56 DIY TV Stand Plans And Ideas You Can Build

DIY TV Stand Plans

Investing in a TV stand is a wise choice to keep it safe, free up your space, and jazz up your room simultaneously.

You can also store your stuff like games or movies for better convenience and entertainment.

The only deal-breaker is that not all of you will be willing to spend money on this thing.

Don’t worry! Here, we have 56 DIY TV stand plans to make your weekend busy and, of course, save you some bucks.

DIY TV Stand Plans And Ideas

Table of Contents

1. Easy DIY TV Stand

Easy DIY TV Stand

This TV stand is among the most durable, not because it uses high-quality material, but because it makes use of the recently popular Gorilla glue.

Every single joint is coated with this super strong glue. As a result, the construction of this stand is much more sturdy than you would think based on the materials of plywood.

The most challenging and interesting part of this project is probably painting the stripes. People with less experience may need to invest as much as few hours just to apply the painter tapes.

If each stripe is 3.5 inches, then the gap should be around 3.3 or 3.2 inches. Finally, use a foam roller to apply the paint.

Project details: grillo-designs.com

2. DIY Media Console

DIY Media Console

Give the interior of your living room a hypnotic vintage feel with this DIY Media Console. To get the most durability, you will need to start with the side frames, creating as many pocket holes as possible.

These pocket holes should be about 3/4″ and 1.25″ to ensure that the joining process can be as smooth as possible.

You should use Home Depot’s PureBond plywood to improve the stand’s vintages. Finally, add on Sherwin-Williams’s Urbane Bronze for a rich and deep gray color.

Project details: shanty-2-chic.com

3. DIY Corner Media Center

DIY Corner Media Center

A TV stand, or media center, must be as strong as possible, as it needs to deal with lots of weight. With this corner media center, you no longer have to worry about the strength issue due to its unique construction.

This stand makes use of the X-shaped pillars to take on most of the weight. The shape is incredibly powerful, as the two planks support each other, relieving most of the pressure.

Project details: rogueengineer.com

4. DIY Sliding Barn Door TV Console

DIY Sliding Barn Door TV Console

The special thing about this TV console is the fact that almost all of the supports are hidden in the back. The front of this stand appears to be clean and free of any hideous joints or planks.

To do so, you only need to remember to line the pocket holes intended for the supports along with the face frames. Doing this ensures that the frames hide all the holes and their components.

Project details: craftedbythehunts.com

5. Tall Corner Media Stand

Tall Corner Media Stand

People who have kids know just how much of a headache they can be, especially near electronics like TVs. For that reason, the shorter TV stands will not do, as they are still within a child’s reach.

This corner media stand measures a whopping 48” in height, enough to keep your TV safe away from your child’s grubby paws.

Project details: ana-white.com

6. Rustic Concrete Top TV Stand

Rustic Concrete Top TV Stand

This project offers you a way to make an otherwise cheap-looking stand look a lot higher-end than it should.

For instance, take off diagonally just 1/16 of the stand’s corners with a chamfer bit and route the drawers’ edges.

Doing so turns the usual 1x3s design that we are all bored of into a much fancier appearance.

Of course, there is also the concrete top, improving both the stand’s look and functionality by adding in some weight to balance out the TV.

Project details: housefulofhandmade.com

7. DIY Pallet TV Stand

DIY Pallet TV Stand

If your plan to get a new TV stand is limited by a budget, this project is simply perfect for you. After all, it is almost completely made from 1 single pallet and some hairpin legs.

Pallets are used in transportation, so they have some of the strongest constructions. Also, pallet wood has a distinctive rustic look, as long as you remember to give it proper sanding.

Project details: preparingforpeanut.com

8. Farmhouse Style TV Stand

Farmhouse Style TV Stand

This TV stand is durable and easy to store your items. The construction is medium on the challenging level.

First of all, it has the most solid base, constructed only 2x4s. Next, it has 2 kinds of support working together, the sidewalls and the X-frames.

