5 Best Bone Saws In 2023 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Bone Saws For 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

The bone saws are also known as meat and/or folding saws. They’re foldable and have blades that are shaped in a way that makes it easy to cut through things like meats, wood, plastic or anything else that you throw at it.

The possibilities are endless with the ways in which you can use a bone saw. Regardless of its name, it doesn’t end with cutting up your meats.

Below are five of the best bone saw products found online, picked for their handing, ease of use, and quality of construction.

Let’s begin!

ImageNameWeightPriceOur Rating
Bahco 396-LAP Laplander Folding SawBahco 396-LAP Laplander Folding Saw‎7.1 ounces4.6/5
Havalon Baracuta Bone SawHavalon Baracuta Bone Saw3 ounces4.8/5
Gerber Vital Pack Saw [31-002741]Gerber Vital Pack Saw [31-002741]‎4 ounces4.2/5
Home Planet Gear Bone Folding SawHome Planet Gear Bone Folding Saw‎10 ounces4.7/5
LEM Products 640 16″ Meat SawLEM Products 640 16″ Meat Saw22.72 ounces4.1/5

Benefits Of A Bone Saw

Some of the primary benefit of a bone include the following:

  • Easier Meat Processing

Have you ever seen videos of a butcher cutting up meat? If not, you should check it out! At some point, a butcher will pull out a blade that’s about seven inches long, and begin cutting through the cartilage, meat, and bone.

Bone saws of one of the cutting tools most relied upon but such professionals, and will make it easier for you to break down large pieces of meat in your cooler.

  • Cuts Through Ice

Picking up the previous benefit, bone saws are also good for cutting through frozen meats, no matter how dense the ice has become.

So long as the blades are properly taken care of, you’ll be able to cut through the icy bone without the need of waiting for the meat to unthaw.

This will save you lots of time when making preparations to cool large meals.

  • Limb Cutting/Hunting

Bone saws are sometimes marketed as useful cutting tools for small tree branches.

In this sense, you can use them to build on-the-spot campfires when camping outdoors, then clean it off and trim down the game that you catch (if hunting).

Most are small enough to fit in the pockets of heavy duty wear, with some even including clips to keep your fingers safe from the blades when grabbing it.

5 Best Bone Saw Reviews

1. Bahco 396-LAP Laplander Folding Saw

Bahco 396-LAP Laplander Folding Saw

The Bahco Laplander Folding Saw is very sharp, ready to go as soon as you take it out of the shipping box.

It requires little maintenance to remain sharp; just a little lubricant after every use will suffice in keeping it working as you would expect.

However, if you’re using it to cut meat, wipe the blades down with a cooking oil and make sure it’s completely dry after every use.

They’re angled in a way that makes it easy for anyone to cut through thick chunks of meat and other materials as plastic and wood.

If it is used in an outdoor setting, saw through the game with ease. It can handle limbs about two or three inches thick.

But in any situation, you’ll find that the Bahco 396-LAP is most useful for its ability to never catch, or become stuck when in the process of cutting.

While it would be nice for there to be reflective material on the handle, there’s little physically wrong with this Bahco product.

  • The blades are situated at angles that allow for the user to cut when pushing and pulling
  • Cutting is smooth, with minimal catching during the middle of thick cuts
  • Rubber grip along the handle that stays firm in the hands
  • The blade feels a bit loose when folded
  • No reflective markings; easy to lose in a dark outdoor environment

2. Havalon Baracuta Bone Saw

Havalon Baracuta Bone Saw

Next on the list is the Havalon Baracuta. It has one of the best locking mechanisms found on any bone saw. Unlike some models that become sporadically stuck during operation, this will never happen.

Opening it isn’t difficult to do, either. Just hold down the handle and blunt side of the blade. It’ll slice through tree limbs, meat, bone, or game of all kinds.

In fact, it almost moves with the efficiency of a butcher’s band saw. And because it’s handheld, there will be little to no leftover bone dust to wipe up from the meat when you’re done.

Take a look at the bracket pins on this bone saw. You’ll notice that it protrudes toward the blade, well within the area that will touch your meat.

This could make it tricky to cut through thick portions without the bracket getting in the way. But with a little practice at angling, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

  • Trustworthy locking mechanism that will never top open when it isn’t supposed to
  • Cuts through most tree limbs with little effort from the user, regardless of tree/shrub species
  • Strong and durability
  • Has large bracket pins that may obstruct cuts that are deep

3. Gerber Vital Pack Saw [31-002741]

Gerber Vital Pack Saw [31-002741]

The Gerber brand is famous for making high-quality and durable tactical knives, some of which are built to last for many years.

