13 Free DIY PVC Chicken Tractor Plans

Free DIY PVC Chicken Tractor Plans

Raising chickens in a stationary coop can limit their access to fresh grass and insects, which are crucial to their health and well-being.

This is where a chicken tractor comes in handy. A chicken tractor is a portable coop that allows chickens to roam freely while offering protection from predators.

But you don’t necessarily have to spend hundreds of dollars on a pre-made chicken tractor. It’s entirely possible to DIY some tractors for your flock of chickens with cheap and simple!

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 13 free DIY PVC chicken tractor plans to help you get started.

1. Basic PVC Chicken Tractor

Basic PVC Chicken Tractor

This is the most basic structure out of them all. It’s the same dome-style roof with a cage chicken-wired structure.

The building steps are easy, and all the materials are basic, consisting of only cheap PVC pipes, a few batches of chicken wire, zip ties, a piece of cloth (for shading)

You can attach a set of wheels (one in each corner) to let the chickens easily roam around. Depending on how many chickens you feed, you can do a larger one.

Project details: grit.com

2. PVC Pipe Chicken Tractor With A Roost

PVC Pipe Chicken Tractor With A Roost

With this plan, you use PVC pipes to build the frame. It is easy to construct the side walls and ceiling using chicken wire.

Then, to protect your brood from the elements, plastic tarps can be thrown over the tractor and secured using zip ties.

Add a roost using a few wooden boards stuck through the chicken wires and secured using zip ties.

For easier egg collection, you can add plastic or wooden boxes to the roost.

Steel pegs can be used to secure the tractor against the ground if you live in areas with a lot of wind and extreme weather.

Project details: simplesavings.com.au

3. Simple PVC Pipe Mobile Chicken Coop Plans

This chicken coop ppallan is built to be moved around easily, so it must meet some criteria: lightweight and mobile. As such, you will only use PVC pipes and chicken wires for this project.

Start off easy by building a frame from PVC pipes and connectors in a box shape (square if you have a small brood, and rectangular if you have a larger one with more than five chickens.)

You can build several frames and connect them via zip ties to expand the tractor to fit your brood. Remove and reattach the chicken wire sidings to fit the larger structure.

Finally, you will make the wheels out of plywood scraps to easily move your chicken coop.

4. Chicken Tractor Hoop House

Chicken Tractor Hoop House

Hoop-style chicken tractors are much easier to disassemble and move around than other designs.

Hoop-style chicken tractors are much easy to disassemble and move around. They also provide more space for your chickens, too.

This basic chicken tractor is simple to make. You’ll only need to build a rectangular foundation from lumber wood.

Then, cut appropriate lengths of flexible PVC pipes and turn them into an arch shape. The arch will support a large patch of chicken wire, which is nailed into the curved frame.

And voila! You got yourself a hoop-house-style chicken tractor. If you want to give your extra chicken insulation or shade from the elements, just cover up the arch with a cloth or plastic sheeting.

Project details: backyardchickens.com

5. PVC Hoop House Chicken Tractor With Carved Door

PVC Hoop House Chicken Tractor With Carved Door

This hoop house-style chicken tractor has a beautifully carved door that you can try your hands at making. Besides being a practical addition to your tractor, the door will also do an excellent job adding a rustic charm to your farm.

Still use PVC pipes for the structuring, zip ties and screws for fastening, and wheels for mobility. But instead of a piece of cloth or tarp, you can switch it with plastic sheeting.

The sheeting must be flexible and not break when curved into a hoop-style roof. You can secure the sheetings to the top of the tractor using screws and zip ties.

Project details: fresheggsdaily.blog

6. Homemade Chicken Tractor Barrow

Homemade Chicken Tractor Barrow

This project one’s a lot more elaborate, with several more hoops and semi-circle backends made from wood to reinforce the structure.

Start by constructing your frame from plywood. The arch-like supports are also constructed from PVC pipes.

