17 Free DIY Wall Shelves Plans

DIY Wall Shelves Plans

Wall shelves are the go-to storage solution for DIY-ers and people who want to overhaul their space on a budget.

They’re simple to build, practical, and don’t cost an arm and a leg in materials. However, depending on the plan, they can lend your space a beautiful aesthetic that can appeal to any room or anywhere.

In this article, we have gathered a collection of 17 free DIY wall shelves plans from minimalist designs to rustic charm and modern concepts as well as suit various tastes and skill levels.

Check them out!

1. DIY Wood Wall Shelves

DIY Wood Wall Shelves

This wood wall shelf is made from a single plank of 2x6x8 pine board, according to the original plan. The plank is cut with a table saw into three separate segments. These segments are then glued together with wood glue.

The shelf is mounted to the wall through brackets and nails.

Considering how simple it is, we recommend this project to beginner DIY-ers who want to try to make something simple first.

And for such a simple project, the wood wall shelves don’t look half-bad.

Project details: themerrythought.com

2. DIY Wood Wall Shelves From Scrap Wood

DIY Wood Wall Shelves From Scrap Wood

One thing that a woodworking workshop is never short of is scrap wood. Don’t throw them away!

Instead, you can repurpose them with this project, which extensively uses scrap wood planks and turns them into beautiful shelving.

The project uses scrap 2x2s that are cut down from larger 2×6 plywood boards and then used to frame the shelves. ¾-inch plywood (each piece is around 8-inch by 24-inch) is used for the actual shelves.

The wood screws will help you fix the shelves onto the wall. This project doesn’t involve brackets, but they can be added as an optional accessory.

Project details: woodshopdiaries.com

3. DIY Wall Shelves – Free Plans

DIY Wall Shelves - Free Plans

This plan includes a large “backboard” that measures 36 inches long. Made from dark wood, these simple but beautiful shelves can be a superb addition to any space, lending it a rustic charm.

The shelves are made from three separate planks of wood, each with three different dimensions:

  • 1×12 x 72″
  • 1×6 x 72″
  • 1×2 x 72″

The three planks are glued together using wood glue and screws. You can attach the shelves to the wall with brad nails.

Project details: handmadeweekly.com

4. Simple and Modern Wall Shelf

Simple And Modern Wall Shelf

Fancy something that looks a bit more modern? Well, this plan is going to be the perfect choice for you.

It’s made from several pieces of scrap wood and glued together into an abstract shape made from multiple boxes. This kind of shelf can be an excellent bookshelf.

We also think it’ll be a great pedestal to showcase your family’s photos and trinkets.

You don’t need a lot of tools or woodworking skills to “nail” this project. A miter saw, pocket-hole jig and a power drill are all you need. But if you want to finish up the wood and make it look better, an orbital sander may be needed.

Project details: anikasdiylife.com

5. DIY Apothecary Wall Shelf

DIY Apothecary Wall Shelf

This kind of wood shelf has a wood bar running across it to prevent bottles and other fragile objects from falling off.

As such, like the name suggests, it’ll be the perfect “apothecary shelf”: a place where you can store all of your medicines, like cough syrups, pill bottles, and toiletries.

You need several wood planks in different sizes for this. But overall, the project is fairly simple and doesn’t require more than a miter saw and brad nailer to complete.

Project details: rogueengineer.com

6. DIY Pegboard Wall Organizer

DIY Pegboard Wall Organizer

This isn’t exactly a wall shelf per se. Instead, it’s a peg board! This plan is made from a single slab of plywood. Holes are pre-measured and cut using a circular saw and drill. The pegboard is then nailed to the wall.

You can craft small wood cylinders that go into rounded holes on the pegboard, then hang all your stuff on each cylinder.

Arrange it by the door, and the pegboard is going to help you organize your purse, backpack, and jacket or hold items of display. It’s unique style.

Project details: themerrythought.com

7. Geometric Wall Shelves

Geometric Wall Shelves

These “geometric” wall shelves are made from six cuts of wood arranged into a hexagon. Minimalistic, but doubtlessly modern, these shelves can elevate the look and feel of your space. Bonus point if the styling of your house follows a more contemporary style.

You only need a couple of pinewood planks to follow this project. Regarding tools, you prepare a wood saw, hanging brackets, nails, and a nail gun to affix the shelves to your wall.

Also, you can use wood stain or paint to change the color that you like to be suitable with the wall.

Project details: sheknows.com

8. DIY Floating-U Shelves

DIY Floating-U Shelves

Wittily named the “Floating-U” shelves by the creator, these shelves are simple, but they can make quite a statement in your space.

The shelves in the project are painted by black. Which, when nailed to a white wall, can bring out a sharp contrast that makes the space feel a lot more elegant and attention-drawing.

The shelves are made from three cuts of wood glued together. The cuts are made with a miter saw and finished with an orbital sander.

A nail gun is used to affix the shelves to the wall. The project is simple.

Project details: uglyducklinghouse.com

9. DIY Solid Wood Wall-to-Wall Shelves

DIY Solid Wood Wall-To-Wall Shelves

Wall-to-wall shelves like this one run the entire length of your wall. They’re perfect if you have an empty wall patch in the house. Instead of letting it stay empty, you can convert it into a veritable storage area with this plan.

