20 DIY Chuck Box Plans You Can Build

DIY Chuck Box Plans

Have you ever gone camping and wished you had a little more storage space for outdoor cooking? If so, then a chuck box might be what you need.

A chuck box is also called a camp kitchen or patrol box. They are essentially portable kitchens that allow you to cook, store your food and other items in one convenient place while outdoor activity.

While there are many pre-made chuck Boxes available for purchase, they can be quite expensive.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, why not try building your own? Check out these 20 DIY chuck box plans.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced DIY-er, there’s sure to be a plan here that fits your needs.

1. DIY Chuck Box Camp Kitchen From Instructables

Chuck Box Camp Kitchen From Instructables

This project was inspired if you need to more convenient and sturdy storage option while camping.

The easy-to-use flip-out door design provides you quick and easy access to all components.

The doors are mounted with recessed road case hinges, and the handles are flush with the side of the box.

There are also slots on the inside of the box to maximize the adjustability of shelves for future changes in contents.

The stand folds down for easy transport and storage. The box fits inside the stand for compact transport.

The box is finished with natural pine and two coats of polyurethane.

Project details: instructables.com

2. DIY Camping Chuck Box

DIY Camping Chuck Box

This camping chuck box is a rectangular storage chest designed to store kitchen items.

It is made of thin plywood and hardwood, with formica surfaces for easy cleaning.

The dimensions of the chest are dictated by the size of the kitchen items to be stored, with allowance for shelves and dividers to separate and organize the items.

The chest is designed for portability, with rope handles on each end, and is painted with water-resistant paint.

Otherwise, the chest can improve by using a sturdier frame construction and by adding solid handles to make carrying easier.

The weight of the chest can be an issue when fully loaded, but this can be alleviated by using lighter kitchen items.

Overall, the chuck box is a well-designed storage option for kitchen items.

Project details: howisjt.com

3. How To Build Camp Kitchen Chuck Box

How To Build Camp Kitchen Chuck Box

The camp kitchen chuck box makes out of plywood and can be customized to fit your needs.

The dimensions provided are for a stove with a fuel bottle attached, so you will need to adapt them if your stove is a different size.

The box has shelves that can be adjusted to fit your needs, and it also comes with hinges, latches, and magnets for closure.

It will keep your cooking gear organized and easily accessible while camping.

Project details: rei.com

4. Ultimate Camp Box

Ultimate Camp Box

The ultimate camp box is designed to store all your cooking gear, including your stove, and it’s light enough for one person to carry.

The sides of box make from ½ inches plywood with a ¼ inches inner shelf, and everything is held together with framing brackets.

This allows you to easily access your stove and provides a work space on the picnic table.

The front doors open to side instead of dropping down, which makes it easier to reach the stove. The box also can includes removable plastic tubs for washing dishes.

Moreover, you can hang utensils on hooks inside the door, and propane tanks in an upright position using screws.

When packing up, you should do the opposite of the set-up procedure, making sure everything is clean and disconnected. This will make the box ready for the next trip.

Project details: instructables.com

5. DIY Chuck Box From Lumberjocks

DIY Chuck Box From Lumberjocks

The project is fairly heavy, weighing in at almost 32 pounds when empty and over 50 pounds when fully loaded.

The base of the box does not secure to the box itself, so it must be carried using the cutouts in the sides.

The leaf on the box is hinged and can lock in place with a dowel for transportation. The wood used in the project is Oak plywood and Douglas Fir, and the finish is spar urethane.

However, the project does have some bonus features. These include a trash bag holder, a paper towel holder, and locking bars that secure the box to the base during transport.

These features make the project more user-friendly and practical. Overall, the project is a good idea but could be improved in execution.

Project details: lumberjocks.com

6. Vanlife Removable Chuck Box

Vanlife Removable Chuck Box

Building this chuck box was a lot of work, but it was worth it in the end. It is a great addition to the camper van’s cabinetry that makes cooking inside and outside the van easy.

