37 Great DIY Pumpkin Decorating Ideas For Halloween

There are a lot of pumpkin decorations you can make to capture the Halloween spirit at home.

Halloween doesn’t have to be all about funny costumes and scary movies. Integrate some creativity and humor into your Halloween decorations to break away from tradition.

These 37 great DIY pumpkin decorating ideas will spice up your Halloween party.

These decorations are super fun and easy to make. Some of the decorations are kids friendly so that even your children can give you a hand in making them.

37 Great DIY Pumpkin Decorating Ideas For Halloween

1. Adorable Unicorn Pumpkin

Adorable Unicorn Pumpkin

Thinking of the best pumpkin decorations? Try making this unicorn pumpkin decoration. It so easy to make since there is no carving involved, so you can put away your carving knife.

Instead, all you will need to do is to paint your pumpkin. You can use both real and faux pumpkin.

You will need air-dry foam clay to make the unicorn horn. You can add some vinyl lashes to give your pumpkin a face. This pumpkin decoration is going to be so cute that you will not want to put it away after the Halloween party.

Project details: bhg.com

2. Cinderella Carriage Pumpkin

Cinderella Carriage Pumpkin

Making this Disney themed pumpkin decoration for your Halloween is easy and cheap. You need 1 big pumpkin together with 4 small gourd style pumpkins.

You will also need candles to light inside the pumpkin. Your kids will have a nice time helping you to carve your big pumpkin and to also paint it.

Project details: thislilpiglet.net

3. Tinker Bell Pixie Dust Pumpkin Carving

Tinker Bell Pixie Dust Pumpkin Carving

For this pumpkin Halloween decoration, you don’t need to use a real pumpkin. A faux one will do.

To get started, you will need to carve a Tinkerbell image on the pumpkin. To do this, you need t print out a Tinkerbell image and tape it to the pumpkin.

Using a pushpin, pock all around the image to trace it before using a hot knife or a hand drill to carve the image.

You can then create a fairy and magical light up by putting a small bulb inside the pumpkin.

Project details: instructables.com

4. Drilled Pumpkin Light

Drilled Pumpkin Light

You need a large faux pumpkin to make this Halloween decoration. However, if you like working with real pumpkins, then you are also good to go. You also need an electric drill and a lamp kit.

Drill several holes all over the pumpkin. You should also drill a hole at the bottom of the pumpkin for inserting the lighting kit.

When you are done, you will have a fabulous Halloween mood lighting for your night party.

Project details: dreamalittlebigger.com

5. Moon And Stars Pumpkins

Moon And Stars Pumpkins

Project details: ohsobeautifulpaper.com

6. Skeleton Marquee

Skeleton Marquee

One of the best DIY Halloween pumpkin decoration idea is making his pumpkin skeleton marquee.

This decoration looks adorable. You only need a pumpkin, a witch’s hat, a bat, some faux spiders and a skeleton marquee kit.

Although this décor might look complex, it isn’t. All you need to do is put the skeleton frame on your pumpkin and then trace it.

Project details: love-the-day.com

7. Black Pumpkin Cats

Black Pumpkin Cats

Are you much of a carver, then you will love this DIY. Black cats and Halloween go perfectly together. You can use larger or medium-sized pumpkins for this. You can make as many kitties as you want.

For every kitty, you will need two pumpkins, one for the body and the other for the head. Once you are done carving out your cats, spray the kitties with black paint to make them look spooky.

Project details: celebrate-creativity.com

8. Shadow Box Pumpkins

Shadow Box Pumpkins

This DIY Halloween pumpkin décor is perfect for your mantle. You need one large pumpkin to make one. A faux pumpkin would be better. You also need some tea lights, black card stock and popsicle sticks.

Once you have carved out a large circle from your pumpkin, cut out any shape from the black card stock that you will put inside the pumpkin to create your scene.

You can cut out a haunted house for example. You can add some lights inside to make it look perfect at night.

Project details: eighteen25.com

9. Upholstery Trim Embellished Pumpkins

Upholstery Trim Embellished Pumpkins

Project details: hgtv.com

10. No Carve Pumpkin Decorating

No Carve Pumpkin Decorating

Project details: creatingreallyawesomefunthings.com

11. Creepy Vampire Pumpkin Candles

Creepy Vampire Pumpkin Candles

If you are planning for a Halloween theme that is creepy but not scary, then this DIY is perfect for you.

Making vampire pumpkin candles to decorate your table will bring some festive and playful flare to your Halloween party.

