that, right?

The swing chair works in the same mechanism as the swing bed: you have to build a chair, attach strong, thick ropes to it to hang on the chair and make it swing.

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11. Dining Table

Dining Table

Do you know that you can make a dining table just from wood pallets, by yourself within a few hours? In fact, making a dining table is even easier than making a desk or a coffee table.

What is different from it is that the size of a dining table is bigger, and the length is greater. We also recommend you paint the table in warm tones because it evokes eating.

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12. Pet Bed

Pet Bed

If you have a pet, you may think of getting your loving animal the warmest bed when the winter is about to come. How can your “child” sleep on the ground or outside when it is too cold, right?

So, let’s learn how to make a pet bed by yourself. The process is moderate, and it only takes 2 hours to complete.

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13. Fold-down Murphy Bar

Fold-Down Murphy Bar

What is murphy bar? In short, it is a fold-down bar that is mounted to the wall to optimize the vertical space. When not in use, you can just unfold it, and the bar looks completely like a hang-on shelf.

Unlike other projects on the list, the murphy bar requires technique, experience, and a list of special tools to build. However, it’s worth it because this design is so convenient, right?

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14. Outdoor Patio Furniture

Outdoor Patio Furniture

Many people bear in mind that we can just use the indoor furniture for the outdoor patio because they are quite similar.

But that is a misperception! Outdoor patio needs specific furniture that tolerates well with weather and moisture from the outdoor environment.

So, if you have wood pallets at home and much time to do DIY, why not try making the outdoor patio furniture set yourselves?

You can design the lounge, the bench, the table with your own style!

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15. Adirondack-Style Chair

Adirondack-Style Chair

The Adirondack chair is another famous outdoor lounge chair that you can build at home.

What is distinguished about this item is its wide armrests, tall-slatted back, and the seat, which is higher in the front part, lower in the back part.

Such design makes Adirondack a perfect chair for resting because it follows the human’s natural position when lying: your back can be fully covered if the front of the seat is higher than the back.

Making an Adirondack-style chair is quite challenging because the detail: high in front, low in the back of the seat demands high technique to conduct.

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16. Drawer Dresser

Drawer Dresser

Drawer dresser is a compilation of drawers arranging together to make a big cabinet.

So, building a dresser is a process of making separate drawers and creating a system to glue them together.

However, technically, making a drawer dresser is not simple as described. You have to learn how to compile all drawers together firmly.

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17. Laundry Basket Dresser

Laundry Basket Dresser

This project will be preferred by households with lots of laundry. In this design, we want to emphasize the hygiene of laundry; that’s why we build different drawers with open-corners so that you can classify laundry and keep them hygienic as well.

The dresser is easy to make, cheap to prepare, and super convenient. You can also increase its capacity by buying extended legs and basket holders in any DIY store.

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18. Pallet Porch Swing

Pallet Porch Swing

Porch swing is similar to the swing chair or rocking chair mentioned above. The item is suitable for an outdoor lounge for it can swing and give you a weekend chilling vibe.

What is different among these two is that when you sit on a porch chair, the swinging amplitude is limited, while the other isn’t.

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19. Storage Crates

Pallet Porch Swing

Storage crates are the most common DIY ideas used in the community. The mechanism behind it is simple: keep the thrown-away containers and redesign them into storage boxes.

Typically, people will keep the rectangular boxes after shopping and redecorate them with colored papers or paints, then gluing about 3 to 5 boxes together to make new DIY storage crates.

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20. Rustic Wine Rack

Rustic Wine Rack

We have already made a DIY wine bar at home, then why not the wine rack, either? In fact, the wine rack is easy to build.

What you need in a rack is a big, firm wood pallet as a base, then attach small boards together to frame the side and the back of the rack.

Putting this wine rack at the back of the bar, and you can amaze friends by how cool and chilling the wine bar is!

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21. Kitchen Islands With Cabinets

Kitchen Islands With Cabinets

The kitchen island is always an ideal decoration for your cooking place. It is undeniable that the kitchen with islands will look brighter and fancier. However, sometimes the island is just too pricey that you cannot afford it.

Don’t worry! We can guide you on how to make kitchen islands from wood pallets. It is also equipped with cabinets for better capacity.

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22. Pallet Bench

Pallet Bench

If we have already mentioned the coffee table, then it’s a must to make a bench to go along with that wood table, right? In fact, making a bench doesn’t take you much time, money, and technique.

You just need short, small wood boards to produce a bench because it has no back, no side, just 4 legs, and a seat. So, the technique is also simple because you just need to cut the wood into smaller pieces.

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23. Bench and Gabion Table

Bench And Gabion Table

Let me introduce you to a new type of table that is as beautiful as wood: the gabion table.

