38 DIY Pallet Shed Plans For Storage and Shelter

Pallet Shed Plans

Shed building is usually the line separating the novice DIY-ers from intermediate ones.

So, many people look for a shed plan that they can do to improve their woodworking skills. And it’s undoubted that the pallet shed is among the most cost-effective foundations to start with.

Here are 38 DIY shed plans that you can easily follow. As long as you do not stray from the guide, you will soon build your first ever shed.

1. Garden Pallet Shed

Garden Pallet Shed

Having a yard chock-full of garden tools can be quite tiresome. With this project, you can build a small but fully functional garden shed of your own from the reused materials.

You need some old shipping pallets, fasteners, timbers, concrete blocks, screws, nails, and plywood sheets, as they are must-haves. Some optional materials are paints, hinges, door locks, and extension cords.

Project details: toolmateshire.com.au

2. $15 Wood Pallet Shed

$15 Wood Pallet Shed

As you can clearly see from the title, the main focus of this project is to be as affordable as possible. If you play your cards right, you may reduce the budget further and spend less than $15 for this shed.

The main materials are 3 74×38 long pallets and 16 smaller 30×30 ones. You start things off by cutting them apart, preferably with a reciprocating saw.

You then make the floor frames, wall frames, and roof frames from the pallets’ slats. Secure the floor and the roof with screws, ensuring that the roof has an angle so that water can slide off.

Project details: lisasscribbles.com

3. DIY Pallet Shed

DIY Pallet Shed

The greatest thing about this DIY pallet shed project is the fact that you do not need to dismantle the pallets. Instead, you only need to join the pallets wholly together to make the walls.

Another “selling point” of this plan is the sliding glass door. Not only does it double as a window for natural lighting but also offer a larger opening for easy transport.

Project details: theownerbuildernetwork.co

4. Playhouse Pallet Shed

Playhouse Pallet Shed

This project is not so much about building a whole new shed but transforming an old one. As such, you will not need too many pallets.

Tear the pallets down to obtain boards and nail them into your old shed’s sides, sealed with a natural Thompson water seal.

After you have completely covered the sides, you will see that the shed is unrecognizable. You can combat the heat from sunlight with a corrugated tin roof.

Project details: hometalk.com

5. DIY Tiny Pallet Cabin or House

DIY Tiny Pallet Cabin

This plan stands out on this list for the fringed wall texture. This method of wall-building can double the stability of the whole shed while simultaneously improving its look.

You accomplish this texture by putting 1 board near the top of the wall, nail it in, and repeat until you have covered the entire wall.

This design is a great space for your backyard as well as space quiet and peaceful for you.

Project details: easypalletideas.com

6. Pallet Garden Shed Potting Old Windows And Tin Cans

Pallet Garden Shed Potting Old Windows And Tin Cans

Wood roofs are not good at snow or rain shedding, even if they have an angle. If you happen to live in a rainy or snowy region, you will love this project.

It does not differ too much from the other projects, up until the roof. Instead of the usual wood roof, you flatten tin cans and shingle the roof with them.

Project details: hometalk.com

7. Pallet Shed Preparation Station

Pallet Shed Preparation Station

This pallet shed is on the bigger side. To ensure that it can stand properly, you need some heavy-duty pallets to act as its base.

Level the ground beforehand with stones and some old brick. The goal is to have a sturdy foundation.

You can choose between two options for the roof. The pitched roof is much cooler to look at, but it requires lots of effort to maintain.

On the other hand, the flat roof limits the ventilation, but it is much easier to build.

Project details: allotmentyorkshire.blogspot.com

8. Reclaimed Lumber Off Grid Cabin

Reclaimed Lumber Off Grid Cabin

With this project, almost all of the main materials can be salvaged from local landfills and dumpsters.

You will need 4 4×4 pallets, which are easily found in landfills, to act as a sturdy base for the whole thing. The best way to enhance their rigidness is to concrete them completely into the ground.

The leftover pallets can be torn off to obtain materials for the walls and the roof.

The front porch is used with a big pallet. This front is an ideal outdoor area for you to relax.

Project details: 1001pallets.com

9. DIY Pallet Shed – BuzzNicked

DIY Pallet Shed - BuzzNicked

This is a huge project with a 6x8x16 sturdy shed, so you should set aside some days off to work on it.

Due to its huge size, simply fitting the pallets with the concrete foundation is not enough.

Instead, you need to bolt the pallets’ bottom into your concrete blocks. This method ensures that the shed’s stability is unmatchable.

