Best Chainsaw Tachometers For 2023 – Top Picks & Reviews

best chainsaw tachometer

Woodworking is a really difficult task, as it requires the most optimal combination of skills and tools.

Having good skills is sometimes not enough, and it might be the case that the tools are just as if not more important than skills.

One such tool is a chainsaw tachometer. The best chainsaw tachometers will help you tremendously in your woodworking.

It is a bit perplexing for newcomers when tachometers are mentioned, as it’s not a famous piece of equipment. A lot will have no idea of what it even is.

Well, essentially, a tachometer is a piece of device that helps you measure the RPM (rotation per minute) of a motor or engine.

It operates by a very simplistic mechanism, allowing you to work with it on the fly.

Benefits of Chainsaw Tachometers

As mentioned, the main benefit of a tachometer is that it enables you to read the chainsaw’s RPM.

This is important because you can gauge how fast or slow the engine is running; if too fast, it can burn out; if too slow, then there’s something wrong with it, or you need to make adjustments to get your desired results faster.

But this is only related to single monitoring. For continuous monitoring, instead of calibrating the chainsaw in your workshop, you can install a tachometer on your saw as well.

With an installed tachometer, you can see to the most exact when you need adjustments for preventative maintenance for your saw, as now you can keep track more closely its performance.

There are different types of tachometers, and these will vary in strengths, weaknesses, and features.

They also differ in the type of wire they use, with some models using the clip or wrap around spark plug wires.

Others will employ digital control to offer more convenience for users not to need a physical connection to operate it.

Although there will be differences, all tachometers work under the same principle; you only need to get used to how a certain tachometer works before having a general idea of what they do.

5 Best Chainsaw Tachometer Reviews

1. Hardline Products HR-8061-2 – Best Overall

Hardline Products HR-8061-2

It’s hard to mention tachometers without also mentioning Hardline Products. The brand over the years has become almost a synonym for “good, high-quality tachometers’.

Indeed, if you’re looking for the chainsaw tachometers, there’s nowhere better than Hardline Products’ catalog; and HR-8061-2 is surely among if not the best of them all.

Woodworkers will like that it has many features satisfying many aspects, such as accuracy, power, adjustability, and reliability.

The overall excellence of the product makes it a great choice for both professionals and amateurs alike.

The Hardline Products tachometer can work on gas engines with two cylinders and 16.000 RPM, with high accuracy by means of an hour meter showing total hours accumulated to the most exact.

For more adjustability, its input can fit all types of ignitions, including engines using fuel. It’s also very easy to install, with no power or ground required for the job.

In terms of durability, HR-8061-2 more than delivers as well. Its internal battery can last up to an amazing ten years, which will be utilized to help the tachometer work on two-cylinder 24-stroke engines and can be used with fuel injection engines.

  • Works with versatile gas engines
  • Adjustable input works well with many types of ignitions
  • Accurate hour meter showing total hours accumulation
  • Easy installation, no power or ground required
  • 10-year long-life internal battery
  • Short hook up wire

2. SEARON Digital Chainsaw Tachometer

SEARON Digital Chainsaw Tachometer

SEARON is another name that anyone who shops for chainsaw tachometers will know of.

It’s a quality brand that works on a wide variety of models built for the most optimal woodworking, and this digital chainsaw tachometer from them is proof of that.

Unlike some other models, this tachometer can be used on many different kinds and sizes of gas engines, ranging from single-cylinder engines to 16-cylinder engines, making it so that you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues.

In addition, this equipment comes with nine programmable firing patterns, which can be very useful.

There’s a convenient display that comes with the tool shown when the engine is turned on, enabling you to know with surety what operation is in place.

Once you turn it off, the device will flash once to display the max RPM that had been employed for 5 seconds. This allows you to assess your chainsaw performance for future adjustments.

This device’s RPM capacity is 25.000 RPM and comes with a 10 RPM variable accuracy, so you can rest assured that it will do its job excellently.

However, one caveat with this model is that its internal battery CR2450 is non-replaceable, which might be a big disadvantage to some.

  • Works on single-cylinder up to 16-cylinder engines
  • RPM capacity is 25.000 RPM, including 10 RPM variable accuracy
  • Convenient digital display
  • Process with variety of loads
  • Non-replaceable internal battery
  • Don’t have “OFF” button

3. Runleader HM032R Inductive Tachometer

Runleader HM032R Inductive Tachometer

Next up is a chainsaw tachometer from Runleader. In some lists, this can even be the best chainsaw tachometer due to how reliable and quality it is.

