130 Best DIY Woodworking Projects For Beginners

Do you want to build something completely new from scratch, but you have little to no woodworking skills?

If so, there are numerous woodworking projects that you can take on. And the best thing is you don’t even have to be a woodworking pro to complete them!

If you’re looking for the best woodworking projects for beginners, then you’re in the right place. We’ll give you some neat project ideas.

From small projects that can take a few minutes to larger projects. You will have full of ideas and inspirations for your next project.

Woodworking Projects For Beginners

Table of Contents

1. Wooden Sofa Sleeve

Wooden Sofa Sleeve

A nice and simple project, to begin with, would be a wooden sofa sleeve. This sleeve can be used for placing your cup down safely.

It will also provide you some stability if you want to place other things on it while you’re on the couch.

You only need three pieces of wood, put them together, and create a hole for the cup. It’s as simple as that. But be mindful of the measures, too.

Project details: abeautifulmess.com

2. Wooden Candle Holder

Wooden Candle Holder

If you love to light up candles in the evening, then you’ll love this idea. This wooden candle holder will only take you minutes or a couple of hours at most to finish. You need one piece of wood, and a hole maker to make the holes.

You can style it in your own way, too. It makes a nice decorative element. But it will also protect the candle wax from spilling all over your table, for example.

Project details: simplycountrylife.blogspot.com

3. Simple Wooden Bench

Simple Wooden Bench

One of the best projects for beginners is this wooden bench. It might seem intimidating at first, but you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to build.

You can use this bench in your garden, your shed, or even in your home.

It fits nicely with rustic elements, but above all, it’s easy to make. Consider this woodworking idea if you’re a beginner.

Project details: familyhandyman.com

4. DIY Wooden iPad Dock

DIY Wooden iPad Dock

Do you own an iPad or you have a relative who owns one? Then you must know the struggle of keeping your iPad up without actually holding it.

The simple solution is to make an iPad dock on your own. You can easily create one with a small wooden block, a drill, and some handy tools you should own.

Project details: instructables.com

5. Wooden Beer Caddy

Wooden Beer Caddy

Are you a beer type of person? Then you’ll just love this idea by DIY Candy. You can make a simple beer caddy in less than a few hours.

And the best of all is that this product is highly practical. At the same time, you can even customize its looks by adding pieces of silverware of your choice.

Project details: diycandy.com

6. Wall Wine Holder

Wall Wine Holder

Alternatively, if you’re a wine lover, then you can liven up your living room or kitchen with this wooden wine stand.

Just a couple of screws, a few pieces of wood, a miter saw, a drill, and some planning, and you’re good to go. Next time someone visits, you’ll proudly show off your favorite wines.

Project details: rogueengineer.com

7. Wooden Arrow Tutorial

DIY Wooden Arrows

Check out this nice wooden decor idea. These simple wooden arrows can be hung above the bed, or in your living room.

These wooden arrows are easy to make. Add them to your living room or room and enjoy it!

Project details: cherishedbliss.com

8. Wooden Bird House

Wooden Bird House

Anyone here that loves woodworking and wants their kids to get into it, too? Then this project is for you. Making this wooden birdhouse is an easy project for beginners, but also for kids.

It’s a fun experience for kids who want to get into woodworking. It’s surely going to inspire a lot of enthusiasm. It’s also a nice little project if you’re a beginner.

Project details: skiptomylou.org

9. Wooden Doormat

DIY Wooden Doormat

Do you need a need doormat? Then this project idea is for you. And the best thing about it is that it’s not complicated at all!

All you’ll need are some wooden planks or smaller, straight pieces of wood, and a bit of string. And the doormat looks very nice, so you can use it straight away at your home’s entrance!

Project details: domesticimperfection.com

10. Bathtub Tray

Bathtub Tray

Are you someone who likes to have long and relaxing baths? Then you also need something to place your things on.

And this bathtub tray is a fantastic idea. It allows you to drop your food or drink onto the tray and just enjoy the moment. No more leaning around and reaching for your drinks!

Project details: loveandrenovations.com

11. Wooden X Side Table

DIY Wooden X Side Table

This project is already slightly more advanced, but still simple enough for a beginner to handle. You’ll need some wood, the right tools for cutting, and drill to get this project done. And a good plan, of course.

You’ll be able to create a very practical table that you’ll be able to use in various ways.

It can act as a standalone table, or you can even use it as a coffee table. Or, place it in your garden and you’ll have somewhere to relax.

Project details: manmadediy.com

12. Hanging Basket Frame

Hanging Baskt Frame

This wooden frame is ideal for hanging flower pots from it. Alternatively, it can also be for hanging baskets or other decorative elements.

Creating this wooden frame is fairly easy. You’ll need three pieces of wood, make some quick cuts, and screw the wooden pieces together.

Project details: shanty-2-chic.com

13. Serving Tray

Serving Tray

Surprise your spouse or partner and bring them breakfast to bed with this simple wooden serving tray.

Alternatively, this tray can be used for meals but also for serving drinks.

Or imagine that cold winter night when you crave some tea or hot chocolate. Make your experience even more unforgettable with this wooden serving tray.

Project details: foxhollowcottage.com

14. Shoe Organizer

Shoe Organizer

Every home needs a shoe organizer like this. Did you know that making one is very easy, though?

Follow the instructions given here, and you’ll be able to create one in a matter of hours!

Project details: familyhandyman.com

15. Key Holder For Walls

Key Holder For Walls

This key holder is already slightly more advanced, but still relatively simple. It’s so versatile, though. You can use it to hang your keys, umbrella, coat, scarf, purse, or other accessories.

It’s just perfect for entrances or hallways. Not only is this keyholder practical, but it’s also very adorable. It fits very nicely with the rustic style that many modern designers love.

