How To Change The Air Filter On Your Chainsaw

How To Change The Air Filter

The air filter is one of the most important parts of a chainsaw. Clean air is essential for combustion which enables the enables the engine to run.

When the chainsaw is running, a lot of sawdust, debris and all sorts of dirt can get into the chainsaw.

The air filter as the name suggests filters the air and prevents these particles from entering the internal parts of your chainsaws engine.

When to Clean the Air Filter?

Ideally, the air filter should be cleaned every day or after eight hours of use. When the chainsaw is used to cut wood, the air filter easily gets dirty.

It can be clogged with oil and dirt and if this happens, it will not be able to filter sufficient air that is needed to burn with the fuel in order to keep the chainsaw running efficiently.

If you allow your chainsaws air filter to get too blocked with debris or any other particles, your chainsaw will start consuming more fuel in order to compensate for the chainsaws reduced horsepower resulting from insufficient clean air that is required to burn with the fuel in order for the engine to run efficiently.

Every time that you clean your chainsaw’s air filter, you should also thoroughly check it for wear and tear. These are warning signs that your chainsaw needs replacements.

When to Replace Your Chainsaw’s Air Filter

Most chainsaw manufacturers recommend that air filters be replaced at least once every year. Even with regular cleaning, an air filter gets worn out with and will need to be replaced at some point.

This will happen whether  you clean it. This is because, after each cleaning round, some pores in the air filter will get larger while others may not be completely unblocked.

This means that your air filter will progressively wear out as more and more pores get larger while others become too blocked with debris. Either way, the air filter will need to be replaced to enable the chainsaw to continue functioning effectively.

If you notice that your chainsaw’s air filter seems to have a lot of blocked pores or has developed holes in the stringy material or cracks around the ends, you should replace it.

If you fail to replace it, it may expose the interior of your chainsaw’s engine to dirt and debris which will definitely cause untimely damage to the carburetor, the cylinders and the pistons.

A damaged engine may cost you a lot; costs you will have to incur to replace your engine as a result of damages caused by a worn out air filter.

How to change your chainsaw’s air filter

In most chainsaw designs, the air filter is usually located behind the engine and often on the top. To get to it, you will need to remove the case around the base off of the chainsaw. You can use the screw driver that came with the chainsaw or any regular screwdriver to do this.

You will be able to see the air filter cover once you remove the case. Apply a little pressure on both sides of the cover using your fingers or a flattened screw driver in case it refuses to come off easily.

Do not attempt to pull the cover with too much pressure because you may end up ruining it. If you damage it, you will need to purchase another cover to replace it.

Once you have removed the cover, your air filter should be exposed. Simply pull it out using your fingers. It should easily slide off. Get your new filter and slide it into the well. Once you have replaced the air filter, do not forget to place the cover back.

If it is damaged, get a new one. Again, get the screw driver and screw the bolts back into place to put the case back on the chainsaw. Now you have finished replacing your air filter. Overall, this should be a very simple task.

Important Tips

For safety reasons, before cleaning or replacing your chainsaws air filter, ensure that the chainsaw has cooled off.

It would also be wise to handle your chainsaw away from fire or any potential fire source including cigarette smokers.

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