46 DIY Pallet Bar Plans and Ideas

Most people consider woodworking a scary and complicated profession to get into.

However, they don’t know that there are interesting and easy woodworking projects, the DIY pallet bar being a prime example.

There are actually a lot of guides to building wooden pallet bars. Nonetheless, most of them either lack clarity.

That is why we have put together this list of the most interesting 46 plans and ideas for your DIY pallet bar.

1. DIY Pallet Bar Indoor Or Outdoor

DIY Pallet Bar Indoor Or Outdoor

This plan is more suited for someone who has just started out on the DIY journey.

After all, it is quite simple, as it is simply a combination of 2 integrated shelves and 1 countertop.

The interesting thing about this design is that you can build more shelves if you would like to. The only materials that you will need for this project are straight wooden lengths.

Project details: easypalletideas.com

2. Wood Pallet Patio Bar

Wood Pallet Patio Bar

At the moment, wood pallet projects are the trendiest among DIY-ers. That is why we figure that you will appreciate this patio bar made completely out of wood pallets.

You don’t need more than 4 wood pallets, some wood screws, and a board to serve as the countertop. You can even lessen the number of wood pallets if you want to make a smaller bar.

Of course, if you want to personalize your patio bar, you can enlist the help of some paint.

Project details: awortheyread.com

3. DIY Wood Pallet Bar Outdoor – Sweet Parrish Place

DIY Wood Pallet Bar Outdoor

This specifically durable wood pallet bar requires a lot fewer materials than the one before it. You need no more than 2 pallets, which is arguably the lowest on this list.

The secret of this project lies in the part where you add the pallets together. You will need three pieces of wood, evenly cut to a length of 9 inches, to hold the pieces together on each side.

The easiest way to keep them together is by using screws, but you can also use other fastener methods. We love the rustic feel the screws give off, though.

Project details: sweetparrishplace.com

4. Man Cave DIY Wood Pallet Bar

Man Cave DIY Wood Pallet Bar

This project is actually quite big. The expected size of the finished result should be somewhere around 39 1/4” in length and 9’ 8” in width.

We recommend getting your wood straight from places like Lowes.

After all, the design of this bar requires that the woods used must be of the exact size.

Project details: infarrantlycreative.net

5. Concrete Top Pallet Patio Bar

Concrete Top Pallet Patio Bar

The first challenge of this project is finding three wooden pallets of a similar size. This is not at all an easy task, and you may need to dig deep.

Two of these pallets will serve as the front, and one will be split to become the sides.

We recommend using melamine to make the concrete countertop’s form. You should make sure that this form’s sides are half an inch longer than the design.

Project details: instructables.com

6. Wooden Pallet Bar – 99 Pallets

Wooden Pallet Bar - 99 Pallets

This bar is another simple project that can yield an incredibly attractive addition to your dining room’s aesthetics.

All you need to do is packing your pallets in a simple slatted order. Next, you just have to build a U-shape counter, which will be serving as the bar table.

You can tear some skipping skids in order to gain some unique wooden lengths and use them to personalize the bar even more.

Project details: 99pallets.com

7. Pallet Wood Rolling Bar

Pallet Wood Rolling Bar

You start out just like any other project on this list by building a basic bar from the pallets you have on hand.

Framing them with stringer boards can help you achieve better-looking shapes, though.

The difference lies in the finishing touches. In this case, you can use some corrugated metals for the front.

If you can age them beforehand, the rusted look will transform your new bar into a work of art.

Project details: 1001pallets.com

8. Portable Folding Pallet Bar

Portable Folding Pallet Bar

Most of us don’t have the luxury of having a large garden, so a patio bar has always been a dream out of reach. That is until you see this Portable Folding Pallet Bar project.

The difference between this bar and the other less portable option is the fact that you will be using folding hinges. These hinges will allow some amazing movement range for the bar.

However, they are hard to stabilize. That is why you need some quick clamps to keep them in place while drilling holes.

