29 Free DIY Goat Shelter Plans

DIY Goat Shelter Plans

If you are planning to build a new house for your goats, so consider these DIY goat shelter plans. They have various designs and features to accommodate your goats happy, healthy, and safe.

Moreover, you can customize the design and dimensions based on the types of goats, the size of your herd, space, the weather conditions to be suitable for your situation.

Can’t wait to check them out? Read on!

1. DIY Goat Shelter Using Wood Pallet

If you want to build a shade structure for your goats to avoid the summer heat, this project is a good idea.

Made of 5×10 pallets, the shelter is spacious enough for six adult goats and five kids to walk in and out freely. Keep its height at least four feet.

The construction is nowhere near complicated. You can get started by putting T posts in the ground.

Each wall has two posts and there are another two 4×4 in the middle and three lengthwise 10-foot sections running from wall to wall to support the roof.

Finally, installing the roof on the top to complete the project.

2. Goat Shelter Plan By My Outdoor Plans

Goat Shelter Plan By My Outdoor Plans

A shelter for adult goats, especially with horns, should be extra-sturdy. The animal is often curious and attacks the fence.

This goat housing will test the time against aggressive goats and even extreme weather with a two-layer construction.

Accordingly, you need to build a sturdy frame of 2×4 lumber and cover it with a ¾-inch plywood panel. Plus, the roof is lean-to as the back wall is shorter than the front. It allows the overall shelter to be more robust against strong winds and rains.

Also, you can build add a door to prevent predators.

Project details: myoutdoorplans.com

3. Pygmy Goat Pallet House

Pygmy Goat Pallet House

Although goats often come in herds, you can still raise a small one and train it into your kids’ pet.

This goat housing plan has three edges like the pyramid or A-frame. You need to build the foundation and two side walls from pallets and attach them into a pyramid shape.

While the rails of all pallets have the standard size, you should choose the slats as small as possible so the inside of the shelter can remain dry and warm.

On the top, the roof is created from two additional slats placed above the tiled walls.

Complete the project with a removable door. It should fit between the A-frame formed by the three initial pallets. It maximizes the flexibility in allowing your goat in and out easily.

Its small size can accommodate a pygmy goat. This project is simple to build and suitable for beginners.

Project details: starvingthemonkeys.com

4. DIY Goat Playhouse & Shelter

DIY Goat Playhouse & Shelter

Do you know that some goats enjoy climbing? It is an instinct of the mountain goat breed. If your animals often go up high, you might consider building a playground shelter.

The plan has 2-in-1 functions – the accommodation and the playhouse. It’s built from scrap wood and recycled.

The central part is the frame opening in the front and large enough for two goats at a time.

Build a ladder and put it on one side so that your herd can walk up and down like they are playing and relax in the natural mountain.

Project details: thelittlefrugalhouse.com

5. 10×14 Goat Shelter Plans with Storage

10×14 Goat Shelter Plans With Storage

Here is the idea of a goat housing with two rooms: One for storage and the other for keeping your herd at night.

The first room is four feet wide. It has a thick floor and four sealed walls, so the room is always dry and clean for hay and food storage.

Next is a 10-foot room which is enough for a lot of adult goats. A gate to keep your animals in place while it still maintains an opening space for airflow.

You can consider making a higher gate if your goats tend to jump over it a lot.

Project details: construct101.com

6. Build A Goat Barn Plan

Build A Goat Barn Plan

The barn is a true house because it features four rooms for goats to sleep, eat, and even take a lounging rest.

  • One stall for hay storage and another stall for keeping goats. Both have double dutch doors and pole barn construction for additional sturdiness.
  • One spacious feeding room of 8×6 feet. It also has doors and poles.
  • A covered front porch provides shade when your goats want to go out.

We suggest this shelter keep miniature goats because they need warm accommodation and lots of hay available.

Project details: gottagoat.com

7. 8×10 Goat Shelter Plans

8×10 Goat Shelter Plans

If you do not mind spending time on the goat shelter, you might be interested in this plan, which is carefully built from the skid base to the roof.

Speaking of the base, you had better use 4×4 pressure-treated wood pieces because they are sturdy, and their corners are often smooth and very square.

Then, attach 2×4 lumbers together for the walls. Remember to make the side walls sloping to build a lean-to roof. Such a design not only reduces the building cost but also helps cope with strong winds and rains.

In the front wall, leave a space for the door, and you can build a gate to cover the entrance and keep your goats from wandering and protect them from predators.

Project details: gardenplansfree.com

8. DIY Free Goat House From Pallets

DIY Free Goat House From Pallets

A free goat house is one with no gate so that your herd can walk into it sometimes to get water, hay, or shade and then walk out to their favorite outdoors.

