18 Free Above Ground Pool Deck Plans

diy above ground pool deck plans

If you have an above ground pool, you need a deck to go around it.

Not only will a deck make your pool more attractive, but it will also provide a safer area and comfortable for swimming, sunning as well as relaxing.

Building a deck is not as difficult as you may think, and we have collected 18 free above ground pool deck plans that will help you easily do it yourself.

With these plans, you can create a simple or complex deck that fits your needs, budget and style.

1. DIY Pool Deck By Handy Man Tips

DIY Pool Deck By Handy Man Tips

This pool deck is an affordable way to improve your backyard. The most important part of the deck is making sure it’s slightly smaller than the screw to avoid cracking and splitting.

After finish the decking, install the risers and runners. The final thing left to do is railing. You can mount the spindle and 1 x 4 boards on top of the railing.

Also, you can add aluminum railing for extra touch if you want. You should maintain your pool deck regularly by cleaning it and repainting it every couple years.

With proper maintenance, your deck will be a wonderful addition to your home for many years to come.

Project details: handymantips.org

2. Pallet Outdoor Swimming Pool Deck

Pallet Outdoor Swimming Pool Deck

If you’re looking for a fun and cheap way to cool off this summer, consider building your own pallet outdoor swimming pool.

The project is simple to follow and only requires a few basic materials. You’ll need some free pallets, a waterproof plastic fabric, and some wood screws.

Start by building a square frame in the middle of your pool area. Gradually build the frame outward, making it bigger as you go.

Once the frame is complete, screw in the bottom of the pool fabric to the frame.

For an added touch of luxury, build a raised wooden deck around your pool using pallet slats.

This will provide a perfect spot for lounging and enjoying the summer sun. To make things even easier, install steps at one corner of the deck so you can easily get in and out of the pool.

Project details: 1o1pallets.com

3. DIY Simple Above Ground Pool Deck

This pool deck is made out of regular lumber, lag screws, and composite decking boards. It was simple and relatively inexpensive to build.

You started by putting up the posts, and then installed the dummy post to make it more secure.

After that, you worked on the decking boards, using regular boards for the floor and composite decking for the top rail.

Once the decking was done, you started on the railing and gate. You should use 2 by 4 and regular balusters, and drilled into two of the decking boards to attach the ladder.

To finish off the deck, you add the top rail made out of composite decking boards.

4. Build A Multi Level Above Ground Pool Deck

Do you want a deck that will last for years to come? Look no further – this is the perfect build for you.

This particular pool deck idea comes with everything you need in order to build it, including storage and a lockable gate o ensure your child’s safety.

The deck builder describes how they are finishing up the deck, adding a lattice and a gate.

They explain how they measured and cut the pieces for the gate, and how they are attaching it to the deck. Finally, they describe how they are attaching the lattice to the deck.

It’s a multi-level above-ground pool deck that is relatively easy to build – simply follow the video guide and you’ll be good to go.

5. How To Build A Deck For Stock Tank Pool

How To Build A Deck For Stock Tank Pool

The deck was built to cover your pool filter and add some small extra space for relaxing. It provides a place to layout, sit on the side of the pool, and set drinks and towels.

In this plan, you will learn how to build your own deck using pre-made stair stringers, 5/4 deck boards, and trim boards.

First, you will need to frame the deck using 4×4 posts and 2×6 boards. You will then need to cut the curve around the pool using a flexible ruler and a jigsaw.

Next, you will add the deck boards, making sure to cut the curve around the pool as you go. Finally, you will add trim boards to finish the deck.

Project details: instructables.com

6. DIY Pool Deck By Hurricane Homestead

In the video, the instructor shows you how to build a pool deck that is both beautiful and functional.

The first step is to measure the angle of the slope where the deck will be built, then use a temporary board to help mark the distance from the pool to the desired edge of the deck.

Once you have determined the angle, use that measurement to cut two by six boards to create your deck frame. The frame should be angled so that it is closest to the pool on one side and slopes away from the pool on the other.

Next, install the frame using 3-inch nails. Make sure that it is level both at the top and bottom before nailing it into place. Once the frame is installed, you can start decking.

We recommend using treated lumber for this project. Decking can be installed using either nails or screws. If using screws, make sure that they are long enough to penetrate into the frame below.

