25 DIY Wooden American Flag Plans and Ideas

DIY Wooden American Flag

The 50-star flag and 13 stripes have been an important meaning of the American nation’s history. It’s symbolic of independence, freedom, and patriotism.

If you want to live up to the nation’s spirit, the idea of a DIY wooden American flag is truly worth trying.

This article has combined 25 ideas you can easily make an American flag at home to celebrate national or decorate for your home.

Let’s check them out now!

1. Wooden American Flag By Hoosier Home Made

Wooden American Flag

This DIY flag is a simplified version of the actual American flag with only five stars rather than fifty.

All you need are 13 lumber pieces of 36 inches for seven red strips and another six white strips.

Next, mark a portion of 14.5 inches where you will paint the blue Union section. Prepare five white wooden stars and attach them firmly with glue.

Project details: hoosierhomemade.com

2. DIY Wooden American Flag For All Year Long

DIY Wooden American Flag For All Year Long

Requiring a bit more pine, this vintage-looking flag is 42 inches wide and 25.2 inches high. Thus, you have more space to add the full 50 stars.

A small tip to make room for such a lot of stars is to prepare a 3×5 inches wood piece or a more significant dimension – as long as the height is 60% of its width.

Paint the blue section to be larger than ⅓ and narrower than ½ the width.

Project details: atlaneandhigh.com

3. DIY Framed Patriotic Wood Flag

DIY Wooden American Flag For All Year Long

This 37×21-inch framed flag plan is beginner-friendly, considering that the dimensions and how to calculate each section are available.

All strips are straight and well-aligned. Even the stars are made out of a template, so they have the exact dimensions and are parallel. A perfectionist will jump with joy with such attention to detail.

Also, you can choose to idea the second flag if you like. You will need a solid board and routed the stripes.

Project details: hertoolbelt.com

4. Rustic Flag With Freestyle Stars for 4th of July

Rustic Flag With Freestyle Stars

If you are not the most crafty person, you will be over the moon knowing how easy this DIY flag project is.

Prepare seven planks of 24 inches high and 36 inches long and another two leftover pieces to nail those planks on their back.

Paint them with a light red and white color and spare space for the blue square and stars. You can place the stars randomly to make the flag look more interesting.

Project details: myrepurposedlife.com

5. Patriotic Wood American Flag By The DIY Village

Patriotic Wood American Flag

Here is another idea for the full-star wooden American Flag. It’s best to trim strips to the same length and paint boards and slats with red, white, and dark blue colors.

The most exciting part of making this wooden flag is that you can add some torched spots. The flag will look as if it is taken out of a battle and hung on your wall. Moreover, the dark blue square creates an illusion of animating stars.

Project details: thediyvillage.com

6. DIY Planked American Flag

DIY Planked American Flag

Coming at dimensions of 26 inches x 34 inches, this flag has unique colors. You will dye the cedar planks using a dark stain instead of painting them with lively red, white, and blue colors.

Remember to tape off the square where you will add stars. It is recommended to use chalk-based paint for the stars since the paint dries fast.

Some stars can be faded and unequal, blending well with the effortless tainted planks.

Project details: maisondepax.com

7. Rustic Wooden American Flag Build

Rustic Wooden American Flag Build

The Instructable Workshop shares step-by-step instructions to create a full-star rustic wooden American flag.

You have to cut six strips down to the same length, ideally 43.25 inches. Also, prepare another 7 top strips as short as 28.43 inches. The remaining space above the first strips for the Blue Union section is 14.82 inches.

You will need Cricut machine to cut 50 stars for suitable with rectangle then affixed these stars to Union area. You use a roller to stick them securely then spray painted all over the star area.

Finally, assemble all parts and stain the strips with colors accordingly. Start with a light stain application and allow it to dry before you add a new layer.

Project details: instructables.com

8. Rustic 5-Star American Flag For Patriotic Holiday

Rustic 5-Star American Flag For Patriotic Holiday

You can teach your kids the following homemade 17.5×24-inch wooden American flag plan; the steps are super easy.

There is no need to involve saws or other cutting tools since you can go with premade pallets, blue tape, star stencil, color paints, and brushes.

Tape the Blue section, which is more significant than 1/3 of the total width, and apply the red, white, and blue colors. Draw five or six stars and paint them with white color. Then, you’ll be done!

