5 Best Woodworking Aprons In 2023

best woodworking apron

As a woodworker, you constantly need your tools within an arm’s reach. Also, you need protection from sawdust, debris, heat, and liquid splatters.

Aprons, especially woodworking aprons, come in handy to hold your working tools as you work. They also protect a large portion of your body from hazardous elements such as heat and liquids.

If you want to rip the maximum benefits from these wear gears, you should choose the best woodworking apron the market has to offer.

In this article, we’ve included woodworking aprons worth investing in. Also, we’ve included a buyer’s guide to help you shop for the best one.

Top Rated Woodworking Apron Compared

ImageNamePriceWeightNumber of Pockets
Waxed Canvas Apron HDG901WHudson Durable Goods – Waxed Canvas Apron HDG901W1.5 pounds7 Pockets
Waxed Canvas Heavy Duty Shop ApronWaxed Canvas Heavy Duty Shop Apron - Texas Canvas Wares1.4 pounds4 Pockets
Qeelink Leather Work Shop ApronQeelink Leather Work Shop Apron1.9 pounds6 Pockets
Armor Gear Durable Work ApronsArmor Gear Durable Work Aprons1.3 pounds7 Pockets
Briteree Woodworking ApronsBriteree Woodworking Aprons – Durable Waxed Canvas2.05 pounds9 Pockets

How To Choose The Best Woodworking Apron – Buying Guide

Before spending your hard-earned cash on any woodworking apron, there are a few factors to consider. These factors will make sure you land the best deal on the market, depending on your needs or budget.

woodworking shop apron
  • Material Of Build

The quality of the material of use in an apron determines its durability and functionality. But with rising material quality, you will spend a few extra bucks on an apron.

And it’s worth the price given the durability and functionality that you will get.

A good material to keep an eye on should be waxed canvas. Wax application on the canvas is measured in oz. The higher the value of wax in oz., the better the canvas at staving off the water.

As such, look for an apron with a higher wax application if you want to remain dry from liquid splatters.

Also, the wax application makes sure your apron serves you for long years to come. Fortunately, most of the aprons on the list are made from waxed canvas materials.

But leather-made aprons also do an excellent job of protecting your clothing from liquid splatters. And if they’re thick, they will be durable!

  • Pockets

The main function of any apron is to hold your essential tools and equipment when you’re working. An apron will give you easy access to your working tools, and woodworking aprons are no different!

As such, always check the number of pockets on an apron since you will be carrying your tools in them.

The higher the number of pockets, the more tools you can carry on the apron. However, carrying more tools means your shoulders and neck might experience higher pressure due to the increased weight.

Therefore, you might need to carry only the essential and frequently used tools.

Also, make sure the pockets are large enough to carry the essential items. And if the pockets have a dust flap, that’s better. The dust flaps will keep your pocket contents safe from the sawdust.

For pockets without flaps, make sure there’s a strap that holds your items such as a cell phone in place to prevent falling.

  • Reinforcements

Aprons with reinforcements are more durable and carry more weight without risking damages. As such, you should look for aprons with reinforcements.

There are a few techniques used to reinforce aprons. One of the methods is by using upgraded hardware such as grommets and rivets.

The other method involves double-stitching using strong threads such as Kevlar threads. When looking to buy an apron, make sure your product of choice combines these reinforcements techniques for sturdier reinforcement.

Look for an apron with double-stitched pockets. Also, make sure the pockets have been reinforced with rivets. Such pockets will hold heavier tools without coming off the apron.

The straps should be attached to the apron through grommets so the whole apron can withstand heavy-duty usage.

woodworking apron
  • Comfort

When wearing an apron, you will still need to remain comfortable. First, make sure the shoulder straps have pads that rest against your shoulders.

The pads will absorb all the pressure the straps will be exerting on your shoulder. And this will result in a painless working experience!

Also, make sure the apron material isn’t too rigid to restrain your movements. You can always adjust the fit using waistbands to your preferred comfort level.

  • Adjustability

People across all professions differ if you look at their sizes and heights. And woodworkers are no different! This means your size and height will always differ from another woodworker’s size and height.

