42 DIY L-Shaped Desk Plans and Ideas

DIY L Shaped Desk

Nowadays, working and studying remotely is common due to the pandemic. Do you want to DIY a desk to serve your work?

Much research shows that the L-shaped desk can save space and store more items. Moreover, this kind is available on the showcase, but the price is not affordable.

Hence, this article will offer you 42 DIY L shaped desk plans and ideas. We hope that you can create your stylish desk after checking out this article.

42 DIY L-Shaped Desk Plans and Ideas

1. DIY L-Shaped Desk With Shelves

DIY L-Shaped Desk With Shelves

This plan is perfect for managers. You will find it more comfortable and reachable to arrange lots of documents.

All you need is high-quality plywood, adhesive wood glue, good saws such as a miter saw, table saw, circular saw, jigsaw and other basic woodworking tools.

Some of the main steps for this project:

  • Stick up corner desk legs
  • Cluster cabinet sideboards and settle left desk console back panel
  • Apply a fabulous locker to desk cabinet
  • Collect right bureau shelf sideboards
  • Ensconce right shelf boards
  • Cut bottom panel and use the jig to add trim
  • Cut the top of your DIY L shaped desk

Project details: woodshopdiaries.com

2. Space-Enhancing Office Desk

 Space-Enhancing Office Desk

Do you want to make your room more attention-grabbing? This idea is your best response. Cut your top-quality pine boards, use clingy wood glue, and you are good to go.

However, the first time you should pre-drill some holes properly to make their DIY L shaped desk stick more easily.

Project details: hgtv.com

3. DIY L Shaped Desk – Home Office

DIY L Shaped Desk - Home Office

You can create this remarkable l-shaped desk by going to a local hardware shop to buy excellent maple plywood. Then, use a paint sprayer to decorate your office desk simpler.

If you have leftover woods, you can take advantage of them by setting them on the wall to highlight your room and store more other items.

Project details: girljustdiy.com

4. Corner Desk Instruction

Corner Desk Instruction

This source will show you blow-by-blow guidelines to do your significant DIY L shaped desk. They give you detailed sizes, tools, and essential tips to finish the task quickly.

You should use some coats of stain to protect the natural color and the shape of your wood better.

Make sure to apply sandpaper for sharp edges, compact the face element to the drawer, and inject small screws from the interior.

Project details: howtospecialist.com

5. DIY Farmhouse X Desk

DIY Farmhouse X Desk

This farmhouse l-shaped desk will bring you more space for work items. You won’t spend much time if you follow proper methods and enough tools.

This guide also provides you scannable images along with free DIY plans to follow and finish your masterwork.

Project details: heatherstudios.com

6. DIY Corner Desk

DIY Corner Desk

This desk is perfect for focus on studying to enhance productivity. The guide provides download and printable templates, helping you to follow some instructions with ease.

We recommend setting your desk in a fixed place to avoid quick damage to your masterpiece. Due to the maple wood, it is advisable to stay away from water areas.

Project details: shanty-2-chic.com

7. L-Shaped Double X Desk

L-Shaped Double X-Desk

You will enjoy the convenience when owning this double X desk. With some simple steps below, you will succeed in finishing your masterpiece to work comfortably.

  • Apply a pocket hole jig to build the leg frames
  • Settle X trim to those frames
  • Collect the desk sides to install your desk and add the tabletop

This guide provides a lot of plenty of clear images, helping you to follow the steps with ease.

Project details: handmade-haven.com

8. DIY Butcher Block Desk

IY Butcher Block Desk

This project is awesome, which brings you the sturdy construction to put lots of documents and your computer in smart arrangement. You only need some pipes working as leg frames.

Then, paint them with your favorite color and decorate some small icons. Finally, buy a top-quality piece of wood to set it as a table top.

Project details: simplifiedbuilding.com

9. DIY L-Shaped Farmhouse Wood Desk And Office Makeover

DIY L-Shaped Farmhouse Wood Desk And Office Makeover

Here is another significant plan if you have a large room. Buy any wood you like, yet check the surface and structure to sand them easier.

Make sure to purchase water-based colors to retain your wood color.

This type also helps your desk display less crumb, bringing the complete touch and rustic chic.

