60 Cool DIY Projects For Men

DIY Projects For Men

A guy needs to make some things. With the 60 DIY projects for men ideas below, we believe that you should be able to personalize your hopulluse completely and other things.

Each of these projects is incredibly useful, so you don’t need to worry about building up some trash.

They are also carefully placed so that the first few ones will be much easier to manage.

Cool DIY Projects For Men

1. Cordless Drill Storage – Charging Station

Cordless Drill Storage – Charging Station

The main idea behind this project is a storage that can also function as a battery charging station.

This idea is incredible, as it allows you to corral the battery chargers, batteries, and drills in one place. Also, it’s a wall-hanging cabinet, so you can save lots of space.

Project details: hertoolbelt.com

2. Tripod Camping Stool

Tripod Camping Stool

A foldable canvas chair is actually a lot more expensive than what its appearance suggests.

So, why don’t you just make a simple tripod camping stool? You can save some money and brush up your DIY skill, killing two birds with one stone.

After all, all you need is a piece of heavy canvas or leather, some hefty dowels, and a little hardware.

Project details: designsponge.com

3. EP14 Log Lounger

EP14 Log Lounger

Sometimes, we all should do something to help the environment. With this project, you can turn yard waste logs into a beautiful log lounger.

This log lounger is much sturdier than what its appearance suggests. It can also blend into your yard naturally.

Project details: homemade-modern.com

4. New House Number

New House Number

The necessary ingredients of this project are all things people normally consider worthless. For example, you need some Home Depot throwaway paint stir sticks and a simple board.

The only challenging part about this project is the fact that it requires you to make the numbers from scratch.

Project details: 4men1lady.com

5. Lawn Tool Storage With A Pallet

Lawn Tool Storage With A Pallet

There are so many tools that you need to use for each season that storing them properly is quite hard. If you are not careful, the result will simply be a disorganized mess.

This project will allow you to create a weather-proofed pallet where you can hang your tools.

Project details: fabulesslyfrugal.com

6. Dodecahedron Pendant Light

Dodecahedron Pendant Light

This project is specifically for people who have experience with woodworking in general. It is not something that a beginner can complete in a few days.

You will need to cut 30 wood pieces at some weird angles, and they need to be completely exact. Of course, the result is quite a delight, as you get a beautiful light with a unique shape for your room.

Project details: viewalongtheway.com

7. Portable Lumber Rack

Portable Lumber Rack

Despite popular belief, stacking lumber is not at all an easy thing to do. You need the help of specialized racks to properly stack them, but those racks can cost a lot.

If you are confident in your woodworking ability, you can try this DIY project. With some unused wood plank, you get a strong structure to rest all your woods.

Project details: rogueengineer.com

8. Magnetic Hnefatafl Board Game

Magnetic Hnefatafl Board Game

While this project’s focus is the Hnefatafl, you can do the same for any other board game. After all, the main idea of the project is to make use of magnetic power to keep the pieces lined up properly.

That is why you only need some plywoods and magnets. If you want to get fancy, you can use polyester as pads for your pieces. Doing so will make them more comfortable to use.

Project details: instructables.com

9. Wood-Slat Doormat

Wood-Slat Doormat

The first impression any visitor may have about your house always starts with the entrance. For this reason, a simple custom doormat that you make yourself will be better than any mass-produced one.

You don’t need to spend any significant investment, as the main ingredients consist of paint, stain, and wood.

Project details: bobvila.com

10. Hanging Garden

Hanging Garden

Have you ever gotten the feeling that your window is just a little bit too bland? With this project, you can turn it into a productive and beautiful garden of herbs.

The core ingredient of the project is pine boards, zip ties, and ropes. It makes use of the strong nature of the ropes and zip ties to secure the boards.

Project details: homemade-modern.com

11. Fire Pit Table Top

Fire Pit Table Top

The result of this project is your fire pit being turn into a table when not in use. You only need to prepare some wooden boards, then cut them down to a size suitable for your fire pit.

Next, you secure them together and cut the whole thing into a circle. Place it on the fire pit, and you get a table with the perfect height.

Project details: thelilypadcottage.com

12. DIY Porch Swing

DIY Porch Swing

At first glance, this project may seem too challenging for beginners, but it’s actually quite doable.