Project details: sawdustsisters.com

16. Wooden Spoon

Wooden Spoon

What if you could make your own spoons without buying them? Well, you can now with this idea and recipe! This recipe is somewhat different as it uses primitive tools to get the final product.

But almost every home should have these tools, and hopefully, you do too. It’s just amazing what we can achieve with some easy and primitive tools.

Project details: instructables.com

17. DIY Cutting Board From Scrap Wood

DIY Cutting Board From Scrap Wood

Another piece of kitchen equipment that you can make yourself. This cutting board will serve you well. It also looks great, and after some refinement, it can look awesome.

It’s not that complicated to make a simple cutting board. This easy tutorial will tell you everything you’ll need for a cutting board.

Project details: fixthisbuildthat.com

18. Napkin Holder

Napkin Holder

Take a look at this interesting little napkin holder. It’s an ideal project for beginners. But it’s also very well suited for kids.

This napkin holder is a cool project that won’t take you that long. But it will satisfy your woodworking itch. You can even make multiple of these and gift them to your family and friends.

Project details: hubpages.com

19. Curvy Side Table

Curvy Side Table

Take a look at this wooden table – doesn’t it look nice? Well, you can easily create it on your own, and you’ll need some power saws such as band saw or scroll saw and basic woodworking tools to get it done.

It might look a bit complicated for beginners. But when you take a closer look at the table and the recipe, then you’ll notice that it’s not complicated at all. You can even customize it and color it in such a way that it suits your style!

Project details: hertoolbelt.com

20. Wooden Supply Tray

Wooden Supply Tray

Here’s a cool project that might take a while – a nice supply tray for keeping your things organized. You can store office supplies or other smaller things in there of personal nature.

The project might take you a bit longer. But the best thing is that it’s going to teach you new skills when it comes to woodworking.

Project details: build-basic.com

21. Lap Desk

Lap Desk

If you’re someone who uses their laptop in their bed, then this lap desk will definitely serve you well. It’s a very simple project, too, as you’ll be able to get it done in no time.

The cool thing is that the end product is an incredibly practical one, too. You can easily sit or lay on your bed and place the laptop onto the desk without getting too much heat from the laptop.

Project details: jenwoodhouse.com

22. Hanging Planter

DIY Hanging Planter

You can create this plant hanger for less than $20! If you love plants and are proud of them, then you want to display them and show them off to your guests.

This project will suit you really well in that case. This simple plant hanger is a fantastic project for beginners. Alternatively, it also makes a great gift for a plant lover you know!

Project details: biggerthanthethreeofus.com

23. Candy Dispenser

Candy Dispenser

Do you love candy? Do your kids love candy? Check. Are you a beginner woodworker? Check. If you tick all the boxes or just one, you simply have to try this project.

It’s the good old candy dispenser that has been around for a while. But it’s still a very fun project. In essence, it’s fairly straightforward as you need to create a hole that’s big enough for the type of candy you eat.

Project details: instructables.com

24. Wooden Stool

Wooden Stool

A wooden stool is always handy. Whether it’s for taking a break and relaxing, or if you want to use it to reach higher levels, it can be incredibly useful.

And making one is also not very complicated. This tutorial will only show you the basics of making a wooden stool. You can then proceed to style it and craft it in such a way that suits your style.

Project details: addicted2decorating.com

25. DIY Media Box

DIY Media Box

A media box like this really makes for a nice little project you can try. All you’ll need is three pieces of wood, some glue, and some willingness to learn.

Once you complete the project, you can freely use it in your home. You can place a TV on top, and you can also choose to place other pieces of media under the box.

Project details: homedit.com

26. Wooden Tree Swing

Wooden Tree Swing

Roll back the years and become youthful again with this nice little wooden swing. You can use it on your own. Of course, it’s also great for kids, too.

Just make sure you’re not too heavy for the swing, although it should hold any weight comfortably. Hang it somewhere safe, though.

Project details: momtastic.com

27. DIY Pet Bed

DIY Pet Bed

Do you have a pet? Whether you have a dog or a cat, this pet bed is a fantastic idea to make your pet friend comfortable.

You can use some old pieces of wood. Or you can also use brand new pieces of wood, although that might take some more work.

But all in all, it’s still a simple project that’s suitable even for the real beginners.

Project details: prodigalpieces.com

28. Desk Organizer

Desk Organizer

Take a look at this idea: a desk organizer that’s easy to make. Do you constantly lose pencils, or perhaps do your children often lose track of them, too?

This desk organizer will help you keep things organized on your desk. You can store your phone there, your pencils, and other accessories that might be lying around on your desk.

Project details: thekimsixfix.com

29. Magazine Holder

Magazine Holder

Magazines tend to pile up in all corners of your home. If you’re unorganized with your magazines, you’ll find them anywhere around your home.

The solution is this simple wooden magazine holder. As you can see, it has the X-shape, which makes it easy for you to place magazines onto the holder. It will also look nice but above all, it’s incredibly easy to make.

Project details: homedit.com

30. Wooden Address Number

DIY Address Number Wall Planter

Decorate your front door with this wooden address number sign. You can even place some flowers next to the sign!

This wooden address will make your home stand out in the neighborhood. Make your neighbors envious with this easy to make wooden address sign.

Project details: shanty-2-chic.com

31. Wedding Wine Box

Wedding Wine Box

Are you looking for the perfect wedding present? Then this wedding wine box is a fantastic option. It shows that you care about the person getting married. You’re building the wine box yourself!

What’s more, you can style the box in any way you want. You can even write the date of the wedding onto the box, just like the picture shows. But, you can still be creative with it and style it in your own way.

