30 DIY Wood Clock Plans You Can Build Today

diy wooden clock

A clock not only tells the time, but it’s also a timeless piece of furniture, especially if it’s made of wood.

For those who are homemade lovers, what is better than making a clock yourself to decorate your house.

We will reveal 30 DIY wooden clock plans and ideas with different styles that match your spaces.

Let’s get started!

30 DIY Wood Clock Plans and Ideas

1. Modern Two Tones Wood Clock

Modern Two Tones Wood Clock

Looking for a simple and modern piece of furniture for your space? Don’t miss this idea with a simple but attractive design. The combination of two wood tones will enhance your room’s aesthetic.

Take two plies of light wood (about 25-inch long) and a dark wood one (about 20-inch long) and glue them together. The correct order is two light-colored pieces next to each other and next to the dark one.

Then, cut this piece of wood in a 12-inch circle and drill holes for the clock movement and hands. It will take you about 30 minutes to finish this project.

Project details: woodshopdiaries.com

2. Multiple-Square Wooden Clock

Multiple-Square Wooden Clock

You will fall in love with its design at first sight. It’s eye-catching with a unique and outstanding structure.

Prepare nine square blocks of size 4×4 inches, about 1.3 inches in thickness. Arrange them in a large square, spaced about 0.5 inches apart from each block.

The one in the center will serve as the main shaft to drill holes and attach the clock’s hands. It goes with many decorating styles, such as minimalist, contemporary, urban modern, etc.

Project details: instructables.com

3. Square Rustic Wood Plank Clock

Square Rustic Wood Plank Clock

This clock as an ideal of furniture for the living room. When placed above the fireplace, this square rustic wood clock will look fantastic.

To carry out this project, you need to paint nine 1×6-inch boards. Stain them with four different colors and put them together to form a large and solid one.

The large size makes it easy to observe the time even though it is quite far away. And rustic wood will help balance the modern and natural features of the space.

Project details: makingitinthemountains.com

4. DIY Basic Round Wood Clock

DIY Basic Round Wood Clock

Overly sophisticated furniture designs will add to the confusion of an already crowded space. That’s why you should get back to the basics with this idea.

Rockler circle cutting jig as well as router and wood-burning kit are some of the necessary tools for this plan.

Prepare a 16×16-inch square piece of wood to cut it and get a 15-inch diameter clock. It’s simple but out of the ordinary, and you can save a lot of time when processing this

Project details: virginiasweetpea.com

5. Mid-Century Modern Esque Starburst Clock

Mid-Century Modern Esque Starburst Clock

This project is an intriguing mix of mid-century classics and modern elements. It will be a great gift for those who love the vintage style.

On a 24×24-inch wooden board, draw the orthocenter of the circle and eight diamonds. Don’t forget to leave space to glue wooden bamboo skewers after that.

The rhombuses represent rays of light emanating from an energy source. Thanks to that, this design looks attractive and also needs a lot of ingenuity to complete.

Project details: realitydaydream.com

6. DIY Pallet Wood Clock

DIY Pallet Wood Clock

To add a unique feature to the design, the wooden slats are randomly joined together. It doesn’t follow any rules, depending on how you feel most comfortable.

Glue pieces of pallet wood (2.5 inches width ) together. Or, you can choose more, as long as it’s enough to cut the clock 24 inches in diameter.

Stenciling is the last step to finish this job. This clock looks more rustic with a minimalist approach.

Project details: thistlewoodfarms.com

7. Electrical Reel Giant Reclaimed Wood Clock

Electrical Reel Giant Reclaimed Wood Clock

A pretty cool idea for you to make the most of your electrical reel. It not only reduces waste but also provides you with a one-of-a-kind item.

Remove a round piece of wood from one end of the electric reel and cover it with petroleum jelly. To attach the clock mechanism, prepare a 0.25-inch-thick, 6-inch-diameter wooden circle.

Paint it white to give it a worn-in look if you want your clock to look rustic or farmhouse style. Of course, you can change any color as you want to fit with your house.

