Best Table Saw Fences For 2023 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Table Saw Fences For 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

For both amateurs and professionals alike in the field of woodworking, the table saw fence’s usefulness is something that no one can dismiss.

If you want to add extra accuracy and safety when you operate with a table saw, the table saw fence will help you tremendously.

They will assist you in making the most quality cuts with ease. But it’s not easy to figure out which is the best among the wide variety of options out there.

To help you out, we’ve provided you with a list of the five we consider are the best table saw fences, along with their strengths and weaknesses.

Top Rated Table Saw Fences

Vega U26 Table Saw Fence SystemVega U26 Table Saw Fence System54 x 8 x 4 inches
Shop Fox W1410 Fence With Standard RailsShop Fox W1410 Fence With Standard Rails34 x 10 x 10 Inches
Delta 36-T30T3 Table Saw FenceDelta 36-T30T3 Table Saw Fence37 x 6 x 2.5 inches
CARTER MAGFENCE II Universal Magnetic FenceCARTER MAGFENCE II Universal Magnetic Fence16.3 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches
Shop Fox W1716 57-Inch FenceShop Fox W1716 57-Inch Fence17.25 x 61 x 7 inches

Things To Consider When Buying A Table Saw Fence

Even if you know which the best table saw fences are, it can be difficult to truly discern how different or what makes them stand out among the rest.

To have a good judgment on the product, you need thorough information and contexts.

Below are some of the factors and aspects that we think one must consider before shopping for a table saw fences or deciding which is the best table saw fence for you.

It’s crucial that you know of common and shared traits between table saw fences first before reaching a purchasing decision.

best table saw fence
  • Size of Table Saw

The size of your table saw will be a strong influence in choosing your fence systems.

While there are many table saw fences out there that are quite universal in design and can fit on most saws, it’s safe to be sure of this.

As the fence has to do a lot with the safety, the effectiveness, and accuracy of the cuts, woodworkers will have to take a serious look at this factor.

Make sure that you double check thoroughly so that your fence has a size that fits your table saw.

Some fences will only work on standard 27-inch tables, while some others can accommodate larger ones. It would help to measure out everything firsthand.

  • Rip Size

Depending on the type of cuts that you need, a system with extended rails might be required.

Most fence systems are quite short with cut sizes of around 25 inches or more, which is more than enough for medium operations on 4×8 sheets.

But if you’re doing larger cuts, then you want to get extended rail systems.

In addition, what you need right now can differ from what you may need in the future.

Consider how different your potential future projects are and what kind of rip capacities they will require, and you can make an educated guess on the type of fence you need.

  • Build Quality

Table saw fences must be sturdy and durable so that they are reliable and safe during operation to help you make accurate cuts.

Consider going with the fence with the strongest material possible, such as one built from steel and aluminum. They are durable yet lightweight, which is great on table saws.

There are fences made of plastic and wood, but this is not recommended.

  • Modifications

There are some fences that don’t fit your table saws, which, when bought, will require you to perform modifications so that it can be used properly. This can involve drilling new holes.

If you’re handy, this might not be much of a problem as this is a fairly common and standard method.

But it’s best to keep in mind that your warranty might be voided by doing so.

table saw fences
  • Weight

You might want a fence that’s not too heavy, as it could be more difficult to slide well.

Additionally, a heavier table saw fence will put unnecessary stress on your table saw, which results in more effort in table saw maintenance.

But you also don’t want a table saw fence that’s too light, as it’s usually a sign of poor build quality.

Lighter fences can also break easier during usage. A general rule of thumb is to look at a model that weighs in the range of 30 to 50lbs.

  • Steady Alignment

If you need to make consecutive cuts with consistency, a reliable fence that is steady and stable can go a long way.

It is vital that your fence is parallel with your blade, and you will need to constantly realign it as fences can easily be moved accidentally during projects.

That said, rip fence adjustment is in general quite simple; you only need to loosen a few bolts then move the fence to the position you want before retightening it back to the table saw.

But this will vary between different fences, so it’s best to check the information provided from the manufacturer thoroughly.

  • Lever of Accuracy

Table saw fences are all about accuracy. It’s a tool to help increase your efficiency and make sure that your straight cuts are smooth.

There are a couple things you must take in consideration first before proceeding with using the fence for cutting.

First, you have to consider if your fence is up to par when it’s locked. If in that state, the fence is automatically in a near-perfect parallel with the blade, then that’s a properly fit fence.

Second, you must consider the distance that you desire from the blade to the fence. There will be a positioning scale on the front rail as well as a cursor to help you procure a precise setting.

A useful fence will also have a wide enough capacity to allow you to freely do the work that you require. So this distance will depend a lot on your project.

  • Price

Price range is a factor that one can’t really turn a blind eye to when shopping for anything, not just a table saw fence.

