42 DIY Dollar Store Christmas Decor Ideas

Christmas is coming, which is usually the best time for creatives to showcase their skills in the best ways they know how to.

Instead of buying ready-made Christmas decor for your home or to gift your loved one, you can equally try a number of ideas that we have today.

The best part is that you don’t have to spend more money on these projects because most of the things used are collections from the Dollar Store.

Here are 42 DIY dollar store Christmas decor Ideas that will give you that unforgettable festive memory.

42 DIY Dollar Store Christmas Decor Ideas

1. Plastic Spoon and Fork Christmas Tree Centerpiece

Plastic Spoon And Fork Christmas Tree Centerpiece

Top on the list is this unique and timeless centerpiece which you don’t have to throw away once the festive season is gone.

All it takes is gluing a number of plastic spoons and forks, after which you can have it customized into a color of your choice.

Apart from buying these from the dollar store, you can also hack this using pre-used pieces; if you’re the recycling type.

Source details: hip2save.com

2. DIY winter Pine Cone Tree

DIY Winter Pine Cone Tree

You can give your pinecone trees a winter touch to achieve this beautiful decoration which also blends perfectly with fall.

These trees can be made brighter with a touch of gold spray, but for winter, artificial snow will have you sorted.

It’s all about doing it yourself, so you can also craft your pine cone tree using these easy steps.

Source details: lifeonlakeshoredrive.com

3. DIY Christmas Candle Holder

DIY Christmas Candle Holder

Spice up your Christmas with this candle holder made up of a collection of clear stones.

These are pieces you can make with different colors, depending on the theme for the day. The trick in using many color combinations is to get different effects as the candles glow through the stones.

Source details: onecrazymom.com

4. Fluffy Village Christmas Wreath 

Fluffy Village Christmas Wreath

This fluffy Christmas wreath will serve you well if you want to hang it somewhere it will be visible.

It will look good as a nice little piece of décor that you can have outside, or even inside. Best of all, you won’t have to spend a fortune to create it.

Source details: fynesdesigns.com

5. Ornament Wreath

Ornament Wreath

Away from the basket, you can still keep the tradition going with an ornament wreath which will survive seasons.

I love the versatility that comes with this piece, so unlike the rest which belong to the front door, this can be placed anywhere around your home.

Source details: livelovediy.com

6. Picture Frame Wreath

Picture Frame Wreath

If you love rustic crafts, this is definitely one of those ideas you shouldn’t miss.

It’s simple to create and only needs a few supplies from the dollar store. In just minutes, you’ll have nothing but charm and style hanging on your door.

Source details: smartschoolhouse.com

7. Chalkboard Countdown Plate

Chalkboard Countdown Plate

There’s no better way to bring the fun right into your home during the festive season than having a reminder of the good times ahead.

Instead of spending those dimes on digital timers, you can opt for this countdown plate which you can take turns in updating as a family.

Source details: lizziscreations.blogspot.com

8. Winter Village Snow Jars

Winter Village Snow Jars

All of the stuff you’ll need to create these jars will cost you a couple of bucks at most. However, these snow jars will add that magical element to your décor for Christmas this year.

You’ll need a few jars, spray paint, Epsom salts, which is all available at a dollar store near you.

Source details: kellyelko.com

9. Dollar Tree JOY Plates Art

Dollar Tree JOY Plates Art

This particular one might have you thinking that you probably need to more skills to hack it.

Actually, it’s simpler than it looks and what tops up on the bonuses is how elegant and easy-to-blend it is.

You can also use these plates to switch up your already existing welcoming wall art for a classic festive theme.

Source details: onsuttonplace.com

10. Apothecary Jars

Apothecary Jars

Apothecary jars can be decorated based on what the season is, and Christmas is no exemption.

For this season, white, red and green ornament fills will do the magic for you, but then some glittery ribbons or fillers will also light up the decor.

Once filled, these jars can go anywhere around the house.

Source details: realcreativerealorganized.com

11. Dollar Store Santa Belt Jars

Dollar Store Santa Belt Jars

Basically, you’ll only need a simple jar, a piece of belt, and some really simple stuff to get it done.

But you’ll be amazed at just how nice the end product looks. Just follow the instructions and you can’t go wrong.

Source details: littlehouseoffour.com

12. Dollar Store Winter Vases

Dollar Store Winter Vases

This idea blends everything you can find at a dollar store and puts it into this simple project.