Project details: thediymommy.com

8. Pallet Wood Farmhouse Clock

Pallet Wood Farmhouse Clock

We love the contrasting color combination of white and dark wood. It’s suitable for accenting the empty wall with little details.

Join the wooden pallets together to make the remaining dimensions above 36 inches. After cutting a circle from this board, stain its edges about 2/5 of the radius and let it dry for 24 hours.

Besides, you can personalize it by using a paintbrush or a paint sprayer for a word frame.

Project details: gatherandflourish.com

9. Domino Wood Clock

Domino Wood Clock

Domino clock sounds weird, and you can’t imagine it yet? This is a pretty new idea, and any one of us can do it.

Use the cheese dome base or cutting board, then mark the center of gravity and divide the number space. You need to attach the dominoes from 1 to 12 and attach the clock hand to finish.

Project details: sadieseasongoods.com

10. DIY Wood & Metal Wall Clock

DIY Wood & Metal Wall Clock

If you’re bored with the traditional round clock design, we have a suggestion for you. It’s also a round shape but with a fun twist.

You need to combine four standard-size plywood and divide them evenly. Keep in mind that the center of gravity is on the tangent line of the two middle panels. Use a 3/16-inch thick x 2-inch wide steel flat bar to wrap around its border.

Remove the two outer wood panels and keep only the two middle ones and attach the clock hands. And it’s done.

Project details: woodshopdiaries.com

11. Faux Farmhouse Clock With Sign

Faux Farmhouse Clock With Sign

One of our friends asked if there was a suitable design for a farmhouse from junk, and that question led us to this project.

Cut a circle of your choice of diameter from your plywood board. You can also add supports on the back to make the clock more sturdy. Add the hinges, cage rusty junk, old numbers, or whatever you want to create a unique clock.

You can search for details as guided or even make use of any old materials from your farmhouse. Feel free to create your products.

Project details: funkyjunkinteriors.net

12. Minimalist Wall Clock With Leather Strap

Minimalist Wall Clock With Leather Strap

You can like this idea right away because it’s simple but elegant and sleek. It’s more proper for modern spaces and has a minimalist style.

Screw a black leather strap or an old belt to a 30cm wooden chopping board for hanging. Make sure to cut the width of the leather band to the same thickness as the board, and the length is up to your liking. And assembling the clock hand is the last task.

Pay attention to choosing a high-quality leather strap to ensure durability. Twisting screws also need carefulness to prevent them from falling off.

Project details: thelovelydrawer.com

13. DIY Roman Numeral Clock

DIY Roman Numeral Clock

The clock brings a classic yet deluxe look. You may need a great piece to decorate a cafe or classic European-style space like this.

Stick the clock face wall decal on a white-painted 24-inches wooden round board. Paint it with Aubusson blue color and after drying, peel the sticker to get roman numerals in white.

We’re impressed with the Aubusson blue. Instead of plain black or white, this color is not overpowering but also not monotonous.

Project details: handmade-haven.com

14. DIY Pallet Giant Wall Clock

DIY Pallet Giant Wall Clock

Do you have an old wooden pallet frame and don’t know what to use it for? Don’t throw it away, and it will be very useful for this project.

Secure a round metal frame with a radius of about 9 to 12 inches with the center of the pallet frame. Paste on it twelve small circles representing the time frames. Spray paint the hands of the watch and attach them on.

You can customize the color of the clock hands to your liking or even paint the wood. Also, remember to prepare enough space on the wall for it.

Project details: sugarbeecrafts.com

15. Chalkboard Round Clock

Chalkboard Round Clock

With this clock, the chalkboard dial allows you to take notes and short reminders right on the watch.

For example, if you have an appointment at 7 PM, why not note it right on your watch to avoid missing it?

First, glue the two or four rings and top plywood together to ensure durability. Then spray it with black paint to create a matte surface.

Once you have installed the clock hands, use chalk to note the numbers and personalize its dial.

