Tips On How To Remodel Your Backyard To Enjoy Outdoor Cooking

How To Remodel Your Backyard To Enjoy Outdoor Cooking

If you are a homeowner and are fortunate enough to have your own backyard, then there’s a lot that you can do with it.

One of the most enjoyable things one can do with one’s backyard is to transform it into an outdoor kitchen.

With summer fast approaching, remodeling your backyard and adding cooking equipment could make it the perfect place to hold get-togethers and parties.

Adding an outdoor kitchen will also give you a new place (and way) to cook food.

This article will tell you tips on how you can remodel your backyard so that you can enjoy outdoor cooking:

Building Permits

The first thing that you need to do is to research whether or not building permits are required for your project.

In some states, outdoor kitchens do require a building permit. However, it does depend largely upon whether or not you will be building walls or a structure to house your cooking equipment.

If you won’t build any walls or structures then a building permit is unnecessary.

Otherwise, if you do build anything without a permit and your local government finds out then they can order you to tear everything down, and can fine you.

Finding Space

 space for the outdoor kitchen

Once you have determined whether or not building permits will be necessary, you can go ahead and find space in your garden for your outdoor kitchen.

Most outdoor kitchens don’t require a lot of space, but it really depends on your plans.

Because outdoor cooking often involves using open flames, it’s a good idea to put distance between your house and your outdoor kitchen.

Accidental fires can happen, even if you are being careful. If a fire does break out in your outdoor kitchen, then it could spread to your house.


If you are intending on building an outdoor kitchen, then you will need an area of patio to construct it on.

You will not build your outdoor kitchen directly on your lawn. If you don’t have an existing patio, then you will need to go out and pick up tiles.

It’s always a good idea to use concrete tiles for your outdoor kitchen’s patio flooring because concrete is flame-resistant. If you get epoxy or wooden tiles, then they could go up in flames if you aren’t careful.

Cooking Equipment

Once you have planned out everything mentioned so far, the next step is to invest in cooking equipment.

Working out a budget is the first thing that you should do. It’s a good idea to view an outdoor kitchen cost guide before working out a budget, so you can get a rough idea of how much you will need to spend. Outdoor kitchens aren’t cheap.

When buying equipment, make sure that you buy it from reliable retailers, who have good reviews.

A retailer’s reviews will tell you a lot about them, including what customers think of them. If a retailer’s reviews are bad across the board, then it’s probably a good idea to shop elsewhere.

Seating Area

outdoor seating area

If you are intending on building an outdoor kitchen, then it’s a good idea to also build an outdoor seating area.

You can either put down plastic seats, or you can build concrete benches. A seating area next to your outdoor kitchen will give you and your guests somewhere to enjoy their food.

It’s a good idea to put a little bit of distance between the seating area and kitchen so that if you have guests over, they don’t get clouded in smoke from the barbeque while they are eating.

Try to build the seats out of the same material that you use for the kitchen so that everything blends in.

Shaded Seating

If you live in an area that’s especially sunny, then it’s probably a good idea to also put up a parasol. A parasol will provide shade to you and your guests, protecting them from the sun.

You can either install a fixed parasol that inserts into a hole in the ground and is concreted in, or you can put down a temporary parasol that is weighted down (but can be moved).

It’s usually easier to install a fixed parasol because they don’t blow away in high winds, but can still be taken apart if needs be.

Fire Pit

Fire Pit

Moving away from essentials for your outdoor kitchen and onto how you can make your backyard look a lot nicer (and a lot more inviting to guests), have you considered building a firepit?

A firepit can complement an outdoor kitchen, giving your guests somewhere to sit and stay warm while you are cooking.

A fire pit also gives you the opportunity to cook outdoors even during winter, because you will have somewhere warm to sit by.

Fire pits usually need building permits to install but in terms of installation, it’s very affordable and straightforward.

Planting Trees

You may also want to plant trees and other plants in your backyard to improve its overall appearance.

It’s worth mentioning, that if you do plant trees in your backyard then you need to make sure that you keep them away from your fire pit and your outdoor kitchen.

Trees are highly flammable, especially if it’s particularly dry where you live. The smoke from your outdoor kitchen can also cause damage to your trees.

Trees take a long time to grow also. You can buy semi-mature trees, although they can be very expensive.

Pond Installation

One last thing to consider if you want to transform your backyard into a relaxing outdoor kitchen is the installation of a pond.

During the winter, your guests can sit beside your fire pit to relax. In summer, they can sit beside your pond.

You do need to remember that if you are going to have fish in your pond, birds like herons and kingfishers, and neighborhood cats are likely to turn up and try to steal them.

You can counter this by putting a net over your pond. Make sure that the net’s tightly woven, so they can’t push their claws or beaks through it.


If you want to try out outdoor cooking, then it’s worth building an outdoor kitchen. The process is relatively straightforward.

You can even do it on your own if you want to, you don’t need professional help. Make sure that you research whether or not a permit’s necessary before you begin building anything.

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