18 DIY Wooden Gate Plans You Can Build

DIY Wooden Gate Plans

If you desire to build a new gate to add security and privacy for your beloved home. You should consider these DIY wooden gate plans.

Wooden gates reflect a natural and warm charm where the home looks homelier and more welcoming. They can also blend in almost all features such as gardens, yards, plants, and flowers.

The idea of DIY projects is affordable to invest in. Moreover, you have a feeling of self-satisfaction to beautify your living space.

No worries if you have little experience in woodworking, all plans are easy to follow.

1. Build A Wooden Gate From Mitre 10

The project will finish off a fence to improve the privacy around your house. The gate and the wall match perfectly in shape and color.

Hang the gate on one side of your fence and measure the two posts at the top and bottom to specify the width of your entrance. In this plan, the gate is 906mm 922mm wide with 16mm of 2 hinges.

Cut the 75x50mm brace and run across the frame from the bottom hinge to the opposite corner. The brace helps enhance the sturdiness and makes it easier to pull and push the gate.

Install the hinges 12-20mm evenly from one another. It is better to keep the equal gap to the fence’s spacing.

Project details: mitre10.co.nz

2. Build A Wooden Fence and Gate

Build A Wooden Fence And Gate

If you want to keep your privacy from the prying eyes of outsiders, consider this project. 2×4 slats cover the gate with no gaps. When people pass by, they hardly see things behind the gate.

The building is very straightforward. You need four posts 4×4 cemented in position and divided into three parts. In the center is the gate made out of diagonal cross-braces that are square and sagging-free.

We suggest painting the gate with dark colors to hide joints, screws, and holes.

Project details: instructables.com

3. DIY Wooden Gate (Double) That Won’t Sag

It is a pain of wooden gates: They become sagging due to the exposure to harsh weather. To prevent such an experience, you should build a sturdy gate in the first place.

We mean referring to this double gate. It has two doors.

You first build two equal frames of 77.5” x 53.5” out of straight boards. Thin one side of the panels and bond them into a square frame using glues and screws.

Slip a brace across the frame, then. The brace goes from the bottom rail into the hinge end of the top rail. That compression construction pushes weight from the top bar against the base.

Put the pickets on, and you are done with this wooden gate.

4. DIY A Wooden Gate For Yard

DIY A Wooden Gate For Yard

The gate is built with tongue and groove cedar boards which are extra solid and sturdy. You need twelve panels of 1/4 x 3 ½ x 96 inches and the other three of 3/4 x 5 ½ x 96 inches.

Place the twelve boards extremely closely into a width of 42 inches. Then, attach three boards horizontally and pre-drill to avoid splitting as you work.

Flip diagonal cross-braces should be added from the top horizontal board to the bottom to prevent sagging. You will want to use both glues and screws to fix the braces in place.

Lock your gate with three latches. Since most cedars you might use are red, choose the black hardware due to their beautiful contrasts.

Project details: thespruce.com

5. Pallet Wood Driveway Gate

Pallet Wood Driveway Gate

Those who get hooked on open space can’t go wrong with this double-door gate. It’s inspired by the classic drive gate in rural areas with a surprising width of 138 inches.

We know that the larger the gate, the quicker it becomes sagging. So this project comes with support wheels. Not only do they facilitate opening, but the wheels also prevent sagging.

Also, four vertical sides are stringers from 2-way entrance pallets. And there are two V-shaped diagonal braces to stiffen the doors.

Project details: thegreenlever.blogspot.com

6. DIY Driveway Gate

DIY Driveway Gate

We like that this driveway gate has unequal doors.

The left door is as small as 90 cm for daily use, and the other is 1.4 m – enough for anything chunky to get through. Related to the height, you can build it 1.75 m high to improve privacy.

Both doors use a belt and braces approach.

It means four sides of their frames are connected by a half lap technique to improve the strength and square. There is also a cross belt in the middle and braces from the top to the bottom corner.

Use the miter saw to exactly cut the joints as deep as 22.5mm, and the kerf is 5-10mm. When two laps are combined, they sit flush together.

