Best Pocket Chainsaws In 2023 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Pocket Chainsaws 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Pocket chainsaws are portable wood cutting tools with a chain that is similar to the one you’d find in power chainsaws. These pocket chainsaws have sharp cutting blades that cut in both directions, thanks to their bi-directional cutting design.

As such, they make a good survivalist or outdoor enthusiast gear.

Since there are a lot of these tools in the market, finding the best ones then becomes the only option you have left.

The only question now remains: how do you choose the best pocket chainsaw? To answer this question, you could consider our reviews and buyer’s guide below.

Top Rated Pocket Chainsaws Compared

ImageNameBar LengthWeightOur Rating
Sportsman Pocket Hand ChainsawSportsman Pocket Chainsaw36 inch5 ounces4.7/5
SUMPRI Pocket Chainsaw Survival GearSUMPRI Pocket Chainsaw Survival Gear36 inch6.4 ounces4.5/5
Homyall 24″ Pocket ChainsawHomyall 24″ Pocket Chainsaw24 inch4.8 ounces4.4/5
Loggers Art Gens 48 Inch Pocket ChainsawLoggers Art Gens 48 Inch Pocket Chainsaw48 inch13.8 ounces4.6/5
Pocketech High Limb Hand Chain SawPocketech High Limb Hand Chain Saw48 inch4.5/5

Factors To Consider When Buying A Pocket Chainsaw

To get your hands on the best pocket chainsaw on the market, you could consider the following factors:

pocket chainsaw
  • Length

The length of a pocket chainsaw matters a lot. Shorter pocket chainsaws can cut thin tree branches without any problems, but not thicker tree branches. On the other hand, longer pocket chainsaws are ideal for thicker logs.

  • Rustproof

The best pocket chainsaw is rustproof and also resistant to corrosion. Even if you store it away for long, you will be confident that it will still be resistant to rust.

As a survivalist or a boy scout, you are bound to use your pocket chainsaw in wet weather conditions. Choosing a rustproof pocket chainsaw might result in ending up with the best pocket chainsaw the market has to offer.

  • Material

The material of the chain and the cutting blades play an important role in your pocket chainsaw’s performance. The higher the material quality, the better and more excellent the performance will be.

High carbon steel is more durable and retain their sharpness even after a few cuts. Therefore, you could choose these pocket chainsaws. Besides, high-quality material guarantees durability and strength.

  • Sharpness

You will also need to consider the sharpness of the cutting blades when buying a pocket chainsaw. It’s sharper, perform tasks better than their less sharp competitors.

Therefore you should select a very sharp pocket chainsaw. Also, look out for pocket chainsaws that come with a steel file for ease of sharpening.

cutting tree with pocket chainsaw
  • Blade

The best pocket chainsaw has bi-directional cutting blades, which means the blades can cut a wood material in both directions of the pull.

Also, the blades should have a self-cleaning design to prevent the wood pulp from building up between the blades. Make sure the product that you’re about to buy has blades on both sides of the chain so that you don’t have to worry about how the chain lands on a tree branch.

  • Number Of Teeth

A pocket chainsaw with more teeth on the chain that cuts wood in a shorter time. However, these kinds of pocket chainsaws require more hand power to use and they tend to stick inside thick logs more often.

If you have the muscle and strength, you could settle for pocket chainsaws with more teeth per chain link.

  • Handles

The best handles should be comfortable to use, provide enough grip and not cause any injuries to your hands when under operation. The handles should also be strong and durable enough to withstand the type of force that they’ll be exposed to when operating.

  • Case

High-quality cases should be long-lasting and able to protect the blades from getting into contact with your body or anything when not in use.

Otherwise, if you get cases made of low-quality synthetic materials then you can expect them not to last for so long

Best Pocket Chainsaw Reviews

1. Sportsman Pocket Hand Chainsaw

Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw 36 Inch

This pocket chainsaw is ideal for boy scouts and survivalists. It comes with a free scrapper and magnesium rod whose diameter size is 8mm, which starts a fire very fast.

