50 DIY Thanksgiving Decorations For Home 2023

Some people like to experiment for Thanksgiving, while others stick to tradition. With a few simple decorations, you can make your home more welcoming to you and your guests.

The good news is that you can make those decorations at home with minimal effort. And some of these decorations look fantastic, regardless of what your style is.

If you’re looking to use your imagination and creativity this Thanksgiving, we’ve got you covered.

Here are the 50 DIY Thanksgiving decorations for home that you can do right now.

50 DIY Thanksgiving Decorations

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1. Thanksgiving Mason Jar

Thanksgiving Mason Jar

A Thanksgiving table would not be complete without a mason jar like this. It’s a very simple project where you will only need to buy a few simple things (a jar and some paint), and you can start with decoration.

The best thing here is that you can decorate the jar anyway you want. You can use the same idea as here, but you can also try out new ideas and see what works for you.

Project details: thecountrychiccottage.net

2. Give Thanks Mantel

Give Thanks Mantel

Do you want a really nice decoration for your home? Then you should try this “Give Thanks” mantel idea. It’s a very simple idea, but it will only take you a few minutes or an hour to complete.

Just get a bunch of small pumpkins, add a few unused wooden pieces such as a picture frame, and decorate them so that they fit your style.

Project details: adiamondinthestuff.com

3. Thanksgiving Printables

Thanksgiving Printables

Go out there and print out these Thanksgiving letters – you won’t be sorry! While yes, the printables look much better with a vintage drawer underneath it, you can definitely try this project out on your own.

It’s a gesture of gratitude and giving thanks. And if you’re hosting a Thanksgiving dinner for your friends and family this year, then you must try this one.

Project details: thetomkatstudio.com

4. DIY Hanging Pinecones

DIY Hanging Pinecones

Thanksgiving is happening in the fall, so that’s when pinecones might be falling from trees. And if you live in an area where there are many pinecones, then you should certainly take advantage of that.

You can try to make these hanging pinecones for your front door, for example. It makes for a brilliant welcome for your guests, and for you as well.

Project details: thenewwittys.blogspot.com

5. Easy Painted Centerpiece Box

Easy Painted Centerpiece Box

If you’re looking to add some natural feel to your Thanksgiving decor this year, then you can try this stunning centerpiece.

Project details: thefrugalhomemaker.com

6. Mason Jars and Leaves

Mason Jars And Leaves

You can take advantage of the falling leaves during the fall and create an absolutely stunning piece of decor for your home.

Go out in nature and collect some leaves – yellow, brown, orange – all colors will do!

These cozy fall-themed jars are sure to spruce up just about any home they find themselves in. There is plenty of room for creativity here!

Project details: sparkandchemistry.com

7. Candle Wreaths

Candle Wreaths

Candles are already a common feature in Thanksgiving decor, and this piece of decor would add another level of practicality to the table.

You can easily create candle wreaths from. These not only look great, but they also demand a lot of creativity from you.

Project details: tonalitydesigns.com

8. The Thankful Tree

The Thankful Tree

This thankful tree is the perfect combination of fall supplies such as nuts, a vintage style, and some creativity from your part.

You’ll need a glass jar for this, and you’ll also need to go out and collect some simple accessories like twigs.

Then, once you’ve collected your stuff, it’s time to get to work. With some simple DIY tools and wooden slices, you can create an amazing tree that will remind you to give thanks every single day!

Project details: createfullife.com

9. Be Thankful Wood Sign

Be Thankful Wood Sign

It’s time to give thanks and display your gratitude with this simple DIY wooden sign.

This small Thanksgiving sign can be put on a wall inside your home, which can definitely inspire you and your guests during Thanksgiving.

You’ll need some simple pieces of wood along with a few tools. Take your time and be free to add your creative touch, too.

Project details: theinspirationboard.com

10. Fall Corn Husk Wreath

Fall Corn Husk Wreath

We’ve already featured a simple fall wreath for your front door.

Or you can simply use this one for another entrance to your home or even a door inside your home.

It’s as simple as tearing corn husks into strips and connecting them into a complete entity with hot glue. These corn husks can be bought from your local grocery store, even.

Project details: designimprovised.com

11. DIY Thanksgiving Banner

DIY Thanksgiving Banner

Banners are a good way to decorate your home for parties and get-togethers. And if you really like to use banners, then this idea is the one for you.

Here, you can use paper doilies to make this simple banner. It’s cost-effective and very easy to complete, and you can use a banner like this all-around your home, too.

Project details: modpodgerocksblog.com

12. DIY Table Runner

DIY Table Runner

So now you’ve taken care of your home and your front door, but you’ve done nothing so far for your dinner table.

You can even use paper for this table runner, instead of using a traditional table cloth if you don’t want to ruin one.

Then, grab your stencils and decorate the table runner with some Thanksgiving symbols.