Project details: hometalk.com

10. L-Shaped Executive Desk

L-Shaped Executive Desk

This style of desk is a great mix of mid-century modern classy schemes with unformatted DIY latest twists.

You should use gorilla wood glue to receive the best stickiness. This video provides detailed guidelines for using angle brackets. You can also master some proper ways to connect your woods.

11. DIY Corner Desk – Little Home Happiness

DIY Corner Desk - Little Home Happiness

You can buy oak plywood to make this lovely DIY L-shaped desk. It is great to store all your mementos items as well as personal working.

This source shows you clear instructions for each process. You may want to paint the leg frames with dark colors to highlight your home office.

Project details: littlehomehappiness.com

12. Live Edge Desktop On Black Pipe Base

Live Edge Desktop On Black Pipe Base

If you have some pipes in your garage, you can simply add them to your desk to build up a remarkable table.

Make sure to choose some sturdy pipes to make your masterpiece stand firm and endure at great weight.

For the tabletop, you can buy any type of wood as long as you sand it properly.

Project details: simplifiedbuilding.com

13. DIY Corner Desk

 DIY Corner Desk

With this idea, you may want to separate the shelves and the desk at first. Paint them with your favorite colors including oil-based or water-based ones.

Then connect these parts with wood glue or drill some holes with your pocket hole jig. Finally, let’s enjoy your cozy corner by working on a lovely desk.

Project details: hsophiecallahanblog.com

14. Custom Made Office Desk

Custom Made Office Desk

It is simple to start your DIY L-shaped desk project with some pieces of plywood. Install them carefully to create sturdy leg frames. Then paint them yellow to make your working zone shiny.

It is perfect to set this custom office desk between your room, not against your wall. It revives your place working with outstanding yellow.

Project details: kristendukephotography.com

15. DIY L Shaped Computer Desk

DIY L-Shaped Computer Desk

This video will help you finish plans quickly. All you need to do is to prepare all the materials, and you are good to go.

The most notable feature of this design is its beautiful finish. With glossing polycyclic water-based sealant, you won’t find your desk to fade the color easily.

16. DIY Framing Wood L-Shaped Desk

DIY Framing Wood L-Shaped Desk

For users who don’t work with many papers, this L-shaped desk is for you. The hairpin legs will save more space, which is enough to arrange little stuff such as the dustbin, the bag, and the small plants.

Moreover, the desk is very sturdy thanks to stainless steel Phillips round pan head machine screws.

Project details: abeautifulmess.com

17. Massive L-Shaped Desk

Massive L-Shaped Desk

This massive L-shaped desk is ideal for gamers or small teamwork and helps your workflow better.

You can put different documents and many computers to work quickly. You need to sand the corners and paint them carefully.

Moreover, if you want to keep your favorite wood color, then you should buy a water-based type. Otherwise, you can select an oil-based color to darken your wood and protect the shield.

Project details: phoronix.com

18. DIY Corner Desk Elegant – Woodshop Diaries

DIY Corner Desk Elegant

With this large corner desk and great storage of 4 big drawers, you will find superior convenience.

If you are a beginner, you can download a few printable templates to follow easier. This design is so elegant with the bright color and cove molding along the top edges.

Project details: woodshopdiaries.com

19. L-Shaped Standing Desk

L-Shaped Standing Desk

For this project, you won’t need the complete leg frames, rather you will stick your standing desk on the wall with angle brackets. Hence, it can save more time than other styles.

If you have a shelf already, just move it out and replace it with a lovely tabletop.

Project details: abeautifulmess.com

20. Modern DIY L-Shaped Desk

Modern DIY L-Shaped Desk

This L-shaped desk belongs to the big type, allowing you to put 3 screens to work at home effectively. Its construction is very sturdy, yet movable to any corner of your working zone.

Thanks to its careful sanding and Minwax poly shade color, you won’t need to worry about a water-damaged desk.

If you are a beginner, then this guide is your excellent response. It provides you with blow-by-blow guidelines for each session.

Project details: loveatfirsthousesc.com

21. Fashionable L-Shaped X Desk

Fashionable L-Shaped X Desk

With this type desk, you need a carpenter square, nail gun, oak plywood, and your DIY tools including skill saw, hand saw, and drill.