Project details: project-number-nine.com

7. DIY Wooden Gate Plan From WikiHow

DIY Wooden Gate Plan From WikiHow

This is an easy build and adorable wooden gate for your modest house.

An interesting tip to steal from the project is that the post length should be – at least one third longer than the gate’s height so that you can bury it solidly in the hole.

Then, build two sides of the gate. You will need two simple boxes having four sides, one inch smaller than the gate opening. That way, the gate can account for hinges and their thickness while swinging.

Install an angled cross-brace between the top and the bottom of the boxes to enhance their rigidity. Cut equal planks and put them next to one another but leave a gap of ⅛ inch for weather allowances.

It is not required, but you can cut beveled edges on the top of each plank. The waving curves look fancy. Then install the hinges to complete the project.

Project details: wikihow.com

8. Build A Gate For A Wooden Fence

Although the gate is enormous – up to twelve feet, it is effortless to build with simple preparations: 2×4 lumbers, hinges, speed square, latch, screws, handles, impact driver drill, and cutting tools as circular saw or table saw.

Lap joints in the frame are the secret to this no-sagging gate. You need to clamp two sides of four boards even and square. Put two boards together to form a 90-degree joint and screw them carefully.

Once you have two sturdy doors, mount the fence pickets and install the hinges and latch.

9. A Pair Of Lumber Driveway Gates

A Pair Of Lumber Driveway Gates

Add some challenges to your DIY work by referring to this lumber driveway gate. It has curves in the top and bottom rails. Uniform cuttings are very important. Each rail is 1 ½ x 9 ½ inches.

The doors are separated into two panels. The lower panel is fully covered by slats, and the upper panel is made out of the lattice. It will add a fresh look to the gate and look attractive for your house.

Project details: buildeazy.com

10. Free DIY Wood Gate Plans

Free DIY Wood Gate Plans

With these plans from Hoover Fence, they offer detailed gates, material lists, and instructions to help you build a beautiful and durable gate that will last for years.

They have multiple patterns available, including the Double “V” Rail Gate, the X Rail Gate, the Cape Cod Board Gate, the Maine Board Gate, and more.

You can easily choose to build a perfect gate that fits your needs best!

Project details: hooverfence.com

11. DIY A Small Fence Gate For Beginners

DIY A Small Fence Gate For Beginners

This is small project of wooden fence gate is good to practice in one day. The gate features a small frame of only 37 inches wide divided into two parts using the brace.

The beauty depends on how you cut the slats evenly and align them with the outside edge. You had better assemble the slats where the hinges are so that the slats have a strong connection to carry the gate.

In the upper, you can buy 5/4×6 PT deck boards to eliminate the cutting as they come already smoothed and rounded in their edges.

Project details: blackanddecker.com

12. DIY Cedar Wood Gate

DIY Cedar Wood Gate

If you are looking to add a beautiful cedar gate to your fence, this tutorial will show you how. The process is not too difficult but does take some time and careful measuring.

You will need to have the following materials and tools: 1×4 pickets, 1×6 pickets, X design, hardware (handle or latch), wood screws, weatherproofing stain, drill and miter saw.

To start, you will want to cut the 1×4 and 1×6 pickets to size. Make sure that the 1×6 pickets are cut at a 45 degree angle so that they fit together nicely.

Once all the pickets are cut, it’s time to start attaching them to the gate. You will want to attach the 1×6 pickets to the top and bottom of the gate first, flush with the edges.

Then, attach the 1×4 pickets to the sides of the gate. Make sure that they are also flush with the edges.

Now it’s time to add the X design. Cut a 1×4 picket at a 45 degree angle on both ends and attach it to the gate. Then, mark the angles and cut the crossbar so that it fits nicely in the middle. Attach the crossbar with screws.

Finally, add your hardware of choice and finish with a coat of stain or paint. Enjoy your new gate!

