Who Makes Black Max Chainsaws?

who makes black max chainsaws

You should have a trustable chainsaw like a Black Max readily available in your tool shed.

No matter your profession or hobby, this tool will come in handy someday, like tidying up your garden, trimming trees, cutting wood, or making some woodworking projects.

However, a less experienced person may have a lot of questions regarding this line of electric chainsaws. Is it really worth your money? Who makes Black Max chainsaws and where are they made?

IN this article, we will shed light on this matter to help you know more about Black Max chainsaws.

Who Makes Black Max Chainsaws?

The Black Max brand is believed to be crafted by Stanley Black & Decker Corporation. This company was formerly known as Stanley Works, which began its journey all the way back in 1843.

It is a leading provider of security solutions, hand tools, and power tools.

The current brand name is a blend between Stanley Works and the Black & Decker Corporation, representing their merger in 2010.

Being built from two giants, the company has evolved from one of the biggest names in the power tool market to the undisputed biggest.

It has diversified its portfolio since this merger, taking over a slew of popular brands like Black & Decker, Craftsman, Porter-Cable, DeWalt, Irwin, Bostitch, and more.

Who Makes Black Max Chainsaw Engines?

where are black max chainsaws made

Despite being sold by another company, Stanley Black & Decker chainsaw engines come from Honda. This company’s popularity is credited for its reliability, and its engines are no different.

Honda engines have a reputation for standing the test of time despite heavy wear and tear conditions.

This is only possible thanks to the company’s fixation on high-quality materials and rigorous manufacturing/testing process.

The technology of this reliable engine maker optimizes combustion better, allowing its powerful engine to minimize waste even more.

This leads to less fuel consumption and fewer emissions. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Honda’s engines have a say in the success of Back Max chainsaws.

Where Are Black Max Chainsaws Made?

At the moment, all of these high-quality chainsaws in circulation are made in the USA.

There have been talks of moving the production line to China. However, Stanley Black & Decker Corporation still hasn’t made any official announcement.

Are Black Max Chainsaws Worth It?

black max chainsaw

Pros Of Black Max Chainsaws

One of the biggest advantages that Black Max chainsaw models possess is the high engine displacement of 38 cc, 42 cc or 50 cc. It provides the chainsaw with more than enough power for all kinds of demanding cutting tasks.

Despite focusing on being the perfect tool for heavy-duty work, these top-quality chainsaws are not hard to control at all.

The main reason for this strength lies in features such as a tool-less chain tensioning mechanism and a 3-point anti-vibe system.

The tool-less chain tensioning feature makes adjusting the chain’s tension very convenient. You just need to move your fingers without involving any tool for a hassle-free operation.

Designed with user comfort in mind, the 3-point anti-vibe system ensures that hand fatigue does not build up over extended cutting periods, lessening the risk of injury. This effect is accomplished through the system absorbing and dampening the vibrations.

All of these powerful models have a fuel level window so that the user can observe the fuel level left in the tank without removing the cap. This feature makes sure that you will never run out of fuel while cutting.

The relatively small fuel tank lessens the chainsaw’s weight a little bit, rendering it more manageable. Your arms won’t tire out when quickly waving it around.

Black Max chainsaws’ average chain speed is 23.8 m/s. This number is not that high compared to other competitors, but it has its unique strength.

In return for spending a little bit more time to make cuts, you won’t experience any kickback. As such, these chainsaw items are among the safest options with superior performance on the market.

Cons Of Black Max Chainsaws

The biggest drawback of Black Max chainsaws lies in its short warranty period, which lasts only 1 year.

This amount of time lags a bit behind what other market contenders are offering. To be more specific, the shortest warranty out there is 2 years, even double that of Black Max products.

This line of chainsaws is certainly durable and effective. However, average buyers won’t know about its technical specifics.

Also, despite having a smaller tank to offset the overall weight, the Black Max chainsaws are still on the heavier side.

Weighing 5.4 kg on average, users who aren’t as experienced may find using this saw more difficult than lighter options.

Black Max does not have its own customer service department, which can make it difficult for customers to obtain support or assistance with their chainsaws.

Also, some customers have reported issues with the chain tensioner or oil pump, which can affect the saw’s overall performance.


At the end of the day, we don’t believe that the cons outweigh the pros that we have listed. This chainsaw line is still very worth it. You can check this video for a closer look at how it performs:

What Kind Of Fuel Do Black Max Chainsaws Take?

In the usual case, Black Max chainsaws use a mixture of two-stroke oil and gasoline to run.

The two-stroke oil lubricates their engines to keep everything running smoothly, while the gasoline provides all the energy required for the engine.

You don’t just use any gasoline, though, as high-octane unleaded gasoline fits this specific type of chainsaw the most.

After all, it possesses an inherently higher oxygenate level. This advantage makes it much more efficient and smoother while running.

As for the specific mix of fuel, the recommended ratio is 50:1. In other words, you need to put in 1 part of two-stroke oil for 50 parts of gasoline.

This formula ensures that there is enough two-stroke oil to smooth things up while maintaining the gasoline concentration just right.


The Black Max chainsaws speak volumes for their quality indeed. And Stanley Black & Decker Corporation is behind these chainsaw beasts.

Can you rest assured about their reliability now? If not, browse our pros and cons section again and weigh them up before investing in these saws.

We hope that you will consider the information we provided to decide on whether or not this chainsaw line is good for you.

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