56 DIY Bird Feeders Ideas and Plans

There are a lot of ways to design, build, and decorate a bird feeder. You can make by yourself one with your creative minds, or simply refer to the top 56 ideas and plans of us in this article!

These 50 ideas are very easy to follow! Just have a quick look and you are already able to build one bird feeder that looks the same!

So, let’s get started!

56 DIY Bird Feeders Ideas and Plans

Table of Contents

1. DIY Bird Feeder | 100 Things 2 Do

DIY Bird Feeder

You don’t need to buy expensive materials to build a bird feeder! Instead, with some old tools and natural supplies around your place, you can already build a simple and warm birdhouse!

The feeder idea of the 100 Things 2 Do will be a good example that you can learn from!

You will build a feeder in the shape of a small house with wood. After that, you will add a strong rope onto the top of this house in order to hang it up high.

You can attract number of birds with this feeder including the blue jays, cardinals, finches, sparrows, and doves.

Also, you can see the best bird feeder for blue jays to attract the variety of seed eating birds.

2. Window Bird Feeder | Ana White

Window Bird Feeder

The second idea you can refer to is the Window Feeder of Ana White. What you need to do is build a feeder that has the shape of the front side of a house.

After that, you will stick the feeder on your glass wall, so that it looks like a window!

3. DIY Chick-Bird Feeder | The Garden Roof Coop

DIY Chick-Bird Feeder

What can you do with an old chick-feeder, a flat plate, and a hook? Well! The Garden Roof Coop will show you how to rebuild it into a bird feeder!

By assembling all these parts together and hanging the combination up high, you will give the birds a great food place to visit!

4. DIY Bird Feeder From A Flower Pot | All Things Heart And Home

DIY Bird Feeder From A Flower Pot

Do you know that the flower pot is also a great material to build a birdhouse?

The All Things Heart And Home will teach you how to make a food house for birds from a flower pot and some terra cotta saucers!

Inside the pot, you will place a half-cut bottle to hold the bird food. Here is the most difficult part of the job because you will need to combine the bottle with a hook (attached to the bottom saucer).

After that, drill a hole in the middle of the top saucer and let the hook go through it. When you hang the feeder up high, the hook will keep all the saucers and the pot closed together.

5. DIY Bird Feeder | Sow And Dipity

DIY Bird Feeder | Sow And Dipity

Never throw an empty wine bottle away because you can recycle it to make a food storage for the birds!

You can learn how to build this small outdoor house from a glass bottle and some wood pieces with the instruction from the Sow And Dipity.

6. Bottle Bird Feeder | How To Special List

Bottle Bird Feeder

The How To Specialist has another idea for a bottle bird feeder!

However, this design requires you to use a few more expensive materials and do some measurement works.

In exchange, you will get a more beautiful bottle food house!

The concept of this project is to assemble all pieces of lumber woods together. You will need to measure and cut the top wood piece carefully so that it will be able to hold a glass bottle upside down.

7. Mason Jar Bird Feeder | Scout Life

Mason Jar Bird Feeder

With a pine board, a jar, and some ropes, you can make a warm birdhouse to feed the birds during the cold season of the year.

Although this idea from Scout Life requires many measurements and special tools, it is still very simple to do!

8. Bird Feeder DIY Craft | Just Short Of Crazy

Bird Feeder DIY Craft

Just Short Of Crazy gives you another low-cost bird feeder idea! You just need to prepare a metal mesh, 2 ceramic saucers, a hook.

These materials won’t cost you an arm and a leg, and are very sturdy to protect the food for the birds!

9. DIY Tea Cup Bird Feeder | Mommy Moment

DIY Tea Cup Bird Feeder

If you want to feed only small birds such as blue jay, house finch, mourning dove, chickadee, etc.,

The DIY TeaCup Feeder by the Mommy Moment is a good idea to learn from!

All you have to do is attach a small tea cup, a tea plate, and a hook together. Because the size of this feeder is quite small, only the tiny birds can reach it and get the food.

10. Vintage Teacup Bird Feeders | The Natural Wedding Company

Vintage Teacup Bird Feeders

Also, you can refer to the TeaCup plan of The Natural Wedding CompanyThe Natural Wedding Company. The idea is to use a vintage tea cup instead of a common one to make the feeder!

But you will use a teacup that has a bigger size and a vintage style.

11. Paper Plate Bird Feeder | Happy Hooligans

Paper Plate Bird Feeder

The Paper Plate idea of the Happy Hooligans is really simple to make! Even children can follow the idea without any trouble!

What you need to prepare is just a paper plate and a paper plate holder. Carefully put the plate into the holder. And then, attach 3 ropes to the holder and hang them up high.

