17 DIY Viking Chair Plans You Can Make

Are you a fan of the iconic Vikings series? Let’s transform your space into a mini Viking world. And today, start with building a Viking chair.

If you don’t have any ideas, here are 17 DIY Viking chair plans you can refer to. Be it a first-time or experienced woodworkers, you’ll find at least one project that suits your skill and preference.

Now, let’s scroll down to discover the chair collection and create your favorite design!

17 DIY Viking Chair Plans You Can Make

1. Easily Viking Chair Plan By Jeffs DIY

Easily Viking Chair Plan

With only a 2-inch x12-inch x 96-inch pine board, you can easily make your Viking chair with JeffsDIY’s plan.

Let’s prepare tools like a hand saw, mortise chisel, hatchet, brace, tape measure, large auger bit, saw horse, and hammer.

All you need is to perform basic techniques, for instance, wood split and drill. They help cut the board into 2 pieces and create a suitable joint for crafting.

Because of the simple moves, this plan is especially suitable for beginners. You will take less time to complete the plan. Then, enjoy your comfortable chair.

Project details: jeffsdiy.com

2. One Board Minimalist Viking Chair

One Board Minimalist Viking Chair

Among various Viking chair plans, this one brings you a great basic design. After measuring with tape, you use a circular saw to perform the perfect straight line.

Save your time by cheating the process with a 3-inch piece of scrap. You will drill a hole after marking based on this piece. As a result, each detail is as accurate as professional carpenter products.

Project details: instructables.com

3. Collapsible Viking Camp Chair

Collapsible Viking Camp Chair

Believe it or not, this Viking camp chair only calls for a 2×12 (inch) wood board.

The special thing in this plan is the tips to make your process faster. For example, for the crosscut of the seat board, you can use the hand saw instead of the power tool.

Or, you can use a Forstner bit to drill the majority of mortise waste. It saves a lot of time in creating a hole in the backboard.

Project details: woodandshop.com

4. Pallet Viking chair plan

Pallet Viking Chair Plan

If you happen to find some pallets, it’s time to get your hand busy with this project. You’ll utilize the whole 48-inch pallet for the back and a 42-inch pallet for the seat.

You can make a parabolic cut in the back’s top to increase the smoothness or shape it in a Skull or Heart design for a more attractive chair.

The classical one may be boring, so use this plan to create a unique shape, showing people how much effort in creating your masterpiece.

Project details: 1001pallets.com

5. Viking Chair With Lichtenberg Figure Filled Glow Dark Resin

DIY Viking Chair Plan

Why not add an authentic ancient feel to your home with this 2-in-1 chair?

By applying the Lichtenberg Figure technique, you make the glow decoration plus a normal chair. In the dark, the glow shines the best, providing a fantastic resin appearance.

Please note that you will need 3 ⅜-inch boards to make a 3-layer sandwich for the back and seat.

Project details: 1001pallets.com

6. Viking Chair Plan By My Outdoor Plans

Viking Chair Plan By My Outdoor Plans

You will have accurate parameters for each move at this plan.

To make the seat board, this project shows the total length x width (42 x 11 ¼ inches). For the joint, you can measure by minus 2 inches on each side edge.

After figuring out the joint parameter with 7 ¼ inches, you can apply it to drill the hole at the highest accuracy.

Thus, your final product is as fit as it provides the best seat stability. Also, you should use wood glue to joints so it will increase the sturdiness of structure.

Project details: myoutdoorplans.com

7. Bog Viking Chair Plan

Bog Viking Chair Plan

Choose this plan if you want a special construction. You prepare two wood boards: the seat one is 47.24 and the back has 51.19 inches for this plan.

You will decorate the backboard with a curved design (R80, R68, and R212) and a pointed top, offering a powerful and luxurious appearance.

Moreover, design the bottom with an oval-shaped decoration (R210 and R30). It will bring to an outlook of a Viking leader bog chair.

Project details: craftsmanspace.com

8. Viking Camp Chair Plan By Steve Ramsey

You are looking for a design simple and fun? This colorful chair will please you at best. The process is very easy, apart from the different stains on the chair.

You have to combine two thin wood panels (0.5 inches) to make a thicker board (1 inch). By using wood glue to stick them, you can increase the chair’s endurance.

Also, thin wood boards are always cheaper than thick condensed ones so that you can save your money for a qualified product.

9. Plank Viking Chair Plan By Instructables

Plank Viking Chair Plan

Driftwood planks are the main material of this Viking chair. This wood kind is as durable as it can resist the weight when seating.

Especially in the past, the habit of Vikings is to cast this plank before they made landfall. Thus, it has vital meanings for people who want a product related to the history of the Vikings.

