45 DIY Plant Stand Ideas For Indoor and Outdoor

DIY Plant Stand Ideas

A plant stand is necessary for any plant lover. Or simple way, you’re just looking for a piece of furniture for your house.

How can you make one by yourself? This can be a quite difficult task for those who have never tried to carry out handcraft projects before.

Don’t worry! Here are 45 DIY plant stand ideas that will be a great help for you.

Let’s start to discover!

1. Corner DIY Plant Stand

Corner DIY Plant Stand

This design will help make the most of the empty corners in your room. With the triangular shape, you have quite a bit of space to put your potted plants on.

To make the shelf’s surface, you need to cut out 2 14-inch-side triangles from 22mm plywood. The 3 legs are 31 inches long, coming from 1×2 wood.

Project details: bobvila.com

2. Four-leg Plant Stand

Four-Leg Plant Stand

If you’re looking for a simple and easy-to-follow one, don’t miss this idea. It will be a great one to decorate right on your front porch.

You need to prepare 2 cedar posts of 2x3x8 type. You then cut them into segments of different sizes, one after another, before reassembling them with pocket holes screws.

Project details: shanty-2-chic.com

3. DIY 2×4 Plant Stand

DIY 2x4 Plant Stand

For those who are keen on large and multi-using-purpose ones, they’ll fall in love with this “shelf”. Even without the plant, you can use it for another purpose, as a bookshelf, for example.

There are two main components in this design, the board and the legs. You will customize their size from 2×2 and 2×10 wood to best suit your trees.

Project details: girljustdiy.com

4. DIY Modern Plant Stand

DIY Modern Plant Stand

Instead of all wooden shelves, adding a combination of ceramic tile will make the overall look more harmonious and eye-catching. This design is suitable for any space in your home.

You can customize the height of the 4 legs and cut it from 5/8-inch wood. 2 connecting rods are 11 inches long from 5/8-inch wood, and two connecting rods are 10 inches long from 1/8-inch wood.

Don’t forget the four brass corner braces and one piece of equal size brick.

Project detail: homeyohmy.com

5. Wood Slide Plant Stand

Wood Slide Plant Stand

We love the natural and rustic beauty of this design. The components are also extremely easy to buy; why not give them a try?

In addition to the wood slide, which you can buy at craft stores, you’ll need a 1/4-inch dowel and three 3-inch metal T plates. You have to cut the dowel into 3 segments to make the pillar with the height you desire.

Project detail: lilyardor.com

6. Box-shaped Plant Stand

Box-Shaped Plant Stand

We highly recommend the box-shaped plant stand for heavy plants. This design is quite sturdy and durable for long-term bearing.

There will be no top board to place the pot, but it will fit snugly into the “box.” That’s why you need to measure your plant carefully to make the right size.

This plan stand is ideal for the garden, porch, as well as great for indoors.

Project details: bitterrootdiy.com

7. Mid-century Plant Stand

Mid-Century Plant Stand

This compact plant stand looks quite complicated with cut curved, but in fact, this project only takes you about 30 minutes.

It’s also very easy to disassemble and store when not in use. Choose a timber that is about 5.5 x 19.6 inches and spans about 1/2 inch. You should use a jigsaw to cut semi-circles for creating curved legs.

After cutting it into 2 equal parts, you only need to cut 2 notches to put them together.

Project details: burkatron.com

8. DIY Wooden Plant Stands

DIY Wooden Plant Stands

To bring the breath of fresh air into your space, this rustic plant stand can be a great choice. It’s natural and not too old that balances your room’s aesthetic.

This project calls for 3/4 x 3/4 square hardwood, 1×2 pines, 1/4 wooden dowels, and other tools as a hack saw, drill, Kreg jig, and wood glue. The cutting steps are also very easy that you can do without too much skill.

Also, you can easily customize sizes shorter or taller to fit.

Project details: heytherehome.com

9. Hanging Plant With Chalkboard

Hanging Plant With Chalkboard

You may find this idea quite familiar. Coffee shops prefer it because they can easily note greetings on the chalkboard. Why don’t you take it to your porch?

We will have 2 long wooden bars and 3 shorter ones to make a wooden frame, followed by 2 rectangular plywood sheets for the chalkboard and base. The sizes you choose to fit your space best.

