15 DIY Mobile Chicken Coop Plans You Can Make

DIY Mobile Chicken Coop Plans

Raising chickens is much harder than it looks, as many things in the outside world threaten your chickens, from predators to weather.

That is why you need a mobile chicken coop, which gives your chickens the freedom to scratch around and forage a little bit without losing their safety.

However, it can be very costly to buy one. So we prepared this list of 15 DIY mobile chicken coop plans for you to try. It’s both friendlier for your wallet and allows a certain level of flexibility.

1. DIY Mobile Triangle-Shaped Chicken Coop

DIY Mobile Triangle-Shaped Chicken Coop

Despite being relatively small, this mobile chicken coop doubles its effective size by cleverly putting in a two-story design.

Using two long wooden dowel rods and some boards, this plan was able to make a secure and safe sleeping place for the chicks.

The rods can also serve as a playground for the roosters once they grow large enough.

We are also impressed by the back door design, as you can easily reach in for cleaning purposes without scaring the chicks. After all, they should be playing on the ground floor by then.

Project details: thediyplan.com

2. Build A Mobile Chicken Coop From MeatEater

Build A Mobile Chicken Coop From MeatEater

The main selling point of this mobile chicken coop is that it’s very easy. After all, there is no second floor, no roof, etc.

The whole thing is a box frame with wire meshes covering its entirety. However, you should not underestimate its strength, as 3″ screws secure all the connections.

In the same vein, all the top frame’s cross members are strategically spaced 2′ from each side.

That is why the wire meshes can easily overlap and fasten onto each other. Even the worst of predators will struggle to go through this flimsy-looking coop.

Project details: themeateater.com

3. How To Build Mobile Chicken Coop By Libby Flanagan

This is what we call an advanced project, as you are going to build a fully functional coop, complete with a playing ground, an indoor area, etc.

Be prepared to spend a lot of time on it, but we guarantee that all the effort will be worth it.

The whole base uses 2x4s and 4x10s, guaranteeing that it is strong enough to withstand the extravagant indoor section.

This indoor section is framed from the top down to test how much the base can withstand and passes with flying colors.

It also uses plywood for the sides, as this material is both strong and breathable. For this reason, your chicks won’t struggle in the summer heat.

4. Bantam Chicken House

Bantam Chicken House

At first look, the chicken house looks just like a normal chicken coop, with an indoor and outdoor section.

However, it is much smaller, making it the perfect fit for people with limited yard space and looking to raise a small number of chicks.

It has a lot of doors, allowing you to easily reach in and do your thing without scaring the chickens.

For example, if you want to clean the indoor area, there is a window with shuttles that can only be opened from the outside.

Likewise, another small door at the bottom has the same design for food and water access.

Project details: backyardchickens.com

5. DIY A Frame Chicken Coop

A Frame Chicken Coop Plan By Anna White

This frame chicken coop is surprisingly strong and spacious thanks to its A-frame construction.

This design allows for more support on both sides of the wall while effectively doubling the living area for the chickens. The support also makes the whole thing stable while moving.

The coop also has an impressively huge door left uncut from cedar fence pickets. That is why you will notice immediately how easier it is to open and close this door.

The hinges are also placed specifically so that only forces from outside can affect the door.

Project details: ana-white.com

6. Mobile Chicken Coop Easily Move

Mobile Chicken Coop Easily Move

The mobile chicken coop’s biggest advantage is its integrated perches. These play a major role in saving both weight and height for the coop.

The chick coop looks like a rickshaw. As a result, you have an easier time moving and finding storage for it.

Its handle is also specifically designed to prop up the coop’s roof lid when you open the door. This two-in-one design can save even more on material and time to spend on other projects.

You also don’t need to worry too much about cleaning, as the mesh flooring allows the manure to drop directly on the ground. As such, you also get some natural fertilizer.

Project details: abundantpermaculture.com

7. DIY Simple Chicken Tractor

DIY Simple Chicken Tractor

Many chicken coops can require too much effort to get right. That is not the case with this chicken tractor.

It is simply a triangle outfitted with wire meshes. There is no roost or nest box, so you won’t need to spend more than one afternoon finishing the whole thing.

3-inch hinges and one hook-and-eye latch secure this coop’s door. As such, you can expect it to remain shut no matter how hard your chicks push.

The latch’s construction also ensures that you won’t have any problem opening or closing it.

Project details: hobbyfarms.com

8. Surprisingwomans Chicken Coop Tractor

Surprisingwomans Chicken Coop Tractor

Look first glance, you may think this Chicken Coop Tractor is too cumbersome.

However, that is not the case at all, thanks to its use of wire meshes pulling the weight down significantly. There is also the ergonomic design working together with the strategically placed wheels.

