Best Chainsaw Helmets In 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

best chainsaw helmet

The need for the best chainsaw helmet can never be overemphasized. You never know where danger might hit you from when using the chainsaw.

The chain can snap, and the flying pieces of debris from the chain are dangerous. Did I mention falling from a tree while trimming a branch?

A chainsaw is a very important tool if you deal a lot with activities inclined towards cutting wood. It could be cutting trees, cutting the trees into pieces or even trimming of bushes and branches in your yard.

If you regularly use one, then you are well aware of how mean they can be to you.

A chainsaw helmet can be the difference between a trip to the doctor with a concussion or just a dust-up, and you continue with your work. Choosing one that suits your needs can be a little hard without prior insight.

There are lots of features that you need to consider first. The safety rating, hearing protection or a face guard is just but a few. You should generally be able to trust your life with a chainsaw helmet because your life might actually safety when using it.

Top Rated Chainsaw Helmets Compared

Things To Consider Before Buying The Chainsaw helmet

chainsaw safety helmets

Buying a safety helmet should be a meticulous process where you take the various options through a series of helmet “interviews” and see which one comes up on top. Here are some of the features you should consider before you buy a helmet.

1. Safety Standards Compliance

The ability of the helmet to perform is based on the safety standards and requirements it complies with. These standards provide the basis for the testing of the various components. The stringent the standards are, the better the performance of the helmet.

Several of these standards are available for both the United States and European users. ANSI and CE standards are the most common standards that you need to check if the helmet is compliant with.

2. Comfort And Fit

A helmet that you decide to buy should be comfortable in your head and not slip off easily. Before you buy the helmet online, check how adjustable the straps are and to what dimensions. A flip-flopping helmet can be really annoying when working. A light one is good too.

The helmet needs to be comfortable and exact pressure evenly on your head. If buying one at a store, try it out on your head (if the regulations allow you to) and feel how it fits on you. A dial knob or strap should be provided to adjust the fit.

3. Versatility And Breathability Of The Helmet

You always want a helmet that you can use when performing other chores and not chainsawing only. Could you use it with a weed eater or any other job that requires the helmet only? Also, check if you can remove the parts and use each individually.

A more versatile helmet gives you a better value for your money. Ventilation holes in the helmet help circulate air inside it when it gets hot. This cools your head down and makes you more comfortable

4. Color Of The Helmet

This is not exactly a feature that would keep you safe from the chainsaw and falling objects, the color of the helmet plays a critical role when it comes to visibility.

An orange or yellow helmet will be spotted from afar even when the lighting and visibility are low. A white helmet will reflect the heat off the helmet, preventing overheating in the process.

Best Chainsaw Helmet Reviews

1. TR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet and Hearing Protection System

TR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet

This chainsaw helmet is a 5 in 1 protection system that has the helmet, adjustment and removable earmuffs, a mesh visor and a plastic visor. With this helmet, you will be kept secure while undertaking any type of chainsawing job.

It is not only when using your chainsaw that you need protection. The helmet can be used with brush cutters and trimmers or any other work that involves forestry tools if you are such a multi-tasker.

If you need a helmet that you can adjust depending on the size of the head of the wearer, then this could be a worthwhile option. You can adjust the circumference from 20” to 24.5”. This should probably fit most of your crew members in case there is need to share.

Then there is the interchangeability of plastic visor and the mesh. This comes in handy when one of yours wears out, and you cannot find a replacement. This product is also very lightweight since the last thing you need is a ton of a helmet weighing you down.

Safety ratings that are compliant with safety standards are essential for a chainsaw helmet to be considered the best. ANSI and CE have approved all the parts on this one. The helmet is [Z89.1-2003 ANSI] rated.

  • Shields are interchangeable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Fits well
  • Great price
  • Sturdy construction
  • Uncomfortable for long hours wearing

2. Husqvarna ProForest Chain Saw Helmet System

Husqvarna ProForest Chain Saw Helmet System

The Husqvarna Helmet is another great product worth your consideration. This helmet is designed using the “one size fits most” principle which is important if you do not plan on using it yourself.

For a wholesome protection, a helmet needs to function as a system, combining several parts into one helmet system. It includes UV light protected hard hat so that you do not have to worry about these rays causing it to peel or reaching you.

A six-point adjustable suspension system absorbs the shock that might come from above. Additionally, the hearing protectors can absorb noise levels of up to 25 dB. A chainsaw is mostly not the loudest of machines, but you still need protection from this noise.

A face screen is provided to keep away flying debris from getting into your eyes. To keep you from getting waterlogged as you work in the rain, a rain neck protector is included. It works by keeping away the rain from your neck region.

Metal mesh visor should be able to keep away debris that might penetrate the face screen. It forms a double layer of protection with the face screen.

This helmet meets ANSI Z89.1-2003 Class G-E-C Safety Standards. By meeting and complying with these safety standards, it means the helmet is one that has been tested and proven to provide the most secure chainsaw operations.