The barn-style roof of this shed provides you even more head clearance.

Project details: buzznicked.com

10. Pallet Wood Shed

Pallet Wood Shed

Add an antique touch to your garden with this charming dark oak shed. Though you are free to choose the stain, this dark hue not only brings a sense of aesthetics but also does the trick if you’re living in a cold region.

As this is an 8×6 wood shed project, there is no way that you can stick whole pallets together. So, you must break them up into smaller pieces.

Keep the pallets’ bases intact, as they can be used as floorboards for the shed. Make the wall frames from 2.5×1.5s. Cover them with the reclaimed woods from the pallets.

Project details: instructables.com

11. Make A Pallet Cabin or Pallet Shed

DIY Pallet Cabin

You can call this project a new-but-old shed with a rustic avatar showing signs of age.

This project uses a dark stain for walls and rustic red for the door and windows to blow a wind of vintage to the backyard.

You’ll notice that hang antique light lamp on the corner to make the vintage feel even more lively. This shed will be a cozy spot for your family on snowy days.

You cannot simply stack the pallets together to form walls like some other projects.

Instead, dismantle most of the pallets to obtain pallet planks of similar dimensions. From then on, you only need to fix them together with screws to build the walls and the base.

Project details: easypalletideas.com

12. Pallet Barn For Livestock

As the main goal is to build a barn for livestock, you need a huge size. In this case, we decided that a 10×10 barn is more than enough.

To make the walls, you use 3 48″ x 40″ pallets for each side. Connect them together by lag bolts, preferably the 3-inch type. Use some 4×4 posts to put at the doorway and corners to secure the whole barn.

Project details: thefreerangelife.com

13. Recycled Pallets Tiny Cabin

Recycled Pallets Tiny Cabin

You don’t need to break any pallet apart to build this cabin. Due to its 10×12 size, you can easily stack the pallets together and screw them in place to act as the walls.

You do need to leave some space to fit in a door and two windows, as ventilation is vital for a cabin. Also, a high roof is a must, as a flat or low roof means you are exposed to the heat more.

This plan is a perfect vacation cabin for your camping in the woods.

Project details: tinyhousetalk.com

14. Pallet Shed Building

Pallet Shed Building

This project deviates from the other ones right from the base-building process. Instead of the usual concrete blocks, you will use gravel as well as leveling sand to create the footings.

Aside from the usual deck screws, you can enhance the rigidness of the walls by securing them with metal plates.

The roof construction is simple, as it is made purely out of 2x4s and nails. Finish things off with some drip edge and rolled roofing.

Project details: imgur.com/gallery/H2zCo

15. Pallet Shed – Instructables

Pallet Shed - Instructables

This project focuses the most on the base foundation. You start things off by digging the ground to level out a 10′ square space, elevating it with cement.

With this kind of foundation, you can rest assured that your pallet shed can withstand all kinds of winds. Line the wall pallets together and drill through them with a long drill bit, preferably 5/8′.

Add in some 40×48 pallets to finish the sides. Then, finish to parts the door, roof, and windows

Project details: instructables.com

16. Pallet Shed – Goods Home Design’s

Pallet Shed - Goods Home Design's

This pallet shed is purely for storage, so there is no need to make a pallet base. All you need to do is ensure that the floor is leveled, mostly by stacking concrete blocks together.

Place the wall pallets onto these blocks, secure them with screws and bolts. You need at least 2 rows of pallets to make the walls high enough.

Project details: goodshomedesign.com

17. 8×12 Pallet Garden Shed

8x12 Pallet Garden Shed

With its 8×12 small size, this pallet shed plan is great for your budget, as you only need about 47 pallets.

The deck should be 3 pallets long and 2 pallets wide, as this shed is more about length than width. Of course, this also means that the end walls are made from 2 rows of 2 pallets and side walls 2 rows of 3 pallets.

Project details: grit.com

18. Pellet Storage Shed

Pellet Storage Shed

People who use pellet stoves a lot usually face the dilemma of not knowing where to store the pellets. They need to be dry, but storing them in the house will only invite bugs.

The signature of this plan is that you don’t make the entire wall of pallets like others on this list.

Instead, some pallets will act as the bare bones, and all you need to do is to cover them with chipboard sheets.

As this shed is for pellet storage, you don’t need to make it too big.

Project details: instructables.com

19. Rustic Lean To Pallet Shed

 Rustic Lean To Pallet Shed

The focus of this pallet shed plan is stability. As a result, all the hard challenges lie in the base building process. You start off by pushing the layers of soil down hard for a solid base.

