29 DIY Farmhouse Desk Plans You Can Build

diy farmhouse desk

You desire a comfortable workspace at home, and obviously a good desk is a must. That’s why we came up with this article about the best DIY farmhouse desk projects.

The farmhouse desks are rustic and much in style, so it will blend with almost all room decors. They are also open to customizations such as drawers, open cubbies, or I-beams legs, etc..

Check the following DIY plans to find the best for your houses.

1. Farmhouse Desk By Chisel And Fork

Farmhouse Desk By Chisel And Fork

Considering the separate drawers, we would recommend this project to keep all office supplies tidily without crowding your room. The drawers have different sizes for different purposes.

In specific, the upper drawer is smaller where you can keep small stuff like keys, pens, pencils, etc.; and the lower drawer is for letter-size files.

Remember to use slightly bigger boards to make the drawers’ face so that it can cover the drawers perfectly.

The rest of the process is like a typical farmhouse desk with two exciting parts of the two X pieces on two sides of the deck and V braces to its back.

They are cut 1×4 and 2×4 plywoods, accurately fitting within the legs to increase their strength and balance.

Project details: chiselandfork.com

2. Farmhouse Modern Desk With Open Front Storage Cubby

Farmhouse Modern Desk With Open Front Storage Cubby

Without any drawers, the desk is simple and small. It can save significant space in your room and would work as a student desk to keep your children focused on their studies.

Still, there is an open-front cubby so that your kids can keep their textbook, pencil case, office supplies, etc., and access them quickly.

The cubby is simply made by gluing one 2×4 wood piece of 8 feet with two 3/4x6x21-inch and another 3/4x6x96-inch MDF boards.

Build the inside frame and drill the holes where you will screw it to the cubby and also attach the desktop.

Project details: makeit-loveit.com

3. DIY Farmhouse Computer Desk

DIY L Shaped Desk

If you have a small room but still require a large surface for your computer and its case, why don’t take a look at this 90-degree farmhouse desk or L-shaped farmhouse desk? With two parts sitting in the corner, it will make the best of your working space.

The sturdiness of the support frame is the most important because you might want to put many books and even a computer on the desk. There are three crisscrossing boards built from 2×4 wood pieces around and two 1×2 crossing brackets in the center.

On the top surface, you can drill a hole to get the computer’s cables through. Then, this farmhouse desk is ready to use.

Project details: diyjoy.com

4. DIY Industrial Farmhouse Desk

DIY Industrial Farmhouse Desk

No matter how many heavy things you put on the desk, it stays sturdy by leaning against the wall and on three legs.

The top is 8 feet wide and 28 inches deep. You do not need to buy large pieces of wood. Instead, cut multiple planks in different lengths and attach them using the Kreg Jig.

Under the surface are cabinets equal in size. They work as the legs to support the top and have drawers to store books and office tools. Thus, three are better than two.

Project details: honeybearlane.com

5. L Shaped Double X Desk

L-Shaped Double X-Desk

Here comes another L-shaped farmhouse desk where you can place in the corner of the room or a small workspace and medium.

The desk features three supporting white legs that bring a look fresh for your space. Two legs are in square frames, having the decorative X trim and a simple leg in the middle. This way, the desk looks less bulky.

Project details: handmade-haven.com

6. DIY Modern Farmhouse Desk With Storage

DIY Modern Farmhouse Desk With Storage

The project is ideal for saving storage in a small room. It is only 55 inches wide and 28 inches deep but still open for more storage with two shelves and three drawers.

Get started building the legs from 2×2 lumbers. One leg has shelves. You can switch the side of the shelves or even make them on both sides by screwing the 14-inch trim on the two sides to create the frame and attach the rack on the top.

Drawers are also available to keep small things such as pens, pencils, notebooks. Remember to attach knobs to their faces so that you can pull and push the drawers quickly.

Project details: anikasdiylife.com

7. Rustic Desk With I-Beams

Rustic Desk With I-Beams

This farmhouse desk surely catches your eye with its sturdy construction. It will serve you years to come if you want to place heavy stuff like PCs on it.

In specific, you’ll use 2x6s to make the top rather than the common 2x4s, so it is stronger and more durable over time. Two I-shaped beams having four supporting lumber also improved the sturdiness.

Even better, you can connect the two legs by crossing bars to prevent any chance of wobbling.

Project details: diypete.com

8. DIY 6 Board Farmhouse Desk

DIY 6 Board Farmhouse Desk

Simplicity is what to describe this farmhouse desk. The desk only has three parts – The two X-crossing beams on the sides and one table top. Thus, the project reduces the required cut list as much as possible.

