45 Awesome DIY Scrap Wood Projects

If you work on large woodworking projects often, then you might end up with a lot of scrap wood. Or, you have a lot of scrap wood at your disposal, and you don’t know what to do with it.

Some people decide to use it for heating, but there’s so much more you can make with scrap wood than that.

Sometimes, it can be valuable material for projects. If you have scrap wood but you don’t have an idea what to do with it, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are the 45 awesome scrap wood projects you can make right now.

45 Awesome Scrap Wood Projects

1. Rustic Wood Bathtub Tray

Rustic Wood Bathtub Tray

You can easily make a wood bathtub tray with leftover pieces of wood. There’s nothing better than to get into a nice, cozy bathtub after a long day at work, and just relax.

With a bathtub tray like this, you can take your dinner with you, have a nice drink, and light up some candles to create a wholesome and relaxing atmosphere. Plus, it’s easy to make and inexpensive.

Project details: prettyhandygirl.com

2. DIY Wooden Arrows

DIY Wooden Arrows

How about making something completely decorative instead of focusing on practicality?

These wooden arrows can make a nice little decorative touch for your bedroom, or for your kids’ bedroom.

These can easily be made from scrap materials. In terms of sizes, you can tailor them to the sizes of your room, or depending on how much scrap wood you have.

Project details: cherishedbliss.com

3. DIY Wooden Step Stool

DIY Wooden Step Stool

To create a nice step stool like this, you’ll only need a very small piece of wood and some basic tools.

It’s incredibly easy to make, but it’s also useful, especially if you need to climb to higher areas quite often.

Project details: anikasdiylife.com

4. Address Number Wall Planter

DIY Address Number Wall Planter

With some spare wood, you can easily create something like this to decorate the exterior of your house.

Not only is this a nice decorative touch, but it also carries a useful implication.

It allows you to put your address number on the wooden plate, while also enhancing the look of your home.

Project details: shanty-2-chic.com

5. State Pride Magnetic Key Holder

State Pride Magnetic Key Holder

If you need a place to hold your keys on a visible spot, then you need this magnetic key holder. It’s easy to make, too.

But you can also tailor it slightly to your needs and modify the look of the key holder.

Project details: prettyhandygirl.com

6. Kid’s Table and Chair Set

Kid’s Table And Chair Set

If you have enough scrap wood and larger pieces of wood, then you can create something a bit more useful for your kids: a set of chairs and a table.

This project may take slightly longer, but in the end, you’ll be left with a nice set of chairs and a table for your kids.

Project details: hertoolbelt.com

7. Magnetic Bottle Opener

Magnetic Bottle Opener

Sure, you’ll still need a magnet and a couple of spare metal parts for this project, but the base of this product will be scrap wood.

This useful bottle opener can be a great addition to your kitchen, or to your garage or backyard where you hang out with friends and have a nice drink.

Project details: uglyducklinghouse.com

8. Wooden Coasters

Wooden Coasters

You can easily create wooden coasters like this one with spare scrap wood.

Although you will need some more woodworking tools to create ones that look exactly like these, such as a planer.

But the project is a simple one if you have the right tools for the job. It also saves you money since you’re not throwing wood away.

Project details: familyhandyman.com

9. Wooden Serving Tray

Wooden Serving Tray

How about creating a serving tray like this for your kitchen?

It’s a great way to enhance your arsenal of kitchen trays, and you’ll save quite a lot on buying a new one.

Making one is simple. You can create as large a tray as you want, and you can also color it and style it in your own way.

Project details: prettyhandygirl.com

10. West Elm-Inspired Abstract Snowflakes

West Elm-Inspired Abstract Snowflakes

Do you want to spruce up your living room with a decorational piece? Then you only need some spare wood and some work to get these snowflakes done.

It will take some woodworking skills, though. But even if you’re a total beginner, most of this can be fixed with a good template like this one.

Project details: addicted2diy.com

11. Wooden Sofa Sleeve

Wooden Sofa Sleeve

If you’re a fan of tea or coffee, then you often worry about having no place to put your warm cup without ruining surfaces.

Now, with a wooden sofa sleeve, you can easily avoid this problem. You’ll be able to place your cup on this convenient sofa sleeve without damaging your sofa.

Project details: abeautifulmess.com

12. Cutting Board

Cutting Board

As long as you have the right tools, this project should be very easy. Instead of buying a new cutting board, you can create a new one from scrap wood easily.

