90 Best DIY Halloween Outdoor Decorations For 2023

Halloween is just around the corner, and everybody is planning on unleashing their cutest and creepiest Halloween décor to trick their homes and make the entire neighborhood stop.

Do you have to break the bank to have the best Halloween vibe? We don’t think so. Here are the 90 best DIY Halloween outdoor decorations that you should try out.

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20 DIY Liquor Cabinet Plans and Ideas

DIY Liquor Cabinet Plans

In the prohibition era, people used to have hidden cellarette to store their liquor. Nowadays, you can proudly present your collection in your home.

Modern liquor cabinets take all shapes and sizes, depending on their purposes and your interior.

However, it can quite be expensive when buying a new one. Because of that, we prepare these DIY liquor cabinet plans for you to build one for your own.

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50 DIY Pallet Coffee Table Ideas

Pallet Coffee Table

Are you looking for more wonderful ideas to create a pallet coffee table by yourself? This article will provide you with what you want!

The pallet is one of the most popular materials that is usually used in DIY or handcraft projects. You can design many pieces of furniture from it, such as bookshelves, chairs, pots, etc., and of course the coffee table.

A coffee table from the pallet will enhance the aesthetic of the whole room. This idea is suitable for people who are keen on the rustic style.

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60 Cool DIY Projects For Men

DIY Projects For Men

A guy needs to make some things. With the 60 DIY projects for men ideas below, we believe that you should be able to personalize your hopulluse completely and other things.

Each of these projects is incredibly useful, so you don’t need to worry about building up some trash.

They are also carefully placed so that the first few ones will be much easier to manage.

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45 DIY Pallet Bar Plans and Ideas You Can Build

Most people consider woodworking a scary and complicated profession to get into.

However, they don’t know that there are interesting and easy woodworking projects, the DIY pallet bar being a prime example.

There are actually a lot of guides to building wooden pallet bars. Nonetheless, most of them either lack clarity.

That is why we have put together this list of the most interesting 45 plans and ideas for your DIY pallet bar.

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130 Best DIY Woodworking Projects For Beginners

Do you want to build something completely new from scratch, but you have little to no woodworking skills?

If so, there are numerous woodworking projects that you can take on. And the best thing is you don’t even have to be a woodworking pro to complete them!

If you’re looking for the best woodworking projects for beginners, then you’re in the right place. We’ll give you some neat project ideas.

From small projects that can take a few minutes to larger projects. You will have full of ideas and inspirations for your next project.

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12 DIY Cat Wheel Plans You Can Build

diy cat wheel

Cats are the most active household pets, never staying still. They can spend hours or days playing catch-me games with stray mice or running around the yard.

Exercise wheels are built for that purpose – to let these cats burn off excess energy without wreaking havoc on your furniture.

But these cat exercise wheels are quite expensive and you don’t want to spend a fortune on these toys.

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15 DIY Cat Shelves Plans You Can Build

DIY Cat Shelves Plans

If you’re a cat lover and looking for a good DIY project, consider one of these 15 DIY cat shelves plans!

With these shelves in the house, your furry friend will have a space all to themselves to climb, play, and relax.

These projects have been carefully curated to suit various DIY skill levels and budgets.

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17 Free DIY Wall Shelves Plans

DIY Wall Shelves Plans

Wall shelves are the go-to storage solution for DIY-ers and people who want to overhaul their space on a budget.

They’re simple to build, practical, and don’t cost an arm and a leg in materials. However, depending on the plan, they can lend your space a beautiful aesthetic that can appeal to any room or anywhere.

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15 Free DIY Jewelry Box Plans and Ideas

DIY Jewelry Box Plans

Every jewelry-wearer will have dealt with the panic of accidentally misplacing an expensive or meaningful piece of jewelry before.

While there’s no good way to stop your treasured items from going absent without leave. But a jewelry box will keep all of your valuables organized and protected.

However, a good jewelry box can cost as much as a nice piece of jewelry itself. Also, finding one with the style and layout you want can be a big challenge.

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