Paint to cover when finished and hooks to hang the tree are also the two important parts that are indispensable.

Project details: rachelteodoro.com

10. Short Three-leg Plant Stand

Short Three-Leg Plant Stand

Its uniqueness makes us fall in love at first sight. With only 1 inch wooden dowel, you can completely make this handcraft project.

A must-have part is a 30-degree triangle from 3 equal wooden bars. Then attach this triangle with 3 more wooden legs, and you’re done.

Project details: uglyducklinghouse.com

11. T-shaped Wooden Plant Stand

T-Shaped Wooden Plant Stand

We think you should consider this 3-leg stand because it doesn’t take too much time and is very aesthetic. The connectors between the 3 pins will have a T-shape.

1.5 x 1.5 wood is an indispensable material. Cut them into 9 small pieces of different sizes and then assemble them with 8 double edge screws. You should modify sizes to fit with your planter

Project details: livefreecreative.co

12. Tiered Hanging Pots

Tiered Hanging Pots

Apart from placing potted plants in the corner of the room or on the balcony, hanging plants is ideal for saving space and refreshing your home space. Let’s try now with this project.

Depending on the number and size of your potted plants, you will prepare the corresponding number of wooden boards and long enough wire.

When drilling holes in the wood for the pots, keep in mind that the edges should be at least 3/4 to 1 inch off.

Project details: designsponge.com

13. Simple DIY Copper Plant Stand

Simple DIY Copper Plant Stand

Plant stands made of copper have the advantage of being lighter than wood, will not be a termite, and are also very durable. You only need about 20 minutes to complete this stand.

In total, its main materials are just copper pipe (62 inches), copper tees (8 pieces), and copper caps (8 pieces). You use a tubing cutter to cut your pipes.

After pairing them to form the connector and the legs, let the glue dry before using.

Project details: diyinpdx.com

14. Nesting Plant Stand

Nesting Plant Stand

A plant stand that looks like a chair? You didn’t hear wrong! This instruction will guide you on how to do it! Be careful in each step to utilize it for many different purposes.

You will use the 1×2, 1×3, and 1×4 boards to make the legs and base. Of course, you can adjust any height to fit your spaces.

Project details: housefulofhandmade.com

15. Outdoor Multiple-Plant Stand

Outdoor Multiple-Plant Stand

We have a great suggestion for your garden. With its sturdy construction and large size, this plant stand will be sturdy against the weather and hard to topple over.

This design same as the ladder style. When cutting the lattice in half, do it with proper care to avoid breaking the wooden stick.

Then, attach two halves together with two hinges. You need to measure the pine board with dimensions of 2.5 feet and 3.5 feet to attach them to the stand.

Project details: hearthandvine.com

16. Outdoor Plant Stand with Arbor

Outdoor Plant Stand With Arbor

A large project like this will take a lot of time and effort to complete. But it’s worth it to give your patio or garden such a masterpiece.

It’s advisable to follow the execution order to build the frame in the form of a 2×2 wooden plant box. Then prepare the fence pickets, fit them with the cladding, and finally complete the shelf.

Project details: thehandymansdaughter.com

17. DIY Concrete Plant Stand

DIY Concrete Plant Stand

Concrete stand sounds weird, but why not? It gives a fresher look to your space while you don’t need too much time to take care of this stand type.

Unleash your creativity with a concrete base, it can be any size and shape you like. Regarding the legs, we suggest using a dowel with a length of 16 inches for each one.

Project details: dwellinginhappiness.com

18. Tiered Plant Stand

Tiered Plant Stand

DIYers are looking for a compact plant stand that does not take up much space, this is something they should not miss. Although simple, it stands out with multiple layers of different heights.

Material preparation will not waste you too much time with the main one being 1×2 wood. Just need to prepare 16 20-inch pieces and 27 10-3/4-inch pieces and you’ve completed more than half of your project.

Project detail: familyhandyman.com

19. DIY Midcentury Plant Stand With Hairpin Legs

DIY Midcentury Plant Stand With Hairpin Legs

Hairpin legs make the overall look less heavy and more refined. No matter if your room’s style is modern or classic, this design will fit your spaces well.