Add in some concrete tiles to combat the balancing issues that the base structure regularly faces. Raise your shed’s walls around this base, use only robust wooden beams for the walls’ primary structure.

Project details: easypalletideas.com

20. DIY Pallet Shed Studio

DIY Pallet Shed Studio

If you happen to have a garden full of rubble, this project is perfect for you. Instead of being unusable waste, the mountain of rubble will be recycled into a strong base. This shed is an ideal detach office for you to work in.

Nail the pallets onto this base, ensuring that there are cross braces to keep them fixed together for longer. The walls should be at least 2 pallets high so that you can feel comfortable entering the shed.

Remember to do proper cladding for your shed; otherwise, water will collect and make the wood rot.

Project details: olivierlonguet.blogspot.com

21. Pallet Garden Shed – Ana White

Pallets Garden Shed

The selling point of this plan is the openable window, while the others on this list come with a window for light and vision only. As such, you will never have to worry about a lack of air and light at once.

The base should be around 2 pallets long and 1 pallet wide, enough to store most of your regular garden gear.

Project details: ana-white.com

22. Rustic Shed Made From Pallets and Tin Cans

Rustic Shed Made From Pallets And Tin Cans

Pallets have a special rustic feel to them, so why don’t we enhance that sense even further with this project? Instead of sanding them, you only need to brush them off a little bit to make them clean enough.

Create the floor from 6 pallets, remember to ensure that there is no space between them. Use 16 pallets, distributed into 2 rows, to build the walls, leaving enough space for 1 door and 2 windows.

Cut some tin cans, paint over and straighten them to make a roof. The final result looks like an impressively rustic shed.

Project details: scrapality.com

23. Pallet Shed Recycled building

Pallet Shed Recycled building

If you happen to live in a region with a severe climate, give this shed a try. This plan aims to raise the floor for an extra sub-floor tightly attached to the walls.

The floor frame makes by anchoring 4x4s and concrete blocks into the ground. Attach the pallets together to form the walls, remember to use large bolts only to enhance its sturdiness. The size of your pallets will decide the length of the walls.

Project details: ruralroutediaries.weebly.com

24. Pallet Storage Shed

Pallet Storage Shed

This project is one of the smallest sheds on our list, so it won’t take up a large footprint in your backyard.

Instead of focusing solely on woods, you will be mixing woods and metals together to make sliding door and roof.

You use corrugated sheet metal for the roof, so water falls off two sides and doesn’t affect your house.

If you use more than one sheet metal, remember to overlap them to avoid gaps that let water seep through.

Project details: instructables.com

25. Pallet Barn Fast Build and Steeped Roof

Pallet Barn Fast Build and Steeped Roof

This pallet barn does not need flooring, so it can save quite a bit of plywood sheets. All you need to do is make use of concrete blocks to build up a sturdy base for the walls.

After the base is completed, stack the pallets onto it, securing them with bolts and screws. This shed follows the New England style, so you will need high triangle trusses.

Project details: dailyhike.wordpress.com

26. DIY Trash Can Shed

DIY Trash Can Shed

While almost all projects until now start with the base, this one is different. You start off by building the frames for the whole thing, walls and roof included.

After you have broken all the pallets up, take the slats and attach them to the frames. These slats will act as stylish and sturdy sidings for your shed.

Finally, slide on some roofing shingles to finish the roof off.

Project details: bobvila.com

27. Ship Shape Shed’s Pallet Shed

Ship Shape Shed's Pallet Shed

The floor frame of this design is not too different from the other plans we have shown.

However, things change when it comes to the walls. Instead of the usual setup, you will be placing the pallets’ slats horizontal and 2x4s vertical.

This setup will guarantee that the slats provide a much higher side-to-side strength. In fact, it is the setup that most houses’ frames use.

Project details: http://palletshed.blogspot.com/

28. DIY Pallet Goat House

DIY Pallet Goat House

If you want to keep your goats healthy through the rainy and snowy seasons, you need this project. It takes no time to complete and is very forgiving for your wallet.

First, you put 3 of them into a square and screw them together. Put 3 boards on top, they will be the base to screw the roof onto.

If you are worried about the wind passing through, enclose the walls in more pallet boards.

Project details: alifeofheritage.com

29. Euro Pallet Log Shed

Euro Pallet Log Shed

It is not at all an overstatement to say that this project will provide you with the ultimate log shed.

The shed is tall enough that you don’t need to bend to reach for the logs, and it also can separate seasoning and seasoned logs.