  • Comfortable
  • Quiet operations
  • Proper face protection
  • Highly visible
  • Safety standards compliant
  • Fits most
  • Face shield tends to be loose
  • No protection from bees

3. Oregon 563474 Chainsaw Safety Protective Helmet

Oregon 563474 Helmet, Yellow

As a chainsaw operator, you need protection from all the angles. You need to be protected from dangers coming from above, front, sides as well as your hearing. If you are looking for such a helmet that will protect you from all angles, then this particular one could be worth your while.

This product is an impact resistant helmet that comes with 6 ventilation holes. Protection is enhanced, and so is the breathability during usage. When you are out working in the heat, a stuffed-up helmet can be your number one enemy. They become very uncomfortable.

The flexibility of the helmet is enhanced with the inclusion of a 6-point adjustment harness. It is easy to adjust and provides you with an exact snug fit. You do not need your helmet flying off as you are working.

A mesh visor made from stainless steel provides a wider face protection from debris being kicked by the chain. This mesh can be flipped up whenever you want a clearer view of your working area then flipped down when you continue working.

The adjustable earmuff system protects your ears and hearing. A consistent and optimum noise protection is therefore ensured. The earmuffs have a noise reduction ratio of 22dB. This should be able to make you comfortable.

This helmet is simply lightweight. It weighs only 2.2 pounds. This feature is essential when you are planning on having the helmet on for several hours. As probably one of the best chainsaw helmets on the market, it meets various safety standards. It meets ANSI Z89.1-2009 type I, class E, G and C.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • High quality
  • Breathable
  • Provides adequate protection
  • Assembly is a little hard
  • Design not one size fit most

4. Husqvarna 577764601 Pro Forest Helmet System

Husqvarna 577764601 Pro Forest Helmet System

Exceptional products are made for exceptional people like you. When you are out there working as hard as you can, you need a helmet that works just as hard as you.

With this helmet, you can use it anywhere in the United States and Europe as well. It meets all the safety requirements and standards in these regions since it is ANSI Z89.1-2003 Class G-E-C Standards compliant.

This chainsaw helmet performs its duties well by the incorporation of an Ultra Violet protected hard hat and a 6-point adjustable suspension system. The shocks that are sent from above to finish you will bounce right off.

The 25 dB rated hearing protectors protect your hearing. Also included is a face screen and a wire mesh protector. Any impact towards your face will be prevent, and if it exceeds the face screen, the wire mesh protector should get it covered.

A rain neck protector prevents rainwater from the helmet from dripping into your body. This prevents you from getting wet which is not a good idea when working. What’s more, a Hi-Viz orange colored hard hat greatly improves your visibility in the woods. It eases the process of locating you.

  • Double face protection
  • Fits most users
  • Has a rain neck protector
  • Highly visible
  • Comfortable
  • Cuts on noise
  • The visor screen pops off often
  • Hard to assemble

5. ERB 14371 Chain Saw Safety Kit

ERB 14371 Chain Saw Safety Kit

This kit offers a wide range of safety products to protect you from the various harms when operating a chainsaw. An orange omega 2 helmet forms part of the protection kit. It features the reliable Mega Ratchet system of adjustment. This allows it to fit various users in the process.

The helmet meets the [ANSI Z89.1-2009] Type 1 class C, class E and class G safety requirements. This feature is important when using a machine such as a chainsaw. A steel meshed face protector keeps flying debris at bay. This mesh meets ANSI Z87-S 1992 safety requirements.

The 4000-model steel screen is coated with epoxy to offer resistance against corrosion and glare. A visor carrier attachment provides a resilient locking mechanism to hold the visor into 3 lockable positions.

Included in the safety kit are ear muffs and sound shields that easily fits into the provided slots. These meet ANSI S3.19 requirements. Noise should worry you no more with these in your ears while using this chainsaw helmet.

Model 116 anti-fog goggles are also provided. These goggles have lenses made of Polycarbonate and vinyl frames for flexibility and a secure fit. Chin straps made of durable elastic are also included in the kit. These straps are comfortable and give you control of the helmet.

  • Excellent ear and face protection
  • Snug fits on most head sizes
  • Rugged design
  • Reasonable price
  • Compliant with various standards
  • Assembling requires some time to figure out


In this review of the best chainsaw helmet, the ERB 14371 Chain Saw Safety Kit is the clearer winner due to its unrivaled versatility. It has a wire mesh screen just like the other helmets, but a distinctive feature is the extra anti-fog goggles provided.

The goggles offer another level of protection to your eyes besides the mesh and screen. It may be overdone, but it is still worth it.

The safety compliant visor has 3-point locking positions which are ideal for your various working positions and needs. Survey, lock and go back to work.

Your safety is something you should never compromise on. Always look for the best safety helmet that does not leave you exposed to various harms. Have you ever used any of the best chainsaw helmets that we have reviewed? Which one do you think you will buy soon?

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