35 DIY Pallet Chicken Coop Plans And Ideas

35 DIY Pallet Chicken Coop Plans And Ideas

Are you a fan of keeping chickens for the business or providing your family with fresh eggs and meat?

So, you’ll want to give some serious thought to building your chicken coop.

Fortunately, there are many DIY pallet chicken coop plans available online that can make the process simple and affordable.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best options for DIY pallet chicken coops.

Read on to dive into it!

35 DIY Pallet Chicken Coop Plans

Table of Contents

1. DIY Pallet Chicken Coop From Instructables

DIY Pallet Chicken Coop By Instructables

This chicken coop is ideal for cold weather climates and will provide your chickens with a safe and comfortable place to live.

When selecting a location for the coop, make sure to choose a spot that is level and has good drainage. The floor of the coop will be made from two pallets.

To build the walls, start by adding two pallets at each end, then add a center beam for support. Next, add additional boards to fill in any gaps and cover everything in tar paper.

For the roof, use weatherproof plywood and tar paper, then finish with an old tarp for extra protection.

Finally, add finishing touches like cedar shakes and fencing around the coop to keep predators out.

Project details: instructables.com

2. DIY Pallet Chicken Coop With Cheap Costs

DIY Pallet Chicken Coop Cheap Costs

This coop is made from pallets and can be easily constructed by anyone. The finished product is a sturdy chicken coop that will comfortably house 3 – 5 chickens. The coop cost less than $20 to build

To build this coop, you will need:

  • 2 Pallets Crates
  • 1 sheet of plywood
  • 2 rolls of chicken wire
  • T50 staples
  • Box of screws
  • Hinges for side door
  • Clickable latches for doors

Start by constructing the frame of the coop using the pallets. Cut the plywood to size and use it to line the top and sides of the frame.

Attach the chicken wire to the frame using staples or screws.

Next, add hinges to one side of the coop frame so that it can be opened for egg collection and cleaning.

On the opposite side, add clickable latches so that the door can be securely closed.

The whole coop is covered in chicken wire to keep the chickens safe from predators.

Also, you can add nesting boxes so the chickens can lay their eggs in them and other features as desired.

Project details: pebblekeeper.com

3. DIY Pallet Chicken Coop or Hen House

DIY A Pallet Chicken Coop Or Hen House

This wooden pallet chicken coop is the perfect place for your flock! It’s designed with an easy-to build design and strong fence.

If you’re building a coop along your fence, use whole pallets for the walls and add chicken wire to keep chickens in.

The chicken wire fence is perfect for keeping your flock safe from predators, but it also allows you surveillance of what’s going on inside.

Also, you should have a shade inside of their area as well as roosting rods so they will have plenty happy.

Project details: easypalletideas.com

4. Free DIY Chicken Coop

Free DIY Pallet Chicken Coop

If you’re looking for a free and easy chicken coop, look no further!

You can repurpose some pallets into a simple three-sided structure, and add a few roosts, nesting boxes and metal roofing.

This coop is perfect if you have some extra materials lying around, but you must include security features if your coop is going out in the open.

With just a few hours of work, you can have a functional and cost-effective chicken coop!

Project details: grit.com

5. DIY Chicken Coop From Pallet Wood By Lady Lees Home

DIY Chicken Coop From Pallet Wood From Lady Lees Home

Do you want to build your own chicken coop on a low budget? This is an excellent idea! You’ll need some 2x4s, 4x4s posts, wire fencing and some pallets slats.

The floor should be installed first then place roof pillars along with corner supports to keep it sturdy before fencing off with chicken wire.

The design includes instructions on how to put together a simple yet spacious henhouse as a small shed.

Project details: ladyleeshome.com

6. DIY Chicken Coop From A Pile of Pallets

DIY A Chicken Coop From A Pile Of Pallets

The coop was built quickly using some pre-made parts and easy to access materials. The chickens will have a 3×3 ft space inside with a sloping roof that is 5 feet high.

This way allows for some space underneath the coop, which gives the chickens extra room and allows for air to flow around the coop.