What is so distinguished about it is that it is made by storing stones inside a rectangular frame, covered with a wood board.

Looking from aside, the gabion table looks shiny and unique. Setting your DIY bench with a gabion table – which is also easy to make – will create a new-but-impressive scenery for your house.

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24. Outdoor Pallet Sofa

Outdoor Pallet Sofa

You can rest comfortably with a sofa indoors, but why not try it outdoors? The progress is moderately challenging, but the best part is that it costs very cheap.

In this guidance, we will introduce you to how to make the base from wood pallets. Next, it’s time to go shopping for some mattresses and blankets to add some softness and coziness to the sofa, and the item is ready to use.

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25. Pallet End Table

Pallet End Table

The end table is a small table placed at the side of the table or a couch, usually used in the living room for quick storage.

You can find an end table in any household, but now, why don’t you try making a new end table yourself to show off your style?

As mentioned above, the end table is a small and basic tool containing 4 legs and a top. So, making the object is quite simple, and you can do it within few hours.

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26. Pallet Bed

Pallet Bed

Do you know that you can also make the entire bed for the nursery out of wood pallets? Not just making a simple daybed for the patio anymore, you can also produce a bed for your kids or nursing time.

The preparation and process are quite similar to making a daybed. However, this bed will last longer because the wood isn’t exposed to the sunlight.

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27. Console Table

Console Table

Console tables, or sofa tables, are known as the hardest-working furniture because of the versatility. In fact, the console table is suitable for any storage purpose.

Why should you make a console table? The console table is designed to be thin, tall, and long enough to be placed at the entryway or small spaces.

So, it is versatile and affordable to make. Besides, the console table doesn’t take up much space as well. Such a must-have item in the house!

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28. Picnic Table

Picnic Table

By recycling some wood pallets, some paint, and a little bit of creativity, you can produce a picnic table by yourself at a low price.

A picnic table set contains a table and 2 benches. Thus, the process of making a picnic table is indeed a compilation of making tables and benches, which can be found in the previous parts.

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29. Canning Pantry

Canning Pantry

Making a canning pantry by recycling some wood pallets is also a good idea. In the typical household, there are at least 2 – 3 canning jars, so there may be a must for a shelf to store them hygienically.

A canning pantry is in need then. However, it is easy to make a canning pantry by yourself within a few hours. So, why not try making it instead of buying it?

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30. Pallet Furniture – Patio Makeover

Pallet Furniture Patio Makeover

What if you just move to a new house with an empty deck, and you run out of decorating ideas for it?

Otherwise, if you have an existing deck or plan to build a new deck onto your home, chances are high that the underneath is underutilized.

There are multiple ways to build storage under an outdoor deck, offering a wealth of possibilities for enhancing your outdoor living space—all while adding value to your home.

The right build for you will depend on your available space, storage needs, design preferences, and budget.”

But in this guidance, we will introduce you step-by-step build outdoor pallet furniture on decorating your empty place.

There are also color pallet suggestions for you in case you don’t know how to paint your space properly.

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31. Upholstered Sectional Sofa

Upholstered Sectional Sofa

A sectional sofa is an updated version of the previous project – outdoor pallet sofa. In this design, the process of making the “base” – the sofa – remains, but we will have another step: softening the edges.

Unlike the common stereotype, you can not make a sectional sofa if you just make two separate ones and integrate them together because it’s a must to change the structure from the first step: framing.

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32. Wall Pallet Lamp

Wall Pallet Lamp

In this project, what we do is just putting a little imagination into the existing pallet. We cut them into two juxtaposed halves and then add the lightning system in between.

When we turn off all other lights and just keep this lamp, you can see its light divided into small glints and spread through the wall, making a wonderful scene.

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33. Coat Rack

DIY Wood Pallet Coat Rack

Besides the laundry basket and the drawer, we also have another idea for clothing furniture: the coat rack.

We believe that it is the most necessary item for any household because who else doesn’t use a coat rack, right?

The rack contains one big pillar and small branches to hang on clothes. Most details can be made from small wood pallets attached together. Hence, it is simple and cheap to do this project.

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34. Hexagon Side Table

Hexagon Side Table

We have gone through tutorials to make all types of tables in this article, but they mostly share the same design.

So let’s be creative and try another form of table that is also commonly preferred – the hexagon side.

Hexagon side table, or 6-side table, is an innovative table design that breaks up the typical mechanism of a table with 4 sides to open out the table’s capacity.

The hexagon side feature also enlarges the people’s capacity that a table can serve.