The most crucial part to getting this shelter ready is to choose pallets and the gaps:

  • Pallets with leaf gaps are suitable for warm climates because they provide good shade and air ventilation but fail to prevent strong winds.
  • Pallets with close gaps – around 1×3 inches. Despite taking more time to install, they are available to make a shelter for cold months. Fill the inside with straw to get extra insulation.

You complete 50% of the task once you pick up the suitable pallets. The rest is to screw the material together and install the metal roof. It’s simple!

Project details: weedemandreap.com

9. 12×16 Goat Shelter with Storage

12×16 Goat Shelter With Storage

You had better build this large goat shelter if you have a crowded herd or your goats give birth to kids soon. Goats prefer spacious and comfortable rooms to rest.

This plan divides the space into two parts.

One part will be used as a store to load hay and other feeding tools. It should be made with an extra seal from the floor to the roof so no moisture and water can sneak in.

The other room is all for goats. Remember to align the edges with attention so that the space can deal with extreme weather and even aggressive goats that like playing in the corners.

Add a door that will open during the daytime for free goats and close at night to secure the goats in place. Next, you will build a roof to finish the shelter.

Project details: howtospecialist.com

10. Livestock Shelter Made From Pallets

If you have a tall shed available, you can take advantage of it to build a goat shelter.

Find six sets of pallets and screw three directly onto the shed’s wall to create two stalls.

Then, place another three pallets above the stalls and screw them. It will create a foundation to keep the goat shelter in place.

Moreover, you should cover the top and around 2 sides with a tarp to keep the rain off.

Simple enough, but such a shelter would serve as a contemporary house for a lot of miniature goats.

11. Construction of New Goat Shelter

Construction Of New Goat Shelter

This shelter is for 4 or 5 goats. We thought it was too narrow for such a family at first.

However, we found the project worth trying then because a small shelter allows goats to share body heat during the cold months.

The construction is simple. Install six cedar posts into the ground. Three bars are shorter to create a lean-to roof. Surround the pots with pinboards.

Try to make them close to each other as much as possible. Screw a top and cover it with plastic.

Plastic is just for contemporary use. Instead, you should buy a waterproof cover to avoid replacing the top cover frequently.

Project details: countrifiedhicks.blogspot.com

12. DIY A Shelter For Miniature Donkeys or Goats

The 8×8-feet dimension is the first thing you should know about this project. It might be off a tad, and if you are tall, you can increase the height so you can walk inside the shelter more comfortably.

Remember to extend the pins and string beyond the dimension. That way, you will not disturb the pins while digging and working.

Then, install 4×4 posts for your uprights and add 2×4 purlins around to support the posts., and attach the T1-11 siding wall.

On the top, cover it with felt paper and shingles to remain at a cool temperature under the roof. Leave an opening door for goats to come and go.

Project details: mikesbackyardnursery.com

13. DIY Pallet Goat Shelter

DIY Pallet Goat Shelter

Another goat shelter is made primarily of pallets, yet the idea is never old.

Overall, the structure includes a large stall where you can feed the goats, a ramp in the side for climbing, and an additional shelter area for small goats.

Interestingly enough, a hay feeder keeps the hay organized and easy to reach. Simply cut a pallet in half and add a brace on the back of one stall to rest the feeder on.

This is a great idea when combining shelter and a hay feeder for goats together. It’s very convenient.

Project details: simplethingsbyjoanna.com

14. Build a Portable Goat Shed

Build A Portable Goat Shed

A portable goat shelter, as the name suggests, is moveable. You can put it on the pasture in daylight so that your goats can enjoy sunlight and move it into a warmer place at night.

The frame is built from plywood lumbers and covered with roofing metal on the three sides. You can use a fence as a door rather than solid wood on the front. That way, the shelter is much lighter.

Once finishing the shelter, mount brackets on the front uprights so you can slip a 2×4 lumber across when the goats are inside.

The lumber is heavy to keep the structure down, and it also works as a carrying handle when you want to move the shelter around.

Project details: sensiblesurvival.org

15. DIY Goat Shelter Using Free Pallets

An interesting fact the project is extra sturdy without having to build supporting posts in advance.

Accordingly, place pallets together and insert a 2×4 wood piece in the jointing part of those pallets and drill them together. That way, the shelter will not break down until all 2×4 pieces break.

The lean-to roof is also made out of pallets joined by 2×4 lumbers and covered with thick plywood on the top. It is functional enough to keep water, and sunlight out.

Posts will be installed onto the walls in the last step to help support the roof from sagging over time.

16. Free Goat Shelter Plans

Free Goat Shelter Plans

The shelter looks like a sturdy miniature barn for 3 – 6 goats with a slanted roof so that even heavy snow loads can slide off easily.