Their integrity is exemplified by the Vital Pack Saw, which has one of the best handles for getting through the toughest of bone.

If you hunt game, this is the best saw to have in your possession, and will simplify the task of getting through the tough parts of any animal you catch.

The length of the blade is approximately nine inches with a five-inch span on the handle.

You can grasp it with the blade portion underneath your index finger. Although it might not look as such in photos of the product, this It will easily fit into most pockets without an issue.

It comes with a holder that fits well on a belt buckle if you prefer to have it outside of your clothing.

You’ll spend some time getting it back cleaned when you’re done, especially the handle, dirt seems to cling on to it.

But for the most part, the Gerber Vital Pack Saw has everything that a hunter needs to make quick bone cuts.

  • Small enough to fit into most utility and/or tactical vests and belts
  • Slices through meat and bones like a butcher’s band saw
  • It’s orange handle is conspicuous and easy to find
  • Dirt clings to the handle and is hard to get off

4. Home Planet Gear Bone Folding Saw

Home Planet Gear Bone Folding Saw

The Folding Hand Saw by Home Planet Gear has a strong sawing blade that pivots back and locks into place when you’re done making a cut.

Measuring approximately nine inches starting from the handle’s base, it will pass through bone matter quickly, and leaves behind little residue on the meat.

It’s weight is specified at 10 ounces and feels light in the hand. If you’ve had a hard time with the awkwardness of other blades due to how slippery the handle is, you won’t have the same problem here.

All blades are angled in the same direction, slanted at a 45 degree angle. You can twist and turn, cutting through cartilage with precision based on movements from your wrist.

Moving during cuts is easy, and the handle will stay in your hand even if you’re making a cut without gloves.

It’s gear lock closes completely when not in use, and leaves the blades completely covered. Unlike some bone saws, you won’t run the risk of cutting yourself from protrusion of the blades.

It’s a saw that you’ll want to oil periodically, mostly along the bracket. If not, it could eventually become hard for you to open the bone saw after a while.

This could also affect the difficulty in closing it. So to ensure that the saw will close when you want it to close (and vice versa), pair this with a decent lubricant.

  • Cuts through dense meat or vegetation fast
  • Bracket doesn’t get in the way during cutting
  • Non-slip handle
  • So long as the blade in oiled properly, will never dull
  • At times, the blade might lock when it’s open and be difficult to close back

5. LEM Products 640 16″ Meat Saw (black handle w/tightening cam)

LEM Products 640 16

Last but not least, the LEM Products Meat Saw measures 16 inches from the tip to the bottom of the handle. It’s shaped a bit different than the other four bone saws shown.

While you might not want to take this one out with you on the hunt, it’s strongly suggested for people that are cutting touch meats, whether game or store bought, at home.

But before you do, ensure that the teeth of the blade are fastened to the tightening lever properly.

If not, you’ll find it almost impossible to cut when you pull back on the saw with the handle. The lever doesn’t let up when you cut so don’t worry about it breaking when in the middle of a thick piece of frozen meat or bone.

The handle stays firmly in the hand while you cut. Oxidation (rusting) could occur if you leave the blades wet.

It might be unavoidable for this to happen. The stave off rust, always store the bone saw in a dry location that’s away from any moisture.

  • Cuts through frozen meat without getting stuck
  • Has a tightening lever for switching out old blades for new
  • Solid grip on than handle that doesn’t feel slippery
  • Will rust quickly along the blades if not properly stored

Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Bone Saw

Being that a bone saw is a cutting tool, you’ll want to look for the same qualities that are associated with them all.

This means good handling, strong blade sharpness, and decent construction. However, checking for these things online without having physical access to the bone saw isn’t always easy.

Because of this, there are other methods you could use to ensure you end up with a quality product.

best bone saw
  • Grip

Most bone saws contain handles made of either plastic, rubber, or nylon. The best feature ribbed textures along the area where your palms will hold it.

Some of them are fastened together with bracket pins while others maintain an extended steel piece that connects to the handle.

This is called a tang. Being that most modern bone saws fold, this isn’t always the standard.

For people with large hands, using a knife handle leaves your thumbs directly underneath the steel portion of the blade.

Users with smaller hands can work with shorter bone saws, although most handles have similar measurements.

When using a bone saw without gloves, consider rubber or other handle materials since it resists moisture better than a completely smooth surface.

  • Blade

Bone saw blades are sometimes varied. Some brands are banded, capable of being fastened to a lever that allows for it to be discarded once dull.

These are best for people that cut lots of frozen items, or those containing moisture. Since moisture causes rust, the blades will probably need to be changed more frequently than others.

Then there’s reciprocating blades that enable the user to achieve cuts while pushing and pulling the handle. They’re useful for animals and meats that contain lots of dense bone matter, such as beef and deer.