Leaves and pinecones come to mind, but you can also use your imagination and add other things.

Project details: designimprovised.com

13. DIY Leaf Lights

DIY Leaf Lights

Do you have some fairy lights leftover from Christmas, stored somewhere in your basement?

Then you can definitely use this idea and create a very nice decor for your home. But you can also get these lights for a few dollars in your local grocery store.

All you have to do is find some leaves lying around your home, and tie them to the lights. This will create a nice, yellowy glow when you open the lights, which will light up your home instantly.

Project details: wallflowerkitchen.com

14. Canning Jar Ring Pumpkin

Canning Jar Ring Pumpkin

Pumpkins are popular during Thanksgiving. How about using some simple jar rings for creating a nice pumpkin like this for your table?

You can even use it around your home – almost anywhere you want.

You’ll need to use a string for tying the rings together in order to make a pumpkin like this. It only takes a few minutes!

Project details: yellowblissroad.com

15. Succulent Cornucopia

Succulent Cornucopia

Are you more of a flower person? Then you should consider succulents.

Create this succulent cornucopia which is easy to make, and it would make for a great addition to your Thanksgiving decor.

You can choose to buy artificial succulents easily and create this stunning decor piece. All of it is tied together with hot glue, so it won’t fall apart that easily, too.

Project details: thecountrychiccottage.net

16. Thanksgiving Clothespin Wreath

Thanksgiving Clothespin Wreath

Wreaths are a popular theme during Thanksgiving because they are easy to make and they also look great.

And take a look at this one – you can simply write everything you’re grateful for onto the wreath.

So every time you have a guest or family member come over to your home, they can add their name to the list of things you’re grateful for. Try this amazing idea out.

Project details: chicaandjo.com

17. Pinecone Centerpiece

Pinecone Centerpiece

You can create a nice centerpiece like this one in order to make your Thanksgiving table more interesting.

Go out and collect some pinecones, and simply add them to a bowl together with a candle and create this nice centerpiece.

Project details: ritamay-days.blogspot.com

18. Rustic Log Candleholder

Rustic Log Candleholder

We’ve already mentioned candles can play a big role in your decor for Thanksgiving. And this idea also demands some creativity and to use your DIY skills.

This is an amazing idea that you should definitely try out.

Project details: jennaburger.com

19. Thankful Sign and Paper Feather Banner

Thankful Sign And Paper Feather Banner

Add some warmth and personality to your decor by simply adding more colors and variety to it.

You can simply create feathers from paper and connect them together with a string.

Then, you can create a simple “Thankful” sign and connect everything together into a nice and attractive entity.

20. DIY Pumpkin Vase

DIY Pumpkin Vase

You can simply buy some faux pumpkins from your nearest grocery store, and create this beautiful pumpkin vase.

Or, you can even use a real pumpkin, although that vase would have a limited duration.

Use a faux pumpkin and add several smaller pieces of decor into the pumpkin – leaves, twigs, and everything you think comes well together with Thanksgiving.

Project details: apumpkinandaprincess.com

21. Give Thanks Printable

Give Thanks Printable

Here’s a nice idea: add a nice image from a free printable you can get now and download.

This would certainly be a nice addition to your home decor during Thanksgiving. Frame the printable and add it to your living room or lobby.

Project details: shanty-2-chic.com

22. Dried Floral Pumpkin

Dried Floral Pumpkin

Create a nice floral pumpkin like this that will remind of to give thanks all year!

You can buy a faux pumpkin and some dried flowers and tie them to the pumpkin with hot glue.

Project details: bhg.com

23. Harvest Wheat Bundle

Harvest Wheat Bundle

Look at this – doesn’t it look nice? And above all, it’s very easy to create. Add a harvest feel to your Thanksgiving this year by adding this wheat bundle.

You won’t need much work with it, either. You can also make them as large or as small as you want.

Project details: madeinaday.com

24. Turkey Magnets

Turkey Magnets

These cute Turkey magnets can be a nice fit for your fridge or other areas of your home where you can use magnets. And best of all – they’re easy to make!

Simply follow the instructions and feel free to add your own creative twist, too.

Project details: thatswhatchesaid.net

25. Thankful Garland For Thanksgiving

Thankful Garland For Thanksgiving

We’ve already featured some garland ideas, but this one is probably the simple one.

You’ll basically create a banner for Thanksgiving that you can place anywhere around your home – in your bedroom, living room, or even on your front door.

Project details: designimprovised.com

26. DIY Magnolia Garland

DIY Magnolia Garland

A garland like this would represent a grand entry to a Thanksgiving dinner. It will stun your friends and family, but it will also give you a nice colorful piece of decor.

Yes, this project will probably take you a while to complete; but the end result is nothing short of fantastic!

Project details: bhg.com

27. DIY Flower Centerpiece

DIY Flower Centerpiece

If you need a centerpiece for your home, then you should give this idea a try. You can use a faux pumpkin and add some flowers inside.

