How To Cut Rocks With A Tile Saw

how to cut rocks with a tile saw

Magical things rest around us serenely. One of the things with extraordinary appearance is rock. Although they look rough from the outside, the inside is mystical!

From construction works to making jewelry, we use rocks. Ever thought about cutting them into beautiful pieces?

I know using a tile saw to cut rock is not as easy a pie. Instead, it is a tricky task, and you need to understand the entire procedure precisely.

I have researched a few hours on how to cut rocks with a tile saw and made an in-depth but straightforward note about the best rock cutting technique.

How To Cut Rocks With A Tile Saw – 7 Simple Steps

To get the required pieces out of the tough-looking rocks, you need to cut them accurately, and cutting them with a tile saw works pretty well.

But, take into account that every tile saw can’t slice the hard rocks.

Therefore, you need certain types of wet tile saws for rock cutting. A cheap wet saw may work fine but keep in mind that the blade’s quality needs to be exceptional.

Also, tile saw can’t cut rocks of grade 7 or higher than that.

Now that you have got an introduction let’s jump into the steps of cutting the rocks with a tile saw.

Step 1: Learn The Hardness of The rocks

First things first, find out the hardness of the rocks you need to cut. The level of hardness varies from rock to rock due to the differences in minerals present among them.

Here, I am giving a list according to Moh’s rock hardness scale that encompasses some of the most common rocks around us.


The basic principle is – if the rock hardness is below seven according to the scale, then you can rip it with a wet tile saw.

Moh’s test is a simple field method. With this test, you will have an initial assessment of the hardness of the rock.

Besides Moh’s test, some rebound devices are also used to measure the hardness of the stones.

Step 2: Get Yourself and The Workspace Prepared

Arrange a wet tile saw and the rocks that you want to slice. Check the blade quality of the cutter.

If it is not satisfactory, then get a good one. My recommendation would be to manage a diamond tip saw blade.

Now, get safety equipment such as safety glass, earbuds, hand gloves, etc. It will be better to have protective gear for your entire face.

Wearing a plastic coat will be perfect, acting as a shield from the mess coming towards you during cutting.

Most importantly, you must avoid a loose-fitting dress and use a bowl to secure the rocks.

Besides, you will need a permanent marker (which will be better) or a graphite pencil.

Step 3: Check The Water Level Of The Reservoir

The wet tile saw has a water system that keeps the saw blade and the workpiece cool. Check the water reservoir to ensure that there is enough water.

Moreover, you should add or reduce the amount of water, based on whether the saw blade is submerged or not.

Step 4: Mark The Rocks For Cutting

Soak the rocks in the water for a while. Afterward, mark them with a permanent marker or a graphite pencil as these marks will help you hack the rocks precisely.

Step 5: Place The Rocks Correctly

Now, place a rock on the table properly. It becomes more significant if the rock is big.

Make sure that the table and the rocks are stable. Otherwise, you may face some serious issues while cutting stones.

Step 6: Position Yourself Properly

At this stage, position yourself on the opposite side of the rock. This kind of placement allows you to draw the rock towards your direction while feeding it to the blade. Besides, this position is appropriate for some reasons.

First of all, pulling the rock is better than pushing, as this will reduce the amount of mess coming towards you.

In addition to that, in a wet tile saw, if you bring the workpiece towards you while cutting, water will splash in the workpiece’s reverse direction.

Step 7: Cut The Rocks

Now that you are completely ready to cut the rock, power up the tile saw. For better cutting, wait for the blade to gain its full speed.

When the blade reaches its peak, use the blade to start cutting the rock slowly by feeding the rock to the blade and pulling towards you. A couple of moments will be enough to have a clean and complete cut.

Keep an eye, whether there is any redness that appears on the rock. If that is the case, then stop the cutting and wait for the rock to get cooled.

Checking the rock’s condition will minimize the possibility of getting hurt. Like this, cut as many rocks as you desire.

Some Useful Tips:

  • Keep yourself as far as possible from the blade during cutting
  • Frequently check the water reservoir
  • Don’t pull the rock too fast. The blade can get damaged or the rock may end up being chipped
  • Don’t overreach while operating the saw


Cutting rocks sounds pretty much a tough job. Yet, with proper tools and maintaining a step by step process, it becomes a ‘piece of cake’. You need to be patient and focused while cutting.

Remember, slow and steady wins the race. I hope you have got a clear understanding of how to cut rocks with a tile saw. Therefore, use this guide to cut rocks proficiently.

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