It is perfect to install this up-to-date X desk design in your living room.

Instead of working, you may want to enjoy your films by putting your computer or smart TV on your desk. The X-leg frames will make your table more stable.

Project details: heathermarryann.com

22. DIY L-Shaped Desk – Hammertime

DIY L-Shaped Desk - Hammertime

This typical-sized design is outstanding for individuals who want to put many heavy things such as desktops or printers on it. The X ends of the desk also bring you strong structure and great storage.

Moreover, both sides of this product have the same longer length, which offers a harmonic overview for your room.

Project details: hammertime.blog

23. Simple And Easy L-Shaped Desk

Simple And Easy L-Shaped Desk

Space degradation is a considerable matter if you have a small room. To receive the best outcome, this idea is for you Having one shelf under your L-shaped desk is enough to use for a corner of the room.

If you want to put more documents, you can create a middle shelf and stick it on the wall. Always use adhesive wood glue to make your desk as stable as possible.

Project details: thedestinyformula.com

24. Herringbone L-Shaped Corner Desk

Herringbone L-Shaped Corner Desk

Do you want to start working with full energy? Follow this plan and you will enjoy the greatest convenience. Set up some leftover woods on the wall to save more space for your zone.

Arrange your desk in the corner of the room and near the window to delight in nature and work effectively.

Project details: honeybuilthome.com

25. DIY Farmhouse Desk

DIY Farmhouse Desk

If you want to have a lovely area to arrange more documents and computers, here is what you need.

Cut out wood sides carefully and combine them in smart ways to form the X leg frames.

Then connect these wood panels with wood glue and sand the edges. Finally, paint your wood with oil-based colors to illuminate your room.

Project details: ashleydianndesigns.com

26. Modular Office L-Shaped Desk

Modular Office L-Shaped Desk

The great feature of this desk is its comfort when putting it between a window and a sliding door. Due to its modular style and flexible angles, it will offer you more than three times bigger areas.

Gel wood stains can bring you more profound and darker colors than other oil-based types.

Project details: ana-white.com

27. Huge L-Shaped Desk

Huge L-Shaped Desk

This big desk will bring you more space to work comfortably. The melamine tabletop can help you to put drinks, foods, or small machines without any trouble.

Moreover, you may want to buy top-quality materials to reduce quick detriment. To avoid sharp edges, you can cover them with some pieces of plastic by using adhesive glues.

Project details: heathershandmadelife.com

28. DIY Gorgeous Industrial Farmhouse Desk

 DIY Gorgeous Industrial Farmhouse Desk

The Herringbone pattern is the most significant decoration in this DIY L-shaped desk plan. To do this scheme, you can start with MDF (Medium-density fibreboard) and adjoin some fragments of wood strips.

Next, try to create that shape in a V design. Ensure that all edges are 45-degree cuts.

Project details: rockycanyonrustic.com

29. Custom DIY Pipe L Desk

Custom DIY Pipe L Desk

This pipe desk can refresh your room thanks to its open space.

Adding one small piece of wood under the leg is interesting. This will help users who work for a long time exercising their legs comfortably.

It also extends room to store any instruments below the desk if you don’t have space for them.

Project details: tylergarner.com

30. DIY Wood Floating L-shaped desk

DIY Wood Floating L-Shaped Desk

Floating corner desks are great for your children. Screwing some brackets on the wall carefully and adding your plywood panels to them. These desks can spare space at most levels.

You will also enjoy working every day because you decorate your room like a coffee shop if you set your desk near the window.

Project details: thediynuts.com

31. File Cabinet L-Shaped Desk

File Cabinet L-Shaped Desk

Do you want to make your desk like an adorable cabinet? This guide will show you the complete formula to create your masterwork. You can take advantage of some old shutters to decorate.

You may also buy some small shelves from local shops to store your file and documents with ease. This way will save your time and energy.

Project details: scavengerchic.com

32. Modern Plywood Desk

Modern Plywood Desk

You will economize extra space with this one-shelf plywood desk. High temperatures can weaken the plywood structure. So, avoid putting any hot on your table.

You can decorate the surface with small plants, but always water them outside your beautiful wood masterwork.