Square pieces of wood can be 12 inches or 14 inches long depending on the type you choose, for example, plywood, scrap wood, and so on.

Hairpin legs should be of 6 inches type, which is the most ideal for this design.

Project details: bybrittanygoldwyn.com

20. DIY Tiered Stand Plant Use Scrap Wood

DIY Tiered Stand Plant Use Scrap Wood

While choosing a design to fill in the gap in the corner, this plant stand will catch your eye. It’s elegant, modern and makes the room look a lot brighter.

With 1×6 scrap wood will be cut into 1 piece of 27 inches long (mainboard) and 2 pieces of 6 inches long (shelves). Cut more scrap wood type 2×2 into 2 pieces 24 inches long to assemble them into a tiered stand.

Project details: anikasdiylife.com

21. Copper And Wood Plant Stand

Copper And Wood Plant Stand

Need more compact-design plant stand ideas? This one will allow you to place it on a shelf, right on a table, or anywhere with very little space.

Its base is a 1×6 wood board with a side size of 6 inches (you can choose to make a square or a triangle). Use 3/4-inch dowels to form 12-inch legs, and you attach them to the base with copper screws.

Project details: livefreecreative.co

22. Mid-Century Tall Plant Stand

Mid-Century Tall Plant Stand

Another good idea for the corner of your home is a mid-century plant stand. It is thin, tall, light, and more suitable for plants that are not too heavy.

Pre-cut wooden circles 3/4-inch thick are available at the store or you can cut circles by using a jigsaw. Then you need 2 of them with recommended sizes are about 10 inches to 12 inches. Make 4 legs from 3/4 or 1-inch square dowel with a height of 28 inches.

Finally, measure suitable positions and attach 2 circles to the legs as shelves for your planters.

Project details: abeautifulmess.com

23. Wooden Ladder Plant Stand

Wooden Ladder Plant Stand

Do you have a lot of small potted plants, and they take up a lot of space in your room? You’ve met your savior! With 3 shelves as ladder, you’ll have as much space as you expected.

3 shelves 28.5 inches long will come from a 1×8 board. The frame utilizes a 1×2 board and appears in the form of a right triangle so you can place it against the wall.

Project details: themerrythought.com

24. Rolling Plant Caddy

Rolling Plant Caddy

A portable and movable plant stand is worth your investment of effort and money. It will be a great assistant in moving plants from place to place as well as cleaning.

Started implementing this project with 6 12 inch long 1×2 wooden slats and 2 1×4 wooden slats also 12 inches long. Don’t forget the 4 casters with the right weight to fit into the base.

Project details: bybrittanygoldwyn.com

25. Tiny Ladder Plant Stand

Tiny Ladder Plant Stand

Looking for a compact plant stand that you can place in the kitchen? This one will satisfy you with its useful design.

What should you prepare? They’re:
● 1×2 wood: 8 feet
● 1×4 wood: 10 inch
● 1×6 wood: 10 inch

You will cut them into parts to make the A-frame, the floors, and connect them. You can utilize it to decorate plants and other kitchen items at the same time such as cups, soap bottles, etc.

Project details: myhappysimpleliving.com

26. Upcycled Drawer Plant Stand

Upcycled Drawer Plant Stand

Recycle and do woodwork in a project! This is a cost-saving choice when we can use old items available in the house.

Work the magic and turn old drawers into a plant stand (or you can call it a folding table) with 2 “eyes” that are quite unique and adorable. Box’s size you choose should not be too big for the foldable table.

Don’t forget to check its weight and the table’s bearing capacity to avoid damage caused by overload.

Project details: happytogetherbyjess.com

27. Pottery Barn Inspired Plant Stand

Pottery Barn Inspired Plant Stand

Do you love classic style with meticulous details? This idea will delight you! It is a great option for your living room’s corner or patio.

Make the 4 pillars from 2×4 cedar about 1 5/8 inch wide. You will need a little time assembling the parts with meticulousness, especially about legs to enhance their sturdiness.

Project details: thenavagepatch.com

28. Vertical DIY Plant Stand

Vertical DIY Plant Stand

You can follow the available steps or use additional paint to customize this plant stand. It reminds you of a welcome board, perfect for placing it on your doorstep.