Project details: rogueengineer.com

32. Bike Stand

Bike Stand

If you own a bike, then you need a bike stand. Whether you live in a house or in a flat, there might not be supporting places where you can place your bike.

Luckily, you can make one yourself. This simple wooden bike stand will allow you to let your bike rest comfortably.

Project details: instructables.com

33. Tic Tac Toe Game DIY

Tic Tac Toe Game DIY

Create this DIY tic tac toe game from wooden blocks. This game does have a Christmas theme to it, though.

It’s a perfect project for kids and beginners alike. This game would make an excellent birthday present, or even a Christmas present. You can always change the patterns on the blocks yourself.

Project details: hertoolbelt.com

34. Wooden Bar Stools

Wooden Bar Stools

These bar stools look simple, but they are also very stylish. These can be a great addition to your outside private bar.

Alternatively, they will look very nice in your home bar. There’s plenty of wiggle room when it comes to decoration, too.

Project details: rogueengineer.com

35. Wooden Christmas Tree

Wooden Christmas Tree

During Christmas time, everyone will be looking for the perfect home decor. What if you can make it on your own?

This is the perfect example of how you can use your imagination to create home decor. And the best thing is that you can scale the tree how you want it.

Project details: homedit.com

36. Metal Pipe Table

DIY Metal Pipe Table

Don’t be scared if you’re new to woodworking. This project might seem complex, but in reality, it’s a very simple one.

You will need some metal pipes to go with the wood, though. This table can actually be quite sturdy, so it will certainly be useful around your home.

Project details: diyprojects.com

37. Magazine Storage Containers

Magazine Storage Containers

Keeping your magazines can sometimes be hard since you’re likely to be keeping many magazines around your home.

You can make your job much easier by creating these magazine storage containers. It’s a super simple project that will cost you less than $20 and a few hours to make.

Project details: familyhandyman.com

38. Modern Wall Clock

Modern Wall Clock

How about this modern wall clock? Did you know that you can make it on your own? Yes, it’s surprisingly easy to make it, too. Take a look at the details and try it on your own!

Project details: homedit.com

39. Mudroom Bench To Shoe Storage

Mudroom Bench To Shoe Storage

Are you tired of guests or kids taking mud into the house with their shoes? Then you can create this mudroom bench.

It would be perfect for entrances and for halls where you plan to entertain guests. They can put their shoes on the bench and change them. Or you can use it for your family.

Project details: buildsomething.com

40. Desk Lamp

Desk Lamp

This desk lamp is actually very simple – you won’t need fancy tools to make it. It’s just an idea, although it’s not a very big project.

Project details: homedit.com

41. Farmhouse Desk

DIY Farmhouse Desk

Do you want to make a desk like this? You can! With these instructions, even beginners will be able to complete this project.

It’s a fairly simple one, even if it might look slightly more complex. Just follow the instructions, and get it done like an expert.

Project details: shanty-2-chic.com

42. Rustic Bench

Rustic Bench

A rustic bench like this might look hard to make. But once you see the instructions, you’ll see just how easy it is to make.

This rustic bench is an amazing idea for your front yard, or your garden. You can just sit down and observe the surroundings. Above all, it’s easy to make.

Project details: diyhuntress.com

43. DIY Outdoor Chair

DIY Modern Outdoor Chair

This outdoor chair would be fantastic for your garden, wouldn’t it? What if you could make it on your own?

With just some trying and a good plan, you can create a fantastic chair just like this.

Project details: cherishedbliss.com

44. Wooden Squat Rack

Wooden Squat Rack

Are you a gym enthusiast? Then this gym squat rack will serve you very well! You know that gym equipment can cost you a ton of money, so why not make it on your own?

With these instructions and a little imagination, you’ll be able to create a great wooden squat rack to help you get those “gains”.

Project details: allthingsgym.com

45. Designer Wood Table

Designer Wood Table

This table sure looks nice and fancy, but it doesn’t take a woodworking pro to create it. It’s a relatively small table, and it’s also a small project to handle.

You can see that it’s comprised of several small wooden pieces. It takes some cutting and gluing together to create a table like this, but nothing too fancy.

Project details: instructables.com

46. Bluebird House

Bluebird House

Let’s end with this beautiful little birdhouse! It’s an easy project that even kids can take on without problems.

Keep your birds protected in the event of bad weather, and give them some food. It’s great for beginners. Who doesn’t want to create a birdhouse like this?

Project details: joybileefarm.com

47. DIY Industrial Step Stool

DIY Industrial Step Stool

There are three main steps to make a cheap and small step stool: cutting, drilling, and attaching.

After cutting four stool legs, a top piece, and metal rods with desired measurements, it’s time to drill pocket holes and then attach all the parts correctly and firmly to get your ideal step stool!

Project details: chrislovesjulia.com

48. DIY Wooden Business Card Holder

DIY Wooden Business Card Holder

A new wooden business card holder will be an excellent add-on in your workplace, but how can we make one by ourselves?

It would help if you had thick scrap wood blocks, wood putty, and other woodworking tools like a measuring tape, some sandpapers, a saw, and a pencil.

Don’t forget to stain and paint it on your preference and display your card!

Project details: diyhuntress.com

49. DIY Cell Phone Stand And Accessory Holder

DIY Cell Phone Stand And Accessory Holder

There would be nothing more wonderful than an eye-catching and thoughtfully designed cell phone stand and accessory holder.

It is an incredibly convenient place to hold your smartphone, wristwatch, or glasses, and an elegant decoration on your bedside.

Project details: tidbits-cami.com

50. Wooden Picture Frame

Wooden Picture Frame

One of the most interesting woodworking projects that any beginner should take is to make a wooden picture frame.