Project details: myrepurposedlife.com

9. Outdoor Pallet Bar – Amber Tysl

Outdoor Pallet Bar - Amber Tysl

This project is perfect if you just happen to have two pallets lying around. It is not at all challenging, you only need to do is drill the two parts together.

You can hold the sides together by making use of some 1×3 leftovers. Then, you can add any material of your choice onto the bar to serve as the countertop.

We suggest cedar planks, as they have a certain shine that many people love.

Project details: ambertysl.com

10. Pallet Outdoor Bar – On Sutton Place

Pallet Outdoor Bar By On Sutton Place

The biggest difference between this outdoor pallet bar and the other ones is that you need to use liquid nails to connect the pieces.

With their help, the pallets’ connection can last a whole lot longer through bad weather.

You may also add in some wheels to help with the transportation process. Of course, you do not want to carry this pallet bar around under the sun.

Project details: onsuttonplace.com

11. Outdoor Pallet Bar – DIY Joy

 Outdoor Pallet Bar - DIY Joy

This project is perfect pallet furniture for beginners. After you have finished smoothing the rough edges of your pallets, you can start the painting process.

As it is an outdoor bar, it needs to have specialized paints to help fight the bad weather.

We recommend doing 2 coats instead of 1, as this number is perfect for fighting natural elements. Q-tips are especially useful for painting nail spots.

Then, you put the parts together for a beautiful and long lasting outdoor pallet bar.

Project details: diyjoy.com

12. Led-Lit Pallet Bar

Led-Lit Pallet Bar

The first few steps are not that different from building a basic pallet bar. But you will need 12 pallets. The interesting parts come after you have completed these steps.

While other projects leave the gaps within the pallets alone, this one does not. Instead, you will install some aluminum plates behind them, allowing for a unique look.

You can add some LED lights onto these plates, which will reflect perfectly off of the aluminum surface.

Project details: 1001pallets.com

13. Simply Pallet Bar DIY – Instructables

Simply Pallet Bar - Instructables

This project can serve as the perfect introduction to building things from pallets. The main material is 4 pallets of the same size. If the size is wrong, the final product will be unstable.

You start off by adding 3 of the 4 pallets together, either by screws or by nails. We recommend using screws, as they give out a rustic feel.

Then, you can make some shelves, the number is dependent on your preferences. Finally, you add the bar top on, you can use wood or tiles.

Project details: instructables.com

14. DIY Outdoor Pallet Bar – ManoMano

Outdoor Pallet Bar - ManoMano

This outdoor pallet bar is an extreme solution for when you don’t have any space available in your garden. You will have to remove quite a lot of wooden planks from the materials.

Attach the side supports so that you can get the upright corners as well as the back of your bar.

Next, remove the gaps and add in a drop-down panel. By doing this, you can turn the bar into a wall decoration when not in use.

Project details: blog.manomano.co.uk

15. Cozy Corner Herringbone Pattern Pallet Bar

Cozy Corner Herringbone Pattern Pallet Bar

Aside from the usual wooden pallets, you would also need some reclaimed woods specifically for this project.

First, you need to cut the pallets into trim boards measuring 41 inches each. Adding them together will give you the base bar.

You will then require the help of plywood so that you can build the herringbone top as well as shelves. Do keep in mind that the plywood piece must be less than ½ inch in thickness.

Project details: 1001pallets.com

16. Homemade Garden Bar

Homemade Garden Bar

This one is actually a big project. As you can see from the picture, it is much more akin to a full-on bar than any other option on this list.

As a result, the number of wooden pallets that it requires is much higher than them too. We believe that the number should be a minimum of 12.

There rarely is anyone who has that kind of pallet number just laying around. We suggest getting additional supplies from Lowes, as they can send you materials that fit perfectly with your requirements.

Project details: boredpanda.com

17. Discarded Pallet Indoor Bar

Discarded Pallet Indoor Bar

This project requires exactly two full pallets to make the front. As such, you can easily see that it will be quite a huge bar. You would also need at least three 11.5″ parts to make the cross-sections.

To make it fancier, place some ceramic tiles on top of the bar to serve as a shiny countertop.