Just bend the pipes and arch them around the top support structure (it can either be made from plywood or another PVC pipe). Wrap chicken wires around it, and you’re done

Project details: instructables.com

7. PVC Hen Hideout

PVC Hen Hideout

If you’re confident in your building skills and have a solid budget to spare on materials, you can try out this plan.

Besides the tractor itself, you’ll also need to construct a small henhouse from wood.

The hen house is raised on top of a PVC-and-chicken-wire support structure off the ground and can be accessed by the chickens via a short ladder.

The plan also includes instructions for a set of sturdy wheels to be attached to four corners of the tractor for greater mobility.

Project details: backyardchickens.com

8. PVC Chicken Tractor With Henhouse

The creative design of this chicken tractor is the first floor, built at a corner of the henhouse.

The ladder is made from nothing but PVC pipes and metal sheetings (similar to the construction of roof and sidings). Chickens can move up and down easily.

For portability, the design has two wheels attached to the frame. It’s better to use a little larger wheel to move your chicken tractor conveniently if necessary.

9. PVC Pipe Chicken Tractor For Pastured Poultry

This plan is another simple hoop-style PVC pipe chicken tractor. Thanks to a far simpler design-wise, you can easily thick-gauge PVC pipes to act as the foundation.

Once the base frame is set up, chicken wire is wrapped all around the frame to act as sidings.

A small door, built from four lengths of PVC pipes and tied with zip ties, is added to one side of the tractor to let the chickens come in and out. This chicken coop is lightweight and easy to move.

10. PVC Pipe Chicken Tractor With Nesting Box

PVC Pipe Chicken Tractor With Nesting Box

For this project, you will add a nesting box to your chicken tractor. Start with a basic PVC chicken tractor design (frame made from PVC pipes, chicken wire sidings, and either cloth or plastic sheeting for roofs.)

Otherwise, you will add a roof to the nesting box using plywood or a tarp, and attach it using hinges to open it for egg collection easily.

Project details: backyardchickens.com

11. PVC Chicken Tractor With Plastic Tarp Roof

Plastic tarps are a great option if you’re looking to cut costs on roofing material. They’re cheap, strong, and don’t require much maintenance.

You will cut PVC pipes and arrange them into the frame shape you want (hoop-house, or basic geometries like square or rectangular.) Tack chicken wires to the sidings at the top, as always, to serve as walls.

Then, onto the roof, lay plastic tarping on top and nail them down. You can further secure the panels to the PVC frame with zip ties or glue.

12. Mobile Chicken Tractor with Plastic Tarp Roofing

Mobile Chicken Tractor With Plastic Tarp Roofing

Hoop-style chicken tractors are popular. First, you build this chicken tractor frame by cutting out pipes and laying out a foundation.

Then, continue using flexible PVC pipes to build arch support, create a door, and lay chicken wire all around.

Drape a plastic tarp to the top of the frame, ensuring that it covers the top and curved side of the tractor.

Finally, you will attach four small, sturdy wheels to each corner of the tractor, allowing you to move the tractor around easily!

Project details: backyardchickens.com

13. PVC Chicken Tractor Plan with Metal Roof Sheeting

With this plan, you can easily build a secure enclosure for your chickens that will last for many years.

The chicken tractor design consists of 118 inches of PVC pipes connected by metal fittings. A 4.5 inch section of the pipe is used to provide extra support at the base, while a two-inch long piece fits into a tee that’s part of the structure.

The PVC pipes can also be flexed, if desired. Tires are used for mobility and for added stability.

Moreover, you can design the roof part at any corner of the chicken tractor, helping your poultries avoid rainy days.

Don’t take too much of your budget and require maintenance regularly. Metal roof sheeting is ideal for your chicken tractor.


Building a chicken tractor using PVC pipes can be a cost-effective and practical solution for raising chickens.

We hope with these free PVC chicken tractor plans; you can choose the one that best fits your needs and preferences.

But before starting your project, it is important to consider factors such as climate, ventilation, whether there are predators present, and so on. They’ll ensure your chickens are warm and safe in their new dwelling!

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