The first step is to prepare a suitable piece of wood to get the desired frame and get it as flat as possible by sanding carefully.

Next, it’s time to make the needed measurements and cut precisely before gluing those parts to hold the frame together.

Now nearly finishing the process, you only have to wait until the glue dries out and coat the frame with your favorite color!

Project details: instructables.com

51. Quick And Quirky Candleholder

Quick And Quirky Candleholder

Want to surprise your beloved one with a romantic candlelit dinner? Here is an idea! Let’s get your desired wood piece to make a quirky candleholder!

Before getting your hands dirty, don’t forget to place all the candles on top of the wood to locate each hole precisely and mark it with a pencil.

Project details: somewhatsimple.com

52. Bistro Table Building Plan

Bistro Table Building Plan

Building a bistro table is a super easy task for any beginner, and this cute little table can tag along your picnic trip or work effectively at your patio or porch as a breakfast table.

To bring this concept alive, you need to prepare 22 pieces of wood, which is cut according to a fixed proportion, click here for more information. Sounds easy, right?

Project details: theshabbycreekcottage.com

53. A Modern DIY Bathroom Organizer (With Mirror)

A Modern DIY Bathroom Organizer

A bathroom organizer hung on the wall would be an excellent idea for a bathroom with limited space, and the steps are so easy to follow.

The product requires scrap wood, a mirror, glue, deck screws, drills, wire, and clamps on offer at most stores.

Project details: papernstitchblog.com

54. DIY Wood Box Centerpiece

DIY Wood Box Centerpiece

Your house is sure to look much cozier and more attractive with a little cute and space-saving centerpiece, displaying decorative items and flowers.

Turning this idea into reality should never be challenging, requiring only some wood pieces, a saw, drills, a tape measure, and some white paint.

Project details: lovegrowswild.com

55. DIY Beer Tote

DIY Beer Tote

A DIY beer tote will surely breathe a new life to your house party, and making one yourselves can save you a great amount of money!

The materials needed are oak boards, a bottle opener, handles, wood screws, and other woodworking tools that you must already know here.

The step is so straightforward that you are sure to finish in a blink of an eye! For easy transport, don’t forget to add a handle and a bottle opener.

Project details: rogueengineer.com

56. DIY Copper Pipe And Wood Slice Side Table

DIY Copper Pipe And Wood Slice Side Table

How frustrating it is to not be able to reach your morning coffee from your bed! In this case, a copper pipe and wood slice side table is your best salvage!

You need to prepare a wood slice, bench vice, copper pipe, saddle clips, and screws, which turn out to be surprisingly cheap!

The steps are even more surprising, as they are super easy!

Project details: https://fallfordiy.com

57. Simple Chair With 2x4s

Simple Chair With 2x4s

A cheap yet strong and sturdy 2x4s chair is all that you need in a compact apartment!

The materials to make this especially useful product include three pieces of 2x4s and some basic woodworking tools.

We highly advise you to add more weight and strength to your chair, and some supports before building the seat.

Project details: morelikehome.net

58. Entryway Update

Entryway Update

It isn’t an ambitious idea to make an entryway update that can hold your accessories like coat, glasses, and bags and work as a perfect add-on to your house.

Oak boards with drilled holes are easy to make, and don’t forget to attach big cute hooks to handle anything, from jackets to umbrellas, hats, etc.

Project details: loveandrenovations.com

59. DIY Bookshelf Ledges for the Nursery

DIY Bookshelf Ledges for the Nursery

Beautifully crafted and cute bookshelf ledges can draw children’s inspiration and passion to read books, and making one is just so simple!

Your first tasks are so easy with cutting and gluing! After that, let’s drill some holes and attach the ledges on the wall to store some books for your kids right now!

Project details: theturquoisehome.com

60. DIY Hammock Stand

DIY Hammock Stand

A hammock offers us a wonderful break from the daily grind, allowing us to relax, read books, and have a moment for ourselves.

However, what can you do if there is no tree around to hang the hammock? Building your hammock stand with longboards, bolts, and simple tools cannot be easier!

Project details: kellyleighcreates.com

61. Easy DIY Earring Stand

Easy DIY Earring Stand

An earring stand is such a wonderful idea as it only takes less than one hour to finish and becomes an attractive earring display.

Wood boards, a saw, some glue, a nail gun, and decorative sheets are all that you need to make a strong stand.

A beautiful paint coating will mark the frame’s accomplishment, and you are free to decorate and display your luxurious earrings now!

Project details: housefulofhandmade.com

62. DIY Floating Shelves

DIY Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are one of the best laundry room shelves you could have ever imagined, and how can you make one on your own?

Prepare some AC plywood, a pine, screws, cleats, a stud finder, and a level, and let’s get started right now!

Cutting, sanding, and screwing are surely easy and time-efficient tasks to get yourself a spacious laundry room!

Project details: fourgenerationsoneroof.com

63. Sofa Side Table

Sofa Side Table

Making your furniture like a sofa side table sounds a bit crazy, but you will surely find it interesting and straightforward when you start the project.

Four wood pieces with different measurements, flat L brackets cost you around $15, and what to do with this shortlist of materials?

The first step is undeniably to cut the wanted wood pieces and attach them by fishing nails for better durability.

Screw the legs on and use L brackets and nails to firmly attach them to the boards while coating the desk with your favorite color, and you are well-done!

Project details: keepingitsimplecrafts.com

64. Hello Bathroom Drawer Cabinet

Hello Bathroom Drawer Cabinet

A bathroom drawer cabinet is wonderful furniture to keep your house more organized, and you can reuse your old drawer to make one.

Cleaning, coating this drawer, and adding some shelves are all you have to do to store all the clutter-creating bathroom items!