Buying an apron that lets you adjust the fit to match your body measurements is, therefore, a noble idea.

Make sure the waistbands have quick-release fasteners with fit adjustability features. This will make sure you can wear your apron fast, and always adjust the waist size to match your waist size measurement.

Also, the shoulder straps should let you adjust them so your apron can conveniently cover your height.

  • Size

Aprons come in various sizes, and this affects the area they protect during work. The larger the size, the more area of your body it will cover.

If you’re looking to cover a large part of your body against heat, flames, or liquid splatters, consider buying a larger apron.

Aprons usually display their sizes, so finding the right size for you shouldn’t be a challenging experience.

  • Protection

Another function of an apron is to protect your body when you’re working. As a woodworker, there are a few elements you will need protection from.

They could include liquid splatters, sawdust, heat, and flames. As such, shop for an apron that protects you from the possible hazards in your working space.

If you work with tools that generate heat during operation, look for a thick apron that reduces heat transfers to the covered area.

And if you work in an area with high risks of liquid splatters, waterproof (waxed) aprons will come in handy. The same case applies for woodworkers looking for protection against sawdust.

  • Method of Washing

The moment to clean your apron will come after a few uses. You need to make sure you can safely clean your apron without harming it.

Besides, some washing methods might remove the wax application on waxed canvas aprons. Be sure to check for the methods of cleaning an apron before buying it.

5 Best Woodworking Apron Reviews

1. Hudson Durable Goods – Waxed Canvas Apron HDG901W

 Hudson Durable Goods - Woodworking Edition

Hudson Durable Goods has created this apron for woodworkers. But other professionals such as baristas, blacksmiths, and grill-masters can as well use this apron.

It’s built to last since it’s handcrafted from a rugged and waxed 16 oz. canvas.

This makes it water-resistance and durable as well. The canvas has double stitching with reinforcement using heavy-duty brass grommets and rivets. This adds more durability to your apron.

This apron has tool pockets and dual loops for your harmers. The loops have rivet reinforcements for more weight-carrying capacity.

The pockets also have double stitching to make them strong and able to carry the tool weights. The pockets include a quick access pocket on the chest for your phone or pen.

And there is also a “kangaroo” pocket with snap closure. This pocket has dust flaps for protecting your tools from the sawdust.

It is a comfortable apron to wear. It has soft paddings on its cross-back straps. This makes sure you don’t experience neck pains after long hours of wearing it.

The apron covers a reasonable area of your body thus protecting you. It measures 27 inches wide x 34 inches tall.

If you’re 5′ 2″ or taller, this apron is ideal for you. Fastening this apron with its quick-release fastener is fast and hassle-free.

Also, there’s a hanging loop at the back of this apron for tidy storage after use. It’s brown to hide sawdust, and its top and bottom hems are thick for unmatched durability.

  • The waxed canvas makes it stave off the water.
  • Padded cross-back straps are comfortable.
  • The rugged canvas with reinforcements is very durable.
  • Pockets and loops have rivets for carrying more weight.
  • Hanging loop assists with storage issues.
  • The wax application wears out with time.
  • The pockets might be small for more tools.

2. Waxed Canvas Heavy Duty Shop Apron – Texas Canvas Wares

Waxed Canvas Heavy Duty Shop Apron

Texas Canvas Wares Apron is another apron for you if you’re a woodworker. Premium quality materials — 16 oz. waterproof canvas and steel-made hardware — go into its construction.

As such, you can expect it to serve you for years to come before needing a replacement.

It’s handcrafted with you in mind thus bringing fashion and functionality together. Functionality comes in when you look at its 7 x 7-inch pockets for your tools.

Therefore, you can fit multiple tools in the pockets for a rigorous woodworking experience!

The pockets have dust flaps that protect your tools from the sawdust. And you can tuck away the flaps for more convenience when fetching your tools.

The chest pocket comes in handy if you want to store your pencil and cell phone or a notebook. It has a strap to hold your cell phone in place to prevent fallout.

It’s very comfortable even if you wear it for a long time. The cross-back straps have removable pads to protect your shoulders from pressure. And this will make sure your neck doesn’t suffer any stress or pain.