You will need some boards, hooks, bolts, screws, and a chain. After sanding the boards, you cut them into pieces, make holes, and assemble them together.

The chain is the last component to be attached through the holes on the armrest. Also, you can custom design your name and mate on the chair to express your love.

Project details: instructables.com

13. Wood Slice Table

Wood Slice Table

The biggest challenge about this project is actually to find a single wood slice appropriate as a tabletop.

Afterward, you just need to sand its surface to smoothen it, finishing off with a coat of protective solution. Wait for the solution to dry and attach the legs in to get a fully functioning wood slice table.

Project details: liagriffith.com

14. Garage Garden Station

Garage Garden Station

If you feel that your garage is too lacking in aesthetics, how about adding in some greens?

With the Garage Garden Station, you get a creative way to put in some greenery in your garage without losing too much space.

Using only some wooden planks that DIY-ers usually have lying around, you can make a fully functioning station with many layers. If you want to, building a foldable table below the station is possible.

Project details: maillardvillemanor.com

15. Mason Jar Chandelier

Mason Jar Chandelier

Mason jars are typically trashes that you must take care of after emptying the content.

However, this project can turn them into a rustic and aesthetically beautiful chandelier, which can cost quite a bit.

Aside from the jars, all you need are some tapes, clamps, screws, and a drill.

Project details: diyprojects.com

16. Golf Locker

Golf Locker

Storing golfing equipment has always been a challenge. The whole set of gears can take up quite a bit of space if you place them properly.

On the other hand, if you only throw them together, it is very hard to get the right gear.

This project will teach you how to use only some plywood sheets, a saw, and a drill to build a golf locker.

Project details: rogueengineer.com

17. Wooden Tool Carrier

Wooden Tool Carrier

Carrying a few tools around means you need a functioning toolbox, but they can be costly. So, why don’t we just build one ourselves?

With some wood, screws, and a saw, you can make a toolbox whose size is dependent on your preference.

Project details: artofmanliness.com

18. Garage Storage Cabinet

Garage Storage Cabinet

No one wants to see their garage filled with things that they rarely need to use but are indispensable.

So, if you happen to have some plywood boards lying around, building some garage storage cabinets can be a good idea.

The most vital part of this project is to frame up properly. We are building heavy-duty shelves to hold garage stuffs, so they need to be as sturdy as possible.

Project details: sugarbeecrafts.com

19. Garage Tower

Garage Tower

The idea behind the garage tower is not that different from the garage storage cabinet. However, if the latter is heavy-duty, the former is more for lighter stuff.

That is why, despite using the same materials, the process is completely different. The frame does not hold as much importance as the garage storage cabinet.

Project details: bowerpowerblog.com

20. “Hold Everything” Tool Rack

“Hold Everything” Tool Rack

The nature of DIY means that you need to have a lot of tools, and they will be used regularly.

This combination means that tool storage can be quite a pain unless you have something like the “Hold Everything” Tool Rack.

The main advantage of this project is the fact that you can customize it. In other words, you can design it to be able to fit things ordinary pegboards can’t.

Project details: manmadediy.com

21. Paracord Chair

Paracord Chair

An adjustable chair can cost quite a bit on the market. However, you do not need to spend that huge sum of money. All you need to do is build two intersecting wood rectangles, woven them in paracord.

Once you put them together, you get a simple yet fully functional chair to relax in. Also, you can freely modify this idea to fit your taste.

Project details: instructables.com

22. Mailbox Makeover

Mailbox Makeover

The mailbox sometimes is the very first thing that someone will see arriving at your doorstep. As a result, we believe that if you can put some personality into it, people will have better first impressions.

You also don’t need to invest too much, as the main materials are some cast stones, a 4×4 post, and a mailbox.

Project details: beneathmyheart.net

23. Chalkboard Serving Tray

Chalkboard Serving Tray

With only 1 2×12 framing board and a little help from a miter saw, you can make 3 of these trays. At the end of the day, there is no challenge in most of the building process.

The biggest issue lies in the hardware attachment process. We recommend using rustic pulls, as they are simple to use.