Project details: instructables.com

16. George Nelson Block Clock Replica

George Nelson Block Clock Replica

Block clock is one of the most famous designs of George Nelson. Now, you can completely own an interesting clock made by yourself at a cheaper cost.

Prepare two round pieces of wood about 2 inches in diameter and 0.25-inch thick, put a clock mechanism in one of them. Attach them to the ends of a hollow wooden pillar that is 2 inches outside diameter and about 2.75 inches high.

Continue making twelve spokes by clamping the 3-inch wood block with the 1-inch block. Though this project requires a skill level from mid to high, don’t worry! Be patient and keep trying, and you can complete it.

Project details: dadand.com

17. DIY Butterfly Silhouette Clock

DIY Butterfly Silhouette Clock

The idea of beautiful butterflies offers interesting visual effects. You’ll feel as if they are fluttering from your clock to other parts of your wall.

You need to pre-draw the butterfly image and the round frame of the clock on the square wooden frame. Depending on your preferences, you can draw the number and position of butterflies.

Cut according to the drawn image by using a scroll saw , attach the clock mechanism and hands, and you’re done! We also call this a work of art because it is eye-catching and requires a lot of ingenuity.

Project details: realitydaydream.com

18. Roman Numeral Chalkboard Clock

Roman Numeral Chalkboard Clock

Another idea for those who own a chalkboard is to decorate the surface with the roman numeral system. Depending on your skill, you can draw in different fonts as you expect.

Cut wood circles 18 to 22 inches in diameter from the two plies of wood. Remember to mark the place to assemble the clock mechanism and draw its number.

Cover your round wood with chalk paint and use decals to the number or draw with chalk.

Project details: justmeasuringup.com

19. Large Rectangular Rustic Wooden Clock

Large Rectangular Rustic Wooden Clock

We call this clock “a giant” because its size is even the size of a tabletop. Are you ready for such a unique design?

Join five 1×6 type boards together to create a surface area of about 42 inches. Mark the center to attach the mechanism to later.

You also need to cover it with white paint, then sand the surface. The last layer of wood stain will create a harmonious look. It’s new, unique and not everyone dares to try.

Project details: cherishedbliss.com

20. Simple Scrap Plywood Round Clock

 Simple Scrap Plywood Round Clock

This is great idea to reuse existing plywood in your warehouse to create an interesting clock. The project is easy to carry out and place in any space you want.

Prepare to cut a 10-16-inch-diameter circle of medium-density fiberboard (MDF). Join the wood plies together (0.25 or 0.21875 inches) and cut one more circle in the same size as the MDF one.

Stick the two circles together by using strong glue. Decorate and number the joined-wood surface to finish. Arranging plies in alternating colors results in a more eye-catching and distinct design.

Project details: anikasdiylife.com

21. Big-Size White Round Clock

Big-Size White Round Clock

A giant white clock is an interesting piece of furniture for your spaces. It can be any size, as long as you like.

It’s advisable to attach four 1×10 boards at 36-inch long to create a 34-inch diameter clock. Sand a little to make the surface flatter and easy to draw.

Apply a layer of white topcoat, and then decorate with roman numerals and add large clock hands. That’s all to own a vintage-chic and attractive item.

Project details: woodshopdiaries.com

22. Large Stencilled Pallet Clock

Large Stencilled Pallet Clock

You don’t need tight-fitting layers of wood or a perfect-round shape. Match random-sized pallets, as long as their sides are longer than the clock diameter you want. Then reinforce this layer with two 1×4-inch plywood in the back.

The hardest step is Stencilling image of patterns. It’s eye-catching and makes the work more artistic.

Project details: flamingotoes.com

23. Natural Wood Slice Clock

Natural Wood Slice Clock

When it comes to clocks made from a piece of wood, we may think it’s pretty rough. In contrast, this design is sleek, elegant, and somewhat lovely with wood-burning leafy vine between the numbers.

You need to buy the wood slice that is available in stores, wood-burning tool, spray paint, clockwork, and brushes. Ready to go!