Once the decking is in place, install handrails using either nails or screws. Handrails should be installed on both sides of the deck for safety.

7. Build An Above Ground Pool Deck By Doityourself

Build An Above Ground Pool Deck

This above-ground pool deck is a great way to improve the look and functionality of your backyard pool.

It can provide extra space for dining, grilling, or just relaxing poolside. It also makes your pool more accessible.

The first thing, you will install the support posts, then frame the deck using 2×10 lumber. The decking should be installed using 1×6 planking, with screws spaced evenly apart.

The railing can be easily installed using pre-assembled railing sections. With some patience and effort, you can build an above-ground pool deck that will provide years of enjoyment.

Project details: doityourself.com

8. DIY A Backyard Pool Deck

DIY A Backyard Pool Deck

Building this pool deck can be a complicated process, but it can be simplified by using precast pier blocks.

These blocks sit on the ground and support the entire deck. The blocks have slots and sockets molded into them which allow for easy construction.

This is big pool deck so you will need some carpentry skills, as well as knowledge of how to properly reinforce a deck.

You will cut several posts to size and setting them in piers. Install the floor joists, then lay the decking boards, fastening them down at an angle into the tops of the posts.

Next, build the guardrails and stairs. Finally, finish off the decking by trimming the boards and adding a cap to the posts.

Project details: popularmechanics.com

9. DIY Concrete Pool Deck

DIY Concrete Pool Deck

Concrete pool decking is a great option for those wishing to have a beautiful, low-maintenance pool area and high durability.

It is ideally installed around in ground, dug-out swimming pools, but can also be used with above-ground pools.

The most important part of the installation is making sure that the surface area is correctly measured and prepared.

Once the frame for the deck is in place, the concrete can be poured and texturized. It is important to seal the surface of the decking with a damp proof sealant to prevent weathering and damage.

Moreover, concrete pool decking can accent in an array of color stains, stamps, finishes, and decals to echo any theme and color palette.

Project details: sephakucement.co.za

10. Build Above Ground Pool Deck By Yard Surfer

Build Above Ground Pool Deck

Building your own pool deck can be fun and it allows for a great deal of flexibility in terms of design and style.

There are many different ways to go about it, and this plan serves as a detailed guide for constructing a deck around an above ground pool that you can adjust anything.

The deck should create on a level surface next to the pool, and will need to be large enough to accommodate the entire perimeter of the pool.

It can be square, rectangular, or follow any other shape desired. The flooring is created by suspending trapezoidal wooden segments above the ground, using posts and concrete blocks.

The frame is attached to the posts with screws, and the decking is secured to the frame with long screws driven directly.

Lastly, guard rails can be installed using fence segments, and stairs can be added for easy access to the pool.

A well-constructed deck will provide a safe and attractive addition to your home swimming pool area.

Project details: yardsurfer.com

11. How To Design and Build An Above Ground Pool Deck

How To Design And Build An Above-Ground Pool Deck

When it comes to the shape of your pool deck, you have a few different options to choose from.

Circular or round decks are the most popular option for above-ground pools, as they wrap around the pool in a pleasing way.

Oval decks are also a popular option, as they complement the oval shape of many above-ground pools.

However, rectangular decks are the easiest to build and can be a great option for anyone with basic DIY skills.

If you have an irregular or kidney shaped pool, you can add lots of visual appeal with a deck that matches its unique shape.

Also, before you start building your deck, it’s important to check your local building codes to see what regulations apply to decks around swimming pools.

In most cases, the maximum gap between decking and pool coping should be 3/4 inch, and the deck should be slip resistant with no gaps between boards. The slope of deck also can regulate.

Project details: decks.com

12. How To Build a 12×12 Two Level Pool Deck

With this project, the instructor will show you how to build a two-level deck for your pool. This deck will provide ample space for seating and playing, and it will be a great addition to any pool.

When building this deck, it is important to install the posts correctly in order to ensure stability.

The holes should be filled and tamped with the dirt that was removed earlier, and then the landscape fabric should be laid down.

The joists are cut differently on one side in order to accommodate for the beam, which is offset due to the decking.

Also, the adjustable angle side hangers are used on all of the angle-cut ends of the joists. After all of the joists are in place, the decking can be installed.

