DeWalt DWS779 vs DWS780 Miter Saw – Which One Do You Choose?

dws779 vs dws780 miter saw

A woodcutting power tool is needed when doing carpentry work. However, it should be a high precision tool. Such tool provide the best results.

Miter saws have proved to be such power tools and finding the best unit is the best thing that you could do.

There are several miter saws available on the market. DeWalt is still the best manufacturer of miter saws though. Their products are high quality. They are also well built too.

In this article, we’re going to review two of their models— the dws779 vs dws780. You will then be able to know which model you’ll need depending on the project you’re looking to complete.

Dewalt DWS779 Review

DeWalt DWS779

When it comes to impressive performance despite the compact size, DEWALT miter saws are hard to beat. And this model is a true testament to that claim.

It has a dimension of just 2 x 23 x 18.5 inches, which means it will perfectly fit in your tools store and doesn’t take up much storage space.

Also, the model weighs just 56 pounds so you can always transport it to the worksite effortlessly. This DEWALT miter saw model promises unmatched performance with its 15-Amp electric motor.

This motor is very powerful and generates an impressive speed of 3,800 RPM, which is fast enough for finer and more accurate cuts.

Also, the motor gives you an extended performance so you can always take on larger projects without any worries. When you look at the grip of this miter saw, you will not find sufficient cushioning. But that will not affect your performance and use of the unit.

That’s because the motor doesn’t vibrate despite being very powerful. Consequently, your hands will experience no fatigue and you will use the unit longer than you might expect.

It uses a 12-inch carbide blade that tilts in both directions so you can make bevels and angled cuts with less effort.

DEWALT Sliding Compound Miter Saw, 12-Inch (DWS779)

Just tilt the blade to a proper position and make your angled cuts. It’s a very-easy-to-use miter saw model and both professionals and first-time users can agree on its ease of use.

The unit also has a back fence design that comes in handy if you’re looking to cut 2×16 dimensional lumber at 90 degrees or 2×12 dimensional lumber at 45 degrees.

And as we have already seen, DEWALT miter saws also guarantee accuracy during wood cutting operations. This model is particular has dual rails laid horizontally on the miter fence for accuracy when making cuts.

Besides, this model has an innovative clamping mechanism that firmly holds workpieces during cuts.

It’s a safe unit to use. It has a transparent blade guard that lets you supervise your cuts and make adjustments as need dictates. And this safety adds to its suitability for both professionals and amateurs.

It’s a versatile unit and you can fit other 12-inch blades for use during other applications.

Dust management is another beneficial feature that you will get if you opt for this model. It comes with a dust bag that is 75% efficient.

And since it’s a corded power tool, you will need to plug it into a 120V mains power outlet for usage efficiency.

  • Cuts precisely
  • The blade tilts in both directions.
  • The motor is powerful and uses just 15 Amps of power.
  • Vibrates less.
  • It runs fast (3,800 RPM) for fine cut finishes.
  • Safe to use.
  • Easy to change the blade.
  • The handle isn’t cushioned.
  • It doesn’t have an LED light.
  • Some of its plastic components might feel cheap.

DEWALT DWS780 Review


The DEWALT DWS780 miter saw is an upgraded version of the DEWALT DWS779 model. That means these two models share some features but DEWALT DWS780 model has some extra features that not only add to the price but also make it a must-have power tool for a pro.

Looking at the size and weight, the DWS780 model is still compact and portable since it has a dimension of 21.46 x 17.72 x 17.13 inches and weighs just 56 pounds.

You can store it in your tool store without taking up much storage space. Also, it’s a great solution for professionals who work in a dynamic environment.

This model also delivers impressive power to its performance with its 15-Amp motor that generates 3,800 RPM cutting speed.

Additionally, this model boasts of a 6.75-inch vertical cutting capacity, 7.5-inch nested crown capacity and 13-7/8 -inch horizontal capacity.

The back fence design is impressive and comes in handy when you’re looking to cut 2×16 dimensional lumber at 90 degrees or 2×12 dimensional lumber at 45 degrees. This unit uses the same 12-inch carbide blade that the DEWALT DWS779 model uses.

The blade also tilts to 49 degrees on both directions and it has various positive stops at 0°, 22.5°, 33.9°, 45°, and 49°. Thanks to this dual bevel system, you can make angled cuts with less effort.

 DEWALT 12-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw, Double Bevel (DWS780)

When it comes to making precision cuts, this model beats its DEWALT DWS779 brother. Thanks to the XPS crosscut positioning system, the miter saw delivers on its provide for precise and more accurate cuts.

This model also has a tall sliding fence. It also has a detent plate with a cam lock. These are needed to provide the best accuracy when cutting anything. It handles heavy-duty operations since rugged materials go into its construction.

It’s a corded power tool that will require you to plug it into a 120V mains power outlet for optimal operation. The power cord has been routed through the back of the rail for hassle-free sliding performance.

As an extra feature, this model has an LED light that illuminates the workpiece so you can always improve the accuracy of your cuts.

It also collects 75% of the dust giving it a reasonable dust control during cutting operations. It’s thus a truly professional-grade miter saw. Besides, its innovative gearbox and belt drive mechanism optimize performance.