With such a design, we only suggest creating a narrow surface board to be around 16×46 inches.

When completed, this DIY farmhouse desk is an ideal place for displaying small things, like a vase flower, a small lamp, family picture frames, etc. Setting it up next to the window in your living room is great.

Project details: shanty-2-chic.com

9. A Rustic, “Factory Salvage” Desk

A Rustic, “Factory Salvage” Desk

Be it farmhouses and modern houses, this desk will blend in well, considering that it is made of metal legs. Also, the pipe legs will minimize the efforts of cutting and sanding woods.

The project uses a set of 3×4 pipes to form the legs. Each combines four 18-inch tubes with four 6-inch pipes and four tees.

Between the two legs is a long 48-inch cross brace. You will want it to be closer to the ground so that you can rest your feet while working.

This plan saves much time on cutting lumbers since the legs can be bought from any home supplies, ready to be installed.

Project details: homestratosphere.com

10. DIY Barstool Desk By Liz Marie Blog

DIY Barstool Desk By Liz Marie Blog

Stop working elsewhere if you want to build a slim desk to fit by the window in your bedroom. This barstool desk is an attractive choice and simple.

Its name already reveals the idea. You will reuse two barstool chairs as legs and wooden boards to make a tabletop.

These chairs have a wider dimension near the ground. Such an a shape will help balance the desk. You can even install a shelf to keep letter-size files at hand.

Project details: lizmarieblog.com

11. DIY L-Shaped Farmhouse Desk As An Office Makeover

DIY L-Shaped Farmhouse Wood Desk And Office Makeover

We like the dark brown painting and the thick dimensions of this deck, which makes the project studier and at the higher-end. It’s also very vintage and rustic.

The building is very similar to other plans, but we already learned tips to cut boards to create the L-shaped desktop most easily.

Keep cutting couples of equal lumbers with gradually smaller sizes and create another L shape, one inside each other. Install two 30-angle cuts on the two ends of the L and drill all together to form the desktop.

Finally, attach the three legs, and you are done with this project.

Project details: hometalk.com

12. Farmhouse Desk By Anna White

Farmhouse Desk By Anna White

An interesting idea to steal from this DIY farmhouse desk project is its storage shelf near the ground. So, you can put your computer case and some data files on it, ideal for your home office.

As commonly, you will begin with the set of two legs, including four 2x4x29-¼-inch legs, two 2x2x19 top supports, and another two 2x4x19 bottom supports for the legs. Screw them together before you scribe the X bracing cuts between the two supporting pieces.

Next, attach two boards on the legs with brad nails and glue to form a bottom shelf where you can store some books or the standard computer towers. Even more, the shelf serves as a comfortable footrest.

Project details: ana-white.com

13. DIY Rustic Desk With Pipe Legs

DIY Rustic Desk With Pipe Legs

Those who love to maintain the natural rustic look of DIY furniture will be interested in the idea of this project – making the deck from reclaimed boards.

Accordingly, you can recycle the used woods and cut them to equal size, and keep a piece with an uneven outer edge. It brings a natural and vintage vibe to the house.

Join them with two angled iron pieces to get the tabletop of 72×36 inches. The desk frames, meanwhile, are from pipes and fittings.

Project details: simplifiedbuilding.com

14. Farmhouse X Office Desk

Farmhouse X Office Desk

The desk looks neat and bright with its shelves, which will give you great convenience when finding data files for work.

With a small design, this desk is suitable in rooms with a limited spare space.

This desk has three legs, but only two outer ones have the X braces. The middle leg will only feature two lumbers so that you have two open shelves. You can put supplies in and out easily.

Instead of creating a whole frame of the desk and shelves, you make two frames separately and then attach them together.

However, the shelves are not suitable for small things such as pens or cases. Finish the desk with bright colors like light brown and white to create a refresh for your working space.

Project details: handmade-haven.com

15. DIY Farmhouse Writing Table

DIY Farmhouse Writing Table

The desk flashbacks the good old days of the past due to its old stain coat and the stair spindle legs.

These legs increase the desk’s height to 29 ½ inches, so it’s perfect if you place it in front of the window (the average windows’ height is 36 inches).

It requires advanced woodcutting experience and tools to create the four equal spindles. Otherwise, you can buy them from a local carpentry shop. Cut the spindles into 29 ½ inches long.