Project details: loveourreallife.com

9. Wood Burned American Flag

Wood Burned American Flag

If you have space on the wall, you can try to do this flag. There are two creative parts to praise about this Wood Burned Flag.

Interestingly enough, stars are in a circle rather than in separate lines, reminding you of the United States flag in the early time. The flag has 13 stars, representing the 13 colonies during the American Revolutionary War.

The red strips are burned instead of painting, while the white strips are slightly burned to the grain. Even the Union section also has a dark burn to give off a new way look and beautiful

Project details: modernbuilds.com

10. Wood American Flag for the Nation’s Heroes

Wood American Flag For The Nation’s Heroes

More than being a decorative American flag, you can use this creation to hang your airsoft guns. Accordingly, you will create a flag base as normally and drill the holes to assemble additional stripes. The size is up to 36 inches x 19-½ inches.

Before you start with the plan, consider using a strong wood piece and cleat mounting system. Your hangers will hold a significant weight of guns, particularly, two shotguns and one rifle.

Project details: hometalk.com

11. DIY 1-Star Wooden American Flag

DIY 1-Star Wooden American Flag

If you want to create a temporary flag to celebrate Memorial Day or Independence Day, buying expensive wood pallets or designing a complicated flag is unnecessary.

You can buy a box of 12 pickets and some colorful paints. Apply paints and glue to the flag, then wait for them to dry for two hours. Finally, use a palm sander to distress the flag’s finish.

Project details: 2beesinapod.com

12. Patriotic Pallet Flag

Patriotic Pallet Flag

Another version of the old American flag has started in a round circle. You can make a twist with paper mache stars instead of drawing the stars and nail them onto the pallets. You should keep the flag away from moisture and rain, though.

About painting the colors, the tip is to tape off the blue part first, and the red goes second. That way, the two colors will not be weirdly mixed.

Project details: jenniferallwoodhome.com

13. Miniature Wooden American Flag

Miniature Wooden American Flag

This is a small version of the nation’s flag with only five stripes and three stars.

The guide recommended splitting the flag into two parts – the three tops for the Union section and the other two stripes. It is easier to paint and keep the stripes even before you glue them together.

Bear in mind that spray paint is better than a brush for a small flag like this.

Project details: meatloafandmelodrama.com

14. DIY Yardstick American Flag

DIY Yardstick American Flag

You will use yardsticks rather than pallets or wooden strips for this project, considering that the yardstick system is quite “Americany.”

Feel free to follow the ideas, but you must be skillful at applying the paints to resemble the three symbolic colors but not to cover all numbers on the rulers.

We would suggest putting tape on the yardsticks that serve as the white sections of the flag.

Project details: blesserhouse.com

15. DIY Wooden Handprint American Flag

DIY Wooden Handprint American Flag

With this flag, you use a table saw or miter saw to prepare 13 poplar-planking strips which are 36 inches long; another six poplar-planking strips of 24 inches, a plywood sheet of 18×24 inches, as well as glue and colors.

Paint the seven of 36-inch strips and another two of 24-inch strips with red color. The other strips are white. We recommend applying three painting coats to ensure a finished look.

The 18×24-inch sheet is painted with the blue field. Wait for it to be completely dry and you can ask your children to add their handprints instead of using stencil stars. The spacing is enough for 25 to 30 handprints.

Project details: atthepicketfence.com

16. DIY Wooden American Flag & Free Printable

DIY Wooden American Flag & Free Printable

This flag is a small version of 7.25 x12 inches, which can be put near the window or your study desk.

Together with the instruction comes a printable flag or vinyl stencil, which can help you trace the stripes and stars onto the wood with a pencil.

The next step is to apply the white paint to all vinyl stencils and let it dry fully before removing the stencils.

With two simple steps, you will have a black-and-white wooden American flag perfectly aligned!

Project details: angelamariemade.com

17. DIY Reclaimed Wood American Flag

DIY Reclaimed Wood American Flag

Reclaimed wood pieces are the perfect choices to create the American flag since they will create a distressed and vintage feel without any sanding.

Then, you can use tape and 16×20-stencil to mark off different color parts to apply the paints more easily. The whole flag comes out at 34×50 inches, nearly meeting the standard 3×5 proportion.