Project details: instructables.com

10. DIY Campfire Chair Plans By Four Oaks Crafts

The joint is the most challenging part of complete this woodwork. You will drill 4 holes in each corner of the line marked with ⅜-inch bit. Based on these 4 points, use the jigsaw to cut this section out.

It may not fit in your first try so that you will make a little change. As a result, you make a perfect fit between the seat and back wood board.

Finally, you apply semi-dark wood to wipe all the dust on the board. It will look perfect for your chair.

11. Nerd Throne Viking Chair

Nerd Throne Viking Chair

This Nerd Throne design has a keyhole, long paracord, and toggle. You will use the long paracord to tie both wood boards.

Then, you put the toggle through the keyhole to make a barrier, keeping the boards in a fixed position. There is also a handle in the backboard edge, helping you to bring it effortlessly.

When opening the chair, you can use the toggle as a joint barrier and add the rubber to the bottom. This factor prevents the joint vibration and the bottom slippery when you have a seat on it.

Project details: instructables.com

12. Celtic Viking Stargazer Chair Plan

We love this heart-cut-out chair because it is freestyle. Instead of using the square wood board, the maker keeps the edge with a basic rough shape.

So, the final product looks more natural as its origin is from the Viking era.

Also, you will draw a heart shape; then, use a jigsaw to cut it. By finishing the rough shape, you can grind the edge for smoothness.

13. Viking Chair Plan With The boys By The Wood Father

Viking Chair Plan With The Boys

Are your little ones obsessed with the Vikings? Do them favor with this kid-size chair.

With this project, you can allow your kids to build together Viking chairs. Prepare 4 planks having 35mm in thickness before you let them begin.

Your kids will shape the mortise themselves. They will start this move by drilling 4 corners; then, they use a jigsaw to cut it out.

In every action kids make, you should let them think about the cut because every mistake will lead to a bad product.

With the kids’ attempts and your encouragement, they will have a great time building the Viking chair. Also, they can appreciate the effort they paid.

Project details: thewoodfather.com

14. DIY Stargazer Viking Chair Plan

DIY Stargazer Viking Chair Plan

If you are new to woodworking, this idea is the way to go to avoid the risk of overcutting.

The wood-burning technique is this plan’s special point, providing greater performance and looking special as a great decoration.

What you need is to create the blocks and connect them by using glue. You will make the notch in each half of the board for the back, then assemble them to make a perfect hole.

You use 2 pieces of 2×6 pine wood in this plan. This type of wood is lighter yet more durable than many others. It also highlights the burning marks.

Project details: instructables.com

15. Build A Rustic Viking Chair

This rustic Viking chair is a simple project that can make out of two pieces of 2×12 pine wood.

The seat board is cut to 45 inches in length, and the backrest cut to 48 inches in length. A slot should be cut into the headboard, 12 inches from the bottom and centered.

Then, the seat board should cut behind the seat 2 inches in on each side, so that it fits snugly into the slot. The backrest should then be fitted into the slot at the top of the headboard.

Next, you will stain and polyurethane the wood to protect it from damage. One coat of stain and three coats of polyurethane are recommended.

Finally, attach a star-shaped ornament to the front of the backrest using a drill and jigsaw. The Viking chair is now complete. Enjoy your new Viking chair.

16. Patrick Melchiors Viking Chairs

Patrick Melchiors Viking Chairs

Your attraction will focus on this design, offering a soft and quite girly chair. The highlight of this project is to create a unique bottom of the backboard.

You will prepare two wood boards but focus more on the backboard. Decorate it with a pointed top or curved design first.

After that, you create a half-circle shape on the bottom and based on it to cut two feet. Make sure the curve to be perfect as it creates smoothness and softness.

You should use a bigger board than casual to make the two-foot design. As a result, the bottom is more stable whenever you turn around your body.

Project details: jayscustomcreations.com

17. Build A True Portable Viking Chair

With this guide, you can craft a unique Viking chair for easy transport. It is made entirely from two 2×12 eight-foot wooden boards.

Each board is ingeniously designed to create a chair without needing nails or screws. The assembly involves a slot mechanism where one board is shaped to slide into another.

Measurements and precise cuts ensure the chair pieces fit together seamlessly. The chair is sanded, stained, and coated with spray urethane for aesthetics and protection.

For portability, you will add kayak handles and barricade brackets to ensure the chair’s stability during transport.

Final Thoughts

Have you found your best design through the list of 17 DIY Viking chair plans above?

You can wrap all the design features on this list to create your favorite one. So, it is easy to build the most comprehensive chair, living up to all your expectations and breathing an ancient vibe into your space.

Hopefully, our article is helpful for you, and have a great time building your Viking chair!

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