We categorize it into 4 processes, base/top framing, wall building, connecting, and decorative trimming. Each process can be paused and continued at any point, so busy people can still enjoy the project

Project details: remodelaholic.com

9. The Inspired Workshop’s DIY TV Stand

nspired Workshop’s DIY TV Stand

This DIY Media Console is a perfect cross between the unique farmhouse style and the popular modern look. Instead of building the whole thing, you will build 2 parts separately and join them.

The reason for such a complicated process is that you will get 2 unique ways to store things.

The left compartment has 3 identical sliding drawers, perfect for DVD or book storage, while the right has multiple shelves of different sizes. You can use this part to store speakers, game consoles, etc.

Project details: theinspiredworkshop.com

10. Barn Door TV Console

Barn Door TV Console

There is a classical look. This barn door TV console has a special chevron pattern on the top counter, creating a signature look.

To attain this pattern, use brad nails, wood glue, and 1x6s. Separate the top counter into a grid, glue 1x6s into this grid following the pattern. Let the glue dry, and the pattern will remain there forever.

Just follow 11 steps along with plans details in this guide to easily finish it.

Project details: handmade-haven.com

11. DIY 4-Door TV Stand

DIY 4-Door TV Stand

Getting a custom TV stand is among the most expensive spendings you can do. Instead of doing so, why don’t we trim the expenditure down by making our own super functional TV stand?

This 4-door stand is brilliantly designed, offering a lot more drawers for you to organize items properly. It’s 4-door front also adds an extra layer of personality and charm to the design.

Project details: shanty-2-chic.com

12. Kreg’s Easy DIY TV Stand

Kreg’s Easy DIY TV Stand

You may be like the TV stand as simple as it can be. True to this motto, this Kreg’s TV Stand is among the easiest and quickest projects.

Each step of the guide is straightforward, with almost no technical mumbo-jumbo. From the rail, the legs, the base to the top, the dividers, and even the shelves, you can easily finish each process in a short time.

Project details: learn.kregtool.com

13. DIY Modern TV Stand

DIY Modern TV Stand

This project is a stunning media console with the most intricate door details.

Its most challenging process is, of course, the door details, consisting of 2 parts, dowels and carvings. The carving part is straightforward, as you just put on some tape to mark and carve according to them.

For the dowels, you need 13 pieces for each side, ranging from 1/2″ to 4.75″. The difference between each piece must be exactly 3/8″.

Project details: craftedbythehunts.com

14. DIY Rustic TV Stand

DIY Rustic TV Stand

To attain a beautiful rustic touch for this stand, you should not use any pressure-treated wood.

The reason for this advice lies in the fact that untreated wood accepts stains much better, and the result is more consistent.

This project specifically uses the DIY tea/vinegar/steel wool staining method. If you use pressure-treated lumber, its unattractive green tint will show through after the stain has dried off.

Also, this rustic TV stand has additional cartwheels so you can easily transport them for clean up.

Project details: mountainmodernlife.com

15. Tripod TV Stand

Tripod TV Stand

Well, you can try out this Tripod TV stand. It is not at all an overstatement to call it the pinnacle of minimalist-style furniture.

There is practically nothing other than a space to fit the TV and a second layer to store a soundbar. However, you should not underestimate its strength, as each of the 3 legs has a specific curve ensuring a strong foundation.

Project details: instructables.com

16. Grey DIY TV Stand

Grey DIY TV Stand

If you are a fan of intricate and complicated design, you can ignore this DIY TV stand. It focuses on simplicity and functionality, after all.

The draw of this project lies in the interior. Unlike other projects, you do not inset the doors but build them outside of the frame. Doing so ensures the maximum possible space for storage.

Project details: fynesdesigns.com

17. DIY Rustic TV Stand From Angela Marie Made

DIY Rustic TV Stand

What can spell rustic better than a weathered wood counter for your TV stand? If you are a fan of that vintage look, this project, with its unique countertop.

Unlike most TV stand projects, you must start with the countertop, using 2x thick wood. This type of wood is usually round around the edges, so you need to trim them off and start adding pocket holes to attach the base.

Project details: angelamariemade.com

18. DIY Floating TV Stand

DIY Floating TV Stand

Legs, no matter how you try to fix them, have always been one of the ugliest parts of a stand. They must be chunky to withstand the weight of the whole thing plus things like the TV, books, etc.