Project details: lilblueboo.com

18. DIY Rustic Wooden American Flag

DIY Rustic Wooden American Flag

You need six 37-inches strips on the bottom and another seven 22-inch strips on the top, attached with one 10.5×15 inches panel where you will add the stars.

With this project, you will need an EASEL PRO software and Inventables X-Carve CNC Machine to engrave stars for easy.

After painting the colors, you want to apply a clear coat finish satin lacquer to remain its pristine look all the time.

Project details: thecarmichaelworkshop.com

19. DIY Rustic Pallet Wood American Flag By Nina Hendrick

DIY Rustic Pallet Wood American Flag By Nina Hendrick

If you have large pallet wood boards, you can consider following this plan. This American flag is simple and suitable for your budget. The final dimension is 22×36 inches.

The tape is available to help divide the boards into equal strips. Suppose that you use the 1.5-inch tape; you might consider applying two layers to make them wider.

The key is to dry brush the lines with whitewash so that colors will become more lively and true.

Project details: ninahendrick.com

20. Rustic American Flag By Finding Silver Pennies

Rustic American Flag By Finding Silver Pennies

Finding Silver Pennies reveals a tip to attach the planks firmly together for an American flag.

You should drill corresponding holes and use dowel joints and wood glues to hold the planks together. That way, the flat surface looks smooth.

Afterward, use tapes and stencils to separate color sections and stars as you wish. It would be more interesting to give an aged look to the flag. Stain the wood with the Walnut gel stain and slightly wipe the paint away with rags.

Project details: findingsilverpennies.com

21. American Flag Made Out of a Wood Pallet

American Flag Made Out Of A Wood Pallet

Materials include a big wood pallet, paper plate, screws, a tarp, and white spray paint, blue and red rust-oleum painters.

You must cut the plate into four boards to create the flag shape and prepare three boards in between.

Divide the strips with blue painters tape and spray the navy blue and red colors accordingly. A tip is to re-tape the gaps between the stripes and spray again.

Print off a star template from the computer program and cut stars out for spraying. Glue the stars onto the blue field and you can complete the flag.

Project details: craftymorning.com

22. DIY American Flag Paint Stick

DIY American Flag Paint Stick

While Christmas wreaths are plentiful, something similar for July 4th may not. In this case, you can create an easy door’s flag from paint sticks and hang out it as a wreath. There are seven 1/4×8-inch boards needed.

Because the sticks are small, we suggest using sponge brushes to coat them correctly without causing a mess.

You want to paint along the edges to create a neat look. Stick three stars and spray an acrylic fixative onto the Flag to protect it.

Project details: blog.gluedots.com

23. Purdy Family’s American Flag

Purdy Family’s American Flag

Simple but not boring. With this project, you can add white paint onto your wooden boards to create an American flag.

Although there are no red and blue colors as traditional. But the white and natural wood layout looks more rustic and not stained.

If you are not a stickler for complicated, this 3-star flag will satisfy you without compromising its spirit.

Project details: purdy-family.blogspot.com

24. Easy 2×4 Wood Flag Block

Easy 2×4 Wood Flag Block

A mini version of the American flag from blocks is easy to create and adorable. Let’s prepare and cut the 2×4-inch lumber into blocks — one to add the star.

Paint the side part and sand the edges to create a smooth and patriotic feel. This DIY Flag is a perfect decoration on your working table or shelf.

Project details: oldsaltfarm.com

25. Rustic American Flag By The Yellow Cape Cod

Rustic American Flag By The Yellow Cape Cod

The steps to make the flag are not much different from other projects. Nonetheless, we would praise how the woodworker chose and applied colors.

Get started by purchasing a bundle of strip boards, color paints and stain, pencil, and transfer paper. A recommendation is to use white wood stain instead of white paint so that the flag has a rustic look that blends with your decor.

Cut the boards in half with a table saw. It’s fine to have some imperfect shapes since it gives the flag more interest and character. Place three strips vertically on the back and nail the boards in position.

Paint the white, red, and blue sections and wait for them to dry completely. For the stars, you can fill their outline with the white paint marker and apply the stain.

Project details: theyellowcapecod.com


The article already gathered all materials, ideas, and steps to create a DIY wooden American flag.

You can follow some useful painting tips to save your time and improve the finished look. Some plans also have creative ideas for the Union section such as circle stars, handprint stars, or burned flags.

We hope will find a suitable idea and build an American flag by yourself to show up to the national spirit.

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