Where are Chainsaws Made? – Listed By Each Manufacturer

Where Are Chainsaws Made

When it comes to chainsaws, there are many good brands. Each is made in different places, including Husqvarna, Stihl, Echo, etc.

Today’s article will cover the history of each brand as well as their origins right up to the modern days.

Let’s get started!

Where are Chainsaws Made By Each Manufacturer

Where Are Husqvarna Chainsaws Made?

where are husqvarna chainsaws made

You may catch the label ‘Made in Sweden’ or ‘Made in USA’ when using Husqvarna chainsaws.

Surprisingly, the production of them can still be traced back to Sweden; in case you didn’t know, Husqvarna is one of the oldest companies in the world with a proud Swedish origin.

Most of the Husqvarna chainsaw manufacturing facilities can be found in Sweden and some Scandinavian countries. The company also has subsidiaries in Germany, France, the U.S.A, China, and Brazil.

There is a high chance that the components of your Husqvarna chainsaw are manufactured in different places, then sent to one plant for assembly.

Where Are Stihl Chainsaws Made?

Stihl Chainsaw

Stihl is a German company founded in 1926. Most of their chainsaw production takes place in the U.S and China. To be more specific, Stihl has a facility in Virginia Beach, Virginia, America, and Qingdao, China.

The quality is guaranteed despite the location of production as each chainsaw, before being ready for sales, has to undergo strict tried-and-tested Stihl processes to make sure it meets the high standards of the company.

Where Are Poulan Chainsaws Made?

where are poulan chainsaws made

Poulan used to be a part of Husqvarna but spun off to be nested beneath Electrolux in 2006.

Since we couldn’t find any accurate information for the manufacture of Poulan chainsaws, we can only assume they’re made in the same facilities as Husqvarna chainsaws as mentioned above.

Where Are Echo Chainsaws Made?

where are echo chainsaws made

Echo chainsaws are assembled in the U.S.A, but the major components are made in foreign and domestic locations.

Manufacturing facilities include Morioka and Yokosuka, Japan; China, Shenzhen, and Illinois, U.S.A.

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Where Are Makita Chainsaws Made?

Where Are Makita Chainsaws Made

Makita is one of the most renowned Japanese owned power equipment companies. Even though chainsaws are not the main power tool lineup, professionals, as well as family handymen, still rate them among the best.

Makita chainsaws are made in many different factories worldwide, including the U.S.A, the U.K, Germany, Romania, Brazil, Mexico, Dubai, Rwanda, and China.

Where Are Remington Chainsaws Made?

Where Are Remington Chainsaws Made

Remington headquarters can be found in Bridgeport, Connecticut, U.S.A.

Remington chainsaws are assembled in Mexico while their components parts are made in Zhejiang Pioneer Machinery & Electron Company of China.

Where Are Oregon Chainsaws Made?

Where Are Oregon Chainsaws Made

You must have seen the name Oregon quite often if you know anything about chainsaws and home tools in general.

The brand has earned its reputation thanks to the high-quality in home appliances and accessories.

Oregon chainsaws used to be made right in Portland, Oregon, but the manufacturing was moved to the U.S Midwest and Canada some time ago.

Where Are Jonsered Chainsaws Made?

Where Are Jonsered Chainsaws Made

After parting ways with Electrolux, Jonsered is now under the Husqvarna umbrella. Even though chainsaws from the two companies are not exactly the same,some of the Jonsered chainsaws are still manufactured by Husqvarna.

Since we couldn’t find any further information on this problem, we can only assume these chainsaws are made in the same factories worldwide as Husqvarna chainsaws: Sweden, Germany, France, the U.S.A, China, and Brazil.

Where Are Black & Decker Chainsaws Made?

Where Are Black & Decker Chainsaws Made

Black & Decker, with their endless list of subsidiaries, has the largest footprint of any power equipment manufacturer in Northern America and Europe, if not the world.

