Best Table Saw Miter Gauge In 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

best table saw miter gauge

If you buy a table saw, it will come with a miter gauge. However, most table saws have substandard miter gauges.

This could affect the quality of the miter and crosscuts that you make.

Buying a new miter gauge is your best option. But not all aftermarket miter gauges are great since some are flimsy and not quality.

Well, read this review to know how to buy the best miter gauge for table saw from the market. Also, you will find some incredible miter gauges worth looking into.

Top Rated Table Saw Miter Gauges Compared

INCRA Miter1000/HD Miter GaugeINCRA Miter1000/HD Miter Gauge7.65 poundsSteel
Incra MITERV27 Miter V27 Miter GaugeIncra MITERV27 Miter V27 Miter Gauge2.71 poundsMetal
Kreg KMS7102Kreg KMS71026.02 poundsMetal
POWERTEC 71005 DeluxePOWERTEC 71005 Deluxe3.3 poundsMetal
Precision Miter Gauge With A Standard SlotPrecision Miter Gauge With A Standard Slot2.82 poundsSteel

Table Saw Miter Gauge Buying Guide

If looking to buy a miter saw gauge, there are a few factors to consider. They include the following:

Table Saw Miter Gauge
  • Material

One factor that you shouldn’t downplay is the material of a miter gauge. You should opt for a gauge that features high-quality materials. This will guarantee unmatched durability and sturdiness. So, what materials should you go for?

While miter gauges come in various materials, steel, Aluminum and cast metal are the best materials. Miter gauges with these materials are durable and are a long-term investment.

  • Movement of The workpiece

When making cuts, the workpiece will move on the miter gauge sled. If the sled is rough, the friction level will increase. This will affect or mar the workpiece. As such, choose a miter gauge with a smooth sled.

  • Visibility of Cursor

The visibility of a cursor affects the quality of the cuts you make. You need a miter gauge that lets you monitor the cursor during cuts. As such, opt for miter gauges with telescopic or transparent lens cursors.

  • Compatibility

Miter gauges are compatible with some table saws. That means you can add them to the said table saws as aftermarket accessories.

But you need to make sure your favorite miter gauge will work with your table saw before completing transactions.

If you have a table saw with a standard miter slot, buy a miter gauge with a standard bar. This will enable you to use the miter gauge without any hassle.

best miter gauge for table saw
  • Range and Capacity

Before buying a miter gauge, check the scale to make sure it is within the cutting capacity of your choice. Also, you should consider the width of the miter gauge. You can look at the thickness of the workpieces you normally work with.

For wider and thicker workpieces, choose a miter gauge that has a wider width and more angles on the scale. Besides, choosing miter gauges with higher capacities and angle range guarantee versatility during cuts.

  • Ease of Use

The design of a miter gauge affects its ease of use. A good miter gauge is one that doesn’t subject you to a stiff learning curve.

Such miter gauges are simple and easy to understand. Choose a miter gauge that lets you adjust the angle with ease.

Also, make sure the ports on the bar having a glide locking mechanism for stability. This will improve the accuracy of the cuts.

Choosing a miter gauge with positive stops will also make your work easy. Besides, positive locks improve the accuracy of miter and crosscuts.

  • Level of Precision

A miter saw that has a high precision level yields the best cut quality. Not all miter gauges have a high precision level.

If you need a precise angled cut, a Vernier scale and micro angle adjuster will be your best friends. As such, be sure to choose a miter gauge with these two features.

Professional-level woodworkers can appreciate high precision levels from miter gauges. But entry-level woodworkers can use miter gauges with high precision as well. The only way of getting these miter gauges is by buying them as an aftermarket accessory.

  • Length of Fence

Some miter gauges come with a fence. These fences vary in terms of length after adjustments. Some can have lengths of up to 40 inches.

But the majority reach the 24-inch length after an adjustment. The choice for a given length range depends on your workpieces.

If you work with longer workpieces, consider buying a miter gauge with matching fence length. But you can always go for shorter lengths if your workpieces are shorter.

Besides, miter gauges with shorter fences are more stable. They don’t wobble as much as those with longer fences.

5 Best Table Saw Miter Gauges

1. INCRA Miter1000/HD Miter Gauge

 INCRA Miter1000/HD Miter Gauge

The INCRA miter1000/HD has high-quality material — steel — goes into its construction and build. As a result, it is one of the most durable table saw miter gauges.

It also has a few professional-grade components. This makes it a must-have table saw accessory for professional woodworkers.

Also, you can source it if you want high-quality miter cuts. This miter gauge has a protractor that gives you 180 degrees to choose from.