Project details: theboldabode.com

65. DIY Wooden Wall Planter

DIY Wooden Wall Planter

Your house surely looks renewed and full of energy with a wooden wall planter of some greenery and flowers!

Firstly, prepare a cheap pre-made wooden pallet – a huge time saver, and give it a new look by painting your favorite color.

Use small wooden boxes, attach them to the board by screwing them on from the backside, and don’t be surprised with your wonderful result!

Project details: sarahjoyblog.com

66. Build A Bench

Build A Bench

Building a bench is much easier than it seems to be, as all you need to prepare is timber, a saw, strap ties, and screws.

Let’s cut the wood into bench parts, attach, and clamp them together with a jigsaw and strap ties. Sand the board, and you will get a useful bench in your hallway or garden right now!

Project details: grillo-designs.com

67. DIY Wood Arrows

DIY Wood Arrows

Wood arrows are undoubtedly a brilliant piece of décor in your house. With some simple cutting and clamping steps, you can save a great amount of money while receiving wood arrows with your favorite shapes, sizes, and colors.

Prepare wood, glue, screws, and get started right now!

Project details: 100things2do.ca

68. DIY Produce Stand

DIY Produce Stand

A produce stand, storing your fruits, veggies, and any small items, only requires some wood pieces.

Assembling each piece to make small boxes and using a finishing nail gun to connect the boxes together, you are nearly finishing the project!

Don’t forget to use screws to make a stand stable and strong enough to withstand your items’ weight!

Project details: overthebigmoon.com

69. Cornhole Game

Cornhole Game

Cornhole Boards, one of the most favorite games among guys, can be exceptionally expensive, so how about making one on your own?

It’s time to assemble all the wood blocks into a large box without a bottom. Then, you need to drill a large hole on the top and attach short legs. Can the job be more straightforward?

Project details: overthebigmoon.com

70. Industrial Wood Coffee Table

Industrial Wood Coffee Table

A professional-looking coffee table will surely give your house a new look. Prepare wood boards, screws, wood glue, and water-based polycrylic and get ready!

Attach the wood by crews so that it looks like the frame of a fish tank and give it a new coat, suitable for your home décor.

Project details: littlehouseoffour.com

71. DIY House Shaped Business Card Holder

DIY House Shaped Business Card Holder

A cardholder is a must-have item for any professional person, so let’s grab your scrap wood and pick up cheap 1x2s to make one!

Five easy steps include cutting the slot, trimming down the slotted board, adding house sides, adding top pieces, and sanding.

Project details: woodshopdiaries.com

72. A Few Simple Boxes

Few Simple Boxes

Making your boxes saves you from spending money on those stuffs. Here are some techniques you should never ignore.

Those essentials also include saws, tape measure, hand clamp, and machines.

Let’s start making a box with a lid for your living room or a basic hinged box to be more interested in those dull boxes.

Project details: instructables.com

73. DIY Upholstered X-Bench

DIY Upholstered X Bench

Any woodworking beginner can start with making an upholstered X-bench for their bedroom, which costs nearly nothing for the materials.

They include wood, fabric, and other common woodworking tools to make the bench stronger.

Don’t hesitate to get your hand dirty and feel the touch of your comfortable X-bench right now!

Project details: anikasdiylife.com

74. DIY Holder For Wine Bottle And Glasses

DIY Holder For Wine Bottle And Glasses

A wine glasses holder is sure to save you from laboriously filling up your hands with several wine glasses, and making one will not cause you any trouble.

Get ready with a flat board and cut a central hole for a wine bottle with four holes in four corners to hang the glasses.

So easy, right? Let’s try and see what you will get!

Project details: downhomeinspiration.com

75. DIY Wood Tray

DIY Wood Tray

Do you want to make a versatile, beautiful, yet cheap wood tray to get your house more organized? Let’s turn this idea into reality right now!

The first step is surely preparing all the needed woodworking materials and making your cuts.

Then, it’s time to drill the pocket holes and assemble the tray to finish.
Don’t forget to stain and add a handle for easy transport, and if you want a more aged look, why not coat it with a satin poly coat?

Project details: ourhomemadeeasy.com

76. DIY Build A Workbench With Wheels

Build A Workbench With Wheels

A workbench should never be challenging, even for a beginner, as all you have to do is prepare the cuts, drill, and attach.

However, this workbench will have a superior feature: the wheels. For easy transportation and versatility, let’s try to add some wheels in the four legs and have a wonderful working time!

Project details: homemadebycarmona.com

77. Diy Build A Picture Shelf

Picture Shelf

Working with wood and woodworking tools allows you to explore your imaginativeness, and a picture shelf is one example.

Prepare some wood pieces and assemble them by clamping and drilling screws are the main jobs.

You only have to install the shelf on the wall, and from now on, you are free to display your treasured moments with your friends and family!

Project details: twofeetfirst.net

78. Corbel Sconce Lights For Bedroom

Corbel Sconce Lights For Bedroom

Is there anything more beautiful and attractive than two corbel sconce lights hung on the wall near your bed? Your sleeping night is sure to be much cozier, and nice dreams will come!

So don’t hesitate to go pick up all the needed materials for two corbels and get started!

Although the steps are easy to follow, make sure that you firmly attach those two corbels on the wall to avoid unwanted accidents.

Project details: dwellinginhappiness.com

79. DIY Stacking Storage Cubbies

DIY Stacking Storage Cubbies

Stuffed animals, toys, books, and CDs laying around are sure to make your house look untidy and unorganized. And stacking storage cubbies are your hero.

With just a shortlist of materials, tools, and a thorough cut list for each storage cubby, you are sure to receive your desired product.