Cut these pieces from 2×2 wood to make the frame, including two pieces in 13 inches, 65 inches, and 12 inches in turn. You can decorate up to 3 or 4 potted plants. There is nothing more wonderful than that.

What you need to keep in mind is to measure the circumference of the cane before making the iron rings to ensure the right size.

Project details: angelamariemade.com

29. Multicolor Round Plant Stand

Multicolor Round Plant Stand

Don’t like simple wood colors? A multicolor base will make your space less tedious and more lively. That’s why you should take a look at this plant stand plan.

Its circular board is something you can easily buy at any handicraft store. Choose your favorite paint color along with 4 2-inch furniture legs to process it. This project is perfect for beginners.

Project details: thediyplaybook.com

30. Simple Wooden Plant Stand

Simple Wooden Plant Stand

Simple but aesthetic and durable are what this design brings. Give it a go if you are looking for an idea for your garden.

First, prepare a 1×12 piece of wood at least 3.5 feet in size. The rounded base’s size is totally customizable and the base of the cross should be at least 2 inches longer than the diameter of your round one. You can easy to put them together.

Project details: abeautifulmess.com

31. Marble Plant Stand

Marble Plant Stand

The woodwork’s marble surface adds elegance to your space and offsets the black color of the wood. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s also easy to clean and carry.

From 3×4 lumber, you cut it into 8 pieces 7.5 inches long, 4 pieces 17 inches long, and 1 square piece 7.5 inches long. Don’t forget to prepare the paint color to create the marble-like effect and black stain for the legs.

Project details: lilyardor.com

32. Long Wooden Plant Stand

Long Wooden Plant Stand

Window guards are always the best place to catch the sun. And this short stand will help your plants absorb this light better. It’s also extremely beautiful when decorating your space.

Its 4 base legs should start at 5.5 inches tall to fit the windows. The wooden board size is 9.25 inches wide and 5.5 feet long, or you can adjust the length according to your window size.

Project details: eliseblaha.typepad.com

33. Rustic Round Wood Plant Stand

Rustic Round Wood Plant Stand

Small houses need furniture with a space-saving design. Take this design two-tiered to hold two potted plants from small to medium. It’s easy to build.

2 pieces of arbitrary-size round wood, 4 wooden sticks with the same length as the circle size, and 4 long wooden bars to make legs are what you need.

If you’re wondering, you can multiply the circle’s size by 4 to get the leg’s length.

Project details: themerrythought.com

34. Plant Pot Shelf

Plant Pot Shelf

With a mid-century style, you will feel that this design is classic but also modern and suitable for many backgrounds.

7/8-inch dowel rods are ideal for its 4 legs, and the joints are the 1/2-inch type. Because you will use wood glue to attach the details, please note that the tree’s weight shouldn’t be too large.

Project details: retrorenovation.com

35. A-frame Folding Plant Stand

A-Frame Folding Plant Stand

The A-frame building with 4 tiers will be handy for a large number of pots. It’s also quite durable for long-term use, and you can put it both inside and outside the house.

Process the A-frame from 2 2×4 wooden slats of 72 inches. And the bases for each tier will be 20 inches, 32 inches, 34 inches, and 36 inches, respectively.

Project details: createdbyv.com

36. Marble And Copper Plant Stand

Marble And Copper Plant Stand

Compact yet striking, that’s why we love this project so much. Copper tubes and porcelain floor tile won’t take much of time and effort to clean.

For the base, you use plywood of 10 x 10 inches and porcelain floor tile size 12×12 inches. The 3 legs are 10-inch copper tubes and the last step is to attach them together.

Project details: foxtailandmoss.com

37. Plywood DIY Plant Stand

Plywood DIY Plant Stand

With only about 15 minutes and without too many materials, the idea is worth trying right away. This design looks stand out and natural when using plywood.

Customize the round base size according to your crop size. The 2 bases are 2 rectangular pieces of wood with arbitrary height and width 2 inches wider than the circle’s diameter.

Project details: themerrythought.com

38. Outdoor Two-tier Plant Stand

Outdoor Two-Tier Plant Stand

Not all design has its handles and this is one of those few. We often use this idea for plants that are heavy and slightly large.