Adding in some mitered wood trim is also a great idea, as their shines match each other.

Project details: randyelrod.com

18. Led Multi-Level Pallet Bar

Led Multi-Level Pallet Bar

While it certainly looks no different from a fancy bar, this project is actually quite manageable.

You do not need to specifically look for pallets that match each other in height. Due to the design philosophy, this height difference makes for an interesting arrangement.

For instance, you can separate heavy drinks from normal ones and not worry about mixing them up.

Project details: 1o1pallets.com

19. Pallet Console Bar

Pallet Console Bar

The main ingredient of this project is a combination of three EURO wood pallets.

You need to add two of them together to make the front and cut the last one in half. These halves will be serving you as the sides of your bar.

You can use pretty much any type of material you want to make the countertop.

As this project’s focus is a console bar, spicing things off by using cedar planks is perfectly acceptable.

Project details: 1001pallets.com

20. Hanging Outdoor Bar

Hanging Outdoor Bar

Despite its look, this hanging outdoor bar is actually a project quite complex. You need at least 8 – 10 pallets in order to create enough wood for the whole bar.

You must cut out the bottom slats of the pallets, as they will be used to make the base and the front. To make the removal process easier, try using a jigsaw and cut as close to the sides as possible.

You need to remove the back side’s top slats with a strong enough hammer. Next, you secure your slats together by using sure-ties.

The remaining slats will be made into the body of the bar, including the shelves.

Project details: hgtv.com

21. DIY Tiled Bar

DIY Tiled Bar

Instead of leaving the slats alone and letting them destroy the bar aesthetics, this project requires you to take them out. Afterward, you can use some wooden planks to close the openings for good.

You should choose only the planks that have the same color palate as the pallets. Doing so will guarantee that your finished product has an acceptable appearance.

Project details: shanty-2-chic.com

22. DIY Pallet L-Shape Desk Counter and Bar Table

DIY Pallet L-Shape Desk Counter and Bar Table

The L-Shape desk and counter combo mean that this bar desk can align with all sectional spaces. You can make use of this alignment to divide your room into two halves.

As a result, you get some much-needed privacy and a charming display for many collectibles, not just wines. A fancy way to improve this bar’s appearance is to do a glass top finish.

Project details: 99pallets.com

23. Easy Pallet Outdoor Bar

Easy Pallet Outdoor Bar

Bigger is not always better, as big projects usually take quite some time to finish completely. Most of us don’t have too much free time on our hands, so a project that takes only two hours is perfect.

To make this compact bar, you do not need to dismantle the pallet. You just have to stick them together with screws or nails. Then you place material of your choice on top of it to serve as a countertop.

Project details: 1001pallets.com

24. DIY Garden Bar Using Pallets

25. RUST-OLEUM Pallet Bar


The first thing to do in this project is to make sure that the pallets are completely clean. We recommend sanding them with about 100 grit sandpapers so that there is no sanding dust left.

Also, you need to use the Rust-Oleum Stops Rust Spray Paint to cover every inch of the pallets’ surface. With this paint, your pallet bar will not take any damage from the environment.

Project details: rustoleum.com

26. Stair Spindle Pallet Bar

Stair Spindle Pallet Bar

As its name suggests, this project is a combination of unused pallets and stair spindles. You first make a basic pallet bar from 3 pallets, joining 2 while cutting 1 in half.

Then, you insert the stair spindles to create a space suitable for wine storage. Finally, you can make use of a double bed’s wood strips to make shelving bracers.

You may add in some light underneath to make the bar even more eye-catching.

Project details: 1001pallets.com

27. Outdoor Pallet Bar With Stools

Outdoor Pallet Bar With Stools

The only materials you need for this project are some pallets and some nails. Firstly, you break some pallets apart to get the necessary materials for the stools.

Join the remaining pallets to make a basic bar, remember to be generous with the nails. Next, add in a countertop of your choosing, we prefer to use tiles or concrete.

