Best Chainsaw Helmets In 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

best chainsaw helmet

The need for the best chainsaw helmet can never be overemphasized. You never know where danger might hit you from when using the chainsaw.

The chain can snap, and the flying pieces of debris from the chain are dangerous. Did I mention falling from a tree while trimming a branch?

A chainsaw is a very important tool if you deal a lot with activities inclined towards cutting wood. It could be cutting trees, cutting the trees into pieces or even trimming of bushes and branches in your yard.

If you regularly use one, then you are well aware of how mean they can be to you.

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6 Best 18 Inch Chainsaws – Reviews & Top Picks

Best 18 Inch Chainsaws – Reviews & Top Picks

With so many 18 inch chainsaws on the market, finding the best 18-inch chainsaw could be a problem for many. We’re taking this task out of the way by bringing you some of the best machines reviews on the market.

From our list, you will find a mix of gas-powered, battery-powered and electric chainsaws. Your only task is probably to make a purchasing decision a chainsaw that will do the work you intend to use it for.

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6 Best Top Handle Chainsaws 2023

op Handle Chainsaws

Top handle chainsaws have tremendously grown in popularity due to their ease of use. They let you operate them using easy, giving you flexibility in their usage.

More people have sought these efficient wood-cutting machines for use in various wood cutting tasks.

Irrespective of your intended usage, there are top-handle chainsaws that could work efficiently to give you the best cutting edge technology that you so rightfully deserve in your woodworks.

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Best Battery Chainsaws In 2023 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Battery Chainsaws 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

When it comes to buying a chainsaw, there are three options from which a consumer has to choose from which are gas, corded, and cordless chainsaws. Of the three, it is the cordless chainsaws that are becoming popular among homeowners.

Also known as battery powered chainsaws, these tools are the ideal choices for those who need a portable saw for occasional light duty tree care, pruning, and clearing jobs.

Apart from being considerably lighter than gas-powered saws, they also run much quieter, and without emissions.

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Best Chainsaw Chains for Hardwood and Firewood

best chainsaw chain for hardwood

If you need to cut hardwood for your projects. Your heavy-duty chainsaw will become inefficient, time-consuming, and even dangerous, without having the best chainsaw chain for hardwood.

It is the chain that features sharp steel links held together to remove chips from hardwood until you get desired dimensions of the materials. Using the wrong chain is no good.

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Who Makes Craftsman Chainsaws?

who makes craftsman chainsaws

Introduced nearly a century ago, the Craftsman brand is legendary among workmen for its reliability and performance.

While the brand’s portfolio consists of a wide variety of power tools and garden equipment, they’re most famous for their lines of chainsaws.

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Best Stihl Chainsaws In 2023 – Reviews and Top Picks

best stihl chainsaw reviews

Chainsaws are a necessary part of just about everyone’s life. If a big storm hits, or your trees grow too wildly, you’ll need one to take care of it. If you’re a professional, you already know how useful a chainsaw can be.

However, not all chainsaws are made the same way. Some brands put out sub-par products, and some stick out above the rest.

Stihl chainsaw is one of the top chainsaws for decades and there’s a good reason for that.

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Best Small Chainsaws In 2023 – Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

Best Small Chainsaws 2021 – Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

Chainsaw is one of the most versatile, efficient and vital tools that was ever invented. Used by both professionals and average homeowners, this tool makes the usual yard work a piece of cake. Over the past decade, chainsaws have greatly evolved.

Today, there are many small chainsaws in the market specifically designed to cater for the needs of the average homeowner and anyone else who does not fancy the big loud intimidating machines.

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How To Sharpen A Chainsaw

how to sharpen a chainsaw

Why Should You Need To Sharpen A Chainsaw?

A well-maintained chainsaw is going to give you good service for many years. Like any other tool, chainsaws also wear out and need to be regularly maintained in order to remain in good working conditions.

Not only is it safer to use, a well sharpened chainsaw is also more efficient as it gets a lot more done work in a shorter time.

 A saw chain is made up of cutters, which are designed to cut and depth gauges which control and determine the depth of the cut.

These parts need to be sharp in order to be effective and this is why they should be sharpened whenever they wear out and become dull or blunt.

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12 Best Chainsaw Reviews Of 2023

best chainsaw

The best chainsaw for any specific user is one that is suitable for the task that is intended for depending on power capacity, weight, and the user’s experience with chainsaw use, ease of use and safety features.

It should also be well within the budget of the prospective buyer.

You’ve decided you want to buy a chainsaw, but you don’t know where to begin – an understandable dilemma.

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