Try best to look for a fence model that satisfies in both functionality, quality and pricing.

Of course, you shouldn’t also go for the cheapest models as they also tend to be lower in quality. Cheaper isn’t always better.

There will be an optimal balance that suits you and your preferences, and it’s best to make comparisons between different products before purchasing.

5 Best Table Saw Fences – Reviews

1. Vega U26 Table Saw Fence System

Vega U26 Table Saw Fence System

Anyone who knows anything about table saw fences knows of the Vega U26. This is simply a great tool. It’s one of, if not the most sought-after piece of equipment for all woodworkers out there.

Its justifications for being placed at the top of our list are in its exceptional quality in almost every aspect of a table saw fence.

This fence system is smartly designed to be compatible with a wide variety of table saws, so you don’t have to worry about it not fitting.

It features both rear and front railings for effective fence clamping. Besides, it’s very comfortable to use, offering a rip size of 26 inches to the right and 8 inches to the left of the blade.

The U26 table saw fence offers mounting options so that it can accommodate a variety of table saws.

But a caveat is that you might have to drill new holes for mounting so that it fits your saw properly. However, it has fantastic functionality optimal for making rips.

More specifically, U26 has fins-adjustable knobs so that you can get the exact measurements for safe and efficient cutting.

The cutting process is made even easier with the secure fence locking system to add extra sturdiness.

Once locked, the fence won’t budge at all, allowing for multiple quick, precise cuts in succession without any loss in performance.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Designed to be compatible with most table saws
  • Smooth, precise rolling
  • Mounting options available
  • Strong metal and secure
  • Can be a bit of an overkill for medium to small projects
  • Can have metal burrs

2. Shop Fox W1410 Fence With Standard Rails

 Shop Fox W1410 Fence with Standard Rails

It’d be amiss to make a list of the best table saw fences and not mention any from Shop Fox. You will see that there are two of them among our five.

The first is this W1410 fence from them, which is one of the best overall for table saw fences and very well might rival even the Vega U26.

Sitting at a reasonable price, this model from Shop Fox excels in the basics and doesn’t feel cheap in the slightest.

It can be used with most standard 27-inch table saws and has a rip size of 25 inches to the right of the blade, offering plenty of space to make accurate cuts.

The rolling movement of this fence is very smooth and barely noticeable, with cleverly designed ball bearings.

There are knobs to let you dial your distance for fine positioning, and for sturdiness, the handle clamps very tight so that you can operate safely and effectively.

Like Vega U26, you might be required to drill holes for mounting as it doesn’t have pre-drilled holes, and it doesn’t fit saws with more than 27 inches, so larger saws are a no-go.

For smaller wood projects, however, it’s a fantastic piece of woodworking equipment.

  • Smooth and very precise
  • Comfortable rolling movement with ball bearings to dial the distance that you prefer
  • Compatible with saws up to 27 inches, good for smaller wood projects
  • Reasonable price
  • Can use on newer and older saws
  • Is quite basic in design
  • Requires drilling
  • Not good for larger projects

3. Delta 36-T30T3 Table Saw Fence

Delta 36-T30T3 Table Saw Fence

If you’re looking for something that will accompany your woodworking for a long, long time, look no further than this great fence system from DELTA, the DELTA T3.

It is a superb model and highly durable piece of woodworking equipment favored by all crafters out there. Used on tables sizing 27 inches, it’s great for medium to small projects.

DELTA T3 is a one-piece square tubular rail that features a mounting design that can attach to many saws from DELTA.

However, modifications might be required on the railing system to fit on other saws, which concerns drilling properly. But once you can get it going, it’s fantastic.

Its durability can’t be understated; it has a steel tube fence body to handle precise and strong cuts.

It includes a three-point locking system so that the fence is securely fixed in a position parallel to the blade, making it extremely safe and comfortable to operate with the saw fence.

The railing can be used on either side of the blade, with a measuring tape along the length for extra accuracy.

You can make adjustments on the go using a pair of screws if you find that it doesn’t fit your table saw naturally. The fence offers all the help there is to make it easy.

  • Great build quality to last for years
  • Easy-gliding, steel tube fence body
  • Three-point locking system for sturdiness
  • Secure clamping points on the front tube as well as the rear railing
  • Not compatible with as many saws as other options
  • Need to time for drill mounting holes

4. CARTER MAGFENCE II Universal Magnetic Fence

 CARTER MAGFENCE II Universal Magnetic Fence

If you must get a table saw fence model but want to spend as little as possible on it, then CARTER MAGFENCE II Universal Magnetic Fence might be what you need.

Note that it’s designed to be geared towards beginners, so if you’re a professional, it might not satisfy you.