You need to add wire mesh to the sides and front of the coop to keep the chickens in and predators out. The coop and run are in two parts, which makes it easier to clean and repair.

The run fixes onto the side of the coop, this gives you easy access to the nest box and the front of the coop.

Overall, this coop is simple but effective and provides your chickens with indoor and outdoor space.

Project details: the-shed-and-beyond.blogspot.com

7. Build A Beautiful Pallet Chicken Coop

DIY A Beautiful Pallet Chicken Coop

This chicken coop is large and cool. It’s got a plain wooden structure and shingle roof that’ll make them feel right at home.

If you have 14 chickens or more then this design might be a good fit for your needs.

The plan features the bottom frame constructed from 4x4s wood slats before being covered by large pallets for maximum durability.

The coop also has a barn door for easy access, and a ramp for the chickens to use to get in and out.

Once complete decorating can begin if desired; paint whatever color makes you happy.

Project details: avisiontoremember.com

8. DIY Pallet Chicken Coop By Summer Sacres

DIY Pallet Chicken Coop From Summer Sacres

This open walk-in coop design may be a great option for you. To build this chicken coop, you will need some 2x4s and plywood.

First, construct a 4’x8′ frame for the floor using the pallets. Next, attach a full sheet of plywood to the frame.

Then, flip the floor side up and place it on blocks so that it is raised off of the ground.

Next, tear down all of the pallets and cut them into boards that can be used to cover up any gaps between planks on each board.

Attach these boards to form 8 wall sections for your chicken coop; two frames at each end work as doors – one for chickens and one for humans – while the other 4 wall sections make up the sides.

After the bottom layer of side walls are attached, build a 2×4 frame on the inside of the coop for stability. Then, add the upper pallets to attach the roof. To finish, add a few trusses for support and cover the roof with plywood, tar paper, and shingles.

Finally, add windows by not covering half of the spaces on one of the top pallets. The completed chicken coop should have two doors and ample light coming in from the slatted windows. The coop is very sturdy and looks great too.

Project details: summersacres.net

9. Build A large Pallet Chicken Coop By The Wilson World

Make A Large Pallet Chicken Coop

Keep your chickens safe and happy with this elevated chicken coop that’s quite easy to build.

The base can be made by simply constructing a large table-like frame, and the sides can be raised from the edges.

Install side and roof frames, making sure to build the roof frame at a tilt so that it will fit inside the chicken bed and nesting boxes.

Finish with a corrugated metal roof for extra protection from the elements.

You can create a cozy nesting area for the chickens with some curtains, and add a door so that you can easily access the food and water.

Painting it yellow or your color favorite will give your coop personality and make it stand out against all of the other farm buildings.

Don’t forget to add a few access doors on the back side so that you can easily gather eggs.

Project details: the-wilson-world.blogspot.com

10. Free Pallet Chicken Coop By Backyard Chickens

Free Pallet Chicken Coop From Backyard Chickens

With its large door, sturdy roofing material, and clear ceiling panel. This chicken coop is perfect to get your flock off of cramped housing and into some space with natural light.

The plan used old pallets to build a chicken coop. The only expense was for nails, hinges, vinyl, the roofing and boards.

It is important to use longboards to tie the structure together, rather than just nailing the boards to the studs. You also put cross supports inside the coop for additional stability.

Project details: backyardchickens.com

11. Build A Chicken Coop From Pallets By Roots and Wings Furniture

How To Build A Chicken Coop From Pallets

The mini chicken bungalow is an interesting design that will work up super quickly using raw pallets for construction.

To make a chicken coop from pallets, you will need:

  • two 2x4s 18″ long
  • two full pallets
  • one piece of plywood, at least 4’x8′
  • screws
  • gate hardware
  • roofing material (plastic)
  • paint (Behr Barn and Fence Paint)
  • a reciprocating saw and circular saw

The first thing, you need four posts to create the base of your coop. Cut 2x4s 18 inches long and screw them together to make a square.

Next, take two full pallets and attach them to the base with screws. Once the pallets are secure, add a scrap piece of wood on top of the pallets for a solid bottom.