Project details: shanty-2-chic.com

24. Simple Storage Box

Simple Storage Box

Sometimes, you need a specific tool to store things that cannot be put together with normal tools. A prime example of this case should be your baby’s toys, etc.

With this idea, you do not need to spend too much, as it does not require high-quality materials. Any cheap woods will do.

Project details: instructables.com

25. DIY Pergola

DIY Pergola

This one is, obviously, not something that any beginner can attempt. It is actually a complicated project requiring you to spend lots of time on planning.

You must first make sure that the structure is as sturdy and safe as possible. We believe digging holes to bury the posts and filling them with concrete is the best method.

Project details: myfrugaladventures.com

26. Wood Deck Cooler

Wood Deck Cooler

Coolers, no matter how useful, are usually more on the ugly side, due to their plastic body.

So, we figure that you will love this project idea, as the end result is all-wood. The only thing you need to do is cut wood and cover the freezer with them.

Project details: foxhollowcottage.com

27. DIY Outdoor Kitchen

DIY Outdoor Kitchen

Having an outdoor kitchen means there is no need to run back and forth to prepare a meal. Naturally, this one is a time-consuming and huge project, so you should prepare a plan beforehand.

The best way is to start with the frame, then the lath, the coating, and the mortar. By doing so, you can fix any mistake quickly without worrying about destroying another part.

Project details: thisoldhouse.com

28. Reclaimed Wood Wall Bike Hanger

Reclaimed Wood Wall Bike Hanger

Storing bikes is never an easy process, as they take up a lot of space due to not being stackable.

Making use of a simple hanging system, this project will let you store as many as 7 bikes in a relatively small space.

The creator took inspiration from bikes’ commercial wall mounts. Unlike them, these hangers are made completely from reclaimed wood and plumbing pipe.

Project details: manmadediy.com

29. Modern Adirondack Chair

Modern Adirondack Chair

The DIY modern Adirondack chair is not something a newbie can attempt, as it requires lots of cutting at weird angles.

The only way to complete the project with the least number of problems is to simply mill everything first.

As the piece assembling process is actually quite straightforward, you can do it later.

Project details: popularmechanics.com

30. Vertical Pallet Garden

Vertical Pallet Garden

If you happen to have a pallet, not in use, do not throw it away. Instead, use it to make a vertical pallet garden.

Doing so will not only lessen the impact on the environment but also provide you with a beautiful piece of furniture.

You need to rearrange and reinforce some of your pallet’s back slats. Then, paint it, and you have a ready-to-use pallet garden.

Project details: hometalk.com

31. Rustic Pallet Headboard

Rustic Pallet Headboard

Pallets are some of the easiest things to come by and buy. They are also very customizable, allowing for an infinite amount of possibilities. You just have to make some arrangements and add in some corners.

The result is a rustic headboard that gives your bed a sophisticated feel. You can utilize linseed oil to make it appears even more vintage.

Project details: diyprojects.com

32. Raised Garden Beds

Raised Garden Beds

A proper garden sometimes is just impossible if you don’t possess enough space. Nonetheless, with a little creativity, you can sate that thirst by reusing thrown pallets to make raised garden beds.

The pallets are usually pre-treated, too, so they are quite strong against the outside damage.

Project details: diyshareable.com

33. Fold-Down Worktable

Fold-Down Worktable

If you are lacking space and have a door just lying around, turning it into a foldable worktable is not a bad idea. You only need to add in a mounting cleat and two leg blocks to ensure the functionality.

When you need to, the table is big enough to fit most of your tools. You can fold it down to save space once you are done.

Project details: home-dzine.co.za

34. Lattice Privacy Screen

Lattice Privacy Screen

We all need some privacy, especially while we are enjoying tea time with our family. Completing this project will give you the same privacy as a high-quality privacy screen without its price tag.

The main material would be PVC lattice, which you can easily get from stores like Home Depot. Stainless steel crew is a requirement, though.

Project details: fourgenerationsoneroof.com

35. DIY Couch Cup Holder

DIY Couch Cup Holder

No one likes to go fetch a cup of water while they are watching a movie or a football game. With this project will let you simply reach down the armrest and grab a cold one.

It also has space that you can use to store your remotes and some small other things.