There is no need for the legs, as the support is anchored into the wall. As a result, it looks much more sophisticated.

Project details: nextluxury.com

19. Funky Junky Interiors’ Pallet TV Stand

Funky Junky Interiors’ Pallet TV Stand

This pallet TV stand is all about being friendly to the environment and recycling. Its body is made from thrown pallets, while its storage boxes are made from discarded crates.

To make the whole thing look more elegant, you can add a glass top. Nothing is better at being chic and modern than glass, after all.

Project details: funkyjunkinteriors.net

20. Grandy Barn Door Console

Grandy Barn Door Console

With just one look, you will be captured by the Grandy Barn Door Console’s sliding doors. Don’t be scared; it’s not as hard as it looks due to the genius idea of using strips.

By simply nailing some strips on top of each door and attaching them to a horizontal bar, you obtain a fully functional sliding mechanism. Then, you only need to fix the doors into the bottom base.

It has a lot of parts that need to attach secured in place. This project is suitable for Intermediate and advanced woodworking.

Project details: ana-white.com

21. Nine Red’s DIY TV Stand

Nine Red’s DIY TV Stand

Movie nights will be so much more awesome with the Nine Red’s DIY TV Stand due to its lighting. It is also the most interesting part of this whole project.

To have enough space to hide the light bulbs and their wirings, you need to make an L shape. Hollow out the bottom part and leave only the supporting pieces.

Put two LED bulbs near the bottom compartment’s ceiling. Line the wire along the stand’s back.

Project details: ninered.blogspot.com

22. Restoration Hardware Printer Cabinet’s Knock-Off

Restoration Hardware Printer Cabinet’s Knock-Off

Instead of using douglas fir or even pine, this project utilizes rustic alder, which is stronger, more durable, and has some beautiful antique marks. However, they are very hard to cut into size.

The next challenge is the drawers. If you cannot make them perfectly square, they will not fit. The more drawers, the more restrictions are imposed on your drawers. We recommend using some shims.

Project details: makemeprettyagain.blogspot.com

23. Easel on Wheels TV Display

Easel On Wheels TV Display

Despite the minimalist look, it is not at all easy to build this unique TV display.

The first tricky part is to get the perfect compound angles for the 3 legs. They must join together the top, preferably with only 1 long bolt.

Next is the balancing. To improve it, install a chain running from the back leg’s lower brace up.

Project details: remodelista.com

24. DIY Rustic Corner TV Stand

DIY Rustic Corner TV Stand

You can set it near your fireplace. This TV has a distinctively old-fashioned look, coming from its homemade liming wax.

That is why it stands out proudly among so many vintage-style TV displays.

You will also save quite a bit of money, as liming wax is well-known for its high price. All you need is some clear wax, best from Annie Sloan, and white latex paint. For each scoop of the paint, add in 3 scoops of the wax.

Project details: mimiberrycreations.com

25. DIY Apothecary TV Stand

DIY Apothecary TV Stand

The most interesting thing about DIY projects is their customizability, and nothing signifies it better than this DIY Apothecary TV Stand. The middle compartment allows you an endless number of customization options.

You can either turn it into just another storage compartment or a small bookshelf. The choice is yours, so let your creative juice flow.

Project details: ashleygrenon.com

26. DIY Stand With Shelving Unit

DIY Stand With Shelving Unit

No matter how easy it is, building a whole TV stand from scratch requires quite a lot of time and effort.

To make it more manageable, we want to introduce you to this guide on repurposing existing furniture.

All you need to do is make a new base, fit in under the shelving unit, and give the whole thing a new paint job.

Project details: infarrantlycreative.net

27. Kreg’s DIY X-Leg TV Stand

Kreg’s DIY X-Leg TV Stand

This X-leg TV stand is narrow and long enough to fit properly behind sofas or in a corner. Its interesting X-shape supports are eye-catching, allowing it to act as a pseudo space divider.

There is no divided shelf, but 1 big space that is enough for you to store practically anything. If you want to categorize things, you can put them in baskets and fit the baskets in.

Project details: learn.kregtool.com

28. Mid-Century Media Console

Mid-Century Media Console

The mid-century style of modern furniture can be too over the top if the builder is not careful. That is not the case with this Mid-Century Media Console, thanks to its tapered and angled legs.