The tool pockets have double stitching and rivet reinforcements for more weight capacity. And the dual harmer loops on the sides also have rivets to make them strong.

The quick-release fastener makes sure you can adjust the fit to the right level. It’s affordable and comes backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.

  • The premium-quality canvas and steel hardware make it durable.
  • Removable shoulder pads eliminate pain on the neck.
  • Double-stitched pockets carry heavy tools without damage.
  • The waxed canvas makes this apron waterproof.
  • The dust flaps protect tools from dust and debris.
  • Cross-back straps are adjustable with the quick-release fastener.
  • The ties seem awkward
  • The wax application wears out with time.

3. Qeelink Leather Work Shop Apron

Qeelink Leather Work Shop Apron

If you’re a welder and woodworkers, finding an apron that resists heat build-up might be tough. But this apron does an amazing job of keeping you safe from heat, wear and flames resistant.

It’s made of 100% genuine leather (from cowhide). This leather material is heavy-duty, meaning it withstands multiple uses for a long time.

Besides, the leather is thick and split. This makes the apron strong and durable. The split leather materials have been sewn together using a very strong US Kevlar thread. This gives the apron structural strength to carry heavy tools.

The chest pocket has a section for your pencil and another section for your smartphone. It has double stitching to make it carry your essential items without risking rapture. Below the chest pocket is a hoodie-type pocket for other essential tools.

The hoodie-type pockets are 4, and the chest pockets are two. You have a total of 6 pockets if you opt for this apron. The cowhide is soft and it doesn’t restrict your movements.

The X-back shoulder straps have a quick-release fastener. This means adjusting the fit is fast and easy.

However, the shoulder straps don’t have pads. But the apron is still relatively comfortable and doesn’t put a lot of stress on your neck.

The apron is 24-inch wide and 36-inch tall. It, therefore, covers a large part of your body for excellent protection.

If you’re a woodworker, BBQ enthusiast, or DIYer, you can still find this apron useful.

  • The cowhide leather is thick for excellent protection.
  • The Kevlar stitching makes the apron carry more tool weights.
  • It is backed by a money-back guarantee.
  • The X-back straps are easy and fast to adjust.
  • The shoulder straps have no pads.
  • It comes in only one color option.

4. Armor Gear Durable Work Aprons

Armor Gear Durable Work Aprons

This apron has a total of 7 pockets for all the essential work tools and items. 3 pockets are on the chest and the rest are below the chest, around the groin area. High-quality, 16 oz. waxed canvas goes into the construction of this apron.

This material makes the apron both durable and waterproof. The X-back straps feature a quick-release fastener.

You can adjust the fit so the apron perfectly fits you even if your waist is 50 inches wide.

However, the shoulder straps don’t have pads. And this can make wearing this apron with more tools onboard a bit uncomfortable.

But if you keep it lightweight, you will not have neck pain. This apron can carry a lot of tools. First, its straps are incorporated into the apron by the use of grommets. And the pockets have double-stitching for more tools and weight.

One of the pockets has a dust flap to keep dust off your essential tools. And on the sides, you have loops for holding your farmers. The loops are reinforced with rivets, meaning they can hold heavier tools as well.

It covers an area of 27 x 33 inches. This gives you enough protection from sawdust and water. You can get sizes ranging from S to XXL if you opt for this apron.

As such, it’s ideal for a person of any height. Besides, you can adjust the fit.

  • It’s waterproof since it’s made of waxed canvas.
  • The grommets and rivet reinforcements make it strong and durable.
  • The quick-release size adjuster is easy to use.
  • The shoulder straps have no pads.
  • Its color might fade with time.

5. Briteree Woodworking Aprons – Durable Waxed Canvas

Briteree Woodworking Aprons

This apron is made of thick 20 oz. waxed canvas. As such, it staves off the water, resists scratch, abrasion and dirt. These features make the apron very effective at protecting you from abrasive elements.

If you’re a woodworker, mechanic, or tattoo artist, this apron will be ideal for you. Other professionals can wear this protective apron as well.

It has a total of 9 tool pockets. This makes it ideal for woodworkers and machinists. The 9 pockets include a 6.3 x 4.5-inch chest pocket.