Project details: dadand.com

36. Window Box

Window Box

With this project, you will need two square pieces and three long pieces of wood planks, you can make a window box that to grow some greens in.

The only requirement is that all planks must be of the same size. So you should be extra careful while cutting them.

Next, you glue them together properly, put some holes in to secure them against the window.

Project details: twotwentyone.net

37. DIY Knife

DIY Knife

Knives are tools that we have been using for millions of years. That is why we believe that a DIY knife is something we all should try at least once.

As this one makes use of old saw blades, the quality of your knife is guaranteed. You also do not need to treat the metal, as it is already at a perfect level of hardness.

Project details: artofmanliness.com

38. Bombproof Pullup Bar

Bombproof Pullup Bar

Pull up is a great exercise to workout, but it can be even better if you build the bar yourself. There is no need for anything fancy, as the main materials consist of connectors, pipes, and screws.

After threading all the materials to the right size, you can start on the assembling project. The end result is a pullup bar that can stick better than most commercial competitors to workout at home.

Project details: diyprojects.com

39. Cornhole Boards

Cornhole Boards

Cornhole is quite a good game for family or friend gatherings. However, it is actually not that easy to find a place that sells proper cornhole boards.

You don’t need such a thing with this project. With some wood planks, you can build a full board from scratch.

Project details: diyjoy.com

40. Nifty Shoe Shine Box

Nifty Shoe Shine Box

A good shoe shine can make a huge difference, but modern shoe boxes are serious investments. To save money, you can try your hands with the Nifty Shoe Shine Box.

It has a simple design, allowing you to hold some polished cans and brushes. There is also a sufficient area to rest your foot.

Project details: artofmanliness.com

41. Magnetic Bottle Opener

Magnetic Bottle Opener

Just using only some wood, neodymium magnets, and a bottle opener, you can make a piece of interesting furniture for your kitchen. The special thing about this project is the fact that you can make it as intricate or easy as you like.

Due to the magnets, this bottle opener can stick to practically any surface, as long as it has ferrous metal. The magnets can also hold lots of bottle caps, reducing the need to clean them up.

Project details: instructables.com

42. DIY Washer Game

DIY Washer Game

The washer is a game that we are sure most of us have played at least once in our life. However, finding a store selling this game is a feat in itself, so making it is the way to go.

You don’t need much, just some woods, nails, latches, pipes, and ropes. Essentially, you cut the woods and make two half-box and fit them together.

Project details: amusingmj.com

43. Wooden Beer Totes

Wooden Beer Totes

Beer glass is one of the most popular groomsmen gifts. You can make things more interesting by one-up your gift, giving a wooden six-pack holder.

It looks nice, is surprisingly sturdy, and makes for an out-of-the-box groomsmen gift.

Project details: thenewhobbyist.com

44. Woven Belt Seat

Woven Belt Seat

Men, in general, go through hundreds of belts throughout their lifetime. Most of the time, we would simply throw the old ones, creating pollution and waste.

This project will teach you how to make use of these otherwise wasteful belts by weaving them together. The result is a stylish cushion for your chair.

Project details: savedbylovecreations.com

45. DIY Drawers

DIY Drawers

If you have lots of small things, such as jewelry, to store and don’t want to mix them up, this project is perfect. All you need to do is cutting some wood planks up, attach them together to make a box.

Then, you set up some wheels inside the shelf so that the drawers can slide in and out.

Project details: viewalongtheway.com

46. Patio Chairs

Patio Chairs

With a small investment in materials and some patience, anyone can make this set of side-by-side patio chairs.

You only need to cut the woods, attach them together to make the chairs as well as their slats. If you want to, you can make a hole in the center to support an umbrella.

This project is easier to build if you use a miter saw, jigsaw, table saw, and router.

Project details: blackanddecker.com

47. Army Ammo Crate Table

Army Ammo Crate Table

Some people think of the wooden army ammo crates that they come across as trash. What they don’t know is that those crates can be turned into stylish tables for their garden.

The only challenging part of this project is the sanding process. Afterward, you just need to put things together.

Project details: diyprojects.com

48. Recycled Tire Coffee Table

Recycled Tire Coffee Table

Repurposing parts of a truck into furniture has always been a frugal and environmentally friendly idea. Of all the parts, the one that can cause the most harm is the tires.