You will need a couple of small white pumpkins, depending on how many vampire pumpkin candles you would like to make. You will also need red candles and pumpkin carving tools to carve out the fangs and the eyes.

Project details: freutcake.com

12. Dyed Pumpkins

Dyed Pumpkins

Create a cool ombre effect on your Halloween table with these small white pumpkins. You can make these dyed pumpkins from small white pumpkins and food coloring.

Use a carving knife and cut out the eyes and the teeth. You make the pumpkins look as scary as you wish. When you are done, you soak them in food coloring.

Project details: cfabbridesigns.com

13. Black And White Pumpkin

Black And White Pumpkin

Project details: andreasteed.com

14. Monster Pumpkins

Monster Pumpkins

Create some monsters for Halloween out of pumpkins without creating a mess.

This DIY Halloween pumpkin decorations will not require you to carve any pumpkin. Make ghosts, vampires and Frankensteins from artificial pumpkins.

You need large and small pumpkins, spray paints of various colors and some permanent markers for drawing the facial features.

Project details: everydaydishes.com

15. Unicorn Pumpkin Witch

Unicorn Pumpkin Witch

Bring magic to your Halloween party with this easy to make no-carve pumpkin decoration. You and your kids will have so much fun creating your unicorn witches out of pumpkins.

You will need small pumpkins, glitter paper, paintbrushes, hot glue and craft flowers. You will use the glitter paper to make the small witches some hats.

Project details: hellowonderful.co

16. Simple Polka Dots Pumpkins

Simple Polka Dots Pumpkins

Easy and simple are what describe this pumpkin Halloween decoration. Using a white pumpkin for this decoration will give you the best results as compared to the typical orange pumpkins.

All you need to do is to add several polka dots on the pumpkin using black paint.

If you don’t want to paint, you can use black circle stickers. You can give your pumpkin the best finish by adding black ribbons that would match the polka dots.

Project details: classyclutter.net

17. Duck-Tape No Carve Witch Pumpkin

Duck-Tape No Carve Witch Pumpkin

Carving a pumpkin takes a lot of time and requires some level of skills. However, for this witch pumpkin, you don’t have to carve even a single inch off your pumpkin.

You need a large pumpkin, a pair of scissors, black, white and green duct tape.

You will cut out small circle pieces from both the white and black duct tape to make the witch’s eyes. For the mouth, you can use black tape. The green tape will be for the witch’s crazy hair.

To make the hat, add strips of black tape until it forms a sheet, after which you roll it into a cone. Making a witch pumpkin has never been this easy.

Project details: thecraftyblogstalker.com

18. Frugal Halloween Décor

Frugal Halloween Décor

If you are looking for an easy to make pumpkin Halloween décor that will not leave a dent in your pocket, then try this frugal Halloween décor.

You just need a large faux white pumpkin. If you have an orange pumpkin, you can spray paint it white.

To give your pumpkin some spookiness, cover it with black spider web lace. Put your pumpkin on a black wood pedestal and add a black faux crow to set a Halloween mood.

Project details: starshinechic.com

19. Lighted Pumpkin Candy Holder

Lighted Pumpkin Candy Holder

Share your goodies with your guests and neighbors in a fun way. You can make this DIY pumpkin candy holder, fill it with lots of candies, and leave it at your front door for your trick-or-treaters.

You will need a medium-size Jack-o-Lantern and plywood. You can also add some words to welcome your guests to your home.

Project details: theturquoisehome.com

20. Minion Pumpkin

Minion Pumpkin

Looking for a kid-friendly pumpkin Halloween décor to try out this holiday? You will have a great time making this minion pumpkin.

They are based on characters that your kids are most likely to be familiar with.

You can use real or fake pumpkin. You will also need blue and yellow spray paint, hot glue, and canning jar lids. Your kids are going to love these little creatures standing on your front door.

Project details: craftberrybush.com

21. Mummy Pumpkins

Mummy Pumpkins

Your guests will be spooked when they visit only to meet a mummy pumpkin with googly eyes staring at them on your doorstep. You need a large pumpkin and some cheesecloth to mummify your doorstep.

To make your mummy, cut the cheesecloth into strips and apply them on your pumpkin. You can then give the pumpkin a scary face by hot-gluing a pair of googly eyes on it.

