10 DIY Pool Cue Rack Plans and Ideas You Can Build

DIY Pool Cue Rack Plans

Pool cues are quite hard to keep, as they can easily fall and break if you aren’t careful. That is why having your own pool cue rack is always a good idea once you already have a pool table.

However, buying a rack can be quite expensive on your wallet, especially when you yearn for higher quality and more custom.

For this reason, we want to introduce you to these 10 DIY pool cue rack plans and ideas to facilitate your storage.

It’s a good way to test your skill as a woodworker or a hobbyist and get something useful at much less cost.

1. Easy DIY Pool Cue Rack

Easy DIY Pool Cue Rack

The core concept of this project is to be as cheap and easy to build as possible. It requires 1×6 whitewood board and standard plastic drywall anchors to install.

The rack can hold about 6 pool cues with a brush, ball rack, and chalk in the space behind.

The two shelves are 47 inches apart, far enough to secure the cues in place while not looking cramped, adding an elegant touch to the room.

If your playroom is rather small, a wall-mounting cue rack like this will come in handy and not take any footprint.

Project details: manateepants.com

2. Making A Pool Cue Rack By Andy Rawls

This pool cue rack has a lot of space, holding 12 cues, one set of pool balls, and one triangle rack for the balls. It is, without a doubt, a highly advanced project requiring you to enlist the help of X-Carve and CNC.

You will be storing the cues on two sides. At the same time, the middle compartment is divided into two parts.

The upper part holds the rack, featuring a rod hanging the triangle rack, while the lower part features three shelves to keep the pool balls. Such an all-rounded design!

3. Build A Pool Cue Rest

Build A Pool Cue Rest

Despite being quite easy and simple to build, this pool cue rest is still eye-catching, thanks to the material.

You will mainly use teak, hardwood, and leather, all of which can be cheaply obtained. After all, you only need a small amount, so getting leftover pieces will suffice.

You might wonder why leather has a say here, but this little piece acts as a soft layer to embrace the cue to avoid scratches so that you can rest assured putting your pricey pool cue here. Only a ¾ x 10” piece of leather will help.

Another interesting thing about this pool cue rest is that you can easily customize it. Depending on how many pool cues you have, you can put in as many holes as you want.

Project details: instructables.com

4. How To Make A Cue Sick Holder

This cue holder is the definition of a very simple and quick DIY project, as you only need some screws, a piece of 2×4, and a general featuring a grinder. The whole process can be completed in less than 1 hour.

Simply screw the 2×4 piece onto the wall, then grind down the front to make accommodating holes for the cue to rest on.

This simplicity allows you to have an easier time putting your own spin on the finished product without woodworking skills.

5. Make a Pool Cue Stand By BMY Customs

The special thing about this Pool Cue Stand is that it makes use of your old pool equipment. More specifically, it requires one old pool cue and one pool ball.

The pool cue will serve as the pillar for the whole stand, which is a circular shape encompassing the cue. With this design, you can save a lot of space while still having quick and easy access to your pool cues.

The pool ball is placed on top of the upper layer to keep it there and add some personality to the whole stand.

6. DIY Pool Cue Rack With Rules Board

DIY Pool Cue Rack With Rules Board

With this project, you will use of 1×3 red oak planks for the frame and a 1/4” MDF board. The combination of these two materials enables the rack to have strength without losing too much flexibility.

It uses dado joints of ¼-inch depth on the oak board so these joints can replace screws and still retain a lot of strength for the finished product.

The cues stay fixed in place thanks to the anchors at the top and the counterbored holes at the bottom board to embrace the cues’ bottom.

The plan will make a pair of racks. The one will store the cues, whereas the second features the rule board and the triangle holder.

Project details: ryobitools.com

7. Build A Pool Cue Rack By Corey Rametta

The next to come is the perfect blend of functionality and elegance. Using an all-walnut design, it boasts more than enough strength without sacrificing too much on the appearance side.

This rack with a wall-mounted design, hold 6 pool cues and another accessories such as cue chalk and billiards brush.

However, a beginner should not attempt this idea, as it is a true test for even advanced woodworkers. You will use many tools to finish the project, including a miter saw, jointer, planer, table saw, drill, belt sander, router, and bandsaw.

8. Transforming Pool Cue Rest

Transforming Pool Cue Rest

We give our thumbs up for its incredible flexibility and compactness. When you don’t need it, it can fold up to fit in your cue case, allowing you to carry it anywhere you like.

When you want to use it, simply open it up and attach it to a bar table. It holds up 4 pool cues.

It makes use of magnets on both sides and a pushing component to open and close.

The arms are movable thanks to two strings connected to the pushing component. As such, you won’t need to expend much effort to operate this cue rest.

Project details: instructables.com

9. Sliding Dovetail Pool Cue Rack

As the name suggests, you will use sliding dovetails to make this pool cue rack. Don’t be intimidated by dovetails, as you can bypass its complicated process with the help of a chisel and a little guide piece.

The chisel will create the perfect dovetails for you if you can cut the guide piece to the exact height and angle. With perfect dovetails, you just need to put in some wood glue, and the pieces will stick together forever.

As walnut products, this rack looks great when finished with oils. It holds up to 8 pool cues.

10. Making A Pool Cue Holder

This pool cue holder can hold a maximum of six pool cues and at least 15 balls.

The reason for this high number lies in the cut at the middle shelves. Instead of drilling holes for each ball, each shelf has a trench, which will still prevent the ball from rolling out. This trench is also much easier to make right than the drill holes.

Moreover, the cue holders are firmly so you will never have to worry about the cues slipping out. The rack is quite compact and easy to wall-mounted to keep everything off the floor.


With this article, we have brought you 10 great DIY pool cue rack plans and ideas.

The plans will take a while to build, but each offers something new to the table.

Some of them can save you quite a lot on material costs; others are so compact and simple to build. Even one that can also function as a spacious shelf.

We hope you will find a suitable plan for your situation and needs. Enjoy it!

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