Adding to this is the 2-tone finish, with the stand itself having bright wooden color and the shelf being pure black. This contrast makes it seem like the shelf is floating.

Project details: rogueengineer.com

29. Farmhouse Media Cabinet

Farmhouse Media Cabinet

A farmhouse-style TV stand can potentially fit with any style of living room. However, it must not be fully rustic and have some modern elements. That is exactly what this project offers.

The doors follow the classic 4-pane barn door style that we grew up with. On the other hand, the whole stand has a pure-white finish that most modern furniture possesses.

Project details: learn.kregtool.com

30. DIY TV Display From The White Cottage Farm

DIY TV Display From The White Cottage Farm

The main focus of this TV stand is openness. There is nothing to hide with this display, as it has no door and no back. If you are not a fan of the cramped feeling that most TV stands have, try this one out.

The legs have the classical U-shape, joined by strong 2x2s, while the shelves add in structural support with their strategically placed pocket holes.

Project details: thewhitecottagefarm.com

31. DIY TV Console From Two Feet First

DIY TV Console From Two Feet First

The selling point of this project is clearly the 2 glass doors. Thanks to these doors, you can clearly see what’s being stored within the stand. They also provide more light during the day, easing the jumble feeling of the room.

To add in a little bit of personality, you use hinges mounting right onto the stand’s front as well as square pull knobs. One can easily see these things with just a glance, ensuring that the stand is not too boring to look at.

project details: twofeetfirst.net

32. DIY Sliding Door Modern Entertainment Center

DIY Sliding Door Modern Entertainment Center

There is no denying that this DIY modern entertainment Center is a huge and time-consuming project. However, we are confident to say that it is completely worth your effort.

Everything about this project screams high-quality, from the welded steel base, the bookcase towers, to the sliding doors. Instead of the usual barn-style doors, this one has a modern look of elegance and sleekness.

Project details: jenwoodhouse.com

33. DIY TV Lift Cabinet

DIY TV Lift Cabinet

This is a completely closed cabinet. You will notice that there is no cord or lift mechanism since you can place them inside a cabinet.

It has a faux back, storing the TV lift mechanism and the TV itself. Remember to leave enough space within the back so that the TV can come up without a hitch.

Project details: craftedbythehunts.com

34. Wooden Pallet TV Stand

Wooden Pallet TV Stand

For the rooms lacking personality, we doubt there could be anything more suitable for it than this Wooden Pallet TV Stand. It has 3 layers, each with an extraordinary curved counter.

The uppermost stage is used as a pseudo wall to hang the TV from. That is why you need to use pallet wood, as pallet slats are among the strongest.

Project details: palletideas.info

35. Long Modern Entertainment Center

Long Modern Entertainment Center

We are quite impressed by this project’s decision to use cedar fence pickets for its doors. This choice is both economical in nature and good for the design, as it adds in some texture.

The contrast between the cedar’s color and the pure white color of the stand is also interesting. Pair it with a black TV, and you have the classic trinity color scheme.

Project details: ana-white.com

36. Instructables’ DIY TV Lift Cabinet

Instructables’ DIY TV Lift Cabinet

The lift cabinet provides you with a way to conceal not only the TV but also other gears like speakers, DVD players, etc. Due to the design choice of putting the TV in front, the biggest compartment cannot serve as storage.

Instead, you will be using 2 smaller compartments on both sides to store things like DVDs or books. This project has limited storage space, but its secretive nature is simply unmatchable.

Project details: instructables.com

37. Pottery Barn-Inspired TV Stand

Pottery Barn-Inspired TV Stand

You can only describe this Pottery Barn-Inspired TV Stand with 3 words: solid, sturdy, and smooth. The construction is sturdy, the build is quite solid, and the finish is as smooth as butter.

It has 2 layers for different storage needs. The lower, open layer is for things that cannot be stored in cramped places like books.

On the other hand, the upper layer comes with 5 drawers, and you can store TV gear like remotes, DVDs, etc.