The protractor has a 1-degree angle increment. This means you can choose to make miter cuts at any angle you want. Besides, the protractor has a special stop at 22.5 degrees.

This miter gauge also has a steel Vernier scale that can read up to 1/10th of an angle. This feature boosts the precision level of miter cuts.

The telescoping fence design is another incredible feature of this miter gauge. The fence can extend from 18-31 inches. Also important to note is the miter bar of this product. This bar fits square-sided miter slots that measure ¾-inch wide and 3/8-inch deep.

The bar can fit such miter slots with or without a 15/16’-inch T slot at the bottom. This product also boasts of a removable retaining clip.

This miter gauge is laser-cut, with heavy-duty machined components. Therefore, it is a long-term investment. And it will stand the test of time.

If you want precise miter cuts, this miter gauge could be what to look for.

  • The steel metal makes it highly durable.
  • Has a high-resolution protractor.
  • It perfectly fits standard miter slots.
  • The steel Vernier cursor can read 1/10th of an angle.
  • The telescopic fence system supports longer workpieces.
  • The fence might flex at maximum length.
  • The addition of the fence makes it bulky.

2. Incra MITERV27 Miter V27 Miter Gauge

 Incra MITERV27 Miter V27 Miter Gauge

The Incra MITERV27 is well designed and easy to use. It is lightweight and compact.

The first feature you notice is the 27 incremental angle stops. This allows for precise and accurate control of your miter cuts.

Also present are the four expansion ports on the guide bar. With the ports, you can insert this product into the miter slot on the table saw.

This product has the exclusive AngleLOCK Indexing System. The system includes a 41 locking angle stops with 5-degree angle increments. Its protractor angles range from +60 to –60 degrees and have positive stops at plus or minus 22.5 degrees.

The bar of this miter gauge also has the GlideLock design. This reduces plays between the bar and channel thus increasing the accuracy of the miter cuts.

Another feature is the removable T-slot retainer clip of this product. You can remove the clip for use on channels without T-slot.

Since this miter gauge is easy to use, it’s an ideal aftermarket accessory for new woodworkers. It is affordable but performs excellently. Its dual pivoting flip arms make using it easier. This product also has a flip shot stop.

  • Compact-sized and lightweight.
  • Easy to understand and use.
  • The AngleLock design increases accuracy.
  • Angle adjustment is super-fast.
  • The GlideLock design minimizes plays and wobbles.
  • It doesn’t include a fence.
  • Not durable

3. Kreg KMS7102 Table Saw Precision Miter Gauge System

Kreg KMS7102 Table Saw Precision Miter Gauge System

The Kreg KMS7102 features astronomical designs, making it a premium miter gauge. And it is within an affordable price range despite its premium features.

First, premium quality Aluminum metal goes into its construction. This makes it highly durable to serve you for years to come.

This gauge has a Vernier scale that lets you select up to 1/10th of an angle. Also, it has a micro adjuster for selecting up to 1/100th of an angle.

These two features improve the precision and accuracy of miter cuts. If you need to make repeated miter cuts, this miter gauge could be your best option.

The protractor of this gauge has five positive stops: 0, 10, 22.5, 30 and a 45-degree mark. The miter gauge has an anodized Aluminum bar that is 3/8-inch thick and ¾-inch wide.

As a result, this miter gauge firmly holds onto the table saw for unmatched precision and accuracy of miter cuts. Besides, this bar has 5 adjusters. This improves its steadiness while in the miter slot.

You can work with workpieces that are up to 24 inches long. This product has a fence bar that has a maximum length of 24 inches.

Nonetheless, this is a high-quality miter gauge that can also cut 0.003 of 6-inches. And it is also easy to use. Entry-level woodworkers can find using this miter gauge a no-brainer.

  • Aluminum metal makes it sturdy and durable.
  • Has a high-resolution protractor.
  • The five positive stops improve accuracy.
  • The Vernier scale and micro adjuster improve angle adjustments.
  • Its design is slightly bulky.
  • Cannot handle workpieces that are more than 24 inches long.

4. POWERTEC 71005 Deluxe Table Saw Miter Gauge

 POWERTEC 71005 Deluxe Table Saw Miter Gauge

This is yet another miter gauge that has a higher probability of durability. Cast metal construction of this product guarantees a long service life.

Also, this miter gauge features a smooth, midnight-black profile that reduces friction during cutting operations.

The protractor of the gauge isn’t just HD but has clear positive stops as well. The positive stops include 30, 45, 60, 75 and 90-degree marks.