The box is finished with water-based polyurethane and fits inside a chuck box-shaped opening in the cabinets.

The weight and friction of the box keep it in place and it has never shifted on even the roughest roads.

It has cut-out handles on the doors, sides, and top that make it easy to carry outside.

Also, cooking inside the van is easy with the chuck box. All you have to do is pull the stove out from its custom slot and put it on the countertop.

Project details: thevanimals.com

7. Camping Kitchen Chuck Box Plan

The chuck box is a great design for camping, as it includes a fold-out top surface on either side of the box for workspace, as well as shelves that hold all your cooking equipment and food.

The best part is that when you’re finished using it, everything folds up neatly into a single, portable box.

Moreover, the stand for the chuck box can be made using two pairs of saw horse brackets and 2×4’s. Cross members are attached with screws on one side so that the saw horse can be folded for storage.

The lid is placed on the box and chain is used to hold it in place. This gives the user a comfortable height to work on the stove or just the top of the chuck box.

Project details: tombuildsstuff.blogspot.com

8. Deluxe Camp Chuck Box Glamping Style

Deluxe Camp Chuck Box Glamping Style

The construction of the box is simple and can complete with basic carpentry skills. The finished product is a tough and durable box that will provide many years of service.

It is made from sheet of plywood, with piano hinges along the front to provide access to the inside.

The top shelves also fold out, providing more space when needed. The stove door hinges trim to 18”, and the back door hinge was cut to exactly 24″.

The box was outfitted with six black corner brackets, three brass spring clasps, and two cotter pins. Leather strips were attached to the front doors to keep them open at a 45-degree angle.

You should add several additions to improve the functionality and aesthetics of the chuck box.

These include a knife holder, a liquor bottle holder/divider, a tea kettle applique, and two leather-faced utility holders. The chuck box is perfect for storing gear for two people while camping.

Project details: instructables.com

9. DIY Chuck Box For Camp Cooking

DIY Chuck Box For Camp Cooking

This chuck box can use to store cooking and cleaning gear. It is simple to make, using plywood and oak planks for the legs, and has outward sloping legs for stability.

The box also has a door that can be closed to keep the gear inside safe when not in use. There are also drawers made from washtubs, which can be easily inserted and removed.

The chuck box is a great addition to any campout, as it provides a place to store all the necessary gear in one place. It is also easy to access and use, thanks to the legs that keep it off the ground.

Project details: scoutlife.org

10. Build A Camping Chuck Box

Build A Camping Chuck Box

The instructor describes how he made a large wooden box to store camping items, with shelves and cabinets inside.

He recommends using a Dremel tool to finish the edges, and suggests routing all the sides except where the piano hinges will go.

The main box and the cabinets should be glued together, and the flaps at the top should be cut to size and rounded.

Supports and clasps can add as needed. The box should be painted or stained, and legs may be added at the bottom of each side panel.

Moreover, if you want to make a similar box, the instructor suggests using 1/2 inch plywood for the outer skin and 1/4 inch plywood for the inner parts to help reduce weight.

Project details: instructables.com

11. Yack Box Compact Camp Kitchen Chuck Box

Yack Box Compact Camp Kitchen Chuck Box

This plan will show you how to build a tub-style camp kitchen that is easy to open and close while keeping your supplies inside.

The box consists of two side shelves, each with a hand hole at the top, and a shelf strut that is attached to the hinge of one of the shelves. The shelf strut is used to prop up the shelf when it is in the open position.

The plan also provides instructions on how to make duct tape and plastic bag shelves. These shelves are thin and light weight, making them ideal for supporting pots, cups, and other lightweight items.

Project details: instructables.com

12. Compact Camp Kitchen Chuck Box

13. Build A Camp Kitchen From Starling Travel

Build A Camp Kitchen

The camp kitchen is a great way to have an organized cooking area when camping.

Building your own camp kitchen can be a great way to get exactly the features and design that you want, without being limited by what manufacturers offer.

This can also be a fun project in and of itself, as you get to choose every detail and put it all together.