Project details: theownerbuildernetwork.co

28. BBQ Side Table with Pallets

BBQ Side Table With Pallets

You need a total of 2 pallets of similar size for this project. Start things off by removing all the slats from the pallets, but remember to keep the structure in place.

After you have removed all the slats, join the pallets together, either by screws or by nails.

Then you re-attach the wooden slats around it, leaving spaces big enough to store wines and beers.

Project details: palletsideas.com

29. Integrated Aquarium Pallet Bar With Wax Concrete Counter

Integrated Aquarium Pallet Bar With Wax Concrete Counter

This project is more challenging than anything you have seen so far. While other projects only require you to break the slats off while keeping the form, this one needs you to break the pallets off completely.

Then, you make use of the broken pieces to construct the bar, leaving a spot in the center to build the aquarium into.

Project details: 1001pallets.com

30. Pallet Tiki Bar

Pallet Tiki Bar

With this project, you need no more than 2 pallets, some old doors, and some screws to work.

Keep 1 pallet whole to serve as the front, break the other one in half to serve as the sides.

Use the doors as the countertop and also shelves. The leftover materials can be used to make a strut for the front.

Project details: thepurplepumpkinblog.co.uk

31. Discarded Pallet Beach Bar

Discarded Pallet Beach Bar

People often throw away wooden pallets, not realizing that they are valuable resources for many interesting DIY projects.

You can disassemble these pallets to get materials for a beautiful beach bar.

After you have disassembled all the discarded pallets you have on hand, start working on the base. As this bar is on the big side, you should use mitred joints for stronger connection.

You then place the pallets’ slats onto the base, build walls with some space for window, and the roof.

Project details: survivefrance.com

32. Simple Modular Pallet Bar Cart

Simple Modular Pallet Bar Cart

With simplicity and character being its main focus, this bar cart project will surely garner lots of attention. Also, it is more than capable of storing all your drinks, thanks to a respectable size.

Despite being made completely from repurposed pallet woods, it is fairly durable. After all, every single part is braced with lots of support.

Project details: 1001pallets.com

33. Pallet Wine Bar

Pallet Wine Bar

With this project, you have an inexpensive way to change the eyesore that is a light well into a beautiful decoration.

You need to join 4 wooden pallets together by the sides, then place them onto the well. The slats of these pallets will allow some light to come up, but not too much.

As for the sides, you can use a piece of linen fabric to cover them all up. Doing so will dim the light output to a much more acceptable level.

Now, you no longer have to deal with the dizzying light from the light well. Instead, you get a much gentler light and the added height from the pallets is perfect to serve as a bar.

Project details: thepoorsophisticate.blogspot.com

34. Easy Made Pallet Bar Table

Easy Made Pallet Bar Table

The most challenging part about this Pallet Bar Table is that you must prepare beforehand. But it’s quite easy.

If you did not plan some separate pallet flanks for the slim wooden top, the speed of the project would decrease significantly. As for the base, you need to do is place a pallet board vertically.

After that, use either nails or screws to hold your planks in the correct positions. This step is fairly important, as it will decide the overall aesthetics of your bar table.

Project details: easypalletideas.com

35. Recycled Wooden Pallet Bar

Recycled Wooden Pallet Bar

A commercial-grade L-shape bar can cost thousands, yet its quality is still questionable. On the other hand, with a tenth of that amount, you can build a fully functional one.

You only need to get your hand on some pallets, which your local woodworkers usually have a ton lying around in their storage.

After breaking the pallets apart, you may use the slats to build the bar and as many shelves as you would like. You can customize the internal structure of the bar freely, according to your preference.

Project details: 99pallets.com

36. Outrageous Pallet Bar

Outrageous Pallet Bar

Some of the previous pallet bar projects were more on the easier side, requiring no more than a couple of hours at most. This Outrageous Pallet Bar is a completely different beast.

Even the material requirement is outrageous, as you will need 12 pallets. There is no way that you have that many pallets lying around in your storage, so we suggest asking the local carpenters.

The result is surely worth all the hassle, though. As you can clearly see from the image, this bar is even more good-looking than some bars on the market.