You also don’t need to worry about the wheels twisting the legs too much, as the bottom has 2 x 4 and 2 x 2 reinforcements.

The chicken coop includes weather-proofed vents, adjustable ramp, reinforced door security, and easy cleanable roosts.

To make it extra special, you even made hand prints with yellow paint for chickens.

Project details: backyardchickens.com

9. Mobile Chicken Coop – Build and Tour

This mobile chicken coop is the ultimate combination of mobility and space. In spite of having a respectable size, you can easily move it around your backyard.

The reason lies in its strategically placed wheels, which redistribute most of the weight evenly.

This spacious nature allows the coop to have a small practical garden inside it. It’s very beneficial for the chicks’ growth spurt.

You also don’t have to struggle to open the door, as there is a mechanism involved allowing you to pull a string to open it.

10. Reclaimed Chicken Coop

Reclaimed Chicken Coop

Not everyone has a huge budget for something like a chicken coop, so something like this reclaimed coop should be a huge help.

It is made completely from scrap material like reclaimed wood, so you won’t be spending any significant money.

You also don’t need to use any advanced skills in carpentry to finish the whole thing. Despite this, the coop is reasonably spacious, offering more than enough space for your chicks to play around.

You should remember that there is not enough stuff to accommodate more than 4 chickens. After all, the blueprint only allows for 3 nesting boxes.

Project details: backyardchickens.com

11. DIY Chicken Tractor Plan

DIY Chicken Tractor Plan

You can enjoy numerous advantages with this Chicken Tractor Plan. It will keep your chickens safe and sheltered from the elements. The chicken coop has a 7×3 foot frame and can contain up to 12 – 14 chickens.

The meshed floor allows for all the manure to fall directly onto the pasture. As a result, you don’t have to clean the coop regularly, yet it still won’t have any bad smell.

The window can fit in both winter and summer, as you can open them for better ventilation and close them to keep the heat in.

The project also involves just a small number of angle cuts. For this reason, even someone with practically no experience with carpentry can try their hands at it.

Its design also allows you two options for feeding: inside and outside. This flexibility allows you to switch things up, making the feeding process more engaging for your chicks.

Project details: backyardpoultry.iamcountryside.com

12. Little Egg Factory Tractor Coop

Little Egg Factory Tractor Coop

This chicken coop is incredibly stable and strong due to its unique triangle shape and reinforced floor supports.

That’s not all, as there are also gussets reinforcing each and every joint. The legs are thick due to having 1x6s added to its upright.

The coop was designed with functionality and comfort in mind, featuring wheels so it can be easily moved around the yard, a ramp that can be raised and lowered, and plenty of ventilation to keep the chickens healthy.

Project details: backyardchickens.com

13. DIY Portable Chicken Coop

DIY Portable Chicken Coop

The portable chicken coop has a special roof that can be opened outside.

As such, you can clean everything inside without any struggle, saving time and effort. You also get better access to water and food for the chickens.

The whole build use wood, 10′ of chicken wire, and 20′ plastic roofing, which work together with hatches and hinges and allow you to open things indirectly.

This advantage allows you to make the doors as sturdy as possible, keeping your chickens secured.

Project details: blessthismessplease.com

14. Instructables’ Large Tractor Coop

Large Tractor Coop

This large tractor coop excels at one thing: fitting as many chickens as possible while still retaining its mobility. That is also why it measures 8 feet in length, 4 feet in width, and 4 feet in height.

Of course, with this many chickens stuck together, it greatly strains the watering system.

For this reason, this plan uses a special system consisting of a reservoir on the roof feeding straight through vinyl tubing and PVC pipes.

There will always be enough water, and you only need to change the water in the reservoir occasionally.

As you will raise many chickens, you need a strong and forgiving frame. So the base’s corner costs are made from pressure-treated 4x4s.

Project details: instructables.com

15. Sadie Lane Tractor

Sadie Lane Tractor

Here is the advanced version of the traditional chicken coop.

It needs a strong base to accommodate this big size, so you will see lots of 12′ 2×4’s nailed to the bottom to connect the frame.

Only this size can work, as the 2 “x3” openings fencing is much heavier than it looks.

If you worry about the inside getting wet from rainwater through the vent, don’t. The plastic roofing will extend out a little bit, giving it an overhang. As a result, your chickens will be as comfortable as possible.

Project details: backyardchickens.com


We believe that building according to one of these 15 DIY Mobile Chicken Coop Plans is great for keeping your chickens safe and happy.

Each plan will have unique strengths and will shine in specific space conditions. Most don’t require too much skill, as only some basic carpentry is needed.

So, why don’t you jump at the opportunity to ensure your chickens’ better future? Let’s start building today!

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