You can combine multiple elements here if you want, and put everything that’s cheap into these jars. But if you arrange the items carefully, they’ll look very nice.

Source details: tarynwhiteaker.com

13. Epsom Salt Luminaries

Epsom Salt Luminaries

This project combines Epsom salt and some jars to create these simple decorations elements that you can use almost anywhere in your home.

They’re incredibly simple to create. And all of the items are available at a dollar store.

So you won’t have to spend a lot to create these amazing luminaries that will light up your home this Christmas.

Source details: remodelandolacasa.com

14. Snowy Mason Jars

Snowy Mason Jars

If you have been saving some jars for recycling and still haven’t figured out what to do with them, heres one way to turn them into something exquisite.

This helps save dollars that you would be spending on new ones and for crafts, it’s all about keeping it beautiful and inexpensive.

Source details: tinybitzofme.blogspot.com

15. Wire Hanger Christmas Wreath

Wire Hanger Christmas Wreath

Did you know that you can use something as simple as a wire hanger to create a nice Christmas wreath?

This idea will cost you close to zero, and yet it will look nice. A lot of it depends on what type of decorations you put onto the wreath.

But it should still look quite nice, no matter what decorations you put on top of it.

Source details: delightfullynotedblog.com

16. Dollar Store Fishbowl Snowman

Dollar Store Fishbowl Snowman

Look at this cute snowman! You can create it with just a couple of fishbowls, some faux snow, and some simple decorations that you can use to put on top of the snowman.

It’s a cute little snowman that will light up your home this Christmas no matter where you put it.

Source details: yesterdayontuesday.com

17. Gift Box Ornament

Gift Box Ornament

Instead of decorating your Christmas tree with ornaments, you can replace that with gift boxes. This is a great twist to both your décor and gifting life.

The boxes cost way lower than regular ornaments at the dollar store, and this is a plus considering how simple the rest of materials required are.

Source details: cleanandscentsible.com

18. DIY Fur Letters

DIY Fur Letters

This is for those who want to do something differently, away from the traditional JOY art.

This craft is versatile and can blend with your wall as display and also add a unique touch to your mantel or shelves.

If you can’t lay your hand on faux fur, you can replace it with any fabric of your choice.

Source details: placeofmytaste.com

19. Snowy Pinecone Candle Jars

Snowy Pinecone Candle Jars

You’ll be able to make these pretty snowy candle jars that will look just like they are covered in fresh snow.

This is perfect for the holiday days, because it will remind you of the white Christmas if you don’t have snow during Christmas in your area.

But above all, it costs very little and it looks amazing, so take advantage of this project now.

Source details: craftsbyamanda.com

20. Waterless Snow Globes

Waterless Snow Globes

It’s time to give your coffee table, desk or cabinet a festive touch with this DIY centerpiece.

The best way to cut cost on this item is making use of the items you have at home.

Source details: littleblacklipstick.blogspot.com

21. Dollar Store Christmas Trees

Dollar Store Christmas Trees

If you don’t want to spend money buy Christmas trees this year, then you can make them with items from the dollar store.

And they will look just as nice as the items you buy for Christmas, but these will cost you very little.

These trees can be placed almost anywhere in your home, no matter what type of decorations you prefer.

Source details: oneprojectcloser.com

22. Let it Snow Christmas Wreath

Let It Snow Christmas Wreath

“Let it snow” is the theme of this wreath. And it’s a nice wreath that will remind you and your guests that Christmas is just about the corner.

It’s a very neat wreath that looks awesome. And to top it off, you can easily make it with items that fewer costs.

Source details: thehappyhousie.porch.com

23. Dollar Store Snowman Candles

Dollar Store Snowman Candles

Snowmen and candles are common themes during Christmas. And this decor piece covers both of them in this simple but also unique idea.

You can create nice candles with some very simple and cheap décor pieces. These candles will bring that Christmas spirit to your home no matter where you put them.

Source details: goodhousekeeping.com

24. Tea Light Snowman Ornaments

Tea Light Snowman Ornaments

Candles for the silent night? These pieces of tea light ornaments are a great upgrade for ordinary candles.

You don’t have to keep worrying about your safety when with this, so you can keep them on for as long as the batteries can withstand.

Source details: https://onelittleproject.com

25. Festive Dioramas

Festive Dioramas

I consider this option to be a simpler version of apothecary jars. Instead of jar cans, here you’ll need wine glasses and assorted ornaments.