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35. Pallet Drink Station

Pallet Drink Station

DIY drink station is a cool idea for your next part. Just imagine inviting all your friends to the party at your house, and they will be so amazed with the drink station that not only has the rustic, classic vibe but also be able to cool the drinks?

It doesn’t take much time and money to do this project. So why not try it and surprise your friends at the next party?

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36. Fold Up Pallet Desk

Fold Up Pallet Desk

If your house doesn’t have much space, but you still want a DIY desk? Then let us introduce you to make a fold-up pallet desk.

The fold-up desk, as its name, is distinctive for its foldable feature. There is a special hinge between the base and the cover, making the cover adjustable by folding up and down.

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37. Potting Bench

Potting Bench

Many people still think that it’s acceptable to use a “normal” bench with the potting bench interchangeably. However, it is a wrong stereotype.

The potting bench is a special bench design used for gardening tasks. As a result, the material must have high moisture tolerance, unlike the typical “normal” wood pallets.

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38. Shipping Pallet Dog Bed

Shipping Pallet Dog Bed

This item will be the best size-saving idea for households with many dogs of different sizes. The shipping dog bed is a structure designed to integrate plural dog beds into one capacity to save up space.

You need some dog separate dog beds. Then, gluing them together, bigger ones at the bottom and smaller ones placed at the top. The shipping dog bed structure is ready to use.

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39. Porch Swing

Porch Swing

With some wood pallets, rope, paint, and screws, you can make a porch swing in the backyard. Just imagine, on sunny days, sitting on the porch and swinging while enjoying the cozy sunlight, how amazing it is!

Despite its complicated look, making the porch swing is quite a basic building project. The most important step is to connect wood boards together with screws.

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40. Mail organizer

Mail Organizer

You usually have many mails coming but don’t have any storage to keep them safe and private? No need to worry about organizing mails anymore because this item – mail organizer – will keep your documents neat and organized.

The mail organizer can be made from just 10 wood pallets within 30 minutes. It is inexpensive, convenient as well as provides a rustic vibe for your house.

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41. Wood Crates

Wood Crates

Among these DIY projects, this may be one of the easiest, simplest ones in terms of technique. You just need to redecorate the box, or paint it, or glue about 2-3 boxes together to make a bigger crate.

In case you only have single wood pallets, then the procedure is a bit harder but not so challenging: cut pallets into same-sized pieces, adhere them with screws to make the base.

Next, choose the two biggest boards to make the two sides of the box. Connect two sideboards with the base, and the crate is ready to use.

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42. Modern Wood Bench

Modern Wood Bench

Making a wood bench must be the first idea coming to mind when thinking about doing DIY furniture by wood pallets.

The wood’s material, texture, and pattern are suitable for a bench’s basic requirements: it is firm, tolerant, and thick.

In general, doing a DIY wood bench project is quite technically demanding. You have to measure the gaps between different components to cut the boards correctly.

You also need to ensure that all parts are adhered firmly so as not to break later.

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43. Pallet Desk

Pallet Desk

Recently, more and more people choose to build furniture themselves to reduce the cost and express their own aesthetic. Hence, why don’t you give it a try right?

Compared to other projects on the list, the desk is ranked on the moderately challenging in terms of difficulty. What makes it challenging may lie in the level of carefulness you need when measuring, dividing, and adhering the boards together.

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44. Wood Nightstand

Wood Nightstand

We want to introduce another necessary bedroom furniture to you in this recommendation list: a nightstand. In brief, a nightstand is a night table designed to stand next to the bed.

Technically, the nightstand has the same structure as the desk, with a rectangular frame and at least one drawer. The preparation and making procedure are also the same as the desk, but the nightstand is a bit smaller.

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45. Pallet TV stand

Pallet TV Stand

Usually, when buying a new TV, people have a tendency to buy a TV stand set along with it because they share the same decoration pattern so that the decoration looks harmonizing. However, what if you cannot afford a stand?

Don’t worry! You can make a TV stand yourself from wood pallets. Besides, the wood pallet TV stand can look accordant with any TV design.

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46. Pallet Cooler

Pallet Cooler

Do you know that you can make a cooler from thrown-away wood pallets? With a bit of creativity and a specific skill set, you don’t even need to buy a cooler but do it yourself!

In this project, you will process just like when making a pallet container. However, because this is a cooler – it’s a must to add some styrofoam pad to prevent melting.

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We have gone through a list of 46 DIY pallet furniture ideas. We think that most of the ideas are simple, easy to conduct at home without much time, money, and effort.

Also, some of the projects will need more techniques, measures, and skills.

Is there any idea that you find particularly interesting? Have you chosen an idea from the list for your upcoming projects?

Good luck with your DIY journey with Pallet Furniture!

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