The chain is 36 inches long exclusive of the handles, and it features bi-directional and self-cleaning cutting teeth which will rip through both softwood and hardwood in either direction.

The chain is really strong and sharp since it features a high carbon heat treatment. With a chain thickness of 65 mn, this pocket chainsaw cuts three sides of the limb it rips through.

Due to its treatment, this chain is resistant to corrosion and rust. Also, it sharpens easily if you use a 5/32 round chainsaw file.

Handling this pocket chainsaw is very easy. It comes with two rugged and heavy-duty cross-stitched handles. These handles don’t choke the wrist, giving you a hassle-free woodcutting experience. The packaging of this pocket chainsaw is also excellent.

Sportsman Pocket Hand Chainsaw also comes with a nylon storage pouch that has a front snap clip to secure your tool when it’s in storage. This pouch has a belt loop which comes in handy when you want to keep your tool by your side at all times. This chain is foldable for easy storage into its pouch.

  • The chain cuts in both directions.
  • Strong, long and durable.
  • The blade resharpens very easily.
  • It comes with a strong storage pouch.
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • The chain might stick inside thicker logs.
  • It might be tough to use it up high on a tree.

2. SUMPRI Pocket Chainsaw Survival Gear

SUMPRI Pocket Chainsaw Survival Gear

If you’re out in the jungle and need some firewood to start a bonfire, then SUMPRI Pocket Chainsaw might help you achieve your goal. If you opt for this product, you will get a fire starter kit along with a 36-inch long pocket chain.

The fire starter kit comes in its own unique casing and is resistant to fire, water and is shatterproof. You can start your fire even on a wet day. Since the chain is 36 inches long exclusive of the handles, it gives you enough cutting edge to slice any limb into two.

Besides, the chain is super strong and features bi-directional and self-cleaning cutting blades. With this blade design, this pocket chain will cut through wood materials in both ways. This chain is capable of cutting a 3-inch limb in 10 seconds.

The chain is steel-made and features a high-heat treatment. When you look at both of its handles, you will see how cross-stitched the two nylon-made handles are.

This stitching design makes these handles capable of handling heavy-duty wood cutting works. Besides, these handles also go easy on your hands, not exerting pain-causing pressure on your wrists or hands.

Just like the Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw that we’ve reviewed, this one also comes in a nylon storage pouch with a front clip snap.

This pouch also has a belt loop which you could use to secure your tool beside you, with your waist belt. It is also foldable for easy storage.

  • Has bi-directional and self-cleaning cutting blades.
  • The pouch has a belt loop for portability reasons.
  • Comes with an all-weather fire starter kit.
  • The chain is strong and durable.
  • The blades cut in both directions.
  • The handle straps might be too small for users with big hands.

3. Homyall 24″ Pocket Chainsaw

Homyall 24" Pocket Chainsaw

If you’re looking for a pocket chain that cuts wood and tree limbs really fast, then Homyall 24-inch Pocket Chainsaw could be the product that you’re looking for. This chain has a cutting blade in each chain link, and it has a total of 33 links.

The chain of this product is 24 inches long and is industrial-grade steel-made. The chain features heat treatment, which makes it sturdy and durable.

With the blades that have bi-directional cutting surfaces and self-cleaning design, this pocket chainsaw slices through woods of various diameter size with a lot of ease and in a short time.

Handling this chain is simple and hassle-free. Its nylon-made handles are strong, making this tool ideal for wood cutting works. If you buy this pocket chainsaw, you will instantly notice its elegant and storage pouch that it comes with.

This carrying case has a front clip that easily snaps into its other part, to secure your tool once you store it. The carrying case also has a belt loop, which lets you wear it with your waist belt. This makes sure that you have your chain by your side at all times.

  • Has a blade in each chain link.
  • Comes with high-quality waterproof nylon pouch
  • The blades are self-cleaning and cut both ways.
  • The two handles are strong.
  • Cuts wood and tree limbs fast.
  • More teeth might make the chain harder to use.
  • This product doesn’t come with a warranty.