The positive stops improve the quality of your miter cuts. Also, this gauge gives you the option to manually choose any angle in-between the positive stops.

And it features a large grip with superior comfort for hassle-free angle adjustability. As such, this gauge gives you outstanding control during miter cuts.

If you’re looking to make consistent and very accurate crosscuts, this gauge might help you.

It fits through the miter slot with its ¾-inch wide by 3/8-inch miter bar. This bar design leaves no room for plays and wobbles when the gauge is inside the miter slot. And this improves the accuracy of crosscuts and miter cuts.

The solid steel bar makes it a versatile aftermarket miter gauge for leading table saw brands. It is within an affordable price range, making it an ideal option for entry-level woodworkers.

  • The guide bar is adjustable.
  • The cast metal construction makes it very durable.
  • The large grip improves control and grip.
  • It is compatible with all miter slots.
  • Its bar might be over-size.
  • The washer might affect its operation inside the miter slot

5. Precision Miter Gauge With A Standard Slot

Precision Miter Gauge with a Standard Slot

Fulton Miter Gauge is a table saw accessory that you can rely on for miter and crosscuts. It is a well-thought-out miter gauge with incredible attention to details. First, high-quality, solid Aluminum metal goes into its construction.

This makes it very durable and sturdy for long years of service. The protractor has 13 positive stops: 22.5, 30, 45, 60, 67.5 and 90-degrees marks. The marks are on both sides of the protractor and 1 hole at 90 degrees, giving you 13 stops in total.

Its head is 200 inches thick, and this adds more durability to the miter gauge. Using this miter gauge is easy.

Start by loosening the knob handle and pull the indexing pin outward. Then rotate the head to the desired angle and release the pin. Lock the head by tightening the knob handle.

You can now make your crosscut or miter cut! Though this miter gauge doesn’t come with a fence, you can buy the same separately. The head of this product has two milled holes: ¼-inch and ½-inch slots for the fence.

This gauge has a solid steel miter bar that is 18 inches long. The bar measures 0.353-inch thick by 0.730-inch.

Also, this gauge comes with a removable retaining disk measuring 7/8-inches. This feature makes the gauge compatible with T-slotted table saws.

  • The angle is very easy to adjust.
  • High-quality metals make it very sturdy and durable.
  • The 13 positive stops improve miter cut quality.
  • The bar isn’t standard.
  • It might be challenging to fit in the miter slot.

Frequently Asked Questions

table saw miter gauge reviews

1. What is a table saw miter gauge?

A miter gauge is a device that you use to hold a workpiece at a preset angle when making miter and crosscuts. This device comes in handy when using a table saw or sander. Its main work is to help you make angled cuts!

2. Can I use a miter gauge with another saw?

It depends on the miter gauge brand that you’ve chosen. Some miter gauges are compatible with multiple table saw units. Others are only for specific table saw models. Before buying a miter gauge make sure you know the table saws it is compatible with. You can ask the seller about this information when buying one.

3. What materials can miter gauges be made of?

Miter gauges feature various materials in their construction and design. The two common materials are steel and Aluminum meta. But you can find some miter gauges that feature wood as their material. If you want durability and sturdiness, opt for either steel or Aluminum miter gauge.

4. Can I calibrate my miter gauge?

Yes, you can recalibrate your miter gauge to your preferred point. This gives you the chance to mark and cut the workpiece at the preset angle.

5. Can I use my miter gauge with an aftermarket Rip Fence?

Yes, you can, especially if you want to make long rip cuts. Some miter gauges have milled slots for a rip fence. Be sure to check if your favorite miter gauge is compatible with a rip fence before buying it.


Now, you have a well-laid buyer’s guide to help you buy a miter gauge. Always settle for the best miter gauge on the market. This will improve the outcome of your project.

This review has looked at some incredible miter gauge models worth investing in. They feature high-quality materials, meaning they’re highly durable.

Also, they yield high-precision miter and crosscuts. While all the miter gauges on the list are high-quality, only one can take the number one spot — the INCRA Miter1000/HD Miter Gauge.

This miter gauge takes the number 1 spot because:

  • It features steel metal for unmatched durability.
  • It has a High definition protractor for angle adjustment accuracy.
  • It fits all standard miter slots.
  • It has a durable Vernier scale that reads up to 1/10th of an angle.

Besides, it is within an affordable price range. The first runner’s up is the Kreg KMS7102 Miter Gauge system. It has the best value for money. Despite featuring premium components, it’s very affordable.

Fitting your table saw with a miter gauge will improve your miter and crosscuts!

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