However, we deem it as the chainsaw tachometer with the best value due to what it offers and its very attractive price tag.

First thing first, you need to know what’s unique about this model. It is an induction tachometer built for 2 or 4 stroke gasoline engines.

The RPM perception of it is 20.000, and the perception hours can reach for as long as 99999 hours, giving you plenty of room to run.

To measure the current operating RPM, the wire must be connected to the device first, and the display must be checked.

The display has a classic greenish background, with numbers bold for simplistic, understandable presentation. This helps increase the overall visibility and makes it quite easy to view data at night.

The hour meter is used by connecting five feet of insulated wire. The product also includes a timing system, total running hours, non-resettable, and other features.

For its price, it’s certainly something you should seriously consider.

  • Very affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Fantastic LCD screen
  • Hours are non-resettable
  • Battery saves information
  • Difficult to press buttons
  • Not remotely waterproof

4. AIMILAR Digital Tach Hour Meter Tachometer

AIMILAR Digital Tach Hour Meter Tachometer

If you’re looking for something that will fulfill your flexibility needs, consider this chainsaw tachometer from AIMILAR.

It’s almost as cheap as the one from Runleader while also sharing some of the best features a tachometer can ask for.

This model can seriously work. It’s optimized for usage on four stroke up to 16 cylinder, and two stroke up to 6 cylinder gas-powered devices. Already its freedom of compatibility is showing why it is deserving of its place in this list.

It has nine programmable patterns for optimal flexibility, with programmable maintenance setting for interval timer from 0 to up to around 2.000 hours.

There’s also a programmable RPM alert for safe and convenient usage, along with a maximum recall function for further safety.

Any and all data will be retained after you change the replaceable battery. It is also resettable and non-resettable for job time and total time respectively, making it easier for you to handle and to boost the device’s performance.

The warranty lasts for two years, giving you ample time to get used to the tachometer and ensuring that nothing will go wrong with it.

  • Highly flexible
  • Interval timer, from 0 to 2.000 hours
  • RPM alert and max recall function
  • Replaceable battery retaining data after change
  • Works on a lot of gas engines
  • Resettable for job time and non-resettable for total time
  • Uses more batteries than others

5. Neiko 20713A Digital Tachometer

Neiko 20713A Digital Tachometer

Although the Neiko 20713A tachometer certainly excels in plenty of other categories, what must be said first about it is how beautiful it is and how well it is designed.

The construction is made so that it has an ergonomic fit that is slim and can easily fit into the palm of your hands.

It is very compact and lightweight, and its working mechanism reflects that as well, as it can operate for hours only using the three included AA batteries.

For smaller operations, this tachometer is perfect as you can use it anytime and anywhere with ease.

Aside from its design, it’s exceptional in terms of accuracy and measuring to the most exactness of the operation.

It features a 6 MHz crystal oscillator and takes advantage of the scientific Digital Laser photo technology used by the manufacturer. The margin of error for it is only +/-0.05%, and can take measurements up to 20 inches.

It’s very easy to use this model, either to take measurements or simply conducting diagnostic tests. You only need to put a small strip of the standard adhesive reflective tape onto the target device.

The speed will be conveniently displayed onto the LCD screen instantly so that you can track the usage closely.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Simple-to-read LCD show screen
  • 3 AA batteries included, a 24-inch reflective tape
  • Not as precise as others
  • Defective battery holder

Things To Consider When Buying Chainsaw Tachometer

There are a few things you must consider before purchasing a chainsaw tachometer. If you do not want to end up with a dead-end piece of device, you should go through this informative buying guide.

chainsaw tachometer
  • RPM Range

RPM range also should be one of the first things you take note of before buying. Because the tachometer is used to measure the RPM of the chainsaw’s engine or anything that rotates, you must know of RPM’s range that the tachometer can cover.

This specific limitation of the tachometer, even for the best of them, is called the range of a tachometer.

Usually, these devices can read up to 10.000 rotations, which is already a lot for the majority of machines. Nevertheless, knowing the limits of your tachometer can only help.

As a rule of thumb, the higher the range of RPM, the better it is. With a more generous RPM range, you can freely use it on a lot of different machines.

