DeWalt DW745 vs DWE7480: Which One Is Better?

DeWalt DW745 vs DWE7480: Which One Is Better?

A lot more people are trying DIY woodworking projects. As such, they’ll need tools like table saws to help them. Though there’s a lot of table saws out there, the first brand you may look to is DeWalt.

DeWalt has provided numerous tabletop saws with tweaked features to tailor to many kinds of projects.

To help narrow your list down further, we’ll compare two products: the DeWalt DW745 vs DWE7480. In this article, we’ll talk about the features and specs each tool has to offer. We’ll also compare the greater strengths of each.

Specifically, the DWE7480 tabletop saw is better for power. Although both are relatively compact, the DW745 is more portable. We’ll talk more about how these items will work best in certain situations.

DeWalt DW745

DEWALT 10-Inch Table Saw, 16-Inch Rip Capacity (DW745)

This product is not only lighter than the DWE7480 at 45 pounds, but it’s also the most portable in its category. Being light means it might be a little easier to drop. That’s why the DeWalt DW745 is built with a steel cage for extra protection.

The motor is 1850 Watts and 15 Amps. Combined with the Series 30 sawblade, the DW745 slices through hardwood with ease. The saws are both convenient and accurate.

Since DIY may involve stylization, you’ll probably use techniques like beveling. This tabletop saw comes with a built-in shoe bevel. The range is from 0 to 45, which is pretty good for DIY.

Features like the built-in fence helps make the saw more accurate to use. The fence is on a rack and pinion system with locks on both ends. The DW745 comes with a scale for careful measurements.

The max rip is 12 inches to the left of the blade and 20 inches to the right. With the fence system, the rip capacity increases to 610 milliliters. This allows the compact table saw to cut relatively large pieces of sheet materials.

As powerful as the motor is, it can still overload. That’s why there’s an overload protection system for frozen, hard, or wet woods. This system helps increase power performance when cutting such strong materials.

The DW745 comes standard with other features like two-blade spanners and a dust port reducer. There’s also a push stick as a safety precaution. The no-load speed is 3850 rotations per minute (RPM)

  • Compact and portable
  • Good motor with overload protection
  • Built-in shoe bevel
  • Easily adjustment and accurate
  • Complete accessories
  • The motor has a low no-load speed
  • Rip capacity could be a little bigger
  • Can not cut through large wood

Dewalt DWE7480

DEWALT DWE7480 10 in. Compact Job Site Table Saw

The DWE7480 weighs around 48 pounds. The diameter of the table saw is ten inches. There’s also the arbor, which is 5/8 inches, and the dust collection port, which is 2.5 inches.

DWE7480 is built with a modular guard system that provide safety and prevents kick-backs. The components for this system are both easy to store and assemble.

There’s also a metal roll cage base for protection from drop damage. It’s much more durable than roll cages made from plastic.

The DWE7480 has crails on a rack and pinion system. It allows for telescoping. You can make more accurate adjustments conveniently and quickly.

This product comes with a push stick. Along with the modular guard components, the push stick can be stored onboard the DWE7480. It’s useful for when you don’t have space in your tool belt if you have one at all.

The rip capacity reaches up to 24-1/2 inches. It’s useful for larger projects and just larger sheets of material in general. This allows for a range of projects, be it small DIY projects or large professional jobs.

The motor is 15 Amps. This power yields a no-load speed of 4800 rpm. The rpm is based specifically on the 10-inch blade that comes standard with the product.

After the project comes the messy cleanup. The DWE7480 comes with a dust port to make it easier to clean. You can even use a vacuum to suck up the collected dust.

  • Greater no-load speed 4800 rpm
  • Longer rip capacity
  • The onboard storage of push stick and modular guard components
  • Durable and stable
  • Smooth performance
  • Adjustment can be difficult
  • Quite noisy

Similar Features

The DW745 and the DWE7480 are similar in terms of features and specs. The DWE7480 is an upgraded version of the DW745. Still, each has a better purpose for certain projects than the other.

  • Sizes

The DWE7480 is bigger than the DW745. However, there are other features both have that happen to have similar sizes. One is the standard saw each tool comes with.

The tabletop saw is ten inches. Their dust collection port is both 2-1/2 inches. The size of both arbors is 5/8 inches.

The DWE7480 has a longer rip capacity. It’s longer to the right of the blade. To the left, however, both tools have a max rip of 12 inches.

  • Design

From a distance, the DW745 and DWE7480 look similar. Both have metal roll cages for drop protection. There is a rack-and-pinion system that utilizes telescoping for accuracy.

Each has a modular guard system to protect the user’s safety. The table saw blades can be adjusted for beveled cuts. Those blades can even be calibrated from 0 to 45 degrees.

  • Pre-Packaged Items

Both come with a push stick. Another similarity about this is that the push stick can be stored away onboard. The storage is specifically on the fence.

In addition to beveled cuts are miter cuts. Each contains a miter gauge for making these accurate cuts. The gauges can be attached to the top of the table saw.

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What Is The Difference Between DeWalt Dw745 and Dwe7480?

The DW745 and DWE7480 have only slightly different details from each other. Though seemingly insignificant, some of these features may help you determine which tabletop saw you’ll purchase.

They can generally get the job done, but one may be more convenient than the other.

  • Power

The DWE7480 is more powerful than the DW745. Both indeed have a motor that’s 15 Amps. The difference is in the rotations per minute.

The DWE7480’s motor has a no-load speed of 4800 RPM. As for the DW745, 3850 RPM. This has to do with the overall size difference between the two products.

Also, the rip capacity is also different between the two. The larger rip capacity 24 ½ inches on the DWE7480 goes hand-in-hand with the no-load speed for bigger projects. The DW745 is 20 inches may struggle with thicker and tougher sheets of material.

  • Price

For tabletop saws, each is at a decent price for what they can offer. However, DWE7480 is more expensive, just a little. The main factors to this are size and power.

The DWE7480 is made for bigger projects. That’s why it has greater power, is a little heavier, and also a little larger than the DW745. The DW745 has limited power since the aim was for this product was a smaller size.

  • Portable

For hobbyists or those who like DIY, the DW745 might be a better choice. In addition to being cheaper, it’s also smaller. It’s easier and more convenient to carry around.

It was made for smaller projects. As such, too much power isn’t needed. Of the two, the DW745 is more economical.

  • Warranty

Both DWE7480 and DW745 go with 3 years of warranty. But DW745 has plus features 90 days of money-back guarantee and 1-year free service.


When comparing two table saws DeWalt DW745 vs DWE7480, you’ll find that the best one for you depends on your intentions. They might be too similar for you to think that getting either would make a difference. However, the kind of projects you do may rely more heavily on the kind of tabletop saw you have than you think.

Use the DW745 if:

  • You are a hobbyist or do a lot of DIY projects.
  • Prefer the smaller size for convenience.
  • Don’t need a lot of power.
  • Want a more affordable option.

Use the DWE7480 if:

  • You work on bigger projects.
  • You need the power for thicker and stronger sheets of material.
  • The extra rip capacity will help you with bigger sheets of material.

If you happen to do both small DIY and large projects that require this tool, then the DWE7480 may be the better choice.

All-in-all, purchase the DW745 if you mostly work on DIY projects. Buy the DWE7480 if you are a professional that works on bigger projects all the time. Whichever you choose, both of these tabletop saws are high-quality tools with beneficial features for all kinds of projects.

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