When you are done with the legs, you just need to add the surface using Kreg jigs and apply the whole desk. Remember to sand it to create an aged appearance like the desk has been there for years.

Project details: cherishedbliss.com

16. DIY Farmhouse Desk With Drawers

DIY Farmhouse Desk

This office farmhouse desk is the best for those requiring ample surface space without crowding the room. You will build three separate pieces and craft them together.

In Particular, you will create two parts having the same design: outer leg, in-between supporting boards with V braces, sideboard, and the table top. Then, they are connected into an L shape.

The drawers are built separately as a rectangle box and will be installed into the desk.

It is a massive project that will take more time to complete, but the final desk is beyond satisfaction for those requiring a large working space.

Project details: ashleydianndesigns.com

17. DIY Modern Farmhouse Desk By Shanty 2 Chic

DIY Modern Farmhouse Desk

With white legs and bright brown tabletop, the desk will fit a modern decor. Moreover, the legs have the shape of stair spindles. You also can use this desk as a dining table in your modern kitchen.

All you have to do is install the desk top on the four legs, which you can get from appliance stores.

An interesting fact about this project is that the space under the surface is only 5 inches thick, yet with a small drawer in between where you can put small stuff.

Project details: shanty-2-chic.com

18. Farmhouse Desk By The Creative Mom

Farmhouse Desk By The Creative Mom

This farmhouse desk plan is for those desiring a small workspace in your modest bedroom. The overall size is the 48-inch length and 24-inch wide.

You will start with building three equal legs. Keep a distance between the left and the middle legs where you can put your chair and can sway comfortably. We would suggest a dimension of 26-½ inches.

The middle and the right legs, whereas, form two storage shelves. We also like the idea of the storage drawers. They are built separately with the opening top.

Simply put the office supplies and files in and put the boxes above the fixed shelves of the table. There are cuts on the sides so that you can pull them out when needed.

Project details: learn.kregtool.com

19. DIY Custom Industrial Wooden Desk

DIY Custom Industrial Wooden Desk

This project is about the traditional wooden surface from farmhouse desks. However, it adds a modern note by replacing the legs with iron pipes. It would add an interesting look to your room.

You can save time on cutting and gluing lumbers since the pipes are easy to install with tees, nipples, caps, and flanges are available ¾ inches wide.

You will need 24 pieces for two front legs, another 20 pieces for two back legs, and a footrest. Assembling the frame is an easy step.

Altogether, the finish desk looks convenient, compact, and sturdy over time

Project details: craftthyme.com

20. DIY Farmhouse L-Shaped Desk By Joleen

DIY Farmhouse L-Shaped Desk By Joleen

L-shape desks are always the favorite furniture that saves the working space and offers a spacious top surface. Thus, we introduce this plan at your fingertips, especially if you have a three-member.

You will build the L shape with the main part being more than twice as long as the extension part. The main part of the 81 inches is for work, and the other 32-inch one is for your little one to study.

To finish, paint the top and the legs to ensure the desk will blend well into your room’s decor. The painting also helps to protect the wood pieces from moisture damages.

Project details: hometalk.com

21. 1×3 Sawhorse Desk

1x3 Sawhorse Desk

The creativity when it comes to DIY farmhouse desks is non-stoppable. In this project, we will learn another way to create the sawhorse legs of the desk to improve stability and provide storage space.

You will cut two parallel 29x1x3/4-inch lumbers and attach them at 10 degrees off square.

Then, install two 1×3/4s support pieces near the top and another close to the ground to form a sawhorse leg. Cut two board shelves and drill them into two support pieces.

Repeat the process to create four sawhorse legs. Nail the tabletop above, and you will have the finished furniture.

Project details: ana-white.com

22. DIY Farmhouse Desk and Shelves

DIY Farmhouse Desk And Shelves

Instead of having legs, the farmhouse desk we will introduce is screwed directly onto the wall with hanging shelves above. You can save both space and effort in making the cuts.

It depends on your available space that you will cut the shelves and desktops in different sizes.

In this project, it has three shelves and one desk of nine feet and five inches long. The shelves will be eight inches wide, whereas the desk will be more large – 24 inches.

When the shelves and desk are ready, you must measure and attach the brackets to the wall. They will support and keep the wooden boards in place.

Two steps are straightforward, and you can enjoy plenty of storage spaces right out of your blank wall.

Project details: thekeeledeal.com

23. DIY Live Edge Wood Desk

DIY Live Edge Wood Desk

This time, we bring the idea for the live-edge farmhouse desk. Instead of having well-cut lumbers, we would suggest finding live-edge boards with flaws.