Project details: instructables.com

30. Pallet Wood Workshop

Pallet Wood Workshop

This project offers you a building big enough to hang out freely in, yet small enough to slip through the building code restriction. As it is a 12×16 shed, you need to be careful with the base foundation.

The best material for the floor frames should be pressure-treated woods. Stack the pallets onto this base, nail them together, and put in 2×4 studs between them to create a strong wall.

Project details: 1001pallets.com

31. 8×8 DIY Lean To Shed

8x8 DIY Lean To Shed

This plan is an upgrade of the old 6×8 shed project, allowing for more space to store all kinds of gears. You’ll notice that it comes with a two-sided door for an increasingly wider opening.

This level-up gains a big plus when you store large objects like wood or some gardening tools.

You need to tear the pallets down into 2×6 and 2×4 pieces of lumber. Make the 2x6s into the base frame and the 2x4s into the wall frame. Cover the walls with the slats from the pallets.

Project details: howtospecialist.com

32. Tiny Pallet Shed House

Tiny Pallet Shed House

Are you a child of light? Take a look at this suggestion as it boasts 4 windows, not to mention the door, for plenty of sunlight – 2 on the sides and 2 at the front.

After finishing this project, you will have on hand a sizable playhouse for your children. Its guidance on how to make a long-lasting and durable wood rail is especially impressive.

The secret lies in the floor joists, as they are all pressure-treated 2x8s. This floor frame ensures that the whole thing will stay perfectly balanced at all times

Project details: easypalletideas.com

33. DIY Pallet Chicken Coop

DIY Pallet Chicken Coop

Unlike the other pallet sheds that we have introduced, this one is specialized for raising chickens. As such, you will need to raise the foundation at least 2′ over the ground.

You must also leave at least 2 slots open to act as impromptu windows for hot summer days. Remember to cover these openings with predator-proof screening, though.

Project details: lakesidehomestead.blogspot.com

34. Pallet Shed Slant Roof

Pallet Shed - Goods Home Design's

While the lean-to roof that most sheds have places less stress onto the base, it makes the shed unbearable in hot weather. This shed and its high-rise triangle roof will fix this issue.

As you can guess, this roof style, while harder to maintain, is both strong against snow and provides good ventilation.

It also provides more effective wall height, allowing you to store bigger equipment.

Project details: goodshomedesign.com

35. DIY Pallet Cabin

DIY Pallet Cabin

If you are limited by budget, this project will help you build a cozy cabin without spending more than $120.

This place can be your stamping ground for work or simply chilling after a hard working day.

The first thing that you need to do is lay the foundation by sticking 6 whole pallets together. Try to leave no space between them to maintain stability for the whole shed.

Project details: thehomesteadingboards.com

36. Simple Pallet Firewood Shed

Simple Pallet Firewood Shed

You need to let firewood season for quite a bit of time, but they are easily affected by the outdoor weather. This project provides you with a quick and simple solution.

All you need is 1 pallet and some 2x4s structural beams. Place the pallet on an even surface, attach the beams onto it with long wood screws.

Next, cover the frames with pallet slats and use the leftover to make the frame for the roof. Remember to ensure that your shed’s roof protrudes a minimum of 12 inches.

Project details: instructables.com

37. Pallet Firewood Shed

Pallet Firewood Shed

While the firewood shed above focuses more on being simple and easy to make, this one is purely heavy-duty. But it will come in handy if you own a small lumber mill or are keen on DIY woodworking.

This is a fancy project, so the least it can do is separating the firewood. All you need to do is add in some metal rods right in the middle.

The shed is actually quite big, so you should strengthen the junction line with some wood.

Project details: easypalletideas.com

38. 140 Pallets Shed

140 Pallets Shed

We doubt that there is no other pallet shed as big as this one. Rather than a shed, we like to think of it as a small house.

To make this monstrously huge shed, you will need at least 140 pallets. You can either buy them at a dirt-cheap price from your local woodworker.

Of course, it being so huge places quite a restraint on the base, so just using pallet wood is not enough. We recommend adding in some reclaimed glass bricks.

Building this shed will take a lot of time and effort, but we know for sure that you’ll be satisfied with this second house, especially for family reunions on cold winter days.

Project details: 1001pallets.com


We hope that after going through these DIY pallet shed plans, you will decide on which to follow for your own garden shed.

Every shed plan that we have introduced has a specific set of strengths. We believe that at least one of them will satisfy you or give some good ideas for you.

Which pallet shed plans do you like? Let us know in the below comment.

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