Under the roof, pallets sit closely together so that strong winds will not blow and pile up the inside. You can keep the spaces in the pallets to allow the airflow in hot weather, though.

You should add a board going across in the front to tie everything all together and increase sturdiness

Project details: alifeofheritage.com

17. Build A Super Frugal Goat Shelter

Build A Super Frugal Goat Shelter

If you plan to expand your goat herd in a time soon, you might need to enlarge the shelter. That time, this simple project would be easier to transform. It is also very affordable.

What to prepare is seven pallets, five of which are for the structure. You put them together side by side to form walls and put another two pallets on the top to create the roof.

Then, cover all the sides with tarps or plastic silage to prevent winds and rain.

The front wall is open with two vertical posts and crossing braces to support the roof. The goats can love this design since they want to walk around freely.

Project details: bootsandhooveshomestead.com

18. DIY A Goat House By DIY Danielle

DIY A Goat House By DIY Danielle

Goats can withstand cold temperatures very well. However, they still need good shelter to sleep during very cold days. You can take a look at this plan.

The shelter is built on the grass ground, and you can even add straw so that your goats feel warmer.

From the ground up are four tall walls and a long roof to cover the goats from rain, wind, snow, and sun. In the front, a simple door is enough to lock the shelter at night.

The roof should be longer in the front and the back so that driving rain and snow will not go into the house.

The special part of this shelter is the opening space between the roof and the wall. It will bring good ventilation to keep the shelter from getting stuffy in the summer.

Project details: diydanielle.com

19. Pallet Project – The New Goat Mansion!

This pallet shelter is built on the grass because the natural grass seems more inviting to the goats to come in and rest.

You need all 9 pallets to build this project. Three of them will be the back wall, and another two will be the side walls. The last two pallets are the front. Leave a space of a pallet for the door.

You had better choose pallets of the same size, so the finished plan looks more stable and fit.

Now, ready to attach the pallets. Its construction is straightforward by screwing all pallets next together. You should wire-tie them for extra sturdiness.

Then, cover the top pallets with layers of a metal roof.

20. DIY Goat Shed Using Pallets And Cattle Panels

DIY Goat Shed Using Pallets And Cattle Panels

Do you desire ample goat housing but do not have much time? – Then, get the idea of this shed.

It reduces the effort to build the roof by using metal fence staples and the tard.

Have a fence fixed in place by T-posts driven down within the pallets of two sides to form a dome. It will replace the typical pallet roof while the dome allows more spacious housing.

In particular, you need to prepare nine pallets equally divided into three walls.

The final step is to staple the walls with sturdy cattle panels and top the fence with a tarp.

Project details: allboyhomeschool.blogspot.com

21. Build A Pet Pygmy Goats Pen

Build A Pet Pygmy Goats Pen

Such a large and thoughtful pen that provides your goats a safe place with plenty of room to roam.

The project is covered by a fence of nearly 20×30 feet and under many oak trees to create a natural shade.

Inside the pen is a goat house where your animals can go for food, water, or a place to sleep.

You can build it from a 2×3 framework and leave a space for the house’s door.

Secure all parts of the house with the exterior T-11 siding panels. Keep the roof sloped backward to drain away quickly while driving rain or snow.

Goats will thank you if you can create add a ladder behind the house for them to climb and get a better view around them.

Project details: pethelpful.com

22. DIY Goat Shed Plan From How To Specialist

DIY Goat Shed Plan From How To Specialist

There are no complications speaking of this goat shelter. It has a sturdy base, four sealed walls, one opening door, and a sloping roof.

You can easy to build it by looking at its demonstrated image and detailed plan from the guide. You can custom size to be suitable with your situation as well as the number of goats.

Note that building the square base and walls is very important to improve the sturdiness of the shelter and prevent it from sagging. You should know that goats are curious animals, and they might kick the corners sometimes.

Moreover, the roof comes a little longer than the floor. As such, rain and snow will hardly reach the floor of that shelter.

Complete the plan by adding a small door in the front and remember to add the header and the supporting lumbers under the roof to ensure the heavy load on the top.

Project details: howtospecialist.com

23. Easy DIY Goat Shelter By Andrew Mast

We love the idea of combining a square wooden base and upper PVC pipes in one goat housing project.

Accordingly, the PVC frame is built separately. You should cut the pipes into four 22-inch and ten 10-foot pieces.

The shorter PVC parts are installed into five 3-way connectors. The two sides of those connectors are connected with the longer ones.

Drill two holes in each PVC part and bend them over to screw into the base. Make sure that you buy quality pipes that are not broken when you bend them. Put the tarpon and secure four corners.