Only with these 2 steps, you have already made a beautiful food table for the birds!

12. Pine Cone Bird Feeders | Freebie Finding Mom

Pine Cone Bird Feeders

Besides good materials for decoration, pine cones are also ideal for making bird feeders.

The Freebie Finding Mom shares with you some great techniques to add bird food onto every crack part of the pine cone.

13. DIY Wooden Bird Feeder | Skip To My Lou

DIY Wooden Bird Feeder

In case you want to make a professional bird feeder, the Skip To My Lou has a good plan for you.

Follow the page to learn how to make a durable birdhouse from craft woods and glue!

Specifically, you will assemble all wood pieces together to form a shape of a house front side. The rest thing is to stick the feeder on the window and wait for the birds to come!

14. Automatic Bird Feeder | Woodworking For Me Remortals

Automatic Bird Feeder

Do you like modern pet food bowls? If yes, you definitely have to see the idea of the Woodworking For Me Remortals for an automatic bird feeder!

This tool will release the food automatically whenever the birds drop on it.

15. Bird Feeder With Citrus Peels | Tree Hugger

Bird Feeder With Citrus Peels

Citrus and orange peels can also be used to make birdhouses. You can check out this cool idea and learn how to build a citrus peel house with the step by step instruction of the Tree Hunger!

16. Glass Soda Bottle Bird Feeder | Birds And Blooms

Glass Soda Bottle Bird Feeder

Not only wine bottles but glass soda bottles can also be a great material for a feeder.

This concept of Birds And Blooms is similar to the 3rd idea of the Garden Roof Coop on our list. The different thing is that you will use a soda bottle instead of a big conventional bottle.

17. DIY Bird Feeder | Wood It’s Real

DIY Bird Feeder | Wood It’s Real

The Wood It’s Real always has tons of ideas that help you increase your woodworking techniques.

Of course, its idea for DIY Bird Feeder is not an exception. You can follow them to learn constructing and mounting this feeder onto your wall.

Instead of hanging, you will install this feeder onto your wall. The solid mount will allow the feeder to withstand heavyweight and stand still, no matter how many birds land on it!

18. Wooden Bird Feeder Plans | My Carpentry

Wooden Bird Feeder Plans

My Carpentry is also a place where you can learn to make a good wooden feeder. This page will teach you to make a bird food table using only old fence boards!

This project will be very friendly to your budget, as the required materials are just old wood pieces, a few nails, and some pieces of aluminum screen.

19. Platform Bird Feeder | How To Specialist

Platform Bird Feeder

The How To Specialist has another great idea to attract tiny singing birds.

But this time, there will be no bottle needed for the project. Instead, this Platform feeder will require your woodworking skills!

20. Wine Bottle Bird Feeder | Rogue Engineer

Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

Do you want to make an elegant bird feeder from a wine bottle and woods? Alright! Let the Rogue Engineer show you the way!

This page has the coolest idea for making a bird feeder that looks like a wine box set.

The feeder will be divided into 2 parts. One part is to hold the big body of the wine glass. The other holes the small neck of the bottle.

21. Cozy Cabin DIY Bird Feeder | Birds And Blooms

Cozy Cabin DIY Bird Feeder

If you want to try making some things different than other usual DIY feeders, the Birds And Blooms will give you a great idea.

Its design for a thatch-topped feeder is quite rustic and simple, but very beautiful and interesting to make!

22. DIY Colorblock Bird Feeders | Handmade Charlotte

DIY Colorblock Bird Feeders

Try attracting colorful birds to your place by making a bird feeder from empty transparent cylinder tubes!

This design of Handmade Charlotte is so simple that everyone, even kids can follow it!

23. DIY Bird Feeder | Scattered Thoughts Of A Crafty Mom

DIY Bird Feeder | Scattered Thoughts Of A Crafty Mom

It is not necessary to have expensive tools such as saw, board, metal mesh for building bird feeders!

You can follow the Scattered Thoughts Of A Crafty Mom to see its cool idea for a feeder made of glue, paint and simple craft supplies.

24. DIY Bird Feeder | Vintage Revivals

DIY Bird Feeder | Vintage Revivals

Simple but elegant is how we describe the bird feed idea of the Vintage Revivals.

This page teaches you how to reuse different types of empty old bottles to build an elegant food table for the birds.

25. Rustic Log Bird Feeder DIY | House Of Hawthornes

Rustic Log Bird Feeder DIY

Just grab a rustic log, connect it to a rope, and then add some food on it. This is how the House Of Hawthornes teaches you to make a rustic, inexpensive, and beautiful log bird feeder!

26. Gazebo | Family Handyman

Gazebo | Family Handyman

It is such a miss if you don’t try making a Gazebo-style feeder for the birds! The Family Handyman gives you a brilliant idea for an elegant feeder that has the shape of an old wooden pavilion.

27. Bird Feeder | Construct 101

Bird Feeder | Construct 101

The feeder plan of the Construct 101 gives you convenience to feed the birds. There are hinges on top that allow you to add the food with ease. Also, you can control the amount of food through the plexiglass on the sides of the feeder.

28. Cedar Bird Feeder | Ana White

Cedar Bird Feeder

We have found another great idea from Ana White for a Cedar Feeder. The page contains diagrams and a preparation list that support you conveniently building a wooden birdhouse.

This big house contains 2 doors, where you can easily place the food in. The birds can also get into the house through the 2 doors and stay in it during the winter.

29. Log Bird Feeder | Sun Catcher Studio

Log Bird Feeder

You can cut down a big log from a fallen tree and transform it into a tough and beautiful bird feeder!

The concept is really simple to follow! You just need to do the work after the instruction of the Sun Catcher Studio!

30. Simple Macrame Bird Feeder | Delia Creates

Simple Macrame Bird Feeder

Who says that bird tables can not look minimalistic? The Delia Creates will show you the best way to make a simple bird bowl from terra cotta plant saucers, sticky glue, and a cotton twine.

31. DIY Bird Feeder | Simple Joy

DIY Bird Feeder | Simple Joy

No plate, no bottle, no bowl is needed! You just need to make all the food stick together and hang it up high!

This idea of Simple Joy will allow children to easily make the food feeders with safe ingredients and materials.

32. Popsicle Stick Bird Feeders | Tonya Staab

Popsicle Stick Bird Feeders

After seeing the following idea from Tonya Staab, you may want to save some popsicle sticks instead of throwing them away!

As you see, this page has a great idea of combining popsicle sticks with glue to construct a small feeder.

33. Glass Shades Bird Feeder | The Art Of Doing Stuff

Glass Shades Bird Feeder

The Air Of Doing Stuff has impressed us a lot with its design for a bird feeder made of glass shades.

With easy-to-get materials and simple methods, this concept will take you less than 15 minutes to complete it!

34. DIY Glass Bottle Bird Feeders | The Garden Roof Coop

DIY Glass Bottle Bird Feeders

Here comes another great plan from the Garden Roof Coop for glass bottle feeder!

You just need to add nuts, seeds, or any small bird food into a wine glass and hang it up high. The birds will then have a good place to visit and get fed!

35. DIY Bird Feeder | Lowes

DIY Bird Feeder

The Lowes has made great plans for a high-quality, modern, and durable bird feeder.

On total count, you will need to learn from them 14 steps of preparation and 4 steps of construction to build the feeding tool!

36. DIY Simple Bird Feeder | Birds And Blooms

DIY Simple Bird Feeder | Birds And Blooms

This platform feeder of the Birds And Blooms is a combination of simplicity, gazebo, and low price!

Of course, this design is very easy to follow, as you only need to understand the 5 steps of instruction of the page!

37. DIY Flower Pot Bird-Feeder | The Garden Roof Coop

DIY Flower Pot Bird-Feeder

Flower Pot Feeder is not new on this list. But the Garden Roof Coop has made a few changes in the design.

You can refer to this page to make a unique feeder from recycled pot to both feed the birds and decorate your house.

This project requires you to connect 2 saucers and the pot together through a hook.

However, you will not place a bottle inside the pot. Instead, just add the food into the pot and drill some holes on it. The birds will come and peck the seed through them.

38. Upcycled Bird Feeder | Cutesy Crafts

Upcycled Bird Feeder

A cute sample for bird tables we want to introduce to you is the Upcycled style of the Cutesy Crafts.

The materials for this feeder are quite cheap and easy to get. Plus, the concept is not too hard to follow.

This feeder has a flat and wide surface where you put the seed on. All the birds will be able to land on this surface and eat quickly, instead of waiting for the seed to slowly fall down.

39. DIY Bird Feeder | Erin’s Creative

DIY Bird Feeder | Erin’s Creative

You should also try making a DIY Feeder based on the idea of Erin’s Creative.

This feeder design stimulates the shape of a colorful flying umbrella. And the cool thing is, you only need a small tea cup set to do the concept!

40. Mason Jar Log Bird Feeder | Instructables

Mason Jar Log Bird Feeder

What makes the Mason Jar Log Bird Feeder of the Instructables is its rustic and durable design.

You can reuse the log from any fallen tree to make the feeder.

In order to do this concept, you may need to prepare yourself some measuring and woodworking skills.

You should also have protective gloves, because there will be a lot of sawing and drilling works!

41. DIY Wine Bottle Bird-Feeders | The Garden Roof Coop

DIY Wine Bottle Bird-Feeders

The DIY Wine Bottle Feeder has never run out of trendy. We have found another great idea from the Garden Roof Coop for a feeder made of wine bottles.

But this time, the work will be a little more difficult, as you need to measure and drill the glass bottle.

42. Sisal Rope Bird Feeder | Dabbles And Babbles

Sisal Rope Bird Feeder

Everything can be possible if you have a creative mind! With the help of the Dabbles And Babbles, you can easily build by yourself one beautiful and convenient feeder from a food can and a rope.

You will need to cut a soup can into a half. After that, cover the can with the rope and hang it up. There will be a metal stick attached to the feeder for the bird to land on.

43. Bird Feeder | Eighteen 25

Bird Feeder | Eighteen 25

You can join the Eighteen 25 to see a different idea of them for a feeder made of only bird food. This concept is safe and suitable for all people, including children and adults to do together.

What you do is stick all the food together and form it into any shape that you like. After that, hang this food mixture up and wait for the birds to come and peck it!

44. Homemade Bird Feeder from Vintage Teacups | Intimate Weddings

Homemade Bird Feeder From Vintage Teacups

The Intimate Weddings has released another idea for an outdoor vintage teacup feeder.

You can make a big set of this feeder and decorate it at a wedding. This set will then attract a lot of singing birds to the event!

45. DIY Sunflower Tower Bird-Feeder | The Garden Roof Coop

DIY Sunflower Tower Bird-Feeder

With a metal mesh, 2 terra cotta saucers, you are already able to make a feeder in a Sunflower Tower style! The Garden Roof Coop will explain to you the method on how to build this product.

If you notice, this Sunflower Tower feeder has the same style as a Flower Pot feeder. But instead of the flower pot, you will use a metal mesh to make the feeder body.

46. Mason Jar Bird Feeder | Little House Living

Mason Jar Bird Feeder

Do you like Mason Jar Bird Feeder? If yes, don’t miss the idea of the Little House Living!

To do this project, you will combine a Mason jar and a chicken feeder together.

The seeds inside the jar will slowly fall down to the chicken feeder. When the birds come, they will peck the seeds throughout the feeder holes.

47. Acorn Bird Feeder | Tried And True Creative

Acorn Bird Feeder

This Acorn Bird Feeder of the Tried And True Creative is also a good idea that you can refer to. Although the materials are a little difficult to find, the steps to build the feeder are quite easy to follow.

There is only one difficult job in this project. You have to fold the mesh so that it completely fits the wood bowl. Otherwise, when you place the bowl upside down, the mesh may fall out of it.

48. Easy Bird Feeder By Runner Duck

Easy Bird Feeder By Runner Duck

Source: runnerduck.com

49. Cup and Saucer Bird Feeder

Cup and Saucer Bird Feeder

Source: bakerross.co.uk

50. Build A Wine Bottle Bird Feeder By Elizabeth Joan Designs

Build A Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

Source: elizabethjoandesigns.com

51. Mason Jar Lid Bird Feeder

Mason Jar Lid Bird Feeder

Source: ishouldbemoppingthefloor.com

52. Recycled Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

Recycled Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

Source: centsationalstyle.com

53. Make A Cute Window Bird Feeder

Make A Cute Window Bird Feeder

Source: craftinvaders.co.uk

54. DIY Milk Carton Bird Feeders | Boulder Locavore

DIY Milk Carton Bird Feeders

There are a lot of things you can recycle to make a bird feeder. In this project, we share with you an idea of the Boulder Locavore for a feeder made of a milk carton!

This idea is really easy to learn and do after! So, give it a try!

55. Soda Bottle Bird Feeder | Kelly Leigh Creates

Soda Bottle Bird Feeder

Bottle feeders seem to be the most common idea. A food bottle is not only beautiful, but also very safe to the environment.

You can refer to the idea and tutorial of the Kelly Leigh Creates for this type of product!

To do this concept, you need to make holes in the bottle and put spoons through them. The seeds will fall out from the holes onto the large spoon bowls.

When the birds come to this feeder, they will eat the food directly from these spoon bowls.

56. PVC Pipe Homemade Bird Feeder | Birds And Blooms

PVC Pipe Homemade Bird Feeder

Last but not least, we introduce to you the PVC Pipe feeder of the Birds And Blooms.

If you are looking for the idea for a feeder with a large food capacity, this PVC Pipe definitely will have a place in your collection!


With 56 cool ideas and plans in this list, you can now choose the design that you like the most, and start building a bird feeder by yourself!

The tutorial of each idea is not too hard to learn! Make sure that you follow every step carefully while building the feeder!

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