Project details: .ana-white.com

33. Rustic L-Shaped Desk

Rustic L-Shaped Desk

If you are a nature lover, then use any woods in your rural areas to create this outstanding desk.

You can paint muted yellow or wood stain colors to make your table out of the crowd. Arranging it near the window will help you enjoy nature more easily.

Project details: shanty-2-chic.com

34. Easy DIY Craft L Shape Desk

Easy DIY Craft L Shape Desk

This L-shaped item will help your elbows and wrist be free of tiredness thanks to its proper height. The free squared-leg frame can make it convenient to store many things under the desk.

You will reduce time to sand your wood and this table thanks to using a porter cable oscillating tool. If you want to have the flattest finish, it is advisable to use two soft coats of ultra-white satin paint.

Project details: uglyducklinghouse.com

35. Modern Office or Computer L-shaped Desk

Modern Office Or Computer L-Shaped Desk

This project is a great method to form your walnut plywood desk and the hairpin legs. You can change your materials and paint your desk freely with water-based colors.

Project details: siamagazin.com

36. Transformable Hairpin Leg Desktop DIY

Transformable Hairpin Leg Desktop DIY

This hairpin leg desk is simply to do that you don’t need a lot of power tools. You will succeed with just 2 pieces of plywood. You can buy some coated hairpin legs from trustworthy stores.

This idea will save your floor space, helping you to decorate more plants surrounding your working zone.

Project details: abeautifulmess.com

37. DIY Custom Standing Desk

DIY Custom Standing Desk

This is another ordinary but fashionable standing desk. You can use pipes to form the leg frames. Painting your desk with a top-quality water-based type is essential to keep its original color.

If you want to mix color for tabletop, you can buy some oil-based kind.

Project details: instructables.com

38. DIY L Shaped Desk With Burnt Wood

Elevate your workspace with a chic L-shaped desk crafted from burnt wood.

This design strikes a balance between aesthetics and affordability, with the entire lumber set coming in under $50.

The desk’s adaptability is one of its standout features, allowing you to tailor it to specific space and storage requirements.

What sets this desk apart is the addition of LED lights, enhancing its visual appeal while also brightening up the office space.

39. How To Build A L-Shaped Custom Craft Desk

Build A L-Shaped Custom Craft Desk

If you’re looking for a great way to create a craft L-shaped desk that is both functional and stylish on a budget. This is the project for you.

This desk includes two parts: the main desk and the side desk. The main desk is made up of nine cubbyholes, while the side desk has six cubbyholes.

The top of the main desk is made out of MDF, while the side desk is made out of wood. Both pieces attach to each other with liquid nails and caulk.

Moreover, the author adds a bookshelf to the side of the desk for extra storage. He recommends adding some fabric drawers to the cubbyholes for even more storage.

Project details: littlevws.blogspot.com

40. L-Shaped Office Desk Instruction

L-Shaped Office Desk Instruction

The most outstanding feature of this desk is its durable and smooth tabletop. You can feel comfortable while working without worrying about making any scratches.

Thanks to the mini structure at the bottom by adding several L brackets, the product is strong that you can install any tools on it.

Project details: mandvisdiyblog.blogspot.com

41. DIY L-Shape Desk From 1 Sheet of Plywood

In the video, the instructor will show you how to make easy a DIY desk from a single sheet of plywood.

The desk is designed with a modern style in mind, and uses just a few simple tools. The finished product is durable and attractive, perfect for any office or home workspace.

The first step is to measure and cut the plywood to size. Then, Brad nails and glues the pieces together to form the legs.

Next, the author adds L brackets for extra support and fills in any holes or rough edges.

Finally, the author sands everything down and stains the desk to match his space. You can either paint the legs or leave them.

42. Office Makeover L-Shaped Desk

Office Makeover L-Shaped Desk

This is the final list, but a stylish kind. Connect two plywoods with adhesive glue wood and create two stages for your shelves. You can set your desk on the corner to save more space.

Besides, the shelves function as leg frames, bringing a sturdy construction. Therefore, you may put many things in without any worry.

Project details: tillthensmileoften.com


Buying a perfect desk to work at home is not always achievable. Thus, with these 42 DIY L-shaped desk plans, we hope that you can create your masterpiece to work or study for a whole day without fatigue.

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