15 DIY Dartboard Cabinet Plans and Ideas

DIY Dartboard Cabinet Plans

Dart lovers are well aware of how destructive darts can be to the wall’s aesthetic, as the darts’ pointy tips may leave holes on the wall’s surface.

Although dart cabinets from stores can be a great decoration and protect your walls from stray shots, they are not always affordable.

That is why there have been more and more people interested in building a dartboard cabinet.

For this reason, we have carried out careful research and come up with the 15 best DIY dartboard cabinet plans that every dart player can follow to build one.

Let’s dive into it!

15 DIY Dartboard Cabinet Plans and Ideas

1. Simple DIY Dartboard Cabinet

Simple DIY Dartboard Cabinet

This project is a good introduction for newer woodworkers to joinery methods. You will use biscuit joints for the carcase, ensuring more strength without looking due to screw holes.

In the same vein, tenon joinery was utilized to keep the flat panel doors together. This design allows for a less bulky appearance, reducing the whole cabinet’s size.

The other parts use grooves, which can stick together tightly for a sturdy long time as long as there is some glue. As a result, you can expect a long service life out of this cabinet

Project details: wwgoa.com

2. DIY Dartboard Cabinet Plan By FamilyHandyMan

DIY Dartboard Cabinet Plan

The biggest advantage of this cabinet its material needs as all the components only require standard wood boards widths.

Therefore, you won’t need to more struggle with a table saw or miter saw to cut boards to size.

The door panels follow the aged steel style. That is why you will immediately feel a rustic appearance in this model the moment you lay eyes on it.

The fun regarding this cabinet is obviously the way it stores the darts. Rather than keeping them on strips hanging on the doors, this project places them onto two unique tilting planks.

The holes are pocket-drilled, ensuring that the darts stay in place and a unique style to the whole cabinet. It also includes a chalkboard along the inside.

While this plan utilizes screws to provide as much strength as possible, the result doesn’t have any holes in its body. The reason is a series of wood plugs, which can perfectly cover the holes.

Project details: familyhandyman.com

3. DIY Dartboard Cabinet From Pallets

DIY Dartboard Cabinet From Pallets

This project may not cost you anything, as its main material is pallet wood. You can find some free pallets in your town’s industrial section or the local recycling center.

The making of this project begins with deconstructing the pallet wood as well as making components according to the layout of the model.

In the end, all you need to do is attach all the components using hinges to form the complete model. Don’t forget to add a layer of varnish!

Also, you can personalize the front according to your preference with add a laser-cut silhouette.

Project details: instructables.com

4. Modern Dartboard Cabinet DIY

Modern Dartboard Cabinet DIY

No worries if you have limited space available for the game since this dartboard cabinet is as compact as 24×24 inches when the doors are closed and 49 1/2″x 24” when they are opened all the way.

You can have it installed into the corner or right on the door of your room.

In terms of construction, the cabinet is straightforward to build. The first step is to build a shallow box from the backboard and four sideboards.

Next, drill three holes on two 8-inch boards where to put your dart tips and glue them inside the doors of the cabinets. Attach the doors into the box with the hinges screwed three inches from the top and the bottom.

Finally, you add the dartboard, decorate the cabinet with 10-pointed star detail, a few paint coats, and cabinet pulls.

Project details: abeautifulmess.com

5. Woodsmith Plans’ Dartboard Cabinet

Dartboard Cabinet DIY

This plan focuses on simplicity without losing its aesthetics. That is why you won’t see any screws on it, as screws are hard to get right and leave visible marks.

Instead, the frame uses only dado and tongue joineries. This locking mechanism means the frame retains its strength at all times.

The scoreboard, despite its appearance, is not a blackboard slate. You will cover a hardboard plank with chalkboard paint. This approach is much safer and more manageable.

Project details: woodsmithplans.com

6. DIY Pallet Dart Cabinet

DIY Pallet Dart Cabinet

While other pallet ideas need you to break the pallet down completely to salvage the wood, this one only requires minimal breaking.

It will leave the pallet’s inner framework intact to serve as the backbone for the design. That is why the structural integrity that pallets are famous for will remain the same.

The dart cabinet is quite large for more storage darts and other similar accessories.

Another interesting thing about this project is how it creates the chalk holder. Instead of making holes, you will chisel out a box in the frame’s bottom part.

Project details: discardeddevelopment.blogspot.com

7. Build A Dartboard Cabinet By The Inspired Workshop

Build A Dartboard Cabinet

This plan is perfect for people who don’t have too much free time on their hands. After all, it makes use of the most basic and fast techniques, such as flat hinges or lattice strips.

The project starts with cutting and shaping the components, ending with attaching them with glue and hinges.

Also, you don’t have to make a blackboard since you can paint over the door in chalkboard paint to serve as the scorekeeper.

All in all, it won’t take you any more than a couple of hours to finish this project.

Project details: theinspiredworkshop.com

8. Scavenger Chic’s DIY Dartboard Cabinet

Scavenger Chic's DIY Dartboard Cabinet

Many containers for dartboard only feature small holes for darts. While these look cool, there is no way they can fit any more than 6 darts at once.