However, remember to clamp and attach each part carefully to avoid breakage.

Project details: prettyhandygirl.com

80. Modern Tablet or Cookbook Stand

Modern Tablet or Cookbook Stand

A cookbook stand is surely the dream of any food enthusiast, and let’s make one with just a few materials and tools!

Cutting wood to the determined sizes, gluing and attaching those pieces should not be an uphill struggle. There is no other easier job than this one.

Finally, don’t forget to apply your stand with an attractive coating.

Project details: hgtv.com

81. DIY Bathroom Vanity

DIY Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom Vanity is one of the most favorite small-budget bathroom makeovers, which will store any bathroom accessories and make your bathroom look neat and tidy.

Get ready by preparing all the needed materials, tools, and make a high-end vanity by yourself right now!

Project details: angelamariemade.com

82. Tiny Wooden USB Driver

Tiny Wooden USB Driver

Tired of plastic USB housing and looking for a more innovative one? Have you ever thought of making one on your own?

Although the USB driver sounds like a complicated technological advance, making a wooden cover should not be challenging.

Let’s prepare a small and fine saw, a sharp chisel, and sandpaper and get started. After some cutting, shaping, and gluing, you will surely get what you want!

Project details: instructables.com

83. DIY Bar Cart

DIY Bar Cart

How about a two-story bar cart to store all small items and accessories like books, wine bottles, or a little flower vase?

Like any other woodworking project, a bar cart only needs some wood and tools to finish. However, be cautious when attaching the parts to ensure that your frame is strong and sturdy.

Project details: angelamariemade.com

84. Rope Swing

Make A Rope Swing

A rope swing is surely a wonderful add-on to your kids’ playground, so why not make one for your children?

You need to have round pine, a natural rope, and a carabiner, which cost you just a little money.

Then, it’s time to meticulously and carefully drill a hole, tie a knot, and choose the best location to ensure the maximum safety for your kids.

Project details: dukesandduchesses.com

85. Rustic Wood Plank DIY Clock

Rustic Wood Plank DIY Clock

At 4ft square, this rustic wood plank clock will surely surprise you with its low cost, yet attractive look and effective operation.

With a level, some tapes, and a ruler, you can freely turn your modern clock into a more rustic and vintage-looking one to fit your home décor perfectly.

Project details: makingitinthemountains.com

86. Bath Tray With Book Rest

Bath Tray With Book Rest

A relaxing time in the bathroom is such a luxury and the idea of being soaked into warm water and reading your favorite books is even more ideal!

Let’s make some rough measurements, find an old board, and get what you are seeking!

Project details: huntandhost.net

87. Small X End Table + Free Plans

Small X End Table Free Plans

If you live in a humble apartment, a small but functional X end table is sure to meet your demands of an organized living room.

Use some wood boards and woodworking tools to make this exceptionally useful, stable, and cute table to store all your accessories!

Project details: shadesofblueinteriors.com

88. DIY Accessory Holder/Charging Station

DIY Accessory Holder Charging Station

Scrap wood can turn into a brilliant and useful piece of furniture in just a few hours with some woodworking tools.

From now on, you don’t have to hold your smartphone all the time to watch videos or read the news, as this holder will take up all those jobs.

Project details: fwmadebycarli.com

89. Outdoor Rolling Cart

Outdoor Rolling Cart

An outdoor rolling cart is exceptionally functional and useful for those with limited space and looking for storage areas.

The frame is so easy to make that you don’t need to have much experience in woodworking to finish.

Screwing and assembling will take you no time, so let’s try to make one!

Project details: anythingpretty.com

90. DIY Modern Desk

DIY Modern Desk

A modern desk will blow a new life to your home décor. The sequence is from the deck base, desktop to painting and staining; all are easy to follow.

In general, this suggestion is a great project for beginners.

Project details: averageinspired.com

91. Simple Woodworking Storage Project

Simple Woodworking Storage Project

For those having trouble finding a perfect home for your albums and records , it would be a brilliant idea to build a woodworking storage.

So it’s time to go pick up a box at the store and prepare just a few basic woodworking tools and some materials.

When you have finished it, you will surely be surprised to have a stylish, functional storage solution that perfectly fits any room!

Project details: manmadediy.com

92. DIY Modern House Number Sign

DIY Modern House Number Sign

Commonly, the house number sign is usually the first thing that catches our eyes when finding someone’s home, so let’s upgrade this sign to be noticeable and attractive!

All you need for this project is some leftover wood shims, a common board, and wood stain.

This house number sign should not cost much and take more than three hours, making it a wise investment.

Project details: acraftedpassion.com

93. DIY Wood Lanterns

DIY Wood Lanterns

Wood lanterns are increasingly popular, fabulous for your home, and can effectively make use of scrap woodpile.

While those lanterns are so versatile, add ambiance to your house, and draw great attention, making ones should not cause any difficulty.

Project details: dreamdesigndiy.com

94. DIY Flower Box Centerpiece

DIY Flower Box Centerpiece

Even if you have little woodworking experience, the DIY flower box centerpiece is worth your try, as it is pretty, functional, and overall, simple to make.

We think that you all want your home to have a comfortable, cozy, and energized feeling, and a centerpiece holder that can keep some jars and flowers will satisfy your needs.

Project details: hazelandgolddesigns.com

95. Cedar Treasure Chest

Cedar Treasure Chest

Do you want to build a trustworthy treasure chest to store all your bits and bobs? Let’s try one now!

Prepare some chisels, mallet, drill press, router, glue, nails, and a saw, and the steps are so easy to follow that you should not have any difficulty finishing them all.

Project details: instructables.com

96. Firewood Rack

Firewood Rack

You don’t want your deck to look like a firewood mess, right? So why not invest some afternoon hours to build a firewood rack and put it in your backyard.