It can be bought from a store, but the instructor made his own and it is much better than the store-bought versions.

He based it on the patrol box, but make it much better. He added a towel rack and a bottle opener, among other things.

The camp kitchen opens in such a way that it needs to be on its legs to open up, but he added little legs to the bottom so that he can just set it on a table to open and leave the legs in the car.

Another great feature of this camp kitchen is that it is designed to work with his Coleman fold up stove. If you are looking for a great camp kitchen, this is definitely one worth considering.

Project details: starling-travel.com

14. DIY Lightweight Camp Chuck Box

DIY Lightweight Camp Chuck Box

In order to have a successful camping trip, it is important to be prepared and have all the necessary supplies on hand.

This camping chuck box will help you do just that! It is a versatile and customizable storage solution that will keep all your camp cooking gear organized and within reach.

The box makes from plywood and has several parts, including a back panel, side panels, bottom shelf, top shelf, and dividers.

Holes are drilled for screws in specific places so that the box can be assembled easily.

The finished project is a sturdy and lightweight camp chuck box that can easily transport.

Project details: filson.com

15. Make A Chuck Box By I’m Gonna Make

This sturdy, well-constructed Chuck Box has everything you need for storage and cooking outdoors.

It includes a stove, serving tray, tongs, telescoping forks, digital thermometer, measuring spoons and cups, and a variety of spices. There is also room for more stuff.

It has two drawers that can use as washtubs as well as room for fuel, paper towels, and other supplies.

Whether you’re cooking for one or a group, this chuck box will help you cover everything. It is a great addition to any camping trip and it’s worth the weight.

16. Building A Lightweight Camping Chuck box

The box is made from scratch using leftover wood and mahogany. The top is cut to size and recessed, and a lip is added all the way around to keep the elements out.

A latch and handles are added, and the cabinet is finished with linseed oil. The stand is designed to slide over the top for storage. This is a beautiful, lightweight, and functional camp chuck box.

17. DIY Chuck Box Camping Kitchen

DIY Chuck Box Camping Kitchen

This chuck box is made from a wooden box, with a metal shelf on top for holding a gas cooker.

The front door of the box folds down, revealing a magnetic strip for holding cooking utensils. There is also an inner drawer for storing a chopping board and cutlery.

The chuck box can be fitted with adjustable shelving brackets on the side, and includes a bottle opener. To assemble, simply put everything together according to your required dimensions.

Keep in mind that the drawer needs to be able to slide completely inside without fouling the front hatch. This is a convenient, all-in-one camping kitchen that can be easily stored and transported.

Project details: instructables.com

18. Ultimate DIY Camp Kitchen By Justin Built

The cabinet is designed to fit over the legs of the camp stove. It has a pocket on the back that allows it to sit securely against the camp stove.

The finish is Verithane Early American stain, and the cabinet is coated with a triple thick water-based polyurethane.

The shelves inside are also coated with polyurethane for protection. The top of the cabinet opens up to form a table. The legs of the cabinet slide over the top of the camp stove to keep it locked together for travel.

The external utility shelf is made from 3/4 inch PVC pipe and can be used for cooking utensils, spices, or lanterns.

It is painted black and has a nice little utility shelf that floats right above the top of the camp stove. The external utility shelf is a great addition to the camp kitchen and makes it more functional.

19. Build A Chuck Box From One Sheet Of Plywood

20. DIY Camp Kitchen Storage

DIY Camp Kitchen Storage

This storage box is designed to be light and portable, with exact dimensions to fit camping equipment.

It makes by plywood, with masonite shelving, and features recessed road case handles, piano hinges, and chest latches.

The box has four doors, two of which are fold-out countertops. The other two doors open to reveal shelves for storing supplies. The box also has a recessed road case handle and two “kick stands” on the bottom.

Also, the box can be set up as a camp kitchen with a two-piece LP post and side supports for a lantern. It also has a hole in the back to attach the LP tank hose.

Project details: instructables.com

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