You can adorn your dinner table, mantel or shelves with the end products and of course there’s no better way to make it more festive than with candles.

Source details: popsugar.com

26. Mason Jar Lid Snow Globe

Mason Jar Lid Snow Globe

It’s easy to create mason jars just like this one. You only need some simple accessories to get them done.

And they look very nice, as they will fit almost any type of Christmas decor you might have at home.

Source details: smartschoolhouse.com

27. Dollar Store Craft Christmas Tree Decoration

Dollar Store Craft Christmas Tree Decoration

The tradition still has to be kept and that’s why Christmas trees aren’t going anywhere soon.

When creatively decorated like this piece, you won’t have to worry about the hassles of creating any other festive decoration.

A bonus here is that it also doubles up as a unique Christmas craft hat.

Source details: craftklatch.com

28. Deer Snow Globe Ornament

Deer Snow Globe Ornament

Do you like deers? Then you can create a nice little ornament just like this one yourself.

It does take some DIY skills, but it’s a pretty basic type of décor that won’t take you a lot of time or money to complete.

Try this budget idea this year, and you will see just how nice this product can become with some trying.

Source details: pitterandglink.com

29. Tea Light Wine Glass Decoration

Tea Light Wine Glass Decoration

This is one of the most attractive ways to light your space using candles especially if you’re a last-minute person when it comes to decorations.

It actually brings in warmth on those cold and dreary days, that way you get to spend some good time with your guests.

Source details: craftideas.info

30. Dollar Tree Christmas Votive Holders

Dollar Tree Christmas Votive Holders

This is a small decoration tree. It’s a simple decoration idea that you should try this Christmas. Plus, it looks very nice with some additional decoration inspiration from you.

Source details: littlehouseoffour.com

31. Snowflakes Door Hanger

Snowflakes Door Hanger

With few packages of snowflakes, you can have this ready in minutes. The trick is to pick different patterns, sizes and colors so that the decor is distinct and unique.

Place this on your door, wall or anywhere you can have a look at it and be reminded of how creative you are.

Source details: raeofsparkles.com

32. Christmas Lantern

Christmas Lantern

Fifteen minutes of your time and less than ten dollars from your pocket is all you need to piece this Christmas lantern together.

It’s a favorite list of my crafts to try because the outcome entirely depends on what color you paint the frame and also what you put inside it.

Source details: prudentpennypincher.com

33. Wine Bottles Display

Wine Bottles Display

After emptying those wine bottles then what next? You can now turn them into snowy display bottles in preparation for the festivities.

Apart from highlighting your centerpiece, you can also turn these into candle holders, in case you’re using long candles.

Source details: cleverlyinspired.com

34. Dollar Store Christmas Swags

Dollar Store Christmas Swags

If you’re pressed for money this Christmas, you can create a nice little wreath like this one.

It consists of mostly low-cost items, and it’s quite easy to make. It’s best when you put it outside, although it can be placed almost anywhere within your home, too.

Source details: celebrateanddecorate.com

35. DIY Berry Wreath

DIY Berry Wreath

Do you love berries? Well, this Christmas is the time to try new ideas that are low-cost, and berries can be used to create awesome décor from scratch.

Source details: thatswhatchesaid.net

36. Letter & Twine Wine Bottles

37. DIY Painted Christmas Sign

DIY Painted Christmas Sign

Source details: landeeseelandeedo.com

38. Fish Bowl Snowman

Fish Bowl Snowman

Source details: smartschoolhouse.com

39. Snowball Votive Candle Holders

Snowball Votive Candle Holders

Source details: justanotherhangup.blogspot.com

40. Dollar Tree Christmas Candles

Dollar Tree Christmas Candles

Source details: passionatepennypincher.com

41. Snowy DIY Christmas Village

Snowy DIY Christmas Village

Source details: confessionsofaplateaddict.blogspot.com/

42. Dollar Tree Mason Jar Christmas Snow Globe

Dollar Tree Mason Jar Christmas Snow Globe

Source details: foxhollowcottage.com

Final Thoughts

If you’re on a budget this Christmas, these ideas will help you create awesome décor pieces. All of these items are available in dollar stores, so you should be able to get them easily.

Which idea do you like most? Let us know in the comments, please share the article if you liked it with your friends and family.

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