With just a few tools, a wood rack with dimensions you can easily and precisely cut, then clamp and attach each part, and quickly get the result.

Project details: instructables.com

97. DIY X-Stool or Table

DIY X-Stool Or Table

Let’s reuse the remaining wood from the previous projects and plan patio furniture like an X-stool. It would be a great project to unwind after a stressful day.

An X-stool is surely stable and strong enough to withstand the heavy weight and store other decorations like a flower vase.

Project details: ladygoats.com

98. DIY Table Planter

DIY Table Planter

Making a table planter is not as difficult and complicated as it seems; let’s prepare some wood boards, wood glue and make the cutest table planter you have seen.

However, the math may cause you headaches, so be ready for that. Other steps are easy to follow, and immediately you will get a functional and pretty planter in your home.

Project details: biggerthanthethreeofus.com

99. DIY Bird Feeder

DIY Bird Feeder

A DIY bird feeder would immediately catch animal lovers’ attention and ignite their passion for this lovely product.

Just a few pieces of wood, some drills, and a saw, a pretty handmade bird feeder, filled with premium bird seeds.

Project details: 100things2do.ca

100. DIY Wooden Shoe Rack

DIY Wooden Shoe Rack

It would be so annoying and frustrating to come home and find a world of toys, clothes, and shoes laying on the floor. It’s time you need to have a shoe rack to keep your hallway organized.

Only taking some hours, the wooden shoe rack will undoubtedly be your best partner in keeping the area neat!

Project details: abubblylife.com

101. Wood Tool Box

Wood Tool Box

A wood toolbox is a great beginner project, allowing beginners to familiarize themselves with a hammer, a glue gun, and a sanding block while building an attractive piece of furniture on their own.

This project also uses very few materials and costs nearly nothing, so as long as you have a thorough preparation, you will get what you are seeking.

Project details: instructables.com

102. Stool Tutorial

Stool Tutorial

If you are a newbie woodworker, the stool project shows the same basic construction as others, so let’s get acquainted with this before building many other things!

Making some cuts, clamps, and drills, you are on the way to receive a simple yet sturdy stool made from reclaimed wood.

Project details: beyondthepicket-fence.com

103. Easy Peasy Cutting Board

Peasy Cutting Board

Peasy cutting board is a special project suitable for those on a budget and doesn’t have much space or woodworking tools.

This project requires only three simple tools and can work perfectly as a lovely gift for your friends, relatives, and family.

Project details: fouroakscrafts.com

104. DIY Nightstand

DIY Nightstand

Nightstand is often a high-end and pricey gift, but if you can work with your hands to make one for your beloved ones, this present is even more worthwhile.

Making one should not be a challenging task as long as you have enough patience and a good preparation step.

Let’s try to have a pretty and functional nightstand!

Project details: lilyardor.com

105. Wooden Sheath For Cook’s Knife

Wooden Sheath For Cook’s Knife

Leaving your knives carelessly in your kitchen can harm you and your little kids; therefore, let’s take action to build a proper sheath for them.

Wooden sheath proves a simple build, and you can easily make one with some pieces of wood and precise measurements.

Project details: instructables.com

106. DIY Rustic Wooden Headboard

DIY Rustic Wooden Headboard

There would be no need to invest too much to make your bed look gorgeous, as handmade rustic wooden headboards can replace all the expensive decorations.

Besides, it is also easy, inexpensive to make, and sure to bring warmth and coziness to your bedroom.

Project details: thecraftingnook.com

107. DIY Potting Bench

DIY Potting Bench

Having an abundance of flower pots and planters but cannot find anywhere to display them? A DIY potting bench is around to give you a helping hand.

The materials required to make one are on display in any woodworking store and certainly not pricey; therefore, let’s get your hand and make this wonderful displaying place.

Project details: pmqfortwo.com

108. DIY Build A Bookshelf

DIY Build A Bookshelf

Preparing some boards, finish nails, wood glue, and other simple woodworking tools, you are on your way to having a functional and versatile handmade bookshelf.

It’s easy as pie to cut, drill, and attach each part of your bookshelf firmly.

Project details: adventuresofadiymom.com

109. DIY Floating Shelf For Newbies

DIY Floating Shelf For Newbies

Building your modern floating shelf to store some books or jars is so easy with the help of the Kreg Jig R3.

Don’t worry if you don’t have enough experience with this tool, as there is a handy instruction manual clearly telling you all the steps. So why don’t you start right now?

Project details: dwellbeautiful.com

110. Bathroom Refresh & DIY Towel Ladder

Bathroom Refresh & DIY Towel Ladder

Your bath collection like soap dispenser, tumbler, and new white towels need proper storage, and a ladder sounds brilliant.
Besides, the ladder can jazz up space as well, so let’s try to make one!

Project details: sarahshermansamuel.com

111. DIY Light Sconce Corbel

DIY Light Sconce Corbel

We think that you don’t want a standing lamp near your table, as you can recklessly knock it over constantly. So a light sconce corbel comes in handy there.

With some wood pieces, a light, and some decorative screws, you will quickly get a pretty and handy light to warm up your working space!

Project details: sisterswhat.com

112. DIY Shop Stool Plans

DIY Shop Stool Plans

Have you ever thought of making a plant stand for merely any money? If not, let’s get around with stool plans right now!

Those wood projects are easy, and the results are strong and stable enough to sit and withstand other household accessories like flower vases.

Project details: todayscreativeideas.com

113. DIY Bowling Lane

DIY Bowling Lane

Don’t have enough time to pick up your kids to play bowling outside? How about making a bowling lane yourself?