The strong construction is thanks to the cedar pickets of 5.5”x 5/8” x 6’. This thickness is robust enough to withstand quite a huge weight.

Its teak oil layer is another secret for the durability of this stand, protecting it from any damages from sun and weather when you put it outdoor.

Project details: handmadeweekly.com

39. Mid Century Double-circle Plant Stand

Mid Century Double-Circle Plant Stand

Putting a tree pot in front of the house with this double-circle stand is a good idea. It is a unique and more novel project. You’re allowed to choose your color, whatever makes you feel satisfied.

Prepare 2 18-inch side square pieces of 3/4 wood to cut the 2 circles by using a jigsaw. Don’t forget 4 tapered legs to complete this stand.

Project details: h2obungalow.com

40. Triple-tier Outdoor Plant Stand

Triple-Tier Outdoor Plant Stand

Here is another versatile project for you. The usability of this product is highly appreciated.

Its top 2 shelves allow you to store small plants, and the bottom layer is for larger pots or tools like small hoe or rake.

The wood details include:
● 1×12 wood: 3 pieces of 30 inches long
● 1×3 wood: 4 pieces of 30 inches long, 4 pieces of 9-3/4 inches long
● 2×4 wood: 4 pieces of 45 inches long

You will then rearrange them in order from the top to the bottom floor.

Project details: hydrangeatreehouse.com

41. Modern A-Frame Plant Stand

Modern A-Frame Plant Stand

For those who love modern in furniture, this idea will meet your needs. It will brighten up your front entrance, make everything more eye-catching.

You will want to display little cute pots like cactus, stone Lotus, etc., on this stand.

And even if you don’t use it anymore, it’s not bad to use it for other purposes such as for miscellaneous items. Its design is also easy to move around so you don’t have to worry about this.

Project details: handmade-haven.com

42. DIY Three-tier Corner Plant Stand

DIY Three-Tier Corner Plant Stand

Not fitting the bigger tree pots, but this design gives you much space to place 5 or more plants.

Yet it looks like 2 stairs placed together, delicate enough to become a new decoration on your front porch.

Each layer in advance with self-adjusting dimensions is from 2×4 wood. Arranging them together may be the most difficult step before finishing with a layer of painting coat.

Project details: charlestoncrafted.com

43. Multi-tier Tall Plant Stand

Multi-Tier Tall Plant Stand

We chose the multi-tier design with the purpose of decorating a variety of plants. As you can see, the trees are often different heights, and designing a single tier will bring inconvenience.

On the crossbar, you can attach additional hooks or strings to hang the pots. It will be extremely space-saving and highly aesthetic with vines.

Lumber is the main material you need to prepare in large quantities to make the frame and edge with the corresponding size. Sanding and coating will give a better look and more durability.

Project details: bybrittanygoldwyn.com

44. Slatted White Plant Stand

Slatted White Plant Stand

The space between the two large floors and the gap between the wooden slats is the advantage of this design. You will feel more like open space that you can place more plants.

It’s advisable to adjust the gap between the wood bar isn’t too big. Under 1 inch is a great choice to give the plant pots best balance.

Don’t forget to paint the wood before attaching them to protect them better in environment conditions. Apart from a plant stand, you can use it as a shoe shelf if you don’t use it.

Project details: charlestoncrafted.com

45. Two-tone Wooden Plant Stand

Two-Tone Wooden Plant Stand

It looks as simple as 2 steps of a stair, and the main feature is very easy to clean and carry. Any space in the house, even the narrowest, is not a challenge with this stand.

Cut 2 pieces of 10 x 2-1/2” wood, and you need to prepare 2 more pieces of L-shaped wood to make the stair design. Attaching isn’t a challenge, but it would be better if you pay more attention to get the best sturdy.

Project details: modpodgerocksblog.com


And that’s all about 45 DIY plant stand ideas. This list is for you to have more suggestions to carry out your projects.

Which one idea do you like most? If you’re still concerned, don’t hesitate to read these lists again before making a final decision.

Spend your weekend, and you have a new space for your lovely plants and a new decor as well.

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