WEN 6550 vs 6552 Planer – Which One Is Best?

wen 6550 vs 6552

Have you ever had to work on your furniture at home without the right tools? How was the experience? Wood planners are very important tools for use at home.

Any furniture construction activity involves some shaving down, squaring and straightening which are best achieved through the use of wood planners.

However, with the very increasing number of these planners in the market, which one would one recommend for a perfect job? Have you come across some good quality wood planners recently?

One of the most preferred wood planners in the market currently are WEN 6550 and WEN 6552. Do you know some of their similarities and differences?

In this review, we will give you a detailed comparison between WEN 6550 vs 6552 planners.

WEN 6550 Planer

 WEN 6550T

Would you like to repurpose your worn and rough wood to a nice and smooth finish? Worry no more as the WEN 6550T which measures 12.5 inches will get the job done.

It is designed to operate with two blades. The two blades combined with a powerful 15-amp motor are capable of making up to 18,000 cuts in a minute at a speed rate of 26 feet in a minute.

The WEN 6550 can work on plane boards measuring 12.5 by 6 inches in width and thickness with a lot of ease. Being made from granite in entirety, the planner offers one of the flattest surfaces you can ever come across.

The flat surface is what is often responsible for the high-level support. The planner also lasts long as it doesn’t lose shape under any circumstance.

The granite substance really makes the WEN 6550 stand out as it is also the reason behind the non-marring and smooth surface that the planner possesses.

Besides, the granite surface doesn’t allow any sawdust to cling onto the table always leaving the work surface clean and in good shape. The cleaning process is much easier as a result of the 2-inch dust port connection provided.

I also like the stability of this product. The frame made of cast iron is so sturdy at the base making the table stable and without any wobbles during use.

Ideally, the WEN 6550 is the easiest to transport as it is built with collapsible tables. Besides the handles being handy in moving the planner around the workshop, they are adjustable for comfortable rubber-grip operations.

This amazing and cheaper wood planner weighs 70 pounds and has overall dimensions of 23.5 by 24 by 19 inches. It won’t, therefore, take much of your workshop space.

The other admirable feature of the WEN 6550 is the pre-drilled mounting holes it comes with. This makes the whole installation process a breeze.

  • Easy and quick assembly as it comes with already pre-drilled mounting holes.
  • Good packaging and quick delivery
  • The stable base made of cast iron makes it strong
  • Cheaper than the 6552 hence easily affordable
  • It’s backed with a 2-year warranty which speaks a lot about its quality
  • Durable granite table
  • Quite loud during operation
  • Blade-removal is quite challenging

WEN 6552 Planer

WEN 6552T

The WEN 6552T repurposes rough wood just like the WEN 6550 only that it is designed to operate using 3 13-inch dual-edged blades. These blades are attached on the middle roller and can always be reversed to help prolong their lifespans.

Additionally, to ensure sniping is minimized to the lowest levels possible, a tri-roller feeding system has been called into action on the 6552.

The handles of this planner are built with rubber to provide some comfort and grip during use. Besides, the handles can be adjusted to heights that allow for comfortable operations.

For every quarter rotation, the cutter’s height can be adjusted by 1/64 inches. This allows for topnotch precision during operation.

The wood planner is also built with outfeed and infeed tables to provide support especially when you have longer pieces of wood to work on.

The tables are adjustable to provide perfect angles for smooth feeding of the pieces of wood as well as minimizing snipe. It is fitted with a 15-amp motor that is capable of producing up to 25,500 cuts a minute at a feed rate of 26 feet a minute.

The planner doesn’t wobble during operation as it sturdy base made from cast iron to provide the much-needed stability. The machine comes with pre-drilled holes which makes it easy and quick to mount.

The working surface of this planner is always kept clean through the available dust port that gets assistance from the fan. The port can be connected to a 2, 2.5 or 4-inch fan adapter.

It also has a gauge that helps you know the amount of wood being removed to leave behind a smooth finish in every pass.

The Wen 6552 planner has dimensions of 25.2 by 21.8 by 16 inches with 66 pounds and is usually backed by a warranty of two years.

This planner can be used to work on woods which are 6 inches thick and 13 inches wide. To help remove between 0 to 3/32 inches off a piece of wood, the planner comes with a depth adjustment knob.