  • Size and Weight

The typical bone saw weights between five and 15 ounces, at least those without removable blades.

The lighter the saw, the better you’ll be able to butcher cuts with wasting parts of the meat that you don’t want to discard.

Consider them for intricate cuts but go with a larger, more robust bone saw when attempting to handle just the bone.

hunting bone saw
  • Design and Comfort

Most bone saws fold, whereby the user can place it in their pockets without risk of it cutting anything on the inside.

When being held, much of this is dependent on the handle, as previously mentioned.

Look for a larger handle if you’re butchering large animals but have a secondary saw that’s a bit smaller (in the handle) to cut bones that are difficult to reach.

  • Construction Quality

Construction quality of bone saws changes with each product. Low quality saws are generally looser along the brackets; you’ll probably find yourself tightening them up quite frequently.

This applies to saws that fold. Blade construction can vary as well but most will begin to dull after a few cutting sessions are done if not properly lubricated.

Lubricating the blades makes them last longer, cheaply made brands.

  • Purposes Use

You can use a bone saw for a lot of things. Some people don’t use them for meat or game at all. In this case, bone saws make useful cutting tools for small tree limbs.

There are even people that cut with them for felling trees, especially with the longer bone saws. But for the most part, bone saw are best for butchering meat, whether it be frozen or freshly slaughtered.

  • Handling and Maintenance

Handing a bone saw is a bit different than cutting with your standard saw. With most of them, you will get a good slice off with every stroke.

This means the saw will cut through the object being cut every time you pull or push the handle.

Most handles are strong and grip to the hands firmly, regardless of whether you use safety gloves or not (but for safety purposes, always protect your hands!).

To keep your bone saw in top shape, be sure to lubricate the blades as often as you can.

This will prevent unwanted rust from developing. When cutting through frozen meat, make sure the blades are dry before you store.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers (FAQs)

folding bone saw

How Do I Prevent Rust From Getting On My Bone Saws?

Rust is something that you will want to avoid getting onto your bone saw at all costs. Better yet, you should never allow any cutting tool to rust. Once rust develops it’s hard to do without altering the blade itself.

For bone saws that are used on food, lubricate with something that’s non-toxic, such as olive oil. If you live in a wet environment, avoid placing your bone saw in a leather sheath.

Instead, wrap it up and keep in a dry location, such as a top kitchen cabinet or garage (if it’s closed off)

Can Bone Saws Be Used For Anything Other Than Cutting Meat?

Certainly. Bone saws are great cutting tools for tree limbs, wood, and are a great way to saw off small parts of a tree to build campfires.

You can keep a second one on you for general purpose sawing. Just be sure to avoid cutting meat with the same saw that you’re using to saw off other object, especially if you lubricate it with a toxic substance afterward (such as WD-40)

How Long To Bone Saws Last?

A bone saw can last for many years, so long as the blade is properly taken care of. Oil down the brackets when you can, and tighten them with a hammer if the folding mechanism is done with a rivet.

If there’s a screw, simply use a Phillips a flathead screwdriver to keep the handle from becoming too loose.

Are Most Bone Saws For Left and Right-Handed People?

While you can find knives that are better suited for left-handed people, the majority of cutting tools slightly favor right-handers by default.

Still, most people won’t be able to tell the difference. Bone saws aren’t scissors, so variances between holding one with the left or right hand are largely nonexistent.

If there is a bone saw product with this distinction, it would surely be advertised in the product’s description. You wouldn’t be likely to buy a bone saw with unfavorable hand orientation.

Can I Sharpen Bone Saw Blades?

Absolutely. To do this, you’ll need a tapering file. Find the correct one by measuring the distance between teeth, then hone each of the blades carefully.

You may have to sit this on a wooden block or gear clamp to prevent movement. After sharpening each tooth, wipe excess bits of steel and/or rust with sandpaper.

Clean the blade with a damp cloth and finish by adding lubricant, preferable olive oil.


Which bone saw do you think is the best? Five were reviewed, with all of them having attributes making them a worthwhile product for most people’s needs.

Depending on your preferences and tastes, you might favor one over the next. But there is one bone saw that maintains great handling, is versatile, and cuts well through meat quickly.

This is the Bahco 396-LAP Laplander Folding Saw, perfect for amateur butchers, hunters, and campers alike.

As stressed in the Buyer’s section, having a bone saw that’s easy to cut and maintain should be prioritized, and Bahco 396-LAP makes a wonderful saw that stays in a like-new shape after multiple uses.

But maybe one of the other bone saws caught your attention. If so, go with the one you like the most. So long as you stick with those evaluated, you’ll end up a happy customer.

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