This plan is also simplistic, consisting of only a single wood plank running across the whole wall. Measure each wood plank you got so that it has the same length as the wall you want to cover up.

Then, make the cut with a miter saw. You will use brackets to mount the cut pieces of wood to the wall.

In this project, the creator layers multiple shelves on top of one another. You can try the same thing if you have a tall wall.

Project details: chrislovesjulia.com

10. DIY Wall Shelving/Bar Wall

DIY Wall ShelvingBar Wall

This shelving idea is quite effective. Thin, long pieces of black wood are used as “framing” for the shelves. The shelvings are made from lighter wood, which beautifully contrasts with the framing.

You can use this as a “bar wall” and store your liquors on it.

While it may look complex, you don’t need a lot of tools or woodworking skills to get it done. The larger storage area is ideal for a big living room. You can make a part of your room into a bar space.

Project details: placeofmytaste.com

11. DIY Box Shelves

DIY Box Shelves

Box shelves are exactly how they sounded like box-shaped shelves. These shelves will make for excellent bookshelves. They’ll also be a good place to store all of your knick-knacks or photos.

The shelves are made from multiple pieces of wood arranged into a box. Then, it’s further segmented into smaller boxes with thinner wood cuts.

The list of required tools is short and uncomplicated: a circular saw, a Brad nail gun, and clamps. Wood glue is also needed to piece all of the wood pieces together into the desired box shape.

Project details: familyhandyman.com

12. Simple Wall Shelves With Hat Hangers

Simple Wall Shelves With Hat Hangers

The simple wooden wall shelves come with hat hangers. If you put these shelves near the entrance to your house, it’s useful.

The shelves themselves are nothing special. Just measure and cut out the wood pieces with a wood saw. After that, piece them together using wood glue.

What’s special about this project is, of course, the hat hangers.

In this project, the hat hangers are brass hooks. You can buy these at a hardware store, then screw them into the wood.

Project details: uniquecreationsbyanita.com

13. Double Bathroom Storage with Easy-Build Box Shelves

Double Bathroom Storage With Easy-Build Box Shelves

These rectangular box shelves are perfect for the bathroom. You can store your towels here and any toiletries you have.

The shelves themselves are extremely easy to make. They’re made from four simple cuts of wood: two long, two short. The cuts are glued together, then nailed into the wall with metal brackets and screws.

In the material list for this project, a log of 1×6, 8-foot lumber is called for. This is plenty of materials to fit even the widest of bathrooms. You can cut the lumber down further to fit the sizing of your space.

Project details: bobvila.com

14. DIY Slat Wall Shelves

DIY Slat Wall Shelves

Slat wood has enjoyed celebrity status among DIY-ers for the last couple of years. Aside from being cheap, if you turn them into shelves, the slat wood can give your space a pretty whimsical and rustic look.

The project is done using 1×2” furring strips. The strips are joined together using wood glue. A few cuts of wood are screwed into the strips to act as normal shelving.

There are slots for dowels, too, which you can use to hang your coat or hat. This kind of shelf is excellent to put in the entryway.

Project details: themerrythought.com

15. DIY Entry Shelf With Hooks

DIY Entry Shelf With Hooks

Here’s another entry shelf with hooks for your hats and coats! This project comes with five metal hooks for you and your guests.

And, as its name suggests, if you decide to do this project, the best place to hang it after you’re done cutting and gluing up the wood pieces is the entryway of the house.

The project is simple, involving wood boards of three dimensions: 1”x8”, 1”x3”, and 1”x2”. You only need a miter saw and brad nailer to carve out the shelf.

Project details: loveandrenovations.com

16. DIY Floating Shelves

DIY Floating Shelves

The floating shelves in this project can be a beautiful addition to any space.

This plan involves taking large cuts of wood and fixing them to the wall with wood screws. The screws, thanks to their low profile, can give the large wood planks the appearance of “floating.”

As the shelves are hung onto the wall by wood screws, the screws must be attached to the studs of the house for the best support possible, especially if the walls are made from drywall (gypsum) and not bricks.

The most difficult part of the project is only the installation of the shelves onto the wall.

As for the shelves themselves, you’d better do very basic cutting and trimming work with a miter saw to get a good-looking shelf. Some staining and finishing can also be done to make it look better.

Project details: sawdustsisters.com

17. DIY Wall Shelf with Corbels

DIY Wall Shelf With Corbels

This wall shelf comes with two ornate supports (called “Corbels”) that can give your space an elegant look. If you have good woodworking skills, you can craft and carve these corbels yourself.

However, for most people (especially beginners), you can find beautiful corbels online or from your local woodcraft supply stores.

Got the corbels? Great, you can start by affixing the corbels to a plain plank of wood with screws. Paint, stain, and do whatever you want. Once satisfied with your shelf, you can attach it to the wall with nails.

Project details: erinspain.com


DIY wall shelves are an excellent way to add a personal touch to your home decor and improve functionality storage.

With the help of the 17 free DIY wall shelves plans provided in this article, you can easily create shelves that are tailored to your preferences and needs.

We’ve curated these plans to offer various design options, from simple and minimalist to more intricate and decorative styles.

So no matter your skill level, you’ll always find a suitable project.

Good luck!

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