Project details: craftberrybush.com

22. Craft Pumpkin Candy Holders

Craft Pumpkin Candy Holders

Project details: bystephanielynn.com

23. No Carve Pumpkin People

No Carve Pumpkin People

Project details: prettyprovidence.com

24. Sequin Polka Dot Pumpkin

Sequin Polka Dot Pumpkin

Once you make these super easy and cheerful pumpkin decors, you will want to make them every Halloween. You need large white faux pumpkins, loose gold sequins, and craft glue.

Apply the glue on the pumpkins and then pat sequins on the glue. Give your pumpkin time to dry. It’s as easy as that.

Project details: sugarandcloth.com

25. “The Witch is in” DIY Pumpkin

The Witch Is In DIY Pumpkin

This pumpkin Halloween decoration is perfect for spooking your trick-or-treaters. You need large faux pumpkins, white spray paint, a pair of Halloween socks, and some googly eyes.

To get started, cut off the stem out of the faux pumpkin and then spray paint the pumpkin white. Fill the pumpkin with the socks to make it look like a witch is inside its head first.

Project details: fourgenerationsoneroof.com

26. Glam Pumpkin: Black and White

Glam Pumpkin: Black And White

Decorate a large faux pumpkin with rhinestones. Add a witch hat on top of it to make it look spooky.

Paint the paper mache hat black since witches love black color. Apply rhinestone letters to make the word “Boo!” on the pumpkin.

Project details: fourgenerationsoneroof.com

27. Pumpkin Topiary Decor

Pumpkin Topiary Decor

Project details: simpsonizedcraftsandthensome.blogspot.com

28. Easy Carved Owl Pumpkins

Easy Carved Owl Pumpkins

Project details: bhg.com

29. Make Black Cat Pumpkins

Make Black Cat Pumpkins

Project details: hgtv.com

30. DIY Rainbow Pumpkins

DIY Rainbow Pumpkins

Try a different Halloween theme by going rainbow. Make your front porch to overflow with beautiful rainbow pumpkins. You need as many pumpkins of various sizes as you may want.

You also need rainbow acrylic paint colors, paintbrushes, and masking tapes. Executing this stylish décor is easy since you just need to paint different pumpkins with different rainbow colors.

You should then arrange the pumpkins on your front porch. Your front door will look stunning if you arrange them in rainbow order.

Project details: thehousethatlarsbuilt.com

31. Lighted Pumpkin Topiary

Lighted Pumpkin Topiary

Project details: diycandy.com

32. Light Porch With Pumpkin Lanterns

Light Porch With Pumpkin Lanterns

Project details: goodhousekeeping.com

33. Playing With Petite Black Pumpkins

Playing With Petite Black Pumpkins

Project details: magiamia.blogspot.com

34. Jack o Planterns

Jack O Planterns

Project details: gardentherapy.ca

35. Vampire Bat Pumpkin

Vampire Bat Pumpkin

Project details: hgtv.com

36. DIY Cinderella Butterfly Pumpkin

DIY Cinderella Butterfly Pumpkin

Inspired by the new Cinderella movie, the Cinderella Butterfly Pumpkin is a crafty DIY creation perfect for Halloween.

Emulating Cinderella’s iconic dress adorned with butterflies, this pumpkin dazzles with gold glitter butterflies and shimmering rhinestones.

The use of glitter blast gives the pumpkin its brilliant shine, while strategically placed rhinestones add an extra sparkle.

The final touch of gold glitter butterflies in various sizes ensures the pumpkin captures the essence of Cinderella’s magical charm.

This pumpkin is an ode to a beloved princess and promises to be a delightful porch centerpiece for Halloween.

Project details: apumpkinandaprincess.com

37. Wicked Witch Pumpkin

Wicked Witch Pumpkin

This festive tutorial creatively transforms a pumpkin into a whimsical witch just in time for Halloween.

The innovative use of the pumpkin’s stem as the witch’s nose lays the foundation for the design. The dark green paint, coupled with layered depths and a hint of metallic shimmer, provides a magical aura to the witch.

The craft foam hat, purposefully misshapen and adorned with glitter and decorative twigs, offers authenticity to the theme.

A unique touch is a hairy wart crafted from hot glue and a fishing line, which brings the character to life.

For those looking for distinctive pumpkin decorating ideas, this witch-themed is a great choice.

Project details: instructables.com


Try out one of these awesome pumpkin decorations for your Halloween party. Whether you want to spook your guests or set a happy Halloween mood.

These DIY pumpkin decorations will help you achieve that. From our list, which pumpkin decoration is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below.

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