4. Loggers Art Gens 48 Inch Pocket Chainsaw

 Loggers Art Gens 48 Inch Pocket Chainsaw

If you’re in search of a long pocket chain that could reach higher tree limbs when pruning, then Loggers Art Gens pocket chainsaw could be your preferred product.

Not only does it have a long chain but it also has bi-directional cutting teeth. No matter how it lands on a tree limb, this pocket chain will still cut through the wood material. Besides, it is 48 inches long.

This chain has 62 carbon steel teeth that are very sharp. These blades are sturdy and durable, meaning your product will handle a lot of cutting before resharpening the blades.

This product comes with two sturdy woven nylon handles and 2 high-quality polyester wire braided ropes. Once you attach these handles to the ends of the chain, you will have a hassle-free cutting experience.

If you opt for this product, you will also receive two 6-foot long emergency safety ropes which you could use to suspend up high a tree.

This is necessary when you need to prune hard-to-reach tree branches. This product also comes with 4 metal spring buckles for usage with the ropes and a throwing weight pouch.

Due to its design and the freebies it comes with, Loggers Art Gens pocket chainsaw is ideal for camping, field survival, hunting and gardening. In case you are dissatisfied with it for any reason, it comes with a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee!

  • 48 inches long.
  • Comes with two sturdy woven nylon handles.
  • It comes with freebies as gifts.
  • The blades feature bi-directional cutting design.
  • No warranty

5. Pocketech High Limb Hand Chain Saw

The Arborist Kit by PockeTech High Limb Hand Chain Saw

Just from its name, you can tell that this chain is 48 inches long exclusive of the handles. Also, this chain has bi-directional cutting blades on both sides.

These blades have a self-cleaning design which prevents the wood pulp from clogging the blades. Since the chain has blades on both sides, it doesn’t matter how it lands on a tree branch. It will still cut down the tree branch it lands on.

With 50% more blades than other pocket chainsaws, this product cuts wood materials in a short time.

The chain has 62 teeth along its entire length, which means you have a lot of cutting edge when you choose this tool. With this number of teeth, this tool is capable of cutting a 4-5-inch tree branch in minutes!

The chain is strong and will not break amid wood cutting work since it is steel-made, and it also features high-heat treatment. Since at one point the blades will become less sharp, you will need to sharpen them.

This pocket chainsaw comes with a steel file for sharpening the blades.

Other items that come with this product include two sturdy woven nylon handles for comfortable chainsaw handling, a 50-foot tension rope, aluminum carabiner, a nylon weight bag that has a hook and loop for reaching higher tree limbs and two 25 feet long ropes attached to the ends of this chain saw.

These two ropes can support up to 250 pounds of weight each, and they have riveted brass ends to protect them from fraying.

This product comes with a 1-year warranty. As such, it is a product worth looking into.

  • Strong and durable.
  • 48 inches long and has 62 sharp teeth.
  • The teeth have a bi-directional cutting surface and self-cleaning design.
  • Have steel file for sharpen
  • Comes with a throwing pouch and other accessories.
  • This product comes with 1-year warranty.
  • The ropes might not support heavier weights.
  • Sometimes chain has stuck on branches


Once you know what to look for when looking to buy the best pocket chainsaw, you will have a hassle-free buying experience. You don’t have to scour the internet trying to search for a highly portable pocket chainsaw today.

This is because we’ve brought you some of the best options in the market. You could get your preferred tool from our list of the best pocket chainsaws.

Our favorite is the Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw since it comes with a fire starter kit that is ideal for boy scouts and survivalists. Moreover, this product’s fire starter kit is waterproof and shatterproof, meaning you can start your fire even during wet weather conditions.

This pocket chainsaw with a long chain to make your wood cutting exercise quite simple and easy. The rugged heavy duty handles which it has together with metal brackets make it quite efficient. This product can also be resharpened very easily as compared to others.

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