No kidding, this miniature bowling lane makes use of scrap lumber and takes only a couple of hours to finish; therefore, why ignore this wonderful recreational tool?

Project details: ashleygrenon.com

114. DIY Couch Cup Holder And Remote Caddy

DIY Couch Cup Holder And Remote Caddy

It would be especially frustrating and annoying to go pick up your beverage while watching your favorite movies! And the idea of a coach cup holder and remote caddy will surely blow your mind!

Just pick up some flat boards, make some rough measurements, and you are half-way to have a wonderful cup holder!

Project details: dadand.com

115. DIY Bar Stools With Metal Bar Accents

DIY Bar Stools With Metal Bar Accents

Placing some bar stools around your kitchen island and having a wonderful time with your beloved one sounds the most interesting idea.

This project requires wood and some basic tools only, and you will be surprised to find how easy the work is.

Project details: remodelaholic.com

116. Hammer Coat Rack

Hammer Coat Rack

A coat rack made from hammers? Have you ever heard of that? If not, don’t hesitate to make this cool woodworking project! Even a beginner can succeed in this one!

Everything surely goes smoothly; however, it would be best to pay great care and attention to the hammers to avoid unwanted accidents.

Project details: thekimsixfix.com

117. DIY Wine Caddy

DIY Wine Caddy

Wine caddy is a must-have in every home corner to display wine bottles and some glasses. Instead of buying a pricey shelf, why not make a wine caddy at home?

The small yet functional caddy stores your bottles, prevents any chance of breakage, and doesn’t take much space.

Project details: shanty-2-chic.com

118. DIY Danish Modern Coffee Table

DIY Danish Modern Coffee Table

Coffee tables can meet various users’ demands like drink perches, dining tables, or even game tables; however, not all can afford the high-end product.

But making one on your own is another story, as with just some wood boards and a head for figures, you can get a quality coffee table at home!

Project details: francoisetmoi.com

119. Fireplace Insert

Fireplace Insert

A fireplace insert can make your house look more attractive and tidy by covering the dark gaping opening and sealing up the drafty chimney.

To do this project, go pick up tree branches, wood, and make precise measurements; you are likely to have an attractive finished board.

Project details: instructables.com

120. DIY Glass Bottle & Vase Holder

DIY Glass Bottle & Vase Holde

Glass bottle and vase holder is among the perfect and budget-friendly projects for any woodworking beginner, taking only an hour to get the work done.

Project details: shanty-2-chic.com

121. Scrap Wood Side Table

Scrap Wood Side Table

Instead of throwing away scrap wood, why not make use of it to build a side table?

With just follow five steps, you are sure to receive a strong and sturdy table, storing all your small items.

Project details: rogueengineer.com

122. Wine Rack

Wine Rack

A wine rack holding a bottle and two cups can add to a wonderful and romantic night for you and your beloved one, and making one proves to be so easy and interesting!

Let’s prepare some quality wood pieces and basic tools and get your hand!

Project details: instructables.com

123. Step Stool Plans

Step Stool Plans

Step stool is one of the easiest woodworking projects for any beginner, so mastering this project is the first step for you to take up more complicated ones later on.

Before making the step stool, we highly recommend sketching to see the design and fully build the best product.

Project details: myoutdoorplans.com

124. DIY Outdoor Chalkboard

DIY Outdoor Chalkboard

An outdoor chalkboard is especially useful if you want to take daily notes and don’t miss any assignment, so why not build one to save money?

Just like any other simple woodworking project, this one requires no complicated tools and takes just a few hours. So don’t hesitate to make one!

Project details: addicted2diy.com

125. DIY Pet Bed

DIY Pet Bed

There would be nothing more adorable than building such a cheap and cozy bed for your little pet!

All the needed supplies are furring strips and some additional basic tools like a spade bit to create a dream living habitat for your dog freely!

Project details: shanty-2-chic.com

126. DIY Tiered Planter Box Plans

DIY Tiered Planter Box Plans

The best part of the front porch is undoubtedly the tiered wooden planter, where you display your favorite flowers and admire the butterflies flying around.

More surprisingly, this wonderful household add-on costs only $10 in materials and takes around one hour or more to finish, so do you want to try it?

Project details: anikasdiylife.com

127. Pallet Wood Over-The-Sink Window Shelf

Pallet Wood Over-The-Sink Window Shelf

An over-the-sink window shelf will save you from a messy kitchen corner, so building one is always a good idea.

You should do each step slowly and carefully to get the best result.

Project details: stowandtellu.com

128. Ironing Board Holder & Organizer

Ironing Board Holder & Organizer

The ironing board holder and organizer is a great piece of furniture, compact and convenient enough to store a standard-size iron and ironing board to avoid reckless use and breakage.

As designed to withstand heavy stainless steel objects, this product should receive great attention and precision in the making process.

Project details: sawdustsisters.com

129. Wood Stars

Wood Stars

Wood stars can use all scrap wood piles, appear pretty on your empty wall space, and add an ambiance to your home corner.

These handmade wall decorations are easy to make and cost little money, you certainly should not miss!

Project details: jaimecostiglio.com

130. DIY Bike Rack

DIY Bike Rack

It is annoying to see your kids recklessly leave their bikes in the front yard, so why not put a bike rack for them?

Let’s get the wood pieces, woodworking tools, and work with your hands right away! At the end, you and your kids can even decorate it together. What a lovely bonding time to have!

Project details: heatherednest.com


These woodworking projects for beginners are amazing if you’re just starting out. But at the same time, they will allow you to learn a lot about woodworking.

This comprehensive list will leave you amazed at how much you can do with minimal tools.

If you enjoyed the list, please share this article. Which project did you like the most? We want to hear from you in the comments.

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