Using this project, you can make use of these tires, turning them into stylish tables.

Project details: instructables.com

49. Cigar Box Guitar

Cigar Box Guitar

Despite how it looks, a cigar box guitar is actually quite easy to make. You build the neck from broom handles, the body from the cigar box and then fit them together.

Finally, you need to make a tailpiece to hold the strings together. A good material should be an unused door hinge.

Project details: artofmanliness.com

50. Industrial Hallway Cart

Industrial Hallway Cart

The entryway table is one of the first things someone will see when they enter your house. To leave a better impression, why don’t we make it ourselves?

You need nothing more than some 2×4 wood planks as well as some entry tools like miter saw, drills, clamps, and a sander.

Project details: infarrantlycreative.net

51. Wheeled Media Stand

Wheeled Media Stand

The biggest advantage of this project is the fact that it does not require you to cut a lot.

In fact, you can skip cutting altogether by getting 2 eight foot 10×2 wood boards from online stores such as Home Depot. From then on, it’s pure assembling.

Project details: h2obungalow.com

52. Patio Cooler Table

Patio Cooler Table

The first few steps of this project are not that different from the ones required to build a table. You only need to keep in mind that there need to be 2 rectangle holes in the middle of the table.

After you have finished the assembling process, you can fit your coolers into those holes.

Project details: remodelaholic.com

53. DIY Tie Rack

DIY Tie Rack

If you have lots of ties, you must have run into the lack of space issue. Despite their looks, ties can take up quite a huge area.

That is why the best way to solve this issue is to build a rack where you can freely hang them.

Project details: craftaholicsanonymous.net

54. DIY Modern Address Plate

DIY Modern Address Plate

This project requires nothing more than a few paint sticks and a wooden board. After sticking the paint sticks onto the board, you paint over them and attach your numbers.

Then you can place your new address plate on the wall. This project will improve instantly your home and curb with a modern address.

Project details: thediyplaybook.com

55. DIY Cooler

DIY Cooler

The mass-produced coolers that you can buy at the store are always cheap-looking due to the plastic body.

With this project, you can make a wooden cooler that functions properly. It also has quite a regal look, adding in lots of personalities.

Project details: shanty-2-chic.com

56. Corner Floating Shelves

Corner Floating Shelves

The core of this project lies in the 2 pieces of 1×1 wood planks. They will support the whole shelf. As such, it’s best if you can nail them directly to the studs behind your wall.

You then cut a board aligning with the walls and fit it onto the support frame.

Project details: 4men1lady.com

57. Benches And Stools With One Board

Benches And Stools With One Board

The idea of this project is to build the stool or bench according to the size of the wood piece you have on hand.

Working on this project will train your measuring skill, allowing you to instinctively know how a piece of wood will perform.

Project details: myrepurposedlife.com

58. Watch Box

Watch Box

Watch storage is one of the most overpriced products in existence. So, why should we pay so much for something that we can whiff up in no time?

This also is a great DIY project to gift If you have friends or your relatives who love watches.

Project details: dreamalittlebigger.com

59. Wood Slice Serving Board

Wood Slice Serving Board

This rustic serving board takes no more than 1 hour to whip up, and you don’t need more tools other than a piece of sandpaper, stiff brush, and mineral oil.

The hardest part of the project is actually to find a wooden slice of appropriate size.

Project details: manmadediy.com

60. Pallet Daybed

Pallet Daybed

Sleeping outside is great to relax on with your friends or children. This project can turn it into a reality with only a small amount of investment.

First, you need to pick the mattress, then you find a pallet that can fit its size. Rearranging some slats and reinforcing them is enough to turn it into a sturdy foundation.

Afterward, you fit the mattress on the foundation to get a comfy outdoor bed.

Project details: prettyprudent.com


These 60 DIY projects for men will help to develop your woodworking skill to the next level. They also progress in hardness slowly, so you have the time to familiarize yourself before you can challenge the harder projects.

Of course, the results of these projects are all useful tools that you can add to your house. We believe that usefulness should always be the main focus for a good DIY project.

After going through the list, do you find it enjoyable? We hope that it can help you in improving your DIY expertise.

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