Then the trans-end railing and black spindles are installed, as well as the four-foot-high aluminum safety gate. The lattice is added last.

Moreover, in part two of video, the instructor will show you how to install the pebble gray decking, trans-end railing with black spindles, how to build stairs, and the four-foot high aluminum safety gate.

When you are done, you will have a beautiful, wide, and safe pool deck that you can enjoy all year round.

13. How To Build A Deck Around A Pool By Craig Heffernan

Building a deck around a pool can be a daunting task, but detailed video guide makes it easy.

But it is important to plan ahead and make sure you have all the necessary materials and tools on hand before you get started.

In this video, the instructor will start by digging holes for the posts, then building the frame and screwing down the decking. He will also build the stairs, swing gate, and access door.

Finally, he will add lattice and railing to the deck. This project requires treated lumber, so make sure to use ACQ approved screws or nails when building your deck.

14. How To Make A Concrete Pool Deck

How To Make A Concrete Pool Deck

With this concrete pool deck, it is important to take accurate measurements before beginning so you can purchase the correct amount of concrete.

The frame for the deck should be laid first, make sure to leave breaks for the concrete to meet other surfaces. Once the frame is in place, pour sand over the ground and spread it evenly.

Mix your concrete and pour it into the frame. Use a broom to smooth the surface and then remove the frame.

Allow the concrete to dry before finishing with sealant. Your pool is ready to be enjoyed.

Project details: doityourself.com

15. DIY Wooden Pool Deck By Kings Fine Woodworking

This is a fantastic project and it’s really pretty easy to do with step by step so you will be easy to follow.

The project consists of two primary parts – the first part is installing the staircase, and the second part is finishing the deck.

For the staircase, they are using a strapping system to secure it to the deck.

The homeowners also use concrete to fill in the caisson holes. Once the concrete has cured, they will install a pressure-treated post on each side to permanently secure the staircase.

For the deck finish, they use backer boards and treads. They finished installing the stringers and backer boards and are ready to install the treads.

The whole deck is pressure treated wood, so it will be durable and last a long time.

16. DIY Pool Deck Plan

DIY Pool Deck Plan

This plan is designed for a 24′ diameter pool, but can easily be adapted for smaller pools.

The deck is constructed using traditional footings or the Titan Deck Foot Anchor, which makes it easy to install even if you don’t have more construction experience.

It’s also easy to customize this deck to fit your needs; you can choose from a variety of materials, including pressure treated pine, cedar, redwood, composite, PVC, or exotic wood.

So get dive into summer relaxation with this DIY pool deck plan!

Project details: titanbp.com

17. Make An Above Ground Pool Look Inground

Make An Above Ground Pool Look Inground

With this project, the instructor describes how they had to demolish their original deck and excavate their inground pool due to various issues that arose. They then rebuilt the deck and installed an above ground pool.

To upgrade the look of their above ground pool, the instructor framed and bordered the pool using angled boards, which covered the white plastic coping from inside the pool.

They also concealed the coping by screwing 2×6 boards to the 2×12 border boards.

Additionally, they took advantage of the natural grade of their yard to create a level deck that blends in with the rest of the yard. They were able to avoid having to install any stairs leading up to the pool.’

Finally, they provide tips on how to make an above ground pool look nicer such as staining their deck and fence to further improve the look of the pool area.

Project details: designingvibes.com

18. DIY Above Ground Swimming Pool Deck

If you’re looking for a unique railing for your deck, consider using cow panels.

The author bought four cow panels and cut them to size to use as railing. This is a more rustic look and it will be a lot more durable than the traditional wood railing.

Moreover, the author added bracing underneath the deck to help keep it from cracking. He also build a gate using treated lumber. This will provide additional safety for children.

This pool deck will take you a few days to complete, but it was well worth it. The author attaches a list of materials he used so you can easily get an idea of what you’ll need.


Building a pool deck can be a fun experience but it’s important to make sure you follow the proper guide in order to avoid any potential headaches.

Now you have known some great pool deck plans, it is time for you to get started on building your own.

These 18 free above ground pool deck plans will give you a variety of options that fit nearly any budget and skill level.

So follow the guide, get creative, and create a beautiful and functional pool deck that will last for years to come.

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