9 DIY Morris Chair Plans You Can Build

DIY Morris Chair Plans

Since William Morris decided to specialize in producing those high-quality recliners with relatively high armrests, most people are glued to these chairs.

The comfort these chairs provide is unparalleled to these other average-quality chairs. That is because these chairs have thick cushions and recliners with high arms to make you feel comfortable.

The level to which the chairs can recline can also vary depending on your preference.

If you are new or experienced in woodworking, morris chairs will be a fantastic project for you to practice and horn your skills.

So, check out now these 9 great DIY morris chair plans!

1. Free Morris Chair Plans

Free Morris Chair Plans

If you need a perfect Morris chair plan to build easily, then here is one for you.

The chair has a backrest that leans at a slight angle of 5 degrees and has five rails to support the cushion for your back. The rails are also arranged horizontally, similar to those on the seating part.

The sides of the chair also have rails which spacing between them. These rails have been placed vertically and are four in number. This chair measures 24 inches wide and 26 inches long.

Project details: myoutdoorplans.com

2. How To Build A Morris Chair

How To Build A Morris Chair

This morris chair looks stylish but requires a few skills to build. The total height of this chair is 38 inches, 31 inches wide, and 33 5/8″ inches long.

It has armrests that slant slightly towards the back to make you feel more comfortable when seated on it.

The chair also differs from others in that it does not recline. In appearance, this chair is quite simple. There’s not so much fancy about this chair, it is made to fulfill the purpose of making you feel comfortable.

The front legs of this chair are also somehow taller than the hind legs. This helps in bringing out the slanting aspect of this chair from the front towards the back.

Project details: thedesignconfidential.com

3. Craftsman Morris Chair

Craftsman Morris Chair

With this plan, the chair is unique in that it has an exceptional wood finish. It has both cushions on the backrest and one on the seating area. These cushions are comfortable and come in green colors.

The armrests tend to slant from the front going towards the back. The armrests are also wide to make even those with massive arms quite comfortable.

The sides also have several rails with small spaces between them to give that great appearance.

The backrest can recline to whatever angle you feel you prefer. This is made possible because of the three adjustment holes provided.

Project details: woodsmithplans.com

4. Build A Simple Morris Chair

Build A Simple Morris Chair

The chair does not require any cushioning on the seating area or the backrest.

The sides of the chair are pretty open without any rails at all. The reclining back has three rails to make you comfortable using it.

The seating part has six rails arranged horizontally close to each other without spaces between them.

The rear ends of the arms of this chair have some notched pieces. These notched pieces allow the backrest to be adjusted and reclined at various angles.

Project details: diy.smartkids123.com

5. How To Make A Simple Morris Chair

How To Make A Simple Morris Chair

Here is another simple DIY Morris chair plan that most people can make. It has an armrest that is flat from the front to the back.

It also features a backrest that can be easily reclined. The backrest has three rails that will ensure your cushion is firmly secured. The sides are somehow open and therefore do not feature any rails.

Project details: chestofbooks.com

6. Gustav Stickly Morris Chair

Gustav Stickly Morris Chair

The Gustav Stickly Morris chair is another special one that most DIY enthusiasts could try working on. This chair can adjust recline and, therefore, offer the type of comfort you yearn for.

Moreover, the sides have five rails arranged vertically to provide enough support and improve the aesthetic looks. The armrests are also large and tend to taper from the front toward the back.

The cushions are also unique, with the cushion on the backrest having a unique design just for this chair. The rails on the backrest are curved to make the cushion handle your back carefully and create relaxation.

Project details: popularwoodworking.com

7. Morris Chair Plans From HowToSpecialist

Morris Chair Plans

Here is one DIY plan that stands out and details you should try out.

This chair has a seat frame with seven-seat slats. The sides also feature four rails arranged vertically to provide support stable and a great appearance.

The chair measures 24 inches wide and 25 inches long. The chair’s backrest is also 24 inches high, with six horizontal slats. The armrests are not as wide but still quite comfortable and slant slightly toward the back.

Project details: howtospecialist.com

8. How To build A Morris Chair By Homaze Games

The process of constructing this Morris chair can be hard or easy depending on your experience.

With wide enough armrests, you can be sure your arms will always be comfortable while using this chair.

When it comes to matters dealing with cushioning, this chair only has one cushion that is upholstered with black leather while there is no backrest cushion.

The backrest has been built in a way that will still make you feel comfortable even without a cushion. The armrests are also wide at the front and then become a little bit smaller toward the end.

The chair has five rails arranged vertically on both sides to give it unique and stable.

9. DIY Morris Chair Plans From Stansplans

DIY Morris Chair Plans From Stansplans

This is a Morris chair that seems quite simple to make. It forms an excellent addition to your outdoor spaces at home.

The armrests are not quite as wide and do not slant toward the end as well.

What’s more, there is a significant clearance on the sides between the ground and the wooden support above it. However, the clearance seems a little bit smaller at the front.

As expected, the backrest slants at various angles increase this chair’s comfort levels. But it does not feature any cushioning on the seating area or the backrest.

Project details: stansplans.com


We cannot over-emphasize the importance of feeling comfortable while seated on a chair. That is why you need Morris chairs.

But to add some icing to the cake, go the DIY way to customize the chairs further. The collection of the 9 DIY chair plans we have included here is the best you could ever get.

We hope this list will help you to make your own great Morris chairs

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