8 Metal Cutting Tools Must Have For Your Workshop

Metal Cutting Tools For Workshop

Metal cutting is a challenging task. If you don’t get the appropriate tool for slicing a metal workpiece, you might end up damaging the expensive workpiece, breaking the cutter tool, or hurting yourself badly.

Yes, you can hire a professional to do the job for you or borrow the right tool from a hardware shop, but it is not a cost-effective option.

So, it is better to have all the tools required to deal with different sizes and types of metals.

Here, we have made a list of some must-have metal cutting tools for your workshop that you should not miss. Stay tuned.

8 Must-Have Metal Cutting Tools For Your Workshop

If you love to make and fix your own metal products, we guarantee that we will make your job hassle-free.

As buying metal cutting tools for your workshop is not a simple task; you may choose the wrong ones and waste your money.

So, check the item we listed below to make the right decisions.

1. Bandsaw

Portable Band Saw

I have listed the bandsaw as our first must-have metalworking tool, and it deserves to be in that spot. You don’t need to buy an industrial-grade regular-size bandsaw for your workshop or garage.

Instead, buy a portable metal bandsaw that offers supreme durability and high portability without compromising its superior performance.

Also, you can use this cutter for different cutting purposes. Most of the bandsaw has a LED cut line indicator for precise operation.

Comfortable grip and easy handling make this saw an extremely user-friendly device.

You can employ this tool to cut metal at custom shapes and angles. Also, portable bandsaws are more affordable than regular bandsaws.

2. Metal Circular Saw

Metal Circular Saw

If you are a big fan of the circular saw and want to do all types of straight cutting stuff with this classical powerhouse.

Then this option will boost your professional and DIY career with its mind-blowing performance.

You can use this device to cut steel plates, scaffolding, roofing, and cladding. This cutter is significantly portable because of having an ergonomic handle. Also, it’s a heavy-duty metal cutter that lasts for several years.

You can also easily do bevel cut with a metal circular saw. Its cutting depth varies as it depends on the blade size.

And, you can save plenty of your valuable time by using this super-fast cutter. Make sure that you have chosen the right type of blade for the right kind of metal. Otherwise, you may fall into serious trouble.

3. Hacksaw


It is the basic metal cutting tool that most people own. It is a manual cutter, and you can use this to cut sturdy metal without any hassle.

Because it has a straightforward operation. This tool is also available in any hardware or online store.

As a manual tool, you should work patiently with this slow but effective metal cutting tool.

You can use this inexpensive metal reaper on a small scale DIY or home renovation project. Also, you can apply this tool is fixing or resizing any metal pipe.

4. Tin Snips

Tin Snips

This is an extremely popular snip, which is also known as tinner’s snip. Depending on the blade’s size, this dependable cutter can slice between 16 and 24 gauge tin.

Their body size varies from 7 to 14 inches. So, you can purchase them according to your requirement.

Moreover, there are several types and designs of a snip for accomplishing a wide range of metal cuttings.

Apart from the straight cutting, some snips are used for having a circular, left, right and curved cutting. Left and right cutting snips are called compound-action snip. You can easily make holes in a metal pipe or cylinder with it.

5. Pneumatic Air Shears

Pneumatic Air Shears

This power tool is the upgraded version of tin snips. As the name suggests, pneumatic Air shears use air pressure to speed up itself and cut metal at a quick rate.

Moreover, these handheld tools are made from high-quality steel for durability. And their sharp blade can cut 0.8 mm Stainless steel, 1.3 mm Iron, and 1.5 mm Aluminum without any issue.

Additionally, this compact cutting device is super easy to handle and use. This pocket-sized, extremely powerful cutting tool can cut a long time.

As a result, you get the option of using it on a large scale project. Furthermore, its cutting head rotates 360-degree to provide more comfort and control while operating the device.

6. Angle grinder With Cutting Wheels

Angle Grinder With Cutting Wheels

As we all know, a grinder’s usual task is to polish things up. But, when you replace the abrasive wheel with a metal cutting wheel, the same grinder turns into a super cutter that can split heavy metal objects within a short span of time.

Apart from cutting metal like steel and aluminum, this versatile machine can cut stone, tile, concrete very efficiently.

It can be used to cut rusted bolts, fencing, and other hard metal. The slim, lightweight, and compact body design of this powerful tool will offer better cutting and reduce professional work fatigue.

7. Cold Saw

Cold Saw

This is a powerful metal cutter that uses a toothed blade to minimize the blade’s heat while cutting any metal.

As a result, both the cutting object and the blade remain cool, and there are minimum chances of metal expansion and errors. Also, it consumes less energy.

This cool cutter uses a solid high-speed steel blade to slice metal objects. If you are willing to cut the bulk amount of metal in your upcoming project, you definitely want this guy.

Yes, it is quite expensive but durable enough to withstand years of regular usage. Also, this power tool needs minimum maintenance and replacement.

8. Oxy-Acetylene Torch

Oxy-Acetylene Torch

It is a modern cutter that is entirely different from other options. This metal cutter is also called the oxy-fuel cutter. This device uses fuel such as gasoline and oxygen to cut metal.

When you turn on the tool, a high-temperature flame will come out of its nozzle to cut thick pieces of sturdy metal.

It is a fast cutter that doesn’t make any noise while cutting a large portion of the metal. However, you need to learn the proper use of this tool to get a perfect cut.


We have ranked only the products that are basic for every workshop. You may purchase other expensive tools and machines for your workshop later.

However, we suggest that you should start with these eight must-have metal cutting tools and cut any metal whenever you desire.

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