  • It has a sturdy base that prevents wobbling
  • Adjustable handles as well as rubber-grip makes it comfortable to use
  • The pre-drilled mounting holes makes installation a breeze
  • Reduced snipe
  • Reverse blades faster
  • Bearing failure especially on the feed rollers
  • Use cast iron table in place of granite

Similarities And Differences Between WEN 6550 and 6552

Having looked at the individual features of these commonly used wood planners, it is now time to have a look at some of their similarities and differences.

However much they share a lot, there are still a lot more that don’t make them similar.

In this section, therefore, you are provided with an opportunity that will go a long way in helping you settle for one of your choice.

Similarities Between WEN 6550 And 6552

  • Power

Both WEN 6550 and 6552 are powered by 120 volt 15A motors with 8500 rotations per minute without load.

  • Foldable Outfeed And Infeed table

These two products are designed with foldable outfeed and infeed tables which are adjustable to different angles for optimal operation.

  • Dust Hose Port

Both WEN 6550 and 6552 are built with connection ports which provide for the connection of a fan or any dust extraction device to help keep the planners and the entire workshop clean at any given time.

  • Adjustable Handles

The handles of these planners are built with plastic rubber to provide grip. The very handles are adjustable for precision and comfort during operation.

  • Side Handles

For ease of transport, these two different thickness planners are built with side handles. This makes them easy to move around the workshop.

  • Roller Bars

Both have roller bars on their middle sections as well.

  • Reversible Blades

Both planners have blades that can be reversed for longer lifespans.

  • Warranty

The manufacturer of these two thickness planners have backed them with a warranty of two years. Apart from the warranty, their experienced technicians are always on standby to respond and in some circumstances repair faulty thickness planners still under warranty.

wen 6552 vs 6550

Differences Between WEN 6550 and 6552

Having looked at the features that unite both WEN 6550 and 6552, it will be good enough to also have a look at what makes them different.

  • Blade Systems

WEN 6550 are designed to operate with two blades (SK-5) which are reversible for sharp cuts and leveling. WEN 6552 on the other hand are built with 3 blades which are dual-edged which are reversible as well.

This makes the 6552 the superior pick as it is capable of making more effective cuts.

  • Cutting Speeds

Despite being fitted with motors of the same capacity, these wood planners have different cutting speeds with WEN 6550 capable of making over 18,000 cuts in a minute.

Otherwise, the WEN 6552 can make up to 25,500 cuts in a minute given the feed rate is the same at 26 feet per minute. From this, you realize that the 6552 is faster and capable of completing tasks in record time.

  • Board Size

While the 6550 model can handle boards of up to 12.5 inches in width, 6552 on the other hand can handle up to 13 inches. Regarding the size of the boards, it is no doubt that the 6552 carries the day.

  • Size And Weight

The other notable difference comes in the weight and size of the planners. While the WEN 6550 weighs 70 pounds with dimensions of 23.5 by 24 by 19 inches.

The 6552 model weighs 66 pounds with dimensions of 25.2 by 21.8 by 16 inches. Therefore, the 6552 model is less bulky and easy to move from one place to the next.

  • Table Construction

For the WEN 6550, the table is made out of granite that makes it so easy to clean, non-marrying and smooth. WEN 6552 on the other hand has its table made from metal.

As regards the construction of the planners’ tables, the 6550 wins.

  • Price

Even though these products are from the same firm, there is absolutely no way they’ll cost the same. The 6552 is often more expensive than the 6550.

If you are tight on budget, then the 6550 is the model to go for.


The importance of a thickness planner cannot be underestimated in any home setup. WEN has been in the business of manufacturing thickness planners for some time now. This has earned them a reputation.

So what do both products WEN 6550 and 6552 shares in common apart from their differences? Which is the best model to go for?

Well, as you have seen above, these planners have their strengths and weaknesses. Both are of great quality either, with your choice simply being on what you think will work out for you.

You can go for a WEN 6550 if:

  • You are low on funds
  • You plan to work on boards which are not more than 12.5 inches in width
  • You want to operate with a low-speed planner

On the other hand, you can use WEN 6552 if:

  • You want a high-speed thickness planner
  • Finish for commercial projects
  • You plan to work on boards of up to 13 inches in width
  • You plan to have a compact planner that won’t take up much space and is less bulky.

Now you have looked into these two products in detail, you will agree with me that they are unique in their own ways and are therefore suitable for use in the various areas indicated above.

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