Not only can you save money on new wood but you can also get unique furniture out of your wall.

Under the wood comes the braces installed onto the wall with sturdy lag bolts and dado joints. The natural shape cut from the tree adds an exciting look to your home decor and gives the sense of DIY work.

Project details: themerrythought.com

24. Farmhouse X Office Desk By Instructables

Farmhouse X Office Desk

This desk is for tall people since it features legs taller than most other projects. They are around 75 cm high. You can expect a spacious space under the desk.

Add X braces to the outer legs and V braces to the back. Those braces are both for supporting and decorating purposes.

Then, install some lumber cut to the same size between the two legs, and you will have two solid shelves. The storage space is enough to put your large files.

The unique point here is the drawers built in the form of fruit boxes. You will cut multiple wood profiles and glue them with an electric stapler to form the four sides of the box. The bottom is solid plywood.

This is a great idea if your space is humid and a closed drawer can cause the paper files to be musty. Also, you can easily access to get quickly files.

Project details: instructables.com

25. DIY Farmhouse X Desk Free Plans

DIY Farmhouse X Desk Free Plans

Suppose you have many office supplies, you will want to extend the storage space under the top surface, then here comes your savior.

Rather than create two square drawers, you can connect the left and the middle legs and divide the space into two long shelves. Then create separate fruit boxes to hold your stuff and put them next together.

Other parts, such as the L-shaped desktop and X legs, are the same as previous farmhouse desk plans.

Moreover, you can download the detailed plan in the guide to follow.

Project details: heatherstudios.com

26. Farmhouse Computer Desk Plans By How To Specialist

Farmhouse Computer Desk Plans

This plan is a computer desk built with your PC in mind as well use for purpose office with a look rustic.

It has featured three sturdy X frames and another supportive X brace between the middle and the left legs. The distance within the center and the right legs is built as a shelf to carry your computer case.

For the sturdy tabletop, you will need three pieces of 1x8x60 inches, two pieces of 1x3x61-½ inches, and another two pieces of 23-¼ inches long. Screw them next to one another by Kreg jigs.

Project details: howtospecialist.com

27. DIY Gorgeous Industrial Farmhouse Desk

DIY Gorgeous Industrial Farmhouse Desk

This project needs time to build, but you will get an excellent finished farmhouse desk for your office. It looks really like the commercial desks which cost you hundreds of dollars.

Overview, it is a corner desk with a panel on the right side and two storage drawers on the far left. There is also L-shaped support in the middle to keep your chairside free from any legs.

We like the drawer front hinge the best. So instead of pulling the drawer out, you just need to open the hinge and take the things out. Then, add the little magnet to close the drawer.

This way, you will never mess the office supplies inside.

Project details: rockycanyonrustic.com

28. DIY Farmhouse Table/Desk Tutorial

DIY Farmhouse TableDesk Tutorial

This desk is almost ready-to-make with very little wooding experience. Thus, no worries if you are a beginner.

You can buy almost all parts of this desk from the home supplies store, such as the large tabletop, the supporting lumber, stair spindles as legs, and the metal drawers. Your task is only to drill Kreg jigs and attach them with the hole screws.

Nonetheless, the desktop is removable so that you can transport the whole table to different working spaces. Thus, the builder uses L brackets which can be unsecured later.

Project details: iheartorganizing.com

29. Small Farmhouse Desk By Life on Summerlin

Small Farmhouse Desk

If you have a small room or you only want a place where you can sit down with the laptop and work, you will find this plan ideal to build.

The top is only 32×24 inches, meaning that the distance between two legs is only enough to place a chair rather than any storage space.

With such a small dimension, the desk often does not hold much office stuff. Thus, you only need to add a cross-board on each leg for supporting purposes.

This way, the plan will become very affordable and straightforward to follow with fewer cuts.

Project details: lifeonsummerlin.com


We’ve already covered the most creative and convenient DIY farmhouse desk plans under your fingertips. We hope you can pick up some ideas to start your own project this weekend.

If you want a large working space – and for sure, your spare space is big enough, you should go for L-shaped plans.

Suppose that you have multiple office supplies and always desire to keep them tidy, you should add drawers.

Sturdy X-braced legs are important for office or PC desks.

Floating or live-edge desks, meanwhile, are ideal to add creativity to your room.

If you find our article helpful, please share it. We appreciate this.

Happy DIY with your project!

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