Project details: diybeautify.com

24. Industrial Copper Pipe Clock

Industrial Copper Pipe Clock

For your industrial or modern spaces, this is a project that you shouldn’t miss. The brass details bring a shiny and more deluxe look.

You need to prepare 0.5-inch copper pipes to make the frame. Arrange and fix them according to the outline of the 8×8 wooden painting panel or canvas.

It would be more convenient to buy a 5 foot long copper tube to cut into the frame’s edges. This project may take people more time. But in return, you will receive a long-lasting product and a unique style.

Project detail: dwellinginhappiness.com

25. Modern Chic Plywood Square Clock

Modern Chic Plywood Square Clock

Our recommendation for minimalist lovers is the 14-inch square clock. Its design is simple, and it is this that makes the difference.
Prepare a 14×14-inch plywood board and sand the edges flat.

Then, attach the clock mechanism and handles, and you have a simple yet very attractive item. This square design will make the space more innovative and new.

Project details: hunker.com

26. Digital Cube Wood Clock

Digital Cube Wood Clock

A single digital clock on this list will please those who love technology. You can put it right on the bedside cabinet as a lovely decoration.

Prepare a block with a removable lid, sides measuring 2.54 x 2.54 x 2.54 inches and about 0.05-inch thick. Punch one side to install the led display and the other side to install the microchip.

Connect the microchip before inserting it inside the square block. Glue the sides around by use wood veneer sticker to make it more eye-catching, and then test it.

The important thing, you need to skill in computer and programming to finish this project.

Project details: instructables.com

27. Open-Backed Table Clock

Open-Backed Table Clock

We immediately think of the world globe model when we see this design. It’s classic with a distinct structure, unique, and worth your attention.

The wooden springs must be larger than the skeleton clock (6.5 inches for the inner ring and 7.5 inches for the outer ring). Mount these details and the clock on the axis of symmetry.

Besides clock rings, you need to prepare the base and the support. Clock rings are the part that takes the most time and requires meticulousness.

Project details: canadianwoodworking.com

28. Oversized Rustic Wall Clock

Oversized Rustic Wall Clock

Here’s another idea to make use of old countertops. Create this rustic giant with roman numerals! With its size, you can see the time even when you are out in the garden, far from the clock position.

Suppose you are happy with your tabletop; there is no need to adjust anything. If not, sand it and apply a fresh coat of paint, for example, a thin layer of white paint, for a vintage look.

Sketch in advance the roman numerals. Finally, use a brush and black paint to highlight them.

Project detail: westmagnoliacharm.com

29. Honeycomb DIY Wall Clock

Honeycomb DIY Wall Clock

Everyone loves honeycomb patterns because of their neat and well-fitting structure. This pattern is often used in handicraft projects, and of course, on the clock too.

Like the designs above, get yourself a round wooden board with the desired size line. Apply a dark brown color stain first, then a light white honeycomb pattern.

Frame for painting honeycomb you can print and cut or buy it at craft stores to make it faster and more convenient.

Project details: more.com

30. Dual Stained Plywood Wall Clock

Dual Stained Plywood Wall Clock

The last one we ensure you shouldn’t miss is this half-half dial design. White and brown are contrasting but also very harmonious.

Cut a 0.25-inch plywood into a ten to 12-inch circle. Mark the center and use duct tape to divide it into two halves.

Prepare wooden numbers. With numbers 6 and 12, you spray paint with the same color as the surface. And spray for numbers 9 and 3 into two opposing halves of color to add a fun twist.

Project details: kristinaclemens.blogspot.com


Our 30 DIY wooden clock plans and ideas bring you many creative options for your living space? You can start with one or more of them to make a beautiful piece of furniture for your home.

Each of them has a different design, style, and making process. For example, the cut-out butterfly clock is ideal for a living room, while a single digital clock put in a bedroom is unique.

You can put it anywhere if it is perfect for your space. Let’s think about creative locations.

Enjoy DIY your clock!

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