After the bottom is complete, it’s time to work on the sides. Cut some pallets down (roughly in half) to make the walls and screw them onto the back pallet and base. Make sure to also attach a 1×4 across the top of the walls for stability.

Now that the frame is complete, it’s time to add plywood to all sides. Cut the plywood to size and screw it into place. You will also want to cut out door and window openings at this time.

Once the plywood is in place, add a 1×4 across the top of the roof. This will provide something for the roofing material to sit on. You can now add your roofing of choice – You should opt for a plastic version that was easy to cut and install.

Now it’s time to finish up the details! Trim and paint the coop, attaching hardware as desired. You chose black gate hardware for contrast.

Finally, add some finishing touches like a “Farm Fresh Eggs” sign or anything sign you like.

Project details: rootsandwingsfurniture.com

12. Simple DIY Pallet Chicken Coop

Simple Pallet Chicken Coop From A Ranch Mom

The coop was made with 3 pallets and old wooden boards that have been used as fill. The door allows people ample opportunity enter without worrying about gaps in between each board.

Additionally, the chickens have plenty spacious area inside with plenty natural light coming through their clear roofing material without any gaps or holes.

So making them safe from predators both outside as well as weather fluctuations.

Project details: aranchmom.com

13. DIY Pallet Chicken Coop From The Homesteading Boards

Pallet Chicken Coop By The Homesteading Boards

Pallets are a fabulous material for building chicken coops because they’re cheap and easy to come by.

This unique design lets you build an excellent-looking structure that your chicken will be happy in, safe from any hungry predators or inclement weather conditions outside.

The plans include detailed instructions with pictures so all of the components match up nicely.

It will help which saves time when putting it together.

Project details: thehomesteadingboards.com

14. DIY A Pallet Wood Chicken Coop From Farmaid

DIY Pallet Wood Chicken Coop By Farmaid

This pallet chicken Coop is a great-looking, high-quality chicken coop that you can build in just 3 or 5 days.

You can build this hen house entirely with hand tools or you could add power tools to make it easier

The cost to build this chicken coop was rather minimal. The most important part of this hen house is the roof. It will protect chickens from rain and snow, so you had to buy a tarpaulin that would keep it dry inside too.

Other materials used were wood finishes (hemp & linseed oil), natural earth pigment for décor; mineral pigments are also employed here as well.

Project details: farmaid.org

15. DIY A Chicken Coop With 4×8 Wood Pallets

Build A Chicken Coop With 4×8 Wood Pallets

With this chicken coop, the base uses 4×8 pallets and also pressure-treated wooden posts.

They are perfect for the roof because they’re tough enough withstand harsh weather conditions like snow or rain.

Not only does it provide plenty of space, but you can even stand up inside.

The nesting boxes are an excellent addition as well. Your chickens be able to lay their eggs without any distractions or concerns about inclement weather conditions outside.

Overall, this plan will provide a happy home for your chickens, and keep them safe from predators.

Project details: backyardchickens.com

16. DIY Chicken Coop Made From Recycled Wood Pallets

DIY A Chicken Coop Made From Recycled Wood Pallets

What’s more luxurious than a free-standing wooden chicken coop?

The chicken house is made of recycled materials and the roofing style has an eco-friendly chevron bungalow design.

The floor of this structure consists only from cinder blocks and there are enough windows to keep your flock happy inside as well.

The design will keep your chickens safe from predators and provides them an excellent living environment due in part.

Chickens also like to forage around for bugs and other insects, so letting them free range in your yard is a great way to keep them happy and healthy.

Project details: onehundreddollarsamonth.com

17. DIY A Pallet Chicken Coop By Kings Wild Project

This standard coop is a great place to start if you don’t yet know what type of setup will work best for your needs.

It has been designed as an easy, cost-effective and functional solution that can house both eggs and chickens with no problem.

The metal roof ensures there’s no water inside, while also providing protection against rain or sun damage.

The ramp at the front makes getting chickens entry inside simple with very low cost.

So this coop is a great way to get creative with your recycling and make an attractive chicken coop.