Their products are made and assembled in many different countries. It comes as no surprise when the vast majority of the cheaper products are made in China, though.

Components are produced in an endless list of subsidiaries in Japan, the U.S.A, some Western and Eastern European countries, as well as some Asian countries.

Where Are WORX Chainsaws Made?

Where Are WORX Chainsaws Made

WORX is a line of home appliances owned and distributed by the Positec Tool Corporation, a manufacturing company based in Suzhou, China. That being said, WORX chainsaws are manufactured and assembled in China.

Where Are Dolmar Chainsaws Made?

Where Are Dolmar Chainsaws Made

People who love chainsaws from Dolmar nearly had a heart attack when they couldn’t find its products anymore.

However, you can rest assured that Dolmar chainsaws are still around these days, only under a different name.

Yes, Makita acquired Dolmar in 1991.

The original factory for producing Dolmar chainsaws can be found in Hamburg, Germany.

Otherwise, the internal parts can come from various manufacturing brands of Makita around the world, including Japan, China, Dubai, Brazil, Mexico, Romania, Germany,

Where Are Tanaka Chainsaws Made?

Where Are Tanaka Chainsaws Made

As you may not be familiar with this name, the Tanaka is a Japanese-based brand now owned by Hitachi – the most trusted partner in China.

For that reason, most components of Tanaka chainsaws are made in China.

But little did you know, Tanaka has some impressive chainsaw models over the years, which can even stand up against heavy competitors like Husqvarna or Stihl.

Where Are Homelite Chainsaws Made?

Where Are Homelite Chainsaws Made

Homelite chainsaws are made in China, with simple designs and room for improvement.

Homelite has some of the best electric chainsaws that you should look into. Despite the fact that they’re made in China, the components are quite long-lasting, yet come to the market at a low price compared to other brands.

Where Are Craftsman Chainsaws Made?

Where Are Craftsman Chainsaws Made

Craftsman has undergone multiple changes of ownership, making people confused with the manufacturing locations of its chainsaws.

At the moment, Craftsman is another branch to associate with the Husqvarna group, explaining why they are mostly made in the same manufacturing plants as Husqvarna chainsaws mentioned above.

Some people were also wondering what’s the connection between Craftsman and Poulan because the two brands sometimes have almost identical chainsaw models.

As you might have guessed, this is because Poulan used to be a part of Husqvarna, so it makes sense that they have some things in common.

Craftsman and Poulan are two of the few brands on the market to offer high-quality standards, yet low price. This results from the fact that Husqvarna is only responsible for the quality of the components, yet the best technology still remains exclusive.

Where Are Ryobi Chainsaws Made?

Where Are Ryobi Chainsaws Made

Ryobi may sound new to a few people as the brand is not as popular as the competitive brands. However, Ryobi chainsaws make great entry-level tools for home use with a good price.

Initially, Ryobi had their products made in the U.S (in the 80s and early 90s), but now the components are primarily made in China. Ryobi also has a manufacturing plant in Shelbyville, Indiana.

Where Are Parker Chainsaws Made?

Where Are Parker Chainsaws Made

The Parker brand is rather new to the industry since it was only founded in 2002, but from design to dispatch, they’re on top of their game.

Parker is one of the few brands to have their chainsaws made in one location only, which is also the place where the company was founded – Lincolnshire, UK.

Where Are McCulloch Chainsaws Made?

Where Are McCulloch Chainsaws Made

McCulloch was originally founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but later on, the company became a part of the Husqvarna Group.

That being said, we will be, once again, assuming McColloch chainsaws are made in Sweden, Germany, France, the U.S.A, China, and Brazil.


Now that you’re cleared of where chainsaws are made, we hope our article has given you a better picture of the chainsaw brands.

Our aim is to help you find the chainsaw to go with in terms of your manufacturing preference.

To find the best chainsaw to meet your needs, we recommend you do more in-depth research on different reviews and customer feedback to make sure you’re happy with the final purchase.

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