Also, there is a 15.5 x 6.8-inch kangaroo-style pocket and two 7.8 x 6.8-inch pockets. Finally, you have a magnetic pocket for your essential tools.

On the sides of the apron are two loops for your harmers. The pockets have double stitching to make them strong and able to carry multiple tools.

And the hanging loops have been riveted on the apron so they can carry heavy harmers as well.

The shoulder straps have removable pads for comfort and zero-pain on your neck. And the X-back straps have a leather buckle that helps customize the fit.

The waistbands also have Snap-Fit fasteners. The chest pocket for your cell phone has a strap that holds your phone in place thus preventing fallout.

Its dimensions are 33.1 x 27.4 x 0.2 inches, brown color and it weighs only 2.05 pounds. And it comes backed by a 2-year warranty, which is enough time to stay protected from any defect.

  • Some pockets have flaps to keep off sawdust and debris.
  • 20 oz. waxed canvas makes this apron waterproof and scratch-resistant.
  • Has 9 tool pockets.
  • The shoulder straps have pads for comfort.
  • The pockets have double-stitching and rivet reinforcements for durability.
  • Snap-Fit fastener design is fast and easy to use.
  • The wax application might wear out with time.
  • It might be a bit stiff when brand new.

Frequently Asked Questions

faq woodworkers apron

1. Can I restore the wax application on my canvas woodworking apron?

Yes, you can apply waxing to your canvas apron once the initial wax application has worn out. A waxed canvas apron will lose its wax application with continued use.

The application is there to make them waterproof so they protect your body from liquid splatters.

Once the industrial wax application has started wearing out, remove the rest of it using a damp sponge or cloth. Then rub the new wax fabric with your hand on the canvas apron.

Use a blowdryer to set the application in place, and be sure to uniformly apply the wax.

2. How can I wax my canvas apron?

Avoid washing your waxed canvas apron using a washing machine. First, a washing machine will remove the wax application on your apron. But you can, instead, gently wash your waxed canvas apron in a sink by hand.

3. How long will my leather apron take to mellow?

Brand new leather aprons are usually stiff and might feel uncomfortable to move in. But with continued use, they become mellow (soft and comfortable).

However, it takes a week or two of wear for it to become mellow and comfortable to move in.

4. Should I look for a woodworking apron if I’m a woodworker?

Yes, looking for an apron specifically made for woodworkers is a great idea. But there are a lot of aprons that can handle uses from many professions such as welding, BBQ, and mechanics, just to mention a few.

You might not rip the full benefits of an apron if you don’t settle for the one specifically made for woodworking. Besides, woodworking aprons have been made with you (woodworker) in mind.

As such, they offer maximum protection and tool carrying capacity for your job!

5. What size of woodworking apron do I need for maximum protection?

This depends on your body size. If you’re huge, buying a larger woodworking apron will be necessary.

Though the size won’t change, you can always adjust the apron to cover a reasonable part of your body. Make sure the X-back straps and waistbands let you adjust the fit of the apron for comfort and protection.


An apron offers protection and functionality to woodworkers. It keeps them safe from liquid splatters, sawdust, and helps them carry essential tools.

While looking to buy an apron, there are a few factors to consider. We’ve covered the factors, and buying an apron should now be a convenient experience.

This list has been about some of the best woodworking aprons. All the aprons on the list perform exceptionally well due to premium-quality materials and excellent reinforcements.

But as always, only one of the aprons — the Hudson Durable Goods Apron — can claim the number one spot.

First, its shoulder pads aren’t only movable but soft and efficiently absorb the pressure on the shoulders and neck. It also lets you adjust its size from M to XXL using a quick-release fastener.

And it covers a large area of 27 x 34 inches that covers a large part of the body! Lastly, its kangaroo pockets have dust flaps that keep sawdust out of the pockets.

The first runner’s up is the Armor Gear Durable Work Apron. It shares a few incredible features with the winner but it has only one dust flap on the pockets.

Buying an apron is a great investment for woodworkers.you’ve seen the benefits and functions of these wear gears. Your task now is to propel your career forward by equipping yourself with the best woodworking apron.

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