18. DIY Chicken Coop Built From Old Pallets

Build A Chicken Coop Built From Old Pallets

With this easy-to-build structure, the only thing needed is some wood planks and nails.

Starting with a pile of pallets- build the sides up with posts at each corner to nail to. A sheet of plastic was used to help keep the rain out of the coop as well.

The frame comes assembled excepting only the lid which folds over when not being used – making installation easy.

The coop like a mini slatted box with open and hinged roof that serves as lid too.

Project details: ecorenovator.org

19. DIY Chicken Coop From Recycled Pallets By Instructables

DIY A Chicken Coop From Recycled Pallets

If you’re looking for a way to save money and help the environment, you can build a chicken coop from recycled wooden pallets and scrap wood.

It takes some time and patience, but it’s a fun project and a great way to reuse materials.

To get started, break apart the pallets and save at least 10 of the boards. You’ll need these for the walls and roof of the chicken coop.

Next, use some of the scrap wood to construct the walls of the coop. Make sure to reinforce the structure with triangle braces.

Once the walls are up, add a roof (made from more scrap wood and tin roofing) and a door (made from a pallet). Paint the coop however you want.

Inside the coop, chickens like to lay their eggs in an enclosed box area. You can make this out of an old cubby shelf or something similar.

With a little bit of work, you can build a chicken coop from recycled materials that will provide a safe and comfortable home for your chickens – and save you money in the process!

Project details: instructables.com

20. DIY Pallet Sweetchickss Chicken Coop

DIY Sweetchickss Chicken Coop

The Sweetchickss Chicken Coop is a big project for anyone who wants to get into raising chickens.

The project will take weeks to complete. But maybe less time with help from friends or family members.

The first step is to choose a location for the coop. It should be in a spot that is shady in the summer and sunny in the winter.

Next, dig six holes for posts to be set in concrete. Then, layout floor joists and secure them with lag bolts. After that, put the floor on.

Next started working on the walls and roof.

You should add two windows or more in the front for ventilation. You then trimmed out the windows with 1x4s and put chicken wire over them.

You can use the cut-out boards from the windows to make hinged doors for easy access to the coop.

For the door, you should use an old door that is trimmed it out with 1x4s.

Finally, install the roof and your chicken coop is complete!

The coop can be built with basic tools and supplies, and it’s easy to customize according to your needs.

You can make the coop as simple or complex as you want, depending on your skill level and available resources.

Project details: backyardchickens.com

21. DIY Wood Pallet Palace Chicken Coop

Wood Pallet Palace Chicken Coop

The variation on this chicken house is more ventilation with open walls, which can be less work because you don’t have to completely disassemble your pallets but still provides security.

This would work best for places where the weather doesn’t fluctuate too much or annually.

Keep in mind that small predators will get through any gaps if they’re not secured properly so it’s important against these pests using deer netting or wire fencing.

This coop will keep your chickens warm and dry, and it will also look great in your backyard.

Looking at the constructed coop, the chickens can easily get in and out and will have plenty of space inside.

Project details: thehomesteadsurvival.com

22. DIY Pallet Chicken Coop By The Owner Builder Network

DIY Pallet Chicken Coop From The Owner Builder Networ
DIY Pallet Chicken Coop By The Owner Builder Networ

Nowadays, there are many ways to build a coop chicken in style. One way is by building them made from cement blocks and pallets for more sturdy and clean.

You can also use this design as inspiration. This chicken coop was made out of several whole pallets, nails, and screws combine with cement blocks.

It’s quite big with the ladder serving as its door for access into one side. There are nesting boxes cut from plywood that look seamless when finished off by painting them in a modern minimalist color scheme.

Furthermore, you can paint the chicken coop to your liking and add any other personal touches to make it truly your own.

With a little bit of effort, you can have a beautiful and functional chicken coop that will last for years to come.

Project details: theownerbuildernetwork.co

23. DIY Pallet Chicken Coop With A-Frame

DIY Chicken Coop With A-Frame

This is a great design for a chicken coop if you are looking for something a little different than the traditional box-shaped coop. This coop is best suited for free-range chickens.

