How To Cut 2×4 With A Circular Saw

how to cut 2×4 with circular saw

You are a newbie who wonders how to cut 2×4 with Circular Saw, what tips to follow, and what is needed to prepare. Let’s nail it with these only 4 steps!

Well, what is a 2×4 wood? A 2×4 wood is two-inch thick and four-inch wide. Many different kinds of saws can cut wood into 2×4 sizes, such as hand saws or jigsaws.

However, the best tool is the circular saw. Are you wondering why I say so? Here is a very detailed and simple instruction to DIY.

Why Should You Cut 2×4 With Circular Saw?

Firstly, let’s discuss the shape of circular saws. These saws’ blades are circles with very shaped teeth. Thanks to their electric motors, they are the experts in giving fast cuts.

Therefore, they are more powerful than hand saws or jigsaws. This innovation has made our lives easier. Especially in the long term, you could save plenty of time.

However, Circular Saws still have a disadvantage. That is they are such powerful tools that you will find it pretty hard to control them.

By making only one small mistake, you could destroy the whole project. That is the reason why circular saws are not ideal for smaller jobs or beginners.

To avoid those unexpected risks, read these instructions carefully on how to cut 2×4 with a circular saw down below.

How To Cut 2×4 With A Circular Saw

What Do You Need?

Before cut 2×4 with circular saw, you will need to prepare:

●  The most important things are a circular saw and a blade: Remember to get yourself a suitable saw with enough power.

And make sure its blade can cut through the kind of wood you choose. You may need a circular saw that feels comfortable when holding.

●  A Circular saw blade sharpener could be necessary: If your blade is blunt and makes your project go slowly and imprecisely, you will need to sharpen it.

●  A speed square and ruler: To mark the dimensions of 2×4 precisely.

●  A hold-down clamp: To hold the wood piece in a perfect position.

●  Worktable or Sawhorse

Besides the tools mentioned above, you also need these safety equipments:

●  Woodwork gloves: They protect your hands and fingers from being cut by the sharp blade.

●  Earmuffs: Some people may think they are unnecessary; however, earmuffs prevent the noise of a circular saw from hurting your eardrums.

●  Respirator mask: It will protect your eyes from sawdust.

How To Cut 2×4 With Circular Saw

circular saw cut 2x4

Step 1: Testing The Circular Saw And Its Blade

To make sure the circular saw and its blade are functional enough, this is the very first step you will need to do.

Although a circular saw has numerous parts, some of them play more important roles.

It cannot operate once these parts are damaged while still be able to do so without other less essential parts.

First, you should check the lower tongue guard.

Carefully observing its movement is the best way to determine if these parts are okay.

The lower blade guard works effectively if it returns to its position immediately when you slide and pull it back without any difficulties.

When it does not work like that, you probably should think of replacing it.

Secondly, let’s check out the power source.

Keep it in mind, a circular saw can only work when it has power.

For those who use a cordless circular saw, you will have to inspect the battery level to avoid any interruption halfway of the project.

Step 2: Setting The Blade Precisely

To simply put, setting the blade is how deep you need to put the blade to cut through the wood. This step is not an easy job.

Can you imagine the consequence of letting the blade go significantly deeper than what you require? Certainly, nothing good could happen.

A deeper blade cutting may lead to your circular saw being stuck when operating, and of course, your work will not be perfect.

A blade that cuts deeper than necessary also causes various safety problems.

Thus, the best advice for you is not to rush at all. Remember, you are here to complete the work quickly, yet without any safety problems.

Then, what is the right way to put the blade in exactly how you need it to be? Well, to guarantee a straight and smooth cut, keep the exposure at the lowest possible level.

Are you wondering how to choose the correct blade depth? Unplug your disc saw and pull back on the blade guard.

Then grip it firmly onto your 2×4 wood. Estimate the depth of the saw blade. Do this until it is almost 1/4 inch below the base of 2 × 4. It should not be more than 1/2 inch below.

Step 3: Supporting The Wood With A Hold-down Clamp

Most newbies often make mistakes in this task. Why? The fact that they hold their wood on both sides. Well, this is a very common mistake.

Before you could finish your work, the hold-down clamp will fall down, slowly, causing you a huge issue in controlling the circular saw.

Remember, a hold-down clamp works efficiently when it secures your work on one side only.

Step 4: Cutting Straight

After setting up all of the above steps, you are ready for the last step.

Firstly, use a ruler and a pencil to mark your 2×4 wood. This preparation is essential to have a straight cut.

Secondly, start to give a straight cut. Depending on the high speed, there is probably a chance that you may not be able to cut exactly the marks you have made.

In this situation, bringing the saw back to the marks while its blade is still working is not a smart idea. Therefore, here are some technical tips for you:

●  When the blade begins to swing away, stop cutting immediately and turn the power off. Wait until the blade stops spinning, then take it away from the wrong cut, and put it back in the right direction. Then continue to cut again.

●  Another solution is using a speed square combined with a miter square. Grasp the speed square against the margin of the 2×4 wood to create a straight line. Then put the saw against the square to get a straight cut.


Understanding this 4-step process will help you know how to cut 2×4 with a Circular Saw easily.

It could be quite complicated at the first trial, but after a few practice following these steps, you will perform better.

Remember you want to make your project quick, but also need to do it in a safe way.

Prepare all of the safety equipments that I had recommended above. Good luck with your woodwork!

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