Project details: fixthisbuildthat.com

13. Kitchen Shelves

Kitchen Shelves

Do you often worry about not having enough space in your kitchen to put things on? Then you can easily create new surfaces in the form of kitchen shelves.

These shelves look nice and quite chunky. Simply follow the project instructions and get it done.

Project details: keepingitcozy.blogspot.com

14. Mason Jar Crate

Mason Jar Crate

Want to create a vintage soda crate like this one? You can do so easily as long as you have some scrap pieces of wood handy.

All it takes is to glue the wooden pieces together and decorate the box.

Project details: shanty-2-chic.com

15. Easy Wooden Wall Mountain Art

Wooden Wall Mountain Art

This is a purely decorative project, although it does have some practical uses, this product. You can put books on it, or even flowers to make it more vivid.

All you’ll need is some spare wood, but you’ll need to be quite accurate in order to avoid some potential issues with the wood.

Project details: manmadediy.com

16. DIY Wooden Plant Stand

DIY Wooden Plant Stand

What a useful plant stand! You can create one with some spare wood, instead of throwing it all away.

This stand allows you to put two flower pots on top of it, making it incredibly useful to your household. Just follow the steps, it’s not that complicated as you’ll see.

Project details: themerrythought.com

17. Wooden Doormat

Wooden Doormat

Replace your old doormat with this nice and elegant wooden doormat.

The best of all is that you can use scrap pieces of wood to create it, and some basic woodworking tools.

Project details: withinthegrove.com

18. Indoor Herb Garden

Indoor Herb Garden

How about building your own little wooden garden? This countertop wooden indoor garden is perfect for placing herbs inside.

So, you need to know is where to drill the holes, and the rest of the process is really straightforward, just follow the instructions.

Project details: lovecreatecelebrate.com

19. Jewelry Organizer

Jewelry Organizer

This woodworking project is slightly different. It’s for everyone who loves a good piece of jewelry and wants to have somewhere to hang them.

Project details: prettyhandygirl.com

20. DIY Outdoor Vertical Garden

DIY Outdoor Vertical Garden

Here’s a great idea: if you have slightly longer wooden planks, then you can easily create this outdoor vertical garden.

It will take slightly longer since this project requires good attention to detail. Take your time and do it properly – you won’t regret it!

Project details: jessicawellinginteriors.com

21. DIY Modern Pencil Holder

DIY Modern Pencil Holder

This pencil holder is very practical, and it will help you store your pencils.

It’s also quite modern-looking, so it won’t look out of place if you have a modern office, too. It’s also great for kids.

Project details: anikasdiylife.com

22. DIY Laptop Stand For Desk

DIY Laptop Stand For Desk

Do you often worry about your laptop overheating, or you need your laptop on a higher place? Then you need a laptop stand.

But did you know you can make one yourself? The best about this project is that you can freely use scrap wood if you have any.

Project details: anikasdiylife.com

23. DIY Cookbook Stand

DIY Cookbook Stand

Do you like to read books, especially cookbooks?

Then you know the struggle of constantly leaning over a book when you’re standing to get details.

You can change that with a simple cookbook stand like this one.

Project details: thelearnerobserver.com

24. Candleholders From Scrap Wood

Candleholders From Scrap Wood

If you like candles, then you most certainly need a candle stand or at least some candleholders to hold your candles.

You can make one or several yourself, and with ease. Just read the instructions and follow them.

Project details: instructables.com

25. DIY Christmas Tree Stand

DIY Christmas Tree Stand

Here’s a great idea for this year’s Christmas. Create this Christmas tree stand, and you won’t regret it.

If you prefer a natural Christmas tree, then you definitely need a stand like this to hold your tree.

Project details: thekimsixfix.com

26. DIY Modern Planter

DIY Modern Planter

This is a modern planter with hairpin legs you can create with scrap wood easily.

Of course, you can change the height of the planter and tailor it to your needs.

It allows you to have plants inside and create a nicer atmosphere in your home.

Project details: bybrittanygoldwyn.com

27. Folding Cupcake Stand

Folding Cupcake Stand

Cupcakes – almost everyone loves them. And what better way to enjoy them then to have them stored somewhere safely, waiting for you to tuck into them?

Project details: sawsonskates.com

28. DIY Plant Stand

DIY Plant Stand

This plant stand is perfect for modern homes where you have a plant, but you don’t have anywhere to put it.

It’s easy to create this plant stand; you’ll only need some basic tools and some scrap wood to get started.

Project details: jaimecostiglio.com

29. Simple Scrap Wood Wall Organizer

Simple Scrap Wood Wall Organizer

What a simple project this is. This wooden organizer is great for your hall for storing your files and important items, as well as newspapers.