The A-frame design is not only unique, but it is also lightweight and easy to move. This particular coop also allows for natural light to come in through the pallet gaps, which is a great feature.

However, you should have some security measures in place such as chicken wire around gaps. This ensures keep critters don’t get inside.

Project details: austinveggiegarden.wordpress.com

24. DIY Pallet Palace Chicken Coop

DIY A Pallet Palace Chicken Coop

This is one of the beautiful coop designs with red and white built from pallets on this list.

First, frame the door using 2×4 boards. Make sure it is level and straight. Nesting boxes can be made by using 1×12 boards and cutting them into 12″x12″ squares.

Screw dividers into place and add a perch. For the roof, use a sloped OSB board.

For the exterior of the coop, use chicken wire to predator-proof the bottom. Cover vents at the sides of the coop and add awnings over windows using 1×6 boards.

You can also cover the bottom of the coop with lattice or other material. Finish by painting or adding other finishes as desired.

Project details: backyardchickens.com

25. DIY Wood Chicken Coop From Pallet & Recycled

Pallet & Recycled Wood Chicken Coop

This is a larger coop that is designed to fit your needs with has a lot of chickens and more safety.

The plan offers you step-by-step instructions for building a chicken coop, including choosing materials and design, installing roof panels, framing the sleeping area, laying sheet flooring, and finishing the wire mesh/hardware cloth installation on walls.

Also, this plan provides tips on creating an egg box and constructing a door. Finally, you can consider using an automatic door opener (optional).

Project details: instructables.com

26. How To Build A Chicken Coop By Morning Chores

Build A Free Chicken Coop By Morningchores

You should not be frustrated by the lack of dimensions on this project. The plan has provided an 8-step process that you can follow to build your own cost-effective chicken coop.

Moreover, you can easy enough to size up or down as needed depending on how many chickens you own.

Project details: morningchores.com

27. Build A Pallet Chicken Coop With Chicken Wire

DIY Pallet Chicken Coop with Chicken Wire

This mobile and rustic-looking wooden structure will surely meet all your desires when it comes to chickens.

It’s not only about raising them in a good environment but also giving them some great outdoor space which they would enjoy as well.

This project has been overhauled from rustic skids into something much commendable looking while being very handy too so there won’t be many difficulties during its construction process either.

This lightweight structure makes it easy transport around yard when needed too.

Project details: 1o1pallets.com

28. Diy Chicken Coop With Pallets From Chicken Coop Canadas

Diy Chicken Coop From Pallets

The coop is elevated to prevent insects from eating the wood and getting into your chickens. It is stylish and eco-friendly and can be built in just one weekend.

Just collect every tiny material from the home dump and scrap to be reused creatively in this chicken house. You can also use recycled materials like windows and doors to create a unique look for your chicken coop.

The metal roof provides protection against rainwater while still allowing sunlight. There may even be small doors fitted inside certain spots if needed!

Furthermore, this chicken coop can also serve as a dual-functioning. You can take care of the chickens while growing your favorite vegetables at the same time.

Project details: chickencoopcanadas.blogspot.com

29. Chicken Coop Made of Pallets From Instructables

DIY Chicken Coop Made Of Pallets

This coop is quite simple. It’s very low cost and can be easily built with a few tools. The plan provides instructions on how to do it with a lot of image details.

First, you need to disassemble the pallets. This can be difficult, but if you’re careful you can reuse the pallet pins.

Next, build the walls and floors from precut lengths of wood. This will make the structure much easier to build.

Then, add the siding and roof. You can use reclaimed pallet boards for the siding, and precut lengths of wood for the roof rafters.

Finally, add a door. You can simply cut it out of the side of the coop.

For the hen boxes, you can use particle board and attach it with 2x2s and wood screws. You don’t need actual framing is required.

Project details: instructables.com

30. DIY Angry Birds Chicken Coop

Build A Angry Bird Chicken Coop

The kids will love this Angry Birds-themed coop!

It is made out of pallets, recycled bed slats, and other found items, and costs around $50 to make.