Excitingly enough, you can also attach two wheels onto the base so that the shelter becomes portable.

24. 12×24 Loafing Shed Roof Plan

12×24 Loafing Shed Roof Plan

The 12×24 project is spacious housing for a large number of goats. It is built with an extra sturdiness for a snowy area.

Accordingly, the rafters are made from sturdy 2×6 beams. They fit equally spaced on the top to run the shed roof. Secure the rafters to the structure by toa nail or metal connectors.

The roof has two layers: tar paper and asphalt shingles, and it lies very sloping to drain heavy rains and snow almost immediately before they have a sneak inside.

Under the roof are three sturdy walls. They are supported by the 2×4 lumber and covered on sides. The shelter divides into three parts on the front using solid vertical posts.

Project details: myoutdoorplans.com

25. DIY Cashmere Goat Shelter By Mountain Hollow Farm

DIY Cashmere Goat Shelter By Mountain Hollow Farm

The next shelter is also a cheap portal goat tunnel for your reference. It is not a shelter for warmth but for cashmere goats to avoid rain and wind.

What to prepare is three panels cut to 10 or 12 feet, two 2x4s down to 14 feet, 2-inch metal strapping pieces, tin snips, and T posts 12’6”.

Then, lay the panels side by side, and use strapping and screws to attach them together. The other side is also attached to a 2×4 piece. A fence wire is also needed to connect the panels.

Bring the frame next to the T-posts. You will want to be extra careful while bending the panels between the posts to form the tunnel. Lend a hand from your family or friend to hold the tunnel for you.

In the end, tie the tarp over the panels, and you have a ready-to-use goat shelter.

Project details: mtnhollow.com

26. DIY Goat’s Pallet Barn

DIY Goat's Pallet Barn

With this plan, you need two people to build this shelter since it is quite tall – around 10×10 feet, using three pallets stacked over. In fact, we think two pallets should be enough.

Place the pallets square and screw them together, yet leave a space for a door. Cover them with the siding boards close to each other to keep the shelter from strong winds. Then, install the roof above the walls.

Interestingly, the shelter has some small opening parts on one side of the wall – both the base and under the roof so that airflow can still circulate.

Project details: allboyhomeschool.blogspot.com

27. DIY Cheap and Easy Portable Shelter

This lovely shelter is built for two small goats to be out of the rain and wind of the spring or summer. It can be moved around easily to create temporary accommodation for your goats.

The frame uses many wood logs. They are sturdy enough to support the roof and remain non-sagging over time.

The logs in the base and under the roof are connected with joints for extra sturdiness to the roof.

Thick boards around three walls to prevent winds and rains from going in.

Also, the bottom logs are longer than the length of the shelter so that you can easily handle and lift the shelter up for transport.

28. Build A Movable Goat Shed

Build A Movable Goat Shed

By looking at the shelter, you might suspect its ability to move around. It is approximately 10 feet wide with an extra sturdy 2×4 lumber frame.

All the walls are covered with plywood boards and under a 12-foot roofing.

The shelter itself is very sturdy, but some creativenesses keep the weight down and easy to transport.

  • It does not have a floor, uses plywood for walls around to weight down
  • Instead, the shelter rests on 2×10 skids cut in their ends to reduce the stiffness while moving the shelter.
  • Use a sturdy brace to connect two sides of skids. That brace will serve as a handle where you can tighten a chain and attach it to your vehicle to transport the shelter.

On completing, place the shelter on natural grass or spread hay and straws to keep goats warm in winter.

Project details: roosterhillfarm.com

29. Easy DIY Free Pallet Goat House

Easy DIY Free Pallet Goat House

Do you know that a small shed keeps the heat better during the cold months compared to a big barn?

Provided that you only have 2 or three miniature goats to take care of, you can trust in this project.

Find pallets that have narrow spaces and more boards to cover all cracks. Then, place the pallets into a square, ready to be screwed together. The roof is sloping on the side so that water and snow will naturally slide down.

If you want, you can extend the roof on the side to create a porch where goats can sit out of the sunlight on a warm day.

Project details: alifeofheritage.com


So, you have to go through 29 DIY goat shelter plans from the above lists. Many options are available at your fingertips and with different materials, designs and constructions.

Do you have any inspiration to build your creative shelter today? Don’t hesitate any longer!

Pick one suitable plan for your lovely goats. Good housing has a comfortable size, always in a dry and clean situation.

You can cover some parts to keep off temperature extremes, strong winds, and rain but remember to leave opening holes to maintain proper ventilation.

Additionally, secure housing will keep unwanted predators at bay. Consider building doors and a multiple-layer fencing system. Predators will not get in, and your goats will not run away either.

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