Project details: acrelife.com

13. DIY Wooden Garden Gate By BuildEazy

 DIY Wooden Garden Gate By BuildEazy

Back to simple, this small side gate is suitable for your backyard or garden to keep pets and kids out of your garden, as well as to protect your house from intruders.

A brief plan is as follows:

  • The two posts are three feet apart from each other.
  • In between, build a gate frame of 35 inches wide and five feet long and remember to deduct one inch for each side of the gate.
  • Cut a 2×3 wood piece and fix it in the center of the two longer frames.
  • Continue with a diagonal frame from the top to the opposite end corner. That way, the frame is square at right angles.
  • Nail vertical slats to the frame. They must equally overhang the top and the bottom and be flush with the frame’s sides.
  • Hang the gate to a post with three T-shaped hinges.

One creation of the gate is that the slats do not cover the length of the gate. There is a hole in the gate, so you can put a hand through to open it from inside or outside.

If you want to get fancy, you may add two other posts behind the original ones and build a gable roof or a pergola on them.

Project details: buildeazy.com

14. Building Wooden Gate For Fence

Building Wooden Gate For Fence

The gate is inspired by your garden fence, and it will blend well. Accordingly, choose 2×4 pressure-treated boards and cut them to the size of your fence’s pickets.

There is a frame supporting the slats, which is different. A tip to learn is screwing brackets at the corners so that the frame will always stay in place and be sturdier against harsh weather.

Even better, install an in-compression cross brace from the hinge’s bottom to the top corner. That brace will also get connected with the brackets.

Project details: makingmanzanita.com

15. Build A Wooden Fence Gate

Build A Wooden Fence Gate

This gate is 45″ wide and 71.5″ tall calls for more woodworking skills than others, using dado cuts.

In the lower part, you will put slats next together and frame them with two 2×4 boards. Prepare another board cut to size.

Then, create pockets and dados all line up in the boards so that you can install vertical slats in the upper. The equal distance spacing between the slats adds style to the gate and allows you to see the outside.

Finally, you add the back “X” brace to the gate frame. This makes your gate sturdier.

Project details: twofeetfirst.net

16. How To Build A Wood Gate From From Mother Earth News

How To Build A Wood Gate

The plan provides instructions on how to build a wooden gate, with or without infill boards, as well as how to improve the strength and durability of the gate.

Moreover, to keep your gate from swinging out too far, you can install a wooden cleat on either side of the latch post, or attach a length of overlapping infill onto the outside of the post.

You can also attach the rustproof gate spring to post and bottom rail to create a self-closing gate.

Project details: motherearthnews.com

17. Build A Custom Gate and Fence By Family Handyman

Build A Custom Gate And Fence

The project comes with both plans for a custom fence and gate. This project is quite challenging. Nonetheless, let’s focus on the gate.

It is six feet wide with double gates. Remember to leave an inch between the two entrances for opening clearances.

Instead of placing the boards vertically or horizontally within each gate, they have 45-degree edges and extend from one corner to the opposite.

Such a design prevents the gates from sagging over time. Moreover, it creates a perfect parallel impression.

Project details: familyhandyman.com

18. DIY Wood Gate With A Window

DIY Wood Gate With A Window

The idea of adding a small window to the gate is exciting. It also serves as a decorating window. You can see the outside guests at a glance.

Get started by building a rectangular frame from 1 piece 2×6 for the bottom and 3 pieces of 2×4.

Divide it into two parts. The lower part has a cross diagonal from top to bottom. The upper, meanwhile, has two crossbars in the left and right corners. Install the slats above the frame.

Buy a metal doormat as an insert. You can borrow a hand of a jigsaw to cut the opening space for the window. Be careful not to tear the slats.

Project details: confessionsofaserialdiyer.com


Despite tough competition from metal materials, DIY wooden gate plans will remain your favorite gate over time. It has low maintenance costs, environmentally-friendly styles, and longevity.

Looking at all DIY wooden gate plans as above, we wonder whether you already have an inspiration for your project?

We hope you will have one suitable plan for your situation. The wooden gate projects can blend in almost every home design, especially with gardens.

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