The coop is bird-shaped, with a nesting box in the rear, a hinged mini-roof, and a triangular entry door.

There is also a ramp and ladder for the chickens to get in and out of the coop easily.

The whole coop is then painted with a fun Angry Birds graffiti design. This chicken coop is sure to make you smile every day.

Project details: 1001pallets.com

31. Budget Pallet Chicken Coop Scoop

Budget Chicken Coop Scoop

With this plan, you can build a big coop for up 24 chickens. It includes roomy enough space and the ability to keep different types of chicken breeds separate from each other in their own divisions.

You’ll be able not only clean out dirt easily with this design because all sides are open except where roof ties into walls;

It also helps prevent rainwater damage since every side has sloping edges so water runs down instead pushing against them like on flat roofs do.

You need some cinder blocks stacked which would serve as a foundation for the coop-this is important because it keeps the coop raised off the ground and rot-resistant.

Project details: communitychickens.com

32. DIY Chicken Coop From 3 Recycled Pallets

DIY Chicken Coop Made From 3 Recycled Pallets

This A-frame design is a simple design and can be customized based on your needs.

It’s made of three whole pallets screwed together to form a sturdy base for elevated chicken living space that prevents moisture build-up on the floor.

The roofing was just clear corrugated fiberglass laid across all slats without any need for additional support or attachment points.

Since it’s so lightweight in comparison with traditional materials such as plywood sheets which were used to provide strong sidewalls.

The door openings are cut out from one panel secured by simple wooden locks forming an eye-catching design feature when viewing at first glance.

Moreover, you should add doors on both sides so that you can easily clean the interior.

Project details: 1001pallets.com

33. DIY Wooden Pallet Coop Plan

DIY Wood Pallet Coop Plan

You are looking forward to a special coop that is designed for the safety and comfort of your chickens?

This chicken coop is a great way to provide your chickens with everything they need while also saving money.

The base of this coop is made from a reclaimed wood pallet table. The coop is covered in straight pallets, which will add extra protection from the elements.

The roof of the coop is made from a steel sheet and should be slightly sloppy to increase the space inside.

To make sure your chickens are safe, make sure the coop is at a height from the ground and attach long legs to keep its distance from any predators.

There is also a black hook on the side that can be used to lock the coop to keep your chickens in at night.

Paint the chicken coop any color you like to give it a fun look. Your chickens will love their new home sweet home.

Project details: palletideas.info

34. DIY Chicken Coop Tractor Plans

DIY Chicken Coop Tractor Plan

Building a chicken tractor is a fun, easy project that can be completed in just a few hours with some basic carpentry skills.

The frame is constructed from 2x4s that are attached to the walls and roof with screws, and the exterior is finished with 1/2″ plywood.

For ventilation, you left a 4″ gap between the top of the wall and the roof and added hardware cloth to the gaps over the door and back of the coop.

The roof is made from corrugated sheet metal and can be adapted to fit your needs.

This chicken tractor can move around your backyard to provide shelter and water for five chickens.

Project details: thefrugalchicken.com

35. DIY Chicken Coop From Pallets By 99Pallets

DIY Pallet Chicken Coop By 99pallets

Mini hen farms are an excellent solution when you want to keep a large number of chickens in your backyard.

It has a bungalow-style chicken coop where your chickens can stay at night for egg-laying and take some rest also.

The coop has a hinged lid so that you can take the eggs without entering your coop.

The entire chicken coop is secured with chicken wire to keep predators out. There is also a door for access to the chickens.

The chevron metal roofs with curved or ware texture help to avoid rainwater retaining and give the chicken coop a great look.

Project details: 99pallets.com


If you are looking for an easy and affordable way to get started with raising your own chickens, building a chicken coop from pallets is the perfect option.

These 35 DIY pallet chicken coop plans will give you plenty of ideas on how to create a coop that meets your needs and fits your budget.

Not only will you have fresh eggs on hand anytime you want them, but you will also be helping the environment by recycling used materials into something useful.

So what are you waiting for? Get started building your own chicken coop today!

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