Project details: jenwoodhouse.com

38. Sofia Clara’s DIY TV Stand

Sofia Clara’s DIY TV Stand

This TV stand is the best fit for any fan of the recently popular minimalistic style.

You don’t need anything more than 1 plywood board and 2 square blocks of stone of the same height.

Place the 2 stones and fit the board on top of them, and you get a surprisingly sturdy stand for your TV. This design is suitable for a living room corner.

Project details: sofiaclara.com

39. Dresser Turned TV Stand

Dresser Turned TV Stand

Most of us tend to simply throw away old pieces of furniture such as dressers. With this project, you can repurpose them into a completely functional stand for your TV.

You don’t even need to change too many things, just take the top drawer off and insert a base to make a shelf. Finally, give the whole thing a thorough sanding and a new stain.

Project details: darlingdoodlesdesign.com

40. DIY Pipe TV Stand – Rustic And Modern

DIY Pipe TV Stand - Rustic And Modern

The pipe TV stand, having a unique blend between the modern industrial and vintage rustic feel. This is the staining process. You need to do lighter applications and coat only once.

Aside from the stains, the combination of pipes, the symbol of the modern world. They contrast each other and play off each other, bringing out a unique look for the stand.

Project details: homedit.com

41. DIY Makeover Dresser Into TV Stand

DIY Makeover Dresser Into TV Stand

This is entirely a reuse project. It is not about building a whole new thing, but it’s more about repurposing an old item. That is why the required skill set and the working process are different.

You start by stripping and sanding the old dresser, then removing some drawers and turning them into shelves. Finally, make some holes for the cables to go through.

Project details: howdoesshe.com

42. Lazy Guy’s Media Console

Lazy Guy’s Media Console

Any fan of the Mid-Century Modern style will immediately recognize its influence on the design of this stand. From the upper and lower drawers to the sliding doors, everything screams “Mid-Century”.

The whole stand is separated into 2 main parts, the carcass and the legs. They are joined together by 2 seemingly slim connectors, but they are surprisingly strong.

Project details: lazyguydiy.com

43. Industrial TV Console Table

Industrial TV Console Table

Even if your TV is a wall-mounted model, you still need something to hold your surround sound components like subwoofers. It needs to be wide, but not tall, as some center speakers can be built around the TV.

This Industrial TV Console Table can solve your problem easily. It also has wheels, so you can move it around easily when push comes to shove.

Project details: refreshrestyle.com

44. Antiqued Media Stand

Antiqued Media Stand

This media stand is made from only 1 single plywood sheet. Surprising, right? But we still haven’t mentioned the fact that it has solid posts available for every single edge and inset framed panels.

The secret lies in perception. For instance, the shelf frames weren’t made from plywood, but clamps, glue, and biscuits. The upper shelves, being visible, have a ¼-inch plywood skin, while the lower ones don’t.

Project details: instructables.com

45. Barn Door Media Console

Barn Door Media Console

As you can guess, this TV stands out with its 2 barn-style doors, which add in a lot of characters for the stand. They also breathe in a vintage feel for the whole display, reminding you of the peaceful countryside.

You can freely customize the paint job, but we recommend it to be the same as your wall or wall. By doing so, the stand can blend in and create a good contrast with the primarily black TV.

Project details: shanty-2-chic.com

46. Apothecary TV Console

Apothecary TV Console

Most apothecary-style cabinets don’t have open cubbies, but that’s simply not possible if you want to use them as a TV stand. This project fixes this issue by replacing the top row of drawers with an open space.

As a result, the stand still has that unique Apothecary drawer look as well as space for things like DVD players.

Project details: ana-white.com

47. Family Handyman’s DIY TV Stand

Family Handyman’s DIY TV Stand

If you are someone busy and new to the world of DIY, this project is perfect for you. After all, it checks all the vital boxes.

It can be completed in 1 weekend, the techniques required are not complicated, and the cost is reasonable.

We are especially impressed with the design of the lower rails. They all have some sort of curved braces at their bottom parts. These braces will improve the front frame’s rigidity by an impressive amount.

Project details: familyhandyman.com

48. Reclaimed Wood TV Stand

Reclaimed Wood TV Stand

The wood’s natural color is an attractive point. It is entirely contrasting your black TV.