But for its very affordable price tag, it’s quality. And it’s different. Unlike other models on our list, this fence operates by using powerful magnets to keep the table fence fixed and steady.

As most table saws are made from metal, this fence can fit a wide variety of them, making it great for newbies who might worry about compatibility or the extra drilling.

This fence from Carter is very easy to use. You only need to mount it on your tabletop saw and position it the way you want, then clamp it magnetically.

There are two powerful, switchable magnets for quick, precise adjustments and easy installation and removal. They are the heart and soul of this equipment.

At 16 inches long and three and a half inches tall, with multiple T-slots, CARTER MAGFENCE II has a great size suitable for almost every tabletop. It’s a fantastic option for those who want no-hassle assembly.

  • Uniquely operates via magnets
  • Powerful magnets which are switchable to offer extra flexibility
  • Compatible with almost every tabletop saw
  • Not sturdy enough

5. Shop Fox W1716 57-Inch Fence

Shop Fox W1716 57-Inch Fence

Shop Fox W1716 is the right table saw fence for you if you’re seeking something that will just fit right and with ease.

This is a durable and versatile model with all the tools and necessary qualities in a fence, despite its simple construction.

But it’s not simple at all. This fence has a beautiful aluminum design that will guard itself against all rust, which offers amazing self-maintenance and keeps it fresh and brand new for years.

Despite being durable, it’s also very lightweight, which can be useful if you need it transported somewhere else.

What can’t be dismissed is its unique capability to fit table saws. It has a cam-lever front locking mechanism with a torsion box design to allow it to slot right in easily without needing a rear lock.

It also has a wide right angle to enable maximum accuracy and support.

The rails measure 57 inches in length with a great rip capacity up to a maximum of 30 inches to the right of the blade, plenty for a wide variety of projects.

This last point proves that W1716 is a great table saw fence dedicated to both amateurs and professionals, with its high quality and great portability.

  • Very versatile, fits most table saws easily
  • Provides a maximum rip capacity of 30 inches
  • Easy single locking cam action lever
  • Wide right angle design for great accuracy and support
  • Steel and aluminum fence body which can last for a long while
  • Poor installation instructions
  • More suitable with larger projects.

Frequently Asked Questions About Table Saw Fence

table saw fence reviews

What’s a table saw fence?

A table saw fence is a bar fixed on a rail system attached to a table saw. A fence will run parallel to the saw blade.

When you need to make accurate, straight cuts, it can help guide the workpiece as it remains static and fixed.

It can be adjusted to different distances from the blade for different sizes of the cut.

Why should I invest on a table saw fence?

You totally can do without a table saw fence, but you will need extreme effort and a very strong hand to make accurate straight cuts.

The steadiness required will be great. If you’re a professional and someone who does a lot of woodworking tasks, this is a great amount of effort, with a lot of risks, including materials, costs as well as injuries.

To mitigate the risk and make everything easier, you can get a fence. It will allow you to quicken your woodworking and make your process much faster, accurate as well as better.

Do table saw fences come with a measuring tape?

This will vary from brand to brand; as such it’s best to check out beforehand if you feel like it’s needed.

Is it difficult to remove once I’m done using?

Most fences can slide on either side and come off quite easily. Likewise, the installation of the fences tend to be effortless and quick as well.

Although in regards to this, some other options can be more difficult to remove or install.

How far do guide rails extend on either side of the blade?

Different guide rails will have different lengths, so it’s best that you consider your woodworking projects and what type of fence system that is suitable for them.

There are brands with large capacity 60 inches, or with different capacity from one side to the other.

Which side should the fence be on a table saw?

Generally, the fence should be on the side that you’re comfortable with, i.e. your dominant hand’s side.

For example, if you’re right handed, it’s recommended that the fence should be to the right of the blade.

But if you’re more comfortable with the fence being on the side opposite that of your dominant hand, feel free to place it there. You can still use your dominant hand for control.

You should remove the extension wing while installing the fence?

Most fence models are designed so that you can have easy installation without being required to remove the extension wing.

However, this is something that varies from brand to brand, so it’s best that you check with the manufacturer first.


Woodworking professionals and enthusiasts know all too well the importance of a good tool.

One such tool is a table saw fence. If you want to make good, quality, and accurate, straight cuts, a good table saw fence can and will do wonders.

We recommend Vega U26 as the table saw fence to have. It satisfies in all the categories that constitute a good table saw fence and more.

You will like that it has a good size, sturdy, easy to install, with features that are designed to help with accuracy and consistent operation.

If you favor something just as great but at a more reasonable price, look no further than Shop Fox W1410.

It’s a professional table saw fence that does what is asked, as well as being very smooth and precise during usage.

Certainly, everyone will have different needs and preferences. We also provided you with a buying guide as well as answers to some common questions that will help you reach an informed buying decision.

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