But it’s also a good way to store other things, such as keys.

Project details: abutterflyhouse.com

30. DIY Scrap Wood Shelf

DIY Scrap Wood Shelf

Enhance your home with these easy to make wooden shelves. You only need some scrap wood to get started, and you’ll only need to buy some additional accessories, too.

Project details: rogueengineer.com

31. Tiered Plant Stand

Tiered Plant Stand

Create this tiered plant stand for storing several of your flower pots easily. It looks great, it works great, and it’s easy to make – what more would you want?

Project details: anikasdiylife.com

32. Raised Dog Feeder

Raised Dog Feeder

If you own a dog, you’ll love this idea. This is a raised dog feeder that allows you to place the dog feeding bowls on an elevated platform.

Your dog will eat easier, and it also allows your floor to stay clean and mess-free.

Project details: bybrittanygoldwyn.com

33. Vegetable Storage Bin with Dividers

Vegetable Storage Bin With Dividers

This is an awesome idea if you’re looking for something practical for your home. It’s one of the best projects for your kitchen, especially if you have a lot of vegetables and you need to sort them so that you can access them easily.

Project details: anikasdiylife.com

34. DIY Wooden Aztec Wall Art

DIY Wooden Aztec Wall Art

Do you like Aztec art and the themes involved in that sort of art? Then you’ll love this decor idea.

Create this Aztec wall art and leave your guests stunned. But be careful: a great deal of detail is needed for this project.

Project details: addicted2diy.com

35. Rustic Blanket Ladder

Rustic Blanket Ladder

This ladder can’t be used for serious work. But it’s still a decent piece of decoration and can be used for hanging your towels. It’s surprisingly easy to make, too.

Project details: sammyonstate.com

36. DIY Rolling Plant Caddy

DIY Rolling Plant Caddy

This plant stand is nothing spectacular, although it does get the job done.

But you need a plant stand like this if you have a lot of flower pots, or if you want to add new ones to your home.

Project details: prettyhandygirl.com

37. Reclaimed Wood Crate

Reclaimed Wood Crate

It’s only a small crate, but it can be a decoration element in your home, or it can play a practical role for storing your items inside.

Also, It can be for storing your fruits and vegetables.

Project details: confessionsofaserialdiyer.com

38. DIY Cooler

DIY Cooler

This cooler is an amazing way to add some coolness to your portable items.

You can take it with you and have items cooled inside. It looks cool, and it’s highly practical, too.

Project details: shanty-2-chic.com

39. Plywood Arch Mirror

Plywood Arch Mirror

If you have a tiny bathroom and a small or no mirror, then you can make one yourself.

With this tutorial, you’ll be able to make a useful and attractive arch mirror that you can use in your bathroom or anywhere else.

Project details: themerrythought.com

40. Scrap Wood Caddy

Scrap Wood Caddy

This caddy is awesome – it can be great for storing a variety of different things. It may be sorting your tools, or simply making sure everything is in its place.

Project details: prettyhandygirl.com

41. DIY Desk Planter And Card Holder

DIY Desk Planter and Card Holder

This is a 2-in-1 idea. You can create this desk planter, and you can create an additional card holder next to the planter.

You’ll save space, and you’ll avoid having cards all over the place.

Project details: uglyducklinghouse.com

42. DIY Spice Rack

DIY Spice Rack

Do you love spices, and you have many spices at your home, so you don’t know where you put them last time?

Then you simply need a rack like this. It will help you keep your spices organized so that you’ll know exactly where you put them.

Project details: anikasdiylife.com

43. Wall Mounted Coat Rack

Wall Mounted Coat Rack

This coat rack is amazing to add to your home, because it will provide you with some space to hang your coats and apparel.

You only need some spare wood, and a few hangers, and you’re good to go.

Project details: lovecreatecelebrate.com

44. Wine Bottle Holder

Wine Bottle Holder

Are you a wine lover? Then a nice and simple bottle holder like this can be an amazing addition to your kitchen. Or, it can hold bottles of different purposes.

Project details: shanty-2-chic.com

45. White-Washed Window Box

White-Washed Window Box

This amazing window box can enhance the look of your home. It will make your windows more attractive, and you’ll be able to place flowers inside.

Project details: prettyhandygirl.com

Having scrap wood is not necessarily a bad thing. What is more, you can use it to create awesome products and take on amazing projects to make most of this scrap wood.

Which project will you try? If you liked this list, please share the article. Thanks!

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