As you can see from the number of drawers, you will be storing quite a lot of things within this TV stand.

That is why you need 4 dense 3 1/2” x 2 1/2” to act as the legs, otherwise, the stand cannot stabilize.

To improve the stability, even more, attach the legs to 2 3/4” plywood boards. Each of the side pieces should measure 11” x 27” so that there is a good gap between the legs.

Next, you can connect the 2 sides together with 2×3 long aprons, remember to leave a 3” gap from the floor. Doing so makes it much easier each time you need to clean/vacuum the area under this stand

Project details: mylove2create.com

49. DIY Floating TV Stand

DIY Floating TV Stand

Not all of us can make beautiful or even acceptable legs for our TV stands. That is why instead of going in over our heads, we can just not build the legs and make a floating stand like what this project suggests.

You also do not need to worry about any dust buildup below the stand and the vacuum/cleaning process will be much more manageable.

With the simple build, a 2×4 and ¼ plywood sheet, you can own a compact stand and hand it out on the wall.

Project details: woodshopdiaries.com

50. Cherry Wood TV Stand

Cherry Wood TV Stand

This TV stand is built completely out of solid wood, or more specifically, cherry wood. As such, the stand has some beautiful grains that only this type of solid wood possesses.

It is also the only project on this list to use the multiple dowel joint system. This system, alongside the cherry wood’s natural structure strength, makes the stand much stronger than it looks, capable of supporting a huge 46″ TV.

Project details: dowelmax.com

51. Turned Leg Media Console

Turned Leg Media Console

The first thing that you will notice about this TV stand is undoubtedly its color. It is the result of a unique stain color that Kilz made, called Cranberry Spice.

However, you can’t just stain the TV stand once and attain this result. Instead, you must first put on 2 coats of this flat, then spray another top coat.

Moreover, you can download the file pdf to follow plans details.

Project details: ana-white.com

52. DIY LED TV Stand


The carpet floor with a unique TV stand placed on it makes your living look more classical. This stand is the ultimate long-lasting product. There is no laminate, no screw, no engineered wood, and above all else, no plastic.

You also don’t need to use any high-level tool, just 1 drill press and 1 chop saw. The only challenge is to pick the right type of wood, as it will decide the lifespan of this stand.

Project details: imgur.com

53. Pallet Entertainment Center

Pallet Entertainment Center

The pallet design of this TV stand comes out as if you place 9 separated racks together, but it’s fairly solid.

You need at the very least 3 heat-treated pallets, as they tend to be in the best condition. Remember to sand them properly, or else there will be a splinter each time you touch them.

Next, simply cut the pallets into square pieces and clamp them together, one piece at a time. You also integrate casters for easy transport.

Project details: theforgestyle.blogspot.com

54. Floating TV Stand

Floating TV Stand

The core of this Floating TV Stand is the low-profile steel frame. It will support all the protruding shelves and also provide a hiding spot for all the electrical cords.

To make sure that the steel frame is big enough, you should enlist the help of 3D modeling software. And once you cut, there is no going back.

Project details: instructables.com

55. DIY Easel TV Stand

DIY Easel TV Stand

You can easily find an easel at any art supply store. However, have you ever considered that it can be repurposed into a fun conversation-style TV stand?

All you need to do is screw some casters into its legs and build a bracket onto it to add in extra support so that the TV can sit comfortably.

The easel’s own clamping mechanism helps a great deal in stabilizing the TV.

Project details: houseandhome.com

56. Fireplace DIY TV Stand

Fireplace DIY TV Stand

As this plan’s name, it allows you to fit a fireplace in its center. As such, it not only looks much more intricate but can also provide you with lots of coziness and warmth during the cold winter season.

To keep it safe, you can try to add in some extra wood planks acting as hood mantles on both sides. Once you want to upgrade or change the fireplace, simply remove them.

Project details: simplyhometips.com


So we’ve walked you through 56 interesting DIY TV stand plans. Each one appears in a distinct design, but they all save your space and spruce up your house with the signature coziness of wooden furniture.

Does any plan catch your eye? With such a wide array of projects, we bet you can find at least one that fits you most. Now, unleash your creativity, as it’s DIY time!

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