These instructions tell you to use a real pumpkin, though. Buy some flowers or simply collect them from your garden, and add them to the decor – simple but great.

Project details: simplejoy.com

28. Fall Candle Centerpiece

Fall Candle Centerpiece

Candles can be a great way to enhance your decor. If you already have enough flowers or if you don’t want to use them, then you can use candles instead.

Grab some candles, leaf, add some twine or string, and put the candles together to create this awesome decoration for your home.

Project details: thatswhatchesaid.net

29. Easy DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Easy DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Create this nice decorative centerpiece with pumpkin along with mums, roses and broom cob. It looks somewhat hard to make, but once you see the instructions, you’ll see it’s very easy.

Project details: blog.jennysteffens.com

30. Fall Mason Jars

Fall Mason Jars

These mason jars will take some DIY skills and also some time, but the end result can be amazing.

If you have some DIY skills, you can even add some simple decorations to the jars, too.

Project details: hatchandhaven.com

31. Apple Tea Light Candles

Apple Tea Light Candles

Here’s something different for your decorations – apples! You can use apples and put candles inside to create an interesting and fairly unique Thanksgiving decoration.

Project details: juniperhome.com

32. Fall Centerpiece With Chalk Painted Pumpkins

Fall Centerpiece With Chalk Painted Pumpkins

This project encourages you to go use imagination and use a slightly different set of colors.

It’s a primarily white centerpiece that you’ll be able to use on your kitchen table. It will make an amazing addition to your Thanksgiving decor.

Project details: unoriginalmom.com

33. Vine Pumpkins

Vine Pumpkins

This is a completely unique idea here. You can use your pumpkins, or you can buy them from your local grocery store.

Notice that these are white, so these are a little different from others.

Project details: yourcozyhome.blogspot.com

34. DIY Magnolia Pumpkin

DIY Magnolia Pumpkin

How about adding a magnolia to a white pumpkin? They fit so nicely together, and it would certainly make for a nice decoration piece.

This one is easy to make, and it would look great on your table, too.

Project details: lollyjane.com

35. Fall Mantel

Fall Mantel

Here’s another idea for your mantel for Thanksgiving this year. Add leaves in order to create this stunning mantel. It will make your Thanksgiving dinner more interesting.

Project details: hometalk.com

36. Fall Wheat Wreath

Fall Wheat Wreath

Let’s end this list with a wreath. This time, it’s a wheat wreath, which symbolizes growth and prosperity.

Take a look at the instructions and see how it’s done. It’s very easy, all you will need is some wheat and some simple tools and accessories.

Project details: onsuttonplace.com

37. Give Thanks Wreath With Burlap Bunting

Give Thanks Wreath With Burlap Bunting

Project details: makeit-loveit.com

38. Stunning Rustic Turkey Centerpiece

Stunning Rustic Turkey Centerpiece

Project details: madeinaday.com

39. Bottle Centerpiece By Choose to Thrive

Bottle Centerpiece By Choose to Thrive

Project details: choose-to-thrive.com

40. Thanksgiving Inspired Gold Table Décor

Thanksgiving Inspired Gold Table Décor

Project details: apumpkinandaprincess.com

41. French Farmhouse Wheat Pitche

French Farmhouse Wheat Pitche

Project details: shabbyfufu.com

42. Glittered Pumpkin Place Card Holder

Glittered Pumpkin Place Card Holder

Project details: infarrantlycreative.net

43. Free Printable Thankful Banner By Honey and Lime

Free Printable Thankful Banner By Honey and Lime

Project details: honeyandlime.co

44. Thanksgiving Free Printable Quote + Utensil Holder

Thanksgiving Free Printable Quote + Utensil Holder

Project details: craftaholicsanonymous.net

45. Pumpkin Leaves Free Printable

Pumpkin Leaves Free Printable

Project details:ellaclaireinspired.com

46. Rosemary Wreath Place Cards

Rosemary Wreath Place Cards

Project details: spoonforkbacon.com

47. Holiday Table Decorations By Yummy Mummy Kitchen

Holiday Table Decorations By Yummy Mummy Kitchen

Project details: yummymummykitchen.com

48. Give Thanks Table Runner

Give Thanks Table Runner

Project details: houseofharper.com

49. Fall Banner with Book Page Leaves

Fall Banner with Book Page Leaves

Project details: sondralynathome.com

50. Glitter Top Pumpkin Place Cards

Glitter Top Pumpkin Place Cards

Project details: ohmy-creative.com


If you’re looking to create a few Thanksgiving decorations for your home, then you can follow some of these ideas and try them out on your own.

You can easily create a nice wreath, or a centerpiece, or simply some generalistic decor pieces for your home.

Did you enjoy the list? Let us know in the comments which Thanksgiving idea you are trying this year!

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