  • The XPS crosscut positioning system is more accurate.
  • The gearbox and belt-drive increase efficiency.
  • It’s more rugged hence durable.
  • The blade guard makes it safe to use.
  • The motor is powerful and energy-efficient.
  • It has an LED light to illuminate the workpieces.
  • The model’s clamp does not have a locking mechanism.
  • It requires you to fine-tune, adjust and align it before use.
  • The blade might misalign.

The Similarities Between DWS779 And DWS780

  • Motor power and speed

The first feature you notice is their motor’s power. The two models both have a 15-Amp motor that generates 3,800 RPM cutting speed. That makes them ideal for making the finer, professional-grade cut.

  • Bevel design and blade size or type

Also, the two models have a dual bevel feature. Their blades tilt to both directions, meaning you can always make bevel cuts without any hassle.

And when it comes to their blades, not only are the blades the same size (12-inch) but they are also carbide-made blades.

This gives you the chance to cut a few types of materials such as wood, soft metal, and plastic. That’s to say the two miter saw models are versatile in their usage.

  • Weight

They also weigh the same since they both weigh 56 pounds. As such, they’re very portable and professionals working in a dynamic environment can appreciate this feature.

  • Cutting Capacities

In terms of cutting capacity, there are a few similarities between the two models. First, the fence design of both miter saws permits cutting of 2×16-inch lumbar at 90 degrees and 2×12-inch lumbar at 45 degrees.

When you look at vertical cutting capacity, both the miter saws have the 6.75-inch vertical cutting capacity. Also, they both have a 7.5-inch nested crown capacity.

  • Dust Management

If you opt for either one of the models, you will get a dust bag that collects 75% of the dust that your unit is creating. Even though the dust bags don’t collect all the dust, your working space will still be clean and you will make uninterrupted, cleaner cuts.

  • Power Source

Both of these models are corded power tools. As such, they both feature a power cord that supplies 120V 60Hz electrical energy to the motor. You will, therefore, need to plug them into a 120V power outlet if you want to use them.

  • Safety Standard

They are both safer to use than other brands. They both have a transparent blade guard that not only protects your hands but also gives you the chance to inspect your cuts as you make them.

Some users might be tempted to remove the blade but they should know they risk suffering serious injuries.

  • Warranty

Again, you will notice similarities in the warranty that protects consumers when they opt for these models. They both have a 3-year limited warranty that protects you if there’s a malfunction due to the manufacturer’s error.

They are both great options since consumer protection is something you can enjoy if using either one of the two models.

Those are the few features that both miter saw models share. Let’s now shift special focus to features that set them apart, shall we?

dewalt dws779 vs dws780

What Is The Difference Between DWS779 And DWS780?

Looking at the two models of miter saws by DEWALT, you will find some differences. So what are the differences that we’re referring to?

  • Cut Line

The DWS779 model doesn’t have any cut-line induction feature while the DWS780 model has the feature — the XPS crosscut alignment.

This provides a line trace that does not need additional adjustments. Also, this feature makes it a must-have miter saw model for professionals looking to maximize their skills in woodworks.

  • LED light

An LED light comes in handy when making cuts using your miter saw. It helps cast a shadow of the blade on the workpiece you are working on so you can have a guided cutting operation. Consequently, you will have more precision and accuracy during cuts.

While this feature is robust and helpful, users of the DWS779 miter saw model cannot benefit from it since the unit lacks the feature.

On the other hand, there is an LED light on the DWS780 model. This means it is more accurate. It also produces a higher level precision than the DW779 model.

  • The Ruggedness

The more rugged a miter saw model is, the better it can handle heavy-duty cutting operations. When you look at the two models of miter saws by DEWALT, you will find differences in ruggedness.

These models are all ideal for professionals. However, there is stainless steel in the design of the DW780 miter saw model. This makes it more rugged that the DWS779 model.

Consequently, the DWS780 model can take on larger and more intense cutting operations. The added ruggedness makes it suitable for professionals. It is ideal for if you don’t want to be interrupted and yet work longer.

  • Price

As is quite obvious, high-quality products don’t come cheap. That is why these products might not be as cheap you would expect them to be. The DWS 780 is a little more expensive than the DWS779 miter saw because of some added features.

The difference in the prices of these two products narrow down mostly to the XPS system. Because these machines are almost the same, the laser guide system however brings such a huge distinction.

The XPS system comes in handy for users since it helps in maintaining alignment while cutting any material. This is because maintaining alignment when cutting is usually a very tricky process.

This feature that DWS780 has benefits most experienced and new users.


Both miter saws perform well when cutting wood. However, there are some subtle differences between them. You will not notice much of a difference in the cuts since both models produce fine cuts.

Besides, they have the same motor power and blade speed. But in terms of cutting operation tolerability, the two models are different.

Opt for the DEWALT DWS779 miter saw model if:

  • You’re an amateur woodworker.
  • You’re looking for a more affordable model.
  • Handling a light-duty project.

On the other hand, opt for the DEWALT DWS780 miter saw model if:

  • You’re a professional woodworker.
  • You’re handling more intense and heavy-duty cutting operations.
  • You’re looking for more accuracy, precision, and unmatched overall work quality.

You already know the best option for you? It all depends on your woodwork skill, budget and cutting performance your project will require from your unit.

Invest in a high-quality and best performing miter saw model so you can take your job to the next level.

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