Project details: 1001pallets.com

37. Pallet Bar DIY Sponsored- Happily Hughes

Pallet Bar Sponsored- Happily Hughes

To start things off, you need to break the wooden pallets apart, preferably by a saw. One of them must be cleaved by half to serve as the sides, supporting the whole bar.

Then, you should prepare a piece of plywood as the top of the pallet bar. This project is suitable to put near the door if you have empty space.

Project details: happilyhughes.com

38. The Treekee Bar

The Treekee Pallet Bar

No one can resist the idea of sipping a glass of cold drink on a tiki bar under the shade of palm trees. With this Treekee Bar project, this dream is no longer out of reach.

You start with 4 pallets, which you can get from any paver company for a dirt-cheap price. The secret of this project lies in the foot posts, as they can save you the time spent digging holes.

Project details: thehousehouse.com

39. Metal-Topped Rustic Pallet Bar

Metal-Topped Rustic Pallet Bar

A challenge for a more experienced builder, this Metal-Topped Rustic Pallet Bar has two 3″ locking wheels and two 3″ adjustable feet. As a result, it is fairly easy to move around, despite its 150 lbs weight.

The heavyweight is a direct result of this bar’s durability. You can expect it to last for quite a while under the roughest of weather.

The metal countertop adds in a rustic look that wooden pallet bars don’t have. It is also fairly strong and resistant to wear and tear.

Project details: 1001pallets.com

40. Custom Integrated Shelf Pallet Bar

Custom Integrated Shelf Pallet Bar

Each person has their own unique preference for wine storage, so their preferred shelf setup is also unique.

This project allows you to customize the internal parts as shelves and racks of the pallet bar you like. If you can estimate the required storage space beforehand, there is no way that you will run out of space.

Project details: easypalletideas.com

41. Making A Bar From Pallet Wood

42. Quick DIY Pallet Bar

Quick DIY Pallet Bar

If you are someone who doesn’t have a lot of time on their hand, this project is perfect for you. You just need to screw together 3 pallets of the same size to a shape of your choosing.

Our recommendation is to choose either a “C” or an “L” shape. Then, you make the countertop with a handsaw and stick it onto the base.

All in all, the whole project should not cost you any more than 3 hours.

Project details: instructables.com

43. Mobile DIY Pallet Bar

Mobile DIY Pallet Bar

Before you can start working on this project, you need to prep the pallets properly. By prepping, you will make sure that there are no broken parts or nails sticking out.

Next, you paint the pallets in your preferred color scheme. In this case, the paint used is bright lime green.

You then drill small screws into the front of the bar so that the string lights have a place to hang on. Finally, you join the parts together for a vibrant and exciting pallet bar.

Project details: toolboxdivas.com

44. DIY Pallet Bar From PalletList

Pallet Bar - Pallet List

For this pallet project, you will take apart the boards at the foot of the pallets and use them as a sleek and slim countertop for your new bar.

Doing this, you kill two birds with one stone. You will have a lightweight and rustic-looking top and a chance to perfectly equalize the height of the pallets.

As a result, there will be no height discrepancy between the parts of your new bar. Once you join them together and stain it the chocolaty brown shade, you get a bar that is no different from a commercial product.

Project details: palletlist.com

45. Make A Pallet Wall Bar

Project details: uniquecreationsbyanita.com

46. Wormhole Pallet Bar

Wormhole Pallet Bar

Most of the time, woods with wormholes are thrown away, but doing so is just so wasteful. You can, instead, repurpose them to make a pallet bar with lots of character.

You do not know how much visual interest wormholes can blow into the bar top until you have tried it yourself. These holes can make your bar look like a battle-hardened warrior with just a few fixing touches.

You can use some leftover ipe or zebra woods from some other projects as the countertop.

Project details: 1001pallets.com


With the help of this list, we hope that you can build your own DIY pallet bar. The guides that we introduced to you have an ascending order of difficulty.

As such, you can try out the first few projects to test the waters and the last ones after you have acquired more confidence.

After going through the whole list, do you find it enjoyable? We hope that it’s helpful for you!

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