That is not the case with this plan, as it provides you with a whole drawer for the darts.

This may sound hard at first, but the drawer is a simple box nailed and glued together. The front can be anything, even a leftover piece of molding.

Moreover, you can add in some characteristics for the whole design by attaching a layer of tin to the doors. Doing so also improves their resistance to wear and tear as well as increase aesthetic for cabinet.

Project details: scavengerchic.com

9. Cherry Dartboard Cabinet

Cherry Dartboard Cabinet

This project is one of high difficulty. While most cabin plans start with the frame, this model begins with corner posts, which will ensure structural stability.

Hence, one mistake means the whole thing is off-balance and worthless, which is why this project is only suitable for experienced DIY makers.

Another great thing about this project is its use of mortises. This style of joints is well-known for its strength and its invisibility. As a result, there will be no hideous mark on your cabin whatsoever.

Project details: jayscustomcreations.com

10. Real Cedar’s Dartboard Cabinet Plan

The uniqueness of this project depends on the material, which is Western Red Cedar. Its intention is to serve as an outdoor model, so it needs this wood’s resistance to insects, decay, and rot.

The shape of the design itself is also interesting. It doesn’t follow the typical rectangle design. Instead, it’s shaped exactly like a house, giving out a warm and homey feeling.

You need to keep in mind that this project requires many angled cuts for the triangle top. So, it can be quite challenging for new woodworkers.

Project details: realcedar.com

11. DIY Rustic Dartboard Cabinet

The goal of this cabinet is to replicate the old rustic feel. That is why you will notice that there is something off about how the frame fits together.

Both doors have 2 strips added in for extra support. That’s not all these strips do, though, as they will receive some holes to act as dart holders.

This design is quite strong, thanks to the frame receiving more support from two 1-inch strips at the top and bottom.

The door hinges follow the old barn style, so they can open and close to their maximum capacity. This allows the door to be less likely to get stuck.

12. HomeHardware’s Dartboard Cabinet Plan

Dartboard Cabinet Plan

Instead of placing the dart holders on the door like the classical design, this plan leaves them in the mainframe. This design alleviates the door’s weight, letting them operate more smoothly.

The whole case uses rabbet as the main joinery method. As a result, the cabinet has more strength and it looks like it was carved from one single piece.

The molding-making process also utilizes 2 smartly designed grooves so that there is no glue oozing out during the assembly. You will be able to save lots of time and effort from having to clean them.

The door frames were further improved with stub tenons to make up for the lack of strength. So, you don’t need to worry about its durability.

Project details: homehardware.ca

13. Make A Dartboard Cabinet By Jays Custom Creations

This plan is among the easiest to prepare for. After all, all you need is 1 piano hinge, some iron-on-edge banding, and some plywood scraps.

It’s actually rare to see iron-on-edge banding in a plywood project. But it’s actually a well-thought-out design. The banding will increase the frame’s strength a lot. They are also incredibly easy to use.

The whole model uses mitered corners. This design requires that you must make many hard cuts at 45 degrees. The result is a strong connection between every single part.

Project details: jayscustomcreations.com

14. DIY Charred Board Dartboard Case

This cabinet’s frame is built from mitered edges. As such, all the corners are perfectly aligned and sticking together tightly, giving it more strength and an impressive appearance.

The whole door is made from three 24-inch boards and 2 12-inch boards, but they all have a proportional distance between each other. That is why you will notice that the door is still very strong despite having gaps between the supporting pieces.

The door catches are specifically placed 1 inch above the inside frame’s bottom. Doing so ensures that the magnets can pull the door all the way in.

Also, there is no dart holder, as the bottom frame is wide enough to hold all the darts you need.

15. Make A Dartboard Cabinet By Dart Reference

Make A Dartboard Cabinet

The last project is a professional dartboard cabinet that included two dartboard backboards, a marker holder and two dart-holding compartments.

While this project utilizes the screws, it tells you how to cover them up with wood fillings. As a result, there is no trace of any screw hole on the whole frame.

The begins with pieces of wood cut. Then, you have to attach all the parts and the backboard together using screws and a drill. When making the holes to attach the doors, you need to be careful or else the holes could be too deep or too shallow.

The most difficult part since you have to make exact curves and dimensions so the doors will completely close together.

We are also impressed with the doors and their curved design, which adds a flair of personality to the whole cabinet.

Overall, the project requires a lot of tools and techniques to make perfect equal cuts. Thus, it is not suitable if you are a beginner woodworker.

Project details: dartsreference.com


For avid dart players, a well-built dartboard cabinet is an indispensable item.

A cabinet not only protects the wall during the games but also prevents the dartboard from outer factors such as impact or weather conditions.

So, this article has provided the best 15 DIY dartboard cabinet plans for people who want to build one for their board set for themselves, or as a gift for their loved ones.

With a variety of options from basic to the ones with high difficulty. We guarantee that whether you are a DIY newbie or an experienced woodworker, building a standard dartboard is now a piece of cake, as you can always find a suitable option in this list.

Let’s start building today and enjoy it!

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