  • Quality

One of the most crucial features of a chainsaw tachometer is the built-quality.

Woodworking isn’t exactly the least physically demanding job, and during operation, your tachometer will be exposed to a wide variety of materials, including debris, wood dust, water, and much more.

In addition, when in operation, the tachometer will go through tons of vibrations as it is intended to be used with a chainsaw.

That’s why the built-quality is of utmost importance as your device needs to withstand whatever is thrown at it.

So before deciding on the product, check thoroughly to see if your device can handle the surrounding environment.

  • Size

Your tachometer’s size is especially important and can depend totally on what your needs and preferences are.

Suppose you are moving a lot between jobs. You might want a more flexible and portable kind of chainsaw tachometer, as they can be ready and working anytime while coming with a lightweight and compact design for easy transportation.

Remember that any added weight will go along with the chainsaw anywhere if you plan on mounting the tachometer on it.

At the same time, a lighter tachometer might sacrifice something else in return. Thus, you should choose something that is balanced between functionality and portability.

chainsaw tachometer
  • Type

There are different types of tachometers, and the best chainsaw tachometers won’t exactly be the type you want to use the most.

For example, an optical tachometer won’t be very beneficial as you don’t have direct access to the engine’s disc, and it might be troublesome anytime you need to calibrate it.

For chainsaws, digital RPM gauges are the best due to maximum convenience. On the other hand, mechanical tachometers are generally more useful for situations where the engine’s RPM needs broad monitoring.

  • Memory

A chainsaw tachometer’s memory is a feature that will enable the device to remember both the maximum and the minimum RPMs during a specific period of time.

Nowadays, tachometers can employ digital memory which helps save every data even when batteries run out or switch out.

With a larger memory, the unit can store more readings and help boost monitoring performance.

  • Power source

The majority of digital chainsaw tachometer models are sustained by batteries, such as AAA batteries or rechargeable lithium batteries of various sizes.

Because of this flexibility, as batteries are available everywhere, this makes them the ideal companion for many chainsaw types.

For example, tachometers powered by triple A batteries are more suited for cordless electric chainsaws, while ones using Lithium batteries can complement corded electric chainsaws perfectly.

That being said, you still need to watch and monitor the usage to ensure that your tachometer is energy-efficient, as the battery budget piles up over time.

When Would You Use A Chainsaw Tachometer?

As has been said, a tachometer is designed to show the engine’s rotation. If you are using a chainsaw and wanting to assess your usage, there’s no better way than using a tachometer.

Having the correct information about your chainsaw can help you determine what you need to adjust.

Chainsaws also might come with guided, safe range information in an instruction manual, so using the tachometer allows you to compare the two measurements for the best results.

Generally speaking, chainsaws run well between 10 and 14 thousand rotations per minute, and it’s important that you are working within this range.

Each chainsaw tends to have a safe operating RPM range, which determines how you should operate the device. By measuring the RPM setting they’re employing, you can better protect both your chainsaw as well as yourself.

A chainsaw tachometer offers you a way to follow your chainsaw’s performance closely and thus allowing you to improve your work at the same time.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

best chainsaw tachometers

What Does The Tachometer Measure?

The tachometer measures the working speed of the motor, presenting as RPM (rotations per minute).

Why Are RPMs Important?

Knowing how your chainsaw is operating is extremely helpful in determining whether or not it is functioning correctly. You can also pair the measurements with the information provided by the manufacturer.

Do I Need To Alter My Tachometer?

Some tachometers might come with a longer wire than what you need. In that case, you can cut the excess length of the wire so that it fits more with your needs.

What Types of Different Kinds of Tachometers?

Specific models will clip or wrap a wire around. Newer digital chainsaw tachometers will not require physical connection, although they all work the same way.

How Do I Re-adjust The Tachometer?

You can utilize a method calibrator to correct the RPM or use voltage. But often, light chainsaw tachometers won’t have alignment options.


In our consideration, we think the one from Hardline Products is the best chainsaw tachometer out there.

It satisfies in all categories, especially durability, flexibility. We really like that it has a 10-year-long internal battery, along with the ability to work with any ignitions.

But there are really no wrong choices here. It can totally depend on your needs and preferences.

Essentially, you will want something that satisfies both functionality and quality while being a great device that complements your specific tasks well.

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