38 DIY Woodworking Projects For Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner! It’s a great time of year – for many, their favorite time of year.

And it’s also the time to get creative, as you’ll want to decore your home and make it even more cheerful.

One of the best ways to do so is to try some simple woodworking projects. If you’re ready to start some woodworking but you’re out of ideas, let us help you out.

Here, we’ll provide you with the 38 best DIY woodworking projects you can try out this Christmas – you’ll be amazed at how simple yet beautiful some of these projects are!

38 DIY Woodworking Projects For Christmas

1. DIY Advent Calendar With Wooden Houses

DIY Advent Calendar With Wooden Houses

This project is a fabulous choice if you want to make something out of wood. Of course, creating an advent calendar is at the top of everyone’s list for Christmas, and you can make this year’s calendar with wooden houses.

It’s something different and unique, and it will fascinate your kids or your family, too.

Project details: sugarandcharm.com

2. Personalized Wood Christmas Sign

Personalized Wood Christmas Sign

Create this personalized wooden Christmas sign which will create an amazing piece of decor for your home. There’s a chance to personalize this sign, as you are able to put almost anything on it. If you want to put something inspirational, go ahead – almost anything goes.

Project details: polkadotchair.com

3. DIY Wooden Christmas Tree

DIY Wooden Christmas Tree

Here’s a simple idea of how you can use leftover wood this year: create this amazing wooden Christmas tree from planks of wood that you can decorate and style it in your own way. It’s an amazing idea to try!

Project details: pillarboxblue.com

4. DIY Scrap Wood Christmas Trees

DIY Scrap Wood Christmas Trees

Got some scrap wood ready? You don’t know what to do with it? Then you can try this project out and see what can you do with scrap wood.

The good thing about it is that you can create little wooden Christmas trees that you can scatter all over your home. They’re incredibly easy to make, too.

Project details: loveandrenovations.com

5. Christmas Countdown Calendar

Christmas Countdown Calendar

Are you counting down days left until Christmas every year impatiently? Then this countdown calendar will help you know exactly how many days there are left until Christmas.

The best thing about it is that you’ll be able to put your woodworking skills to test and create this nice calendar from scratch.

Project details: jenwoodhouse.com

6. DIY Wooden Stocking Door Hanger

DIY Wooden Stocking Door Hanger

Do you have no place to hang your stockings this year? Then you can create this amazing wooden stocking hanger from scratch – all on your own! It looks amazing, and it’s pretty simple to create, too.

Project details: erinspain.com

7. Wooden Christmas Row Houses

Wooden Christmas Row Houses

Look at these wooden houses – they’re so cute, aren’t they? Well, you can create them yourself this year and put them somewhere in your home.

Maybe it’s your living room, or maybe even your kitchen. It will help you create a homely, Christmas feeling in your home.

Project details: thecraftpatchblog.com

8. DIY Wood Slice Christmas Ornaments

DIY Wood Slice Christmas Ornaments

Are you tired of the old generic ornaments you buy in the store? Well, this year, you can do something a little bit different.

You can create your own little ornaments from wood, and decorate them in any way you want. It’s an awesome idea that allows for some creativity, too.

Project details: mountainmodernlife.com

9. DIY Christmas Lantern Post

DIY Christmas Lantern Post

Lanterns can add some illumination to your decor this year, but the problem might occur that you don’t have anywhere to put them.

You can solve this problem easily by creating a wooden lantern post like this. It allows you to hang the lanterns easily, and it will supplement your Christmas tree nicely.

Project details: woodshopdiaries.com

10. Christmas Card Holder

Christmas Card Holder

Are you looking forward to receiving Christmas cards this year? If you receive many of these cards every year, then you can hang them onto this card holder that you can create yourself.

You’ll be able to take a look at the wishes from your friends and family any time you walk past the cardholder.

Project details: blog.consumercrafts.com

11. Let it Snow Marquee Sign

Let It Snow Marquee Sign

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? It might not happen very often (depending on where you live).

But you never know – this year might be your lucky year. A sign like this can definitely get you into the Christmas mood, though.

Project details: pbjstories.com

12. Snowflake Wall Shelf

Snowflake Wall Shelf

This is a very wintery wall shelf, and it will do very nice throughout the whole winter, really. But it will be even better during Christmas.

It’s a nice woodworking project that might take you some time, but the end result is fantastic.

Project details: woodshopdiaries.com

13. DIY Tree Shelf

DIY Tree Shelf

This shelf is similar to the above-mentioned shelf, although this one comes in the shape of a tree rather than a snowflake.

It looks so nice, doesn’t it? In addition to having Christmas trees, you can create a wooden tree like this that you can use as a shelf.

Project details: jaimecostiglio.com

14. Rustic Wooden Sign

Rustic Wooden Sign

If you love a rustic design, then this project is the one for you. Create this wooden sign that you can customize yourself, and you can write almost anything you want on it.

It will look nice in your living room or next to your Christmas tree.

Project details: njsdesigncompany.com

15. DIY Vintage Wooden Sled

DIY Vintage Wooden Sled

Do you love sledding? Everyone has memories of sledding as a kid, and if you’re like that, then you can create a sled on your own, just like this one.

It’s definitely a nice decoration element that will make your exterior even more exciting.

Project details: twelveonmain.com

16. DIY Wooden Planters

DIY Wooden Planters

Here’s another idea that also falls into the exterior category. Create a planter like this, or you can even create several of them so that you’ll be able to plant some of the typical Christmas plants around your home.

Project details: remodelandolacasa.com

17. Wall Mounted Advent Calendar

Wall Mounted Advent Calendar

Christmas is time for having the advent calendar, so you can even create it on your own this year.

This idea is a bit different. It’s meant to be mounted on the wall, but in essence, it’s very easy to make.

The base of it are wooden planks, although you will need somewhere to hang the calendar items.

Project details: thediydreamer.com

18. DIY Outdoor Wreath

DIY Outdoor Wreath

Wreaths are important during Christmas, and you can create a nice one like this for your exterior design.

It has a wooden platform, so you won’t need a place to hang it – you can create a platform like this yourself, too.

Project details: fynesdesigns.com

19. Peppermint Striped Candlesticks

Peppermint Striped Candlesticks

Candles are certainly a popular feature during Christmas. They are used for lighting up your home and creating that Christmas atmosphere.

You can take it a step further and create candlesticks like these to hold your candles easily.

Project details: oldsaltfarm.com

20. Traditional Christmas Mantel

Traditional Christmas Mantel

If you’re after something more traditional, then this mantel will be right up your alley. You should try this out before you think that achieving the classic Christmas look is not possible.

This project is fun with scrap wood and illuminated lumber Santa sleigh sign.

Project details: thekimsixfix.com

21. Tabletop Christmas Trees

Tabletop Christmas Trees

You can create nice little Christmas trees like these this year instead of having just one big tree. Disperse them all over your home for the best effects if you want.

Project details: yellowblissroad.com

22. Wood Bead Garland

Wood Bead Garland

Creating a nice decor in your home is easy, and it’s made even easier by projects like this one.

You can hang this garland anywhere you’d like in your home – perhaps you want it in your living room, or your bedroom. It’s a great project to take on by beginners.

Project details: inspiredbycharm.com

23. DIY Wooden Reindeer

DIY Wooden Reindeer

Reindeers are important for Christmas and Santa, they help him to reach you wherever you might leave.

They are often featured as decor pieces, and you can create one yourself from wood this year – with a project like this.

Project details: hertoolbelt.com

24. Wood Block Christmas Tree

Wood Block Christmas Tree

This small Christmas tree from wooden blocks can be placed almost anywhere in your home, and it would look amazing.

You can also write something inspiration onto the blocks to make you remember that it’s Christmas, magic time of year.

Project details: todayscreativelife.com

25. Believe Rustic Christmas Art

Believe Rustic Christmas Art

If you’re feeling more artistic this year, then you can go with a project like this one.

You’ll be able to create a nice piece of art that you’ll be able to hang almost anywhere in your home. It looks amazing and it’s also quite easy to make.

Project details: triedandtrueblog.com

26. DIY Wooden Nativity Scene

DIY Wooden Nativity Scene

The nativity scene is perhaps the most famous scene of Christmas. And instead of buying the materials, you need to create a scene, you can create it out of wood on your own easily by using a scroll saw.

Project details: realitydaydream.com

27. Rustic Wood Ornaments

Rustic Wood Ornaments

Create rustic wooden ornaments like these ones, and you won’t even have to buy ornaments this year.

Plus, doesn’t it feel more homely if you create ornaments yourself instead of buying some generic ones in the store?

Project details: 504main.com

28. 3D Wood Christmas Tree

3D Wood Christmas Tree

This 3D wood Christmas tree is certainly quite easy to make, you just need some guidance to get it done. It can replace your typical Christmas tree, although it will not shed just like the normal tree does!

Project details: thediydreamer.com

29. Pallet Christmas Tree

Pallet Christmas Tree

Take a look at this rather simple yet nice idea – it’s a Christmas tree made out of wood pallets. If you have some spare ones lying around your home and you don’t know what to do with them, then try this project.

Project details: myrepurposedlife.com

30. Wood Slice Wreath

Wood Slice Wreath

Instead of creating a wreath from trees like everyone else does, you can try something a bit different this year – try this wreath from wooden slices and you won’t be disappointed.

Project details: findinghomefarms.com

31. Santa Logs

Santa Logs

If you’re looking for some outdoor decor, then these nice Santa logs are a fantastic project for you to try.

They also look so cute and nice. Just imagine how nice they would be if you placed them somewhere around your home.

Project details: smartgirlsdiy.com

32. DIY Wooden Snowman

DIY Wooden Snowman

Project details: anikasdiylife.com

33. Rustic Marquee Holiday Tree Sign

Rustic Marquee Holiday Tree Sign

Project details: lollyjane.com

34. Reclaimed Wood Christmas Tree And Star

Reclaimed Wood Christmas Tree And Star

Project details: funkyjunkinteriors.net

35. DIY Christmas Village Using Scrap Wood

DIY Christmas Village Using Scrap Wood

Project details: anikasdiylife.com

36. DIY Scrap Wood Snowman Family

DIY Scrap Wood Snowman Family

Project details: salvagedliving.com

37. DIY Wooden Christmas Tree Shelf

DIY Wooden Christmas Tree Shelf

Project details: woodshopdiaries.com

38. Wood Frame DIY Lighted Christmas Present

Wood Frame DIY Lighted Christmas Present

These Christmas presents are only decoration pieces. But if you’re looking to add some Christmas glow to your home and its exterior, you should definitely try this project out – it’s easy and it looks beautiful.

Project details: christmaslightsetc.com


Which project are you trying this year for Christmas? The great thing is that you’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of woodworking projects, whether you’re a beginner or a more accomplished woodworker